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Notre Dame Indiana
Ve call the attention ot our
readers to the advertisement ot Notre
Dame University one ot the great ed
ucational Institutions ot the West
which appears In another column ot
this paper Those ot our readers who
may have occasion to look up a college
lor heir sons during the coming yeiu
would do well to correspond with the
president who will send them a cata
logue free of charge as well as all par
ticulars regarding terms courses of
studies etc
There Is a thorough prepiratory
school In onncUlon with the unlvei
elty In which students of all grades
will have eveiy opportunity of ptepai
lng themselves for higher studies The
Commeiclal Course Intended for
young men preparing for business
may be finished In one or two years
according to the ability of the student
St Edwards Hall for boys under thir
teen Is an unique department of the
Institution The higher courses are
thorough In every respect and stu
dents will find every opportunity of
perfecting themselves In any line of
work they may choose to select Thor
oughness In class work exactness In
the caie of students and devotion to
the best Interests ot all are the dls
t lgulshlng characteristics of Nolle
Damn University
riftseven ears of actie work In
the cause of education have made thl3
Institution famous all ocr the coun
One million and a half men work In
the coal mines ot the wprld Of these
Great Britain has 515 000 United
States 300 000 Germany 28 > 000 Bel
Klum 100 000 Russia 14 000 The
woilrls miners of metal number 4
1 he Emperoi of Gernnny has or
dered a schooner acht to be designed
and built In the United States
Early to bed and earli to rise makes
a man know when the baby cries
Lazy men arc like theories
bdiloin work
When la doubt use Wizard Oil for
ipaln both suffering and doubt will
vanish Your doctor and druggist
OtnoW It
Too many ancestors have spoiled
many a good man
jfT ParmaDntlj Cuntl If a flu or e rounM arur
Aral der u of Dr Kline areet Nrr Rtlorer
Bud tor Flt E OK OO trial bottle aod lr eil e
ba R U KUMK Ltd 031 Arch St Philadelphia Pa
In ten years the descendants at two
rabbits will number 70000000
Warranted Waterproof
Bwjr JeXceUlor Brand Pommel Bllcken
Effort compL t protection to both rider and
Mddle Mode tr lone antlwUlelntlwaklrt
tnurlot dry seat Cor rider taaily coo7ertw
Into a wulklogcost Ererr atnrtaenc war
ranted waterproof Look or trudivmaxlc
U your deftlcrdoea not have Uxeel
l r Jlrand wrtto catalogue
Eaat Cimbrldfja Man
Classics Letter Economics and History
Journalism Art 3clence Pharmacy Law
Civil fWchanlcal and Electrical Engineering
Thorough Preparatory and Commercial
Courses > celeslaatical students at special rate
Rooms Free Junior or Senior Year Collegiate
Courses Rooms to Rent moderate charges
St Edwards Hall for boja under 13
TbeSslh Year will open September lOth1901
Catalogues Free Address
Halts Caturrli Cure
fs a constitutional cure Prite 75c
OXIDINE is guaranteed to cure Ma
laria Chills and Tever Ask your
It Is a wise doctor who knows when
to quit calling around
S0ZQD0NT for the TEETH 25c
It you take up your
borne in Western G a
I ada tho land of plenty
I Illustrated pamphlet
I Riving experiences of
farmers Who nave be
come wealthy in Krow
I tag wheat reports or
I delegates etc and full
Information as to reduced railway rates can be
had on application to the Superintendent of
Immigration Department ot Interior Ottawa
Canada or to J fa Crawford314 W 0thStKnn
as CltyMo orCapt k Barrett HoustonUex
TbOIBlVUI WHISKY d ot > r drut
HJl lUIVl tublti cured We waot tbe
wont < < Uoolc and referemet FKK Dr
U M WOOLLKY llox J7 Atlanta Ua
J = sa
> Wi W ssAs W V n IMs WN
Millionaires aro not exploited no
much In Mexico as they are In the
United States Here when a man
reaches tho 50000000 mark the peo
ple regard him in the light of a semi
public character whose doIngB and
sayings and habits are eagerly dis
cussed lie Is known from Maine to
In Mexico many millionaires aro not
known outside the states In which they
reside and yet some of them it they
lived here would be dally discussed
in the papers One of these little
known Mexican millionaires is Don
Luis TerrazaB of Chihuahua formerly
governor of that state He owns 28
000 000 acres of land 18 000000 acres ot
which are in one ranch On these
lands he generally maintains 700000
Owns VcLst Lands
JSLnd Is Worth
100000000 Ng
head of cattlo 200000 sheep and 100
000 horses Over 1000000 acres are
in a good state of cultivation The
estate is valued at 1100 900000 And
yet Don Luis Is little known outside of
Chihuahua He lives modestly and
although he is 70 years old he still
personally superintends the conduct ot
his vast business Ho Is very chari
table and every year he elves away
thousands of dollars He supports sev
eral churches and schools and is an
earnest advocate of education Demo
cratic in his tastes he receives the
humblest beggar with the same cour
tesy that he bestows upon the million
aire promoter He is a strong friend
of the United States and his Ave chil
dren have been educated In American
Grand lluut of to Mammoth Cat in
th Arizona Mountain
A big roundup ot lions Is now tak
ing place In the San Fiancisco moun
tains about 150 miles north ot Flag
staff In that country the big cats
are to be found In larger numbers
than In any other locality in Arizona
and the party expects to bag several
hundred of them At one time the
California lion was to be found in all
parts of Arizona but large territorial
and county bounties have caused his
extermination In many places Many
thousand dollars have been paid by
each county for Hon scalps and at
20 per head hunters have tound It
profitable business some of them in
times past killing a score of lions In
a weeks time and a total of over
10000 has been paid in Arizona for
scalps In the past ten years Hundreds
of lions though have been shot by
many who have not claimed the boun
ties taking as their rewards the fact
that they have disposed of the cause
ot the slaughter of the calws colts
and lambs
Whllo the lions have grown less
common In the southern part of the
territory there has been no perceptible
decrease In their numbers In the wild
er northern regions Sheepmen in the
San Francisco mountains have com
plained of late that the lions aro kill
ing off all their lambs in such num
bers that their raldsare proving ruin
ous to the sheep Industry John Mc
Carthy territorial game warden has
organized the hunting party and the
district where the lions abound will
be thoroughly gone over The animals
will be driven Into the center of a
circle where they can easily be killed
The California Hon Is a small spe
cies of the panther family He Is about
the size of a Canadian lynx and pos
sessed of a similar nature He Is
cowardly and has never been known
to attack a man unless cornered but
is capable of a fierce fight when driven
to bay
Mark Ilanna s War JEoord
The fact that Mark Hanna has be
come a member ot a O A It post In
Cleveland will be news to many for
litheito few people were iware that
the maker ot piestdents lud a war
record Ilanna enlisted in the One
Hunurod and Fiftieth Ohio Volunteer
Infantry which was mustered In for
100 flayb In 1804 to guard Washing
ton The official record of the regi
ment rtates After the regiment was
sworn into service May E 1854 it was
Immediately placed on cars for Wash
ington On Its arrival tbe regiment
was ordered to garrison Forts Lin
coln Saratoga Thayer Bunker Hill
Slocum Totten and Stevens forming
part of the chain ot fortifications sur
rounding the national capital The reg
iment remained In these torts during
the whole term of service and partici
pated in the fight before Washington
with a part of Earlys rebel corps
July 10 and 11 JS64 Companies O
and K were engaged but being be
falnd breastworks did not suffer much
One man was killed and three or four
wounded The regiment was sent homo
and mustered out at Cleveland on tho
23 of August IScV haying served 111
days cr >
The Trleklj Pear In Anetrnlla
One of the most serious difficulties
In the way of land settlements In some
parts of Australia is said to be an ob
noxious plant called tho prickly pear
As a pest to the farmers It may be
fairly classed with the rabbits It has
taken possession of whole tracts ot
country and the settler has to fight
a pitched battle for eveiy acre he
calls his own All herbage may droop
die and disappear In the oven of an
Australian di ought but the pear sur
vives flourishes and carries on Its
processes ot expansion and reproduc
tion with unconcern In the fierce
struggle for llfel1fwhen a drought is
devastating the land this pest is a
living example ot the survival ot the
unflttest It was brought to Aus
tralia like the rabbit either for use
or ornament and it has become a
plague and a pestilence Its examina
tion In the colony of Queensland at
least Is a question ot national Im
portance i
All the Country AGolllop
Golf promises tohold its sway A
game that Is centuries pld the ancient
national game of Scotland but now
played In every quarter of tho globe
It first attracted wide attention in the
United States some four years ago
but now the golf ball Is driven over
links in every state of the Union
Golfers estimate that some haltmil
lion Americans will play golf this
year tor there are hundreds of clubs
of large membership connected with
the United States Golf association be
sides other clubs Innumerable
Ireland produces 210 tons ot honor
a year worth 12000
Fcruna the Great Tonic Cures
Catarrhal Dyspepsia of
For Ills Fcculiar to Women
Fcruna is an Invaluable
Miss Kathleen Graham 1459 riorida
Ave N W Wash D C writes At
the solicitation ot a frlond I was ad
vised to use Peruna nnd after tho use i
ot one bottle tor dyspepsia I felt almost
entirely cured I tako pleasure In rec
ommending your remedy to anyone
who needs an Invigorating tonic
Kathleen Graham
Dr S B Hariman President ot The
a prominent authority on womens ca
many cases of female catarrh as make
months Advice free Address Dr S
Miss riorence Allan7B Walton Place
Chicago 111 writes As a tonic for a
worn out system Peruna stands at tho
head in my estimation Its eftoctB aro
truly wonderful in rejuvenating the
entire system I keep It on hand all tho
time nnd never have that tired feeling
as a few doses always makes me feel
like a different woman riorence Al
Hartman Sanitarium Columbus Ohio
tarrhal diseases will take charge of aa
application to him during the summer
IS Hartman Columbus Ohio
Dr Shrady gives out tho opinion
that the number ot suicides Increases
with advanctns civilization One
wonders it this would be so were the
civilization really what It purports to
be Boston Transcript
Talth is the substance of things
honed for OXID1NB the realization
There Is no danger of a person be
ing overloaded with polltqneas
To get a really good cup
of coffee youll have to start
back of the actual making
youll have to loolc to the
roasting and the grinding
In ARBUCKLES you have
a coffee thats scientifically
roasted and delivered to you
with all the pores of the berry
hermetically sealed Youre
sure of a good cup of coffee
becauseall the coffee flavor
and aroma arc kept intact
until you want it The fame
of ARBUCKLES induced
other coffee packers to put
out imitations of it These
imitations cost the grocer
and you a cent a pound
less than ARBUCKLES
But dont be tempted to buy
a package of some other
coffee when you can get
for it is actually less expen
sive than the cheap kind
goes further besides being
better flavored more satis
Yen will find a list of useful art
cles In each package o Arbuckles
Coffee A definite part of one of
these articles becomes yours when
you bay the coSee The one you
select from the list win be sent you
on condition that you send to our
Notion Deportment a certain number
of signatures cut front the WTipnexs
Notion Dept
New York City NY
Trust men and they will be true to
you treat them greatly and they will
show themselves great though they
raako an exception In your favor to
alt their rules ot trade Emerson
Governor Odell ot New York has r i
celved the honorary degree ot LL D
from the Syracuse university He In
tho first chief executive to be tnus
honored by this Institution
> v W

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