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At Baltuffa atore
At dve when work has eased Its ffrind
And yielded lesplte to Us knight
Daine Pleasure beckons with her wand
To check the mad world In Ita flight
Then gather flockwlse round the door
The natives at the grocery store
They loaf upon decrepit chair
Or balance nimbly on a box
While others peek the curbatone perch
And rusticate upon the rocks
Then Captain Hoggs he gets the
flo or
And edifies the grocery storel
Theres Clark and Jones and Willie
And several molded from the works
The ity marshal Joins the unch
Ukcwlsa the grocer and his clerks
Then General Wood he lets er soar
In front of Bait tiffs grocery storel
Theres loud guffaw and hooded quips
1or ten dingJokes that have been sprung
To agitate some hapless wight
At whom the Javelin Is flung
For everything Is known and more
About the village grocery store
Than Slack he lows the corn will fall
Which prompts Old Grandacl Burr to
Th crops Is Jookln mighty well
ler which wo all th Lord should
Then silence reprimands the bore
Who soes things at the grocery
store I
The government Is groomed ancLspanked
And made to Btand up prim arid
Tedge Haller stopping for some plug
DlBcusaes pints of town and state
111 honor rules on benches four
Yet deigns to argue at the store
Theres Allison and Billy White
One owns a farm and tills the soil
While tother mounts to nothln muc
Cept savin bread from mold an spoil
Itut all are equal to the core
About Jim paUuffs grocery storel
They sit and spit arid sjioke their pipes
Gntv strategists and sparkling wits
Some hit the cracks and others dont
Yet every man bo sits and spits
While time float to the other shore
And darkness hide the erocery store
Qjd jfrtSoery shop iw love ybu yetr
Mid palaces ofsoonerand steel
And some day we wtlLsit and spit >
Besides thy fragrant onion peel
Jus t resting at the opentdoor
Of that old corner grocery storel
5 3
The lite of a man Is Jess than1i
span for it falls Into the River of
Deathat the end
A long life Is not so pinch to ho de
sired as a good life
ilfehas JesS of awe than Death
but It Is not so restful 1
We livojn deeds not in days
When we marry life takes on a
great purchaser we may win out or
fall under the mortgage
Life is hut a footpath to the Brave
There could be no life in Its true3t
significance without death
Let your life he such that death
shall hare no terror for you
Manya life Is unpleasant because
of a failure to diagnose biliousness
No man has a right to shorten his
life by making It excessively happy in
its brevity
Life is a time between morning
and evening Trim the light of your
soul that darkness may not overtalto
you The grandest thing in life is to
have a great heart that bids the
jymda succor the weak and the
A man may live with many but he
must die alone
Life is made up of time and a little
brief authority Do not waste the
ons or abuse the other
Completely Restored to Health
Mrs P Brunzel wife of Brunzel
ctock dealer residence 3111 Grand
Ave Everett Wash says For fif
teen years 1 suffered
with terrible pain in
my back I experi
mented with doc
tors and medicines
but got little if any
relief I actually be
lieve the aching in
In my back and
through the groin
became worse 1 did
not know what it
was to enjoy a
nights rest and
arose in the morn
ing leellns tired and
unref reshed My
suffering sometimes was simply indes
cribable Finally f saw Doaus Kid
ney Pills advertised and got a box
Aftera few doses I told my husband
fiat I was feeling much better and
that the pills were doing me good
When I finished that box I felt like a
different woman I didnt stop at that
though I continued the treatment
until I had taken Ave boxes There
was no recurrence until a week ago
when I began tq feel miserable again
1 bought another box and three days
treatment restored me to health
Doans Kidney Pills act very effective
ly very promptly relieve the athlng
pains and all other annoying difficul
ties I have recommended them to
many people and will do so when op
portunities present themselves
A FREE TRIAL of this great kid
ney medicine which cured Mrs1 Drun
zel will be mailed to any jpart of the
United States on application Address
FosterMllburn Co Buffalo N Y For
sale by all druggists price CO cents
per box
Prof Francesco Pepere dean of the
law faculty In the University of Na
ples whose death at the age of SO
was recently announced had been con
nected with the university fiftyfour
You never hoar any one complain
about Defiance Starch There is
none to equal it inequalityand1 quan
tity 16 ounces 10 cents Try It now
and save yourmonejv
Xn electric motor for unloading ba
nanas haslbeeniintfoducedin New Or
leans whiclf handles 15000 bunches
an i h ourl5workin iiatrthre e hatches
and the fruit Is protected frop the
slightest bruise tp
ii r
Hea en HelpUs i
IIn Qur > troubles bu t useEHuatsJCjireJ
forfltch Tetter Rlngvyorn Itching
Ples phd Eczema
Sailing Vessels for general trans
portation ore now obsolete on the
great lakes Of several hundred such
Vessels hailing from Chicago note
more than thrtyfour are now In use
Mother Grays weetPowders for Children
used by Mother Gray a nurse in Childrens
Home New York euro Summer Complaint
Feyerishness HeadacheStomach Troubles
Teething Disorders and Destroy Worms At
all Druggists 25c Sample mailed FREE
Address Allen S Olmsted Le Roy N Y
Christian Sclenco Mother Elean
or what Is the matter Oh mam
ma I got aterrible terror of the mind
In iny 3tomach
v Caesar Conquered Britain
Malaria was conquered by Simmons
Liver Purifier tin box Protected
from mosture Must and1 Insects
Clears the > complexlon cures constipa
tion aids and corrects action of the
Peter Perren the guld6 who took
the first party of tourists up the Mat
terhornrjs stllj allve He has made
ha ascent fortytono times since
If you dont get the biggest and
best Its your own fault Defiance
Starch Is for sale everywhere and
there Is positively nothing to equal
it in quality or quantity
In two year s there has been a loss
of about a million dollars in the cur
rent value of the stocks of ten great
Swapping Lies
Is practiced but donlt avyap off Hunts
Lightning Oil fbraw6ftBtess article
Ask jour druggist or merchant for a
free sample bottle
Emperor William recently gave
225000 marks in aid of the fishermen
of Zersen on the Oqrman ocean who
have been ruined by a tidal wave
Ifonetop Taxae for trained itud rellabU
UeteetlTit aerTlce
The fact that the new king of Ser
via has bought an automobile has
treated the Impressin that he Isnt
coins to wait to be killed by < mB3inB
Btaik or Ohio Cnr or TjStano I
TaaKK J > CuxaT rnakaa eath that he 1 lector
partner of the Arm of F Ji Chexry A Co doing
boBlneu la the city of Toledo count una Stato
aroretald end tbat laid firm will pay the earn of ONfi
HUNDHKIl BULIiAKB tor each and eterr caae of
OATAann that cannot be tared by the aie of IUllb
Strom to before me and aaBioribed la n > r pretence
thle eth day of December itp issa
i I A waOtlASON
l r 1 Kotafv ruiue
ltatla Catarrh Cdre la taken InteraallVahd acta
directly on the blood eadmuooue aurfacea of the
iTiteni send for teatlmODlela free
F J CHENEY CO Toledo 0
Bold by all 1raifitUti73c BiS3 v
llalla Family 1M1U are the bltt
he German
Gold crosses were
presented by empress
last year to 17G women sorvants who
had been forty pearls with th o same
We OantTOJ a Lie
When we say thefela no Bhaklng of
bottles no licking qfpooris no wry
faces when CheatbanTcLaxatlve Chill
Tablets are used 2jfcents No cure
no pay Bfc
Atlantic City hasafmotorcar which
is used solely for thejjiurposo of haul
ing Intoxicated prisoners to the police
station at this populaBresort this sea
son >
Ask Your Dealer for Jlfen 8 FootEase
A powder to shake into your shoes It rest
the feet Cures Swollen Sore Hot Callous
Aching Sweating feet an Ingrowjng NaiK
Allens FootEase m alier inew or tight
Shotis easy Soldbyjall t Druggists and
flioestores 25c SampJaJmailcd FREE
Address Allen S OImstivLe Roy N Y
An assistant In sthef Congressional
Library finds that 2200 books therein
are written by colbre iL persons The
authors are nearly iglljmulatto es The
straight blacks havae done almost
nothing l
A Triple Hanging
Smith Brown andJoneshang their
hopes of recaverylipbn Cheathams
Laxative Chill Ta blets They will bo
around soon shaking hands with
friends 25 cttfi No cure po pay
Within a yeaifbu persons who
have gone to sleepjngar the cinder
dump of the Homestead Steel plant
have bean asphyxlnfedlby the gas It
In southern Indla ra ch < Jolmasters
have fortytwo jjffferenl lUnds of pun
ishment for naught bojs
Aunt Lucindy
Always carries HunitSLIghtnlng O
around with herV Bays its fine for
swelling toothacbeTcoIlc weak back
and backache cutsbums neuralgia
atarrh Aunt ucip yihas Siytynlne
grandchiIdrdnaud > HghttOiltnow What
she ta talking aboutjifegg r
There rtre in Montana some of the
> TryOnePjicKaae
If Doflanco StarchVdoes not
pleaseyou returnttto T our dealer
lfvlt dpesyou geton third more for
the same money Jfpwill give you
satisfaction and wiunot stick to the
lroft fTV
TJierels no greater disaster in love
than the death of the imaglnatlon
j jrr l
Holland produces o verjfforty varie
ties of cheese Switzerland about for
tytlve Italy 200 kirtdsiatid Denmarks
sixty brands Jrif
Eo anco Starpli antced big
gest and best ior mqheyj funded 16
ounces 10 cents S00
Nearly all he afet ylnaches which
aro 6afo agalnsCfriciQri < 5h sandpaper
Btone wood orbrJclf jgnte readily
from a quick rub onjqla s
< ortr itATioNHrHD riii ii nuai who
Need reliable UttrrtlVci Service Km ploy Mo
Cant lHtectlv Ag nryJIouitunleiai
Somo men epoil good story by
sticking to the factai
i i
Try me Just oncej anrj I am sure
to come again DeflaiicOiBSarcli
tfx a
Magnificent rromlBes are always to
bo suspected v
Buck ffiuov lliiTi x < Hpme treatment
for Voinain nirca all Cemiftcpmiilotnta Poat
paWSl OO tVnto wUroj Po tIon Mn Tm
1 i r
It Is said that Secretary Root was
never known to smile
Silk Wool and Cotton at one boiling
Thereseems to bo n use for every
thing in this world but the pestiferous
A church recently dedicated In St
Paul was erected at a cost of 7000
raised by 10000 contributions of 7
cents each
There Is no opportunityto read the
proofsofllfo > ifvf f
Defiance Starchys flutup 16 ounces
In a pacl < nge J0 centsj < 3n > thlrd
more starch for > tfiee am c mbney
The pessimist o KSat everything
through the dlstorUngwlrii6ws of his
own soul >
j i >
Positive bet compa rative better
superlative better no y
Aboul the safest getrichqulck
scheme Is to marry anheiress
When a lawyer bejrfnsjto lnvestlgate
a case the first thing he does is tb
look Into hlsf cllontS pocketbpob
A sunflower sucks up 145 pounds of
water during its growth
K p you dry In wettet
weather E ecUUrBr nd
Ulltil Cloth InB hT9 been
famoui as the brtt lex
jtwtB IntUtontiie r miUw
Look m
for trudo
mark U not nt
JhfiOt BvltMfna
Kit ianbririrt >
Makes Rich Blood Rosy Cheeks
Hearty Appetite ant life worth living
The childish confidence which this
illustration portrays Allows exactly the
confidence of everyone who has ever used
Dr Caldwells
Syrup Pepsin
A Laxative
Tcrhaps no medicine ever put on the
market lias met with such phenomenal
cures and the output of our laboratory
has increased steadily 500 per cent every
year This speaks volumns for Dr Cald
wells Syrup Fepsin which is positively
guaranteed to cure dyspepsia indiges
3S83 SHOESffi
You can save from 3 to 8 yearly by
wearing W L Douglas 350 or 3 allocs
They equal tlioso
that have boon cost
ing you from 8400
to 900 The Im
mense 816 of V h
Douglas sioes proves
tliclr superiority over
all other makes
Bold by retail shoo
dealers everywhere
Look for name and
price on bottom
That Dooajai tines Cor
onaUolt prorea there la
value in Donirlaa ahoea i
Corona la the hlclieu i
grade IatLeather made B
ratt CWor kieleriittfti
Our 4 Ollt frfje Unerannot b equalledat arty price v
Shoea I > r nail St rrnl eslra lllnitratfd
CaUlottlree W 1 IOU LtS Uroellon Uaii
To provo the healing and
cleansing power of 1aitin
iollet Antlieptlo we will
mail a large trial package
with book of Instruction
absolutely free Thlslsnofr
a tiny atnple but a larger
package enough to eon
Jnco anyone of Its value
Women all over the country
are praUine Paxtlne for whut
tt has done In local treat
neut of femnle Ilia curing
all inflammation and discharges wonderful aaa
cleansing vaginal douche for soro throat nasal
catarrh as a mouth wash and to remove tartar
and whiten the teeth Send today a postal card
will do
odbyrtraiK1tior eritpontpndu uhua
c nU Inrfre buz Hatlirnetlon iruitmnteedr
JtlA Colambaa Avo
Millions of UMC Shot Shells
are sold each year They are
made In ths largest cartridge
factory in the world
Your dealer
tion constipation malaria and all troubles arising from the stomach excepting
cancer and If you will purchase a 0 cent or 100 bottle from your druggist it
will be a complete revelation to you Heads off biliousness Induces sound and
refreshing sleep cures nervousness and is praised by women in all partsof
the country
We will be clad to aend you a sample bottle and a littla
booklet bo atomaeh trouble if you will aeod us a postal
coarse la tho laud TMa li a kburt time oiler and tbfl opportunity at your UI9
Bwt Shorthand fcyitem to thg World WrlU today ti W HILL Principal UalU lam
aD uwd iMuftiom lire await Inst rou you know that e nave tie biK icioor n < i th Lett idTiDiiges lt
ibeaoutb Write tor our prrnmlrton AdflroH H H HIIX 1reildfni Waco ieiaa
To cure or money refunded by your merchant so why not try it Price 50c
frSvlK fcIS
Its the shots that hit that count Winchester
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges in all calibe s hit that is
they shoot accurately and strike a good hard pene
trating blow This is the kind of cartridges you will get
if you insist on having the timetried Winchester make

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