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The Shiner Gazette
T C IlABBUMACHEli Publisher
Kansas Is again coping withhigh
A farmers congress la to bo held
at Ardniore I T Sept 1 and 2
James Morgan was stabbed to death
near Lake Charles La by Feter Mc
Mack Tweedys bond has been re
duced from 15000 to 2500 He U
charged with complicity In the murder
of Ben L Thompson at Sherman
William Hale was arrested on the
chargo of putting deadly weapons In
a cell In the county Jail The pistol
It Is alleged was taken to pieces and
put In the cell
James K Vardman was nominated
candidate for Governor of Mississippi
Vrlday over Frank krltz by a majority
of something llko 10000 Tho contest
was a remarkably hot ode even for
During a heavy rain and electric
storm at Guthrie Ok tho Presbyteri
an Church belonging to tho colored
peoplo was struck by lightning and
totally destroyed by Are No Insur
Tho largest factory of chemicals In
tho world Is said to be tho aniline and
soda establishment of Baden Tho
works employ 148 scientific chemists
eventynve technical engineers 305
clerks and more than C00O workmen
The recently Incorporated Cheyenno
nd Washita Valley Railroad Company
of Oklahoma with John B Harrison
of Cheyenne Ok at the head will put
surveying parties at onco to run tho
Miguel Covarublas has been appoint
ed minister plenipotentiary and envoy
extraordinary of Mexico to the SoutH
American republics with residence In
Sandiago de Chile He takes the place
of Jose Maria Gamboa
The sharp advance In the pricefot
bar sliver lnUhefiiiond on > land KeW
YorkMmarketsadurlngl theJpastiipWj
rrtea i
weeks has
mark since NovemberJ901 Fdrnear
Jy six months the market has been on
the upward movement
The Tishomingo and Durant base
ball clubs will play a championship
gamo at Ardmore Sunday August 30
for a 1000 purse Both teams claim
tho belt and as they are recognized
as the crack teams of tho Indian Terri
tory a big bout is looked for
As was anticipated all talk ot an
extra session of congress at early in
October has disappeared and the gen
eral opinion now is that congress will
not assemble until after the November
The report of the French commis
sion appointed to confer with the
United States monetary exchange com
missioners has been delivered to Am
bassador Porter It contains a note
from Foreign Minister Delcasse show
ing that France Is not prepared to ex
press binding conclusions until she has
consulted other powers I
A school of 143 small whales has
been driven ashore at St Marys Bay
near St Johns N F and was unablo
to retreat Tho residents men and
women waded waist deep into the
water and killed them all with hatch
ets scythes and pitchforks
Tho baby boy recently born to Mrs
Graver Cleveland at Buzzards Bay
Mass has been christened Francis
Grover Cleveland a name solocted by
tho other children after their father
and mother
Tho iwner ot the American schooner
Oliver which was towed Into Sabine
while in distress after tho recent
storm has been fined M00 for not ac
counting for one ot her sailors who is
said to have loft the vessel at Vera
Cruz <
Mrs Mabel McKlnley Baer niece ot
the late president has bean success
fully operatedon for appendicitis at a
private hospital hero The doctors
said that iter condition following the
operation was not alarming
Georgo H Perry a prominent Chlca
aw Indian is dead at Conway He
snnk a liquid ot some kind and died
suddenly Perry was an extensive
land holder in the Chickasaw Nation
and one of the best known Indians in
the Territory
Prospects Better Than Last Year
Though Early Promise Will Not
Be Fulfilled
Oalvcston Texas Sept S What is
the condition ot the Texasvcotton crop
at tho present time and what prom
isesto be tho yield us compared wjth
that of last season Thesequestions
so often asked by peoplo interested in
the staple both In Europe and Amer
ica the News pf this city has endeav
ored to arfiwer by publication of re
ports from 441 correspondents regard
ing the crop conditions In their vicin
ity These reports cover 149 cotton
growing counties lh Texas Naturally
many conflicting reports were receiv
ed one correspondent reporting con
ditions that Indicate an Increased
yield ot 50 per cent and his neighbor
correspondent reporting a decrease of
tho same percentage or more Such
reports lndleato varying conditions
and spotted crops oven In the same
locality tho Improved crop possibly
being due to a better cultivation and
an earnest fight against pests
A few weeks appear to have made
a wonderful change lncrop conditions
and crop prospects Three weeks
ago correspondents reported that con
ditions warranted the belief that
Texas would havo a record crop of
cotton an Increaso in somecases of
100 to 200 per cent over the yield ot
last year However times have
changed Boll weevils boll worms
sharpshooters and other Insects havo
been busily at work and tho farmer
who onco looked over his field and
calculated his largo profits is now fig
uring on picking one bale to every
flvo or eight aqres and praying for
prices to stay up until he gets that to
Not all sections of the sjato have
had like experiences and eyon In sec
tions wbcrq weevils a nd worms have
been partIcularlyj dqstjuc tjve MhejO
appea ob eoc aiji l
de strayall hoposf
harvestthan was
These localities scattered through
East and Contrl Texas together
with the promising prospects In
North Texas If conditions become no
worse will give the state a larger
yield ot the staple than Fhat of last
Of the five cotton districts Into
which Texas Is divided the cbaftt dls
trlct raises tho smallest amount of
cotton and Southwest Texas raises
next to the smallest anount Central
Texas raises tho largest amount and
North Texas raises next to the larg
est amount This condition dfjifralrs
must be taken into consideration by
thoso who may try to figure more
In detail on the 190304 crop
Southwest Texas is infested with
weevils and boll worms Central Tex
as with the samo pests while East
Texas and many parts of North Texas
I have had their greatest difficulty
with the boll worms One encourag
ing feature reportedfromEast and
North Toxas ts he fact that tho boll
worm Is becoming less numerous and
is doing less damage Another feat
ure ot the reports that Reems to stand
out prominent Is the fact that the ear
ly planted cotton Is giving to the farm
er the largest part of his crop while
that which was planted lae though
rich In stalk has fruited poorly and
baB become the tqod for boll weevils
and boll worms
Texas Using a largo state the fact
that some correspondents < reported
too much rain during the summer
months while others reported their
fields to ho suffering from drouth la
not Inconsistent yet such reports are
of record from tho same county
All cotton is fro m two to three
weeks late In every section of the
8tate duo to the samo cause too
much rain In tho early spring For
this reason some apprehension Is felt
regarding the possibility of early
Collector of Customs Resigned
Washington Sept G Thomas C
MoAllestor collector of customs at
VIdksburg Miss has resigned and
Albert S Plerco of Mississippi has
been appointed to the vacancy Mr
McAllosters resignation was entirely
voluntary and it is said he will ro
ctslvo another appointment in tho gov
ernment service
No Work oriajiJpStAtfeeted by Long
shoremens Demand
New Orleans
veo front sltuaf
rSept C Tho le
ofowasnot improved
last tilght declaration
theship agents M stevedores locked
up tho ports shipping at noon yester
day and thord IsfjnOhllnmedlato pros
pect ot resumpfSn Vhon the long
shoremen fat Ji6igfje aconciliatory
repyby noon Imfcjgents met and
passed a resolution Ordering all ships
to stop that canujynder the new de
mand of the union for four men on a
sldo The resulti was thiJt In an hour
every ship In th e port stopped work
with tho exceptlon > Ofthfeo small boats
which were nopa ffected
The longshorejfignil xecutlve com
mittees jnatlasJjiSlgfivand at midnight
voted to slantttpat Sndinot budge In
their demand forjifcighlfmen to a hold
This will ho4MreWrgnt to the
agents this mojnfngJh U
Down atth MdrgandockB which
are not In tho genoraltl up but havo
a strike of thcir Cwnthe day develop
ed a firmer alttfude inboth sides Tho
union appcaledto International Pres
ident Daniel JKeefe of the longshore
men In Detjroftland life replied referr
ing everylhln yogpyenthVIco Presi
dent James E gsjrter vpTaclng him In
chargo thifsbuthe rn Pacific deter
mined on adg flitovpolcy to fight tho
strlko ThosteamerjXnsas was add
ed to tho gqmrnls dryjBhlps and ar
rangementsJmadJ > ior bringlng In an
other big baJclTof sl ke breakers trom
oft the line f ho company Is mobiliz
ing men alluntthp Mississippi river
A largo body ofciSec reks or vlee agents
will be lietolo ay tc take hold
OffieJal jDenial
Paris Sept TJi e Jroport publish
ed by OiePatflethat thegoVernment
might expeljj ardlnal Gibbons from
France owfngito hl s alleged state
ments to Brttoii and othw French
clergy Is officially pronounced to ha
false and absurd Tho government
officers also pxpress indignation at
such careless use of the cardinals
name CardinalGibbons wrote to the
Associated Press Atig 28 saying his
alleged me4tin2wItbjBretbn and oth
er cercv of FranW wera falirlr at ions
areT report
gd to haW beenWrfbfijcr dKcash and
jewelryjtmountlbgfp ftvraoro than 300O
at an Alexandria BayN V summer
hotel The women were boating and
left the valuables liilhelf room The
loss was 1dlscQve reil ifmmedIately up
on thoir return butMp trace ot the
thief was fpund until several hours
later when It was oftpovered that a
female serVant hadfdlsappeared
TJi Iftfft
Mexican CottonvCjpp Is Sljort
Eagle Pass Te a nt B A pas
senger froh HurangogrspOrfs a pros
pective 6h6r cottoriW9frabout Tdrre
on and Sanj Pedrpf jhlef cotW
producing centrJp il he Laguna
country diletq 1acl water in the
Naaas and heappearaifce of various
posts AtTahuaifio1 however that by
its blgditcu eariyrfralnB4he Naza8
a fine crop Js cx pect edf <
Floresvlllo 6 Tho
Hydo Beo Comna ny iilL let the con
in a fow tor
Jract day ajlargoblllld
ingln the horfh partibftown
will be used 1nj1jfifs business The
honey business JnKWlfaon county has
outgrowntho vjrjes expectatlons ot
those Who filst eratarkc d In It
something that wfinfthis secti01J
know anythlng aiioutW j 1
First Jen nljigsflee Marketed
Jennings La SiptfS Tho first
rice tobe pu jKinlthemarket here
was yestprdaypjnFchased by A M
Arthur buyer foMtb o National Bice
Milling Companyvot New Orleans
The qualitywa s i aiia brought a
good figure Hafvokfng is becoming
very general iriHh lsMSca lltj
La Grange Compress Started
I a Grange TexasJept p Tho La
Grange comprdaVinade tTie first run
of the season yostoijlay pressing 300
bales The city cpjfon receipts up to
dato are 225 bale ifh6 prospnt dry
veother is causlng < jtibtton to open
froelyaha the recelpfj nbxt weekwill
be materially incrMga >
Timborlake Weli Abandoned
Edna Texas Sept 5 The Timber
lake oil well was abandoned yester
day m a dfpth of 1374 feet Arrange
ments are being maao to make anoth
er teat at once but at a different
place This time on thoTTmborlako
property just above Sawn
Having puirclia sedtiils Saloon I Invite all my Fricnde
and the Old Customers to
I will keep a full stock of the Beet Whiskies Wines
Beer and Cigars and will always treat you right
We have greatly improved this market
and are now prepared to furnish you
with the best Beef Pork or Sausage
daily Will also bvy dry or green hides
Give us a trial Respectfully yours
44 + 4 + + < i > + t + > + + + + bi 4 > < t > > H > < P < S S > < M i < i
Newly Renovated and Improved
Just Been Reopened By E J Wangemann
I Will Carry the Finest and Best of Wines Wlr skies Beer and Olgom
In Town Call and See Me andYou Will ba Mde Welcome
4 s
5 A E J NGEMANN Proprietdr
1W Bf >
r lsbc Tr f > f i
Manufacturing Co
c ready for businessandwitlbuy all your seed and g
C pay the highest market price j
1 v s
j Hulls and Meal Always on Hand jj
Scltyour seed to the HOME MILL and patronize
Chas Welhausen Sr Manager
Tho Bost Whiskies Wines
and Liquors Always
In Stock
W Sll U rvorll
Lone Star BEER t
C I C All S
The fflonlton Lumber Dealer
Not only eairlet Fall Stook of tu Vary Best
v Bu hscaualsosupplyyon with
Brick Paints Oils BUilder s Hardware
Barb Wire Poultry Netting Puropa Pipe Fittings sntfi
Prompt and oloso attentiou pijoni to all oxUers
I Moulton Teaae

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