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Seems awfully forlorn to Cat a
Thanksgiving dinner all done Bald
Mllly eoberly looking over at tho
young follow who sat mending a har
ness strap beside the blazing hearth
I havent tho heart to get up a big
dinner for Just us two
I dont boo what else wo can do
No neighbors to Invite except old Peto
Sprat and he wouldnt come Wo
might send him something by way of
being neighborly
And he turned away for our
pains the woman laughed
You cant oven so out on tho
highways and hedgos and gather In
Stragglers like the nnctcnt host of
Bible fame Maybe It la Just as well
not to have all tho work of getting
up a Thanksgiving dinner for f seems
to mo that you look tired Mllly
Whats tho matter
Nothing Jim I gtioss I need a little
outing Ill take a run across the
Hollow and be back before supper
Heard the sound of chopping
Im getting morbid Blmply for tho
want of n little company she Bald
as Bhe walked down tho untraveled
road In tho faco of the crisp north
wind That will never do for you
Mllly Bonnet For Jims sako you
mustnt give way to such foolish
Suddenly Mlllya ear caught tho
sound of chopping which seemed to
come from the Hollow hoyond the di
vide She turned and made her way
easily through the leafless thicket
walking briskly over tho hill and
down tho opposite descent until sho
distinctly heard voices Further on
at the edge of a natural clearing she
came upon a parly of travelers camped
beside a newly kindled fire where a
lean gaunt appearing follow busied
himself with preparations for tho
evening meal fTheywero eight In all
a rough unkempt lot la leathern
jackets and rusty boots Beside tho
cook lay a bag of Sour a rasher of
bacon and two Jugs stopped withcorn
cobs Mllly stopped abruptly when sho
found herself observed by the curi
ous eyes of eight strangers then
changed her mind and crossed tho ley
little brook and made her way toward
tho fire
A big blackwhiskered man dropped
his armful of horsefeed and looked at
her piercingly Lost ho asked
No I live two miles up tho divide
I happened to hear you chopping and
stopped out of curiosity
The mans insistent gaze annoyed
her but the forlorn gaunt appearanco
of tho little group Incited a little
throb of pity and made her think
gratefully pf Tier own cosy cheerful
little ohack with Jim waiting for hor
beside tho glowing hearth
I Bupposo you we simply camping
here for thenight she ventured
looking about nt the meager comforts
of the camp
Welt no answered tho black
browed man who Impressed her at
once as being spokesman of the party
tfY came down to prospect a bit
TflWes talk of golddn thla claim and
ifIta worth our whllo we may set up
for a week or two
Oh then youll bo here over
Thanksgiving wont you Id like to
have you all tako dinner with us to
The man looked at his fellows with
a curious smild half questioning half
credullTO ta rather unexpected
e remarked humorously
Oh all neighbors out bare
you know Mllly explained cordially
My husband would bo > ery glad to
have yon with us Wo aro from tho
cast and wero used to bavinG com
pany for Thanksgiving
Your husband Is a prospector too I
toko It
Oh no He came out here for his
health two years ago when ho waa
all run down with overwork Wo ex
pect to stay here until hes quite well
We didnt notice any houses as V8
passed along Where do you live
Two miles below horo on the Sun
riso road not on the trail Will you
coma over to morrow
Well being as youre bo kind ns to
take the trpuble to Invito ns well be
glad to accept your hospitality nnd
thank you
Vory woll I shall expect you
promptly at 12 There are eight of
you arent therq I want you all re
member Now Ill go for tho walk Is
rather Jong You cross tho hill nnd
go straight south till you reach the
Sunrise wagon road which will tako
you directly to our shack going nest
Good night
Mllly returned in great good spirits
Jim looked dubious at first but he was
loth to damp tho ardor of his good
little helpmeet by voicing his doubt
as to the wisdom of Inviting eight
Strangers to their homo
You dont mind do you Jim
Mllly OBked anxiously
Not a bit If it pleases you lets
have them by all moahs
You should have seen them Groat
gaunt hungrylooking fellows who
piobably hatont had a good dinner
tor a year I d6 believe Providence
sentme across their path expressly
to glvethemia KcVfcMmMM
haad f EaIdjcautr6WJIm Wwlll tako
heaps tofBatrsfy eight hungry mon
you know 1
Of cpurso we have plenty Well
kill both turkejaand Ill make four
pies Instead cf one and two boiled
puddings bosldcs Well havo potatoes
and turnips and the canned corn I put
up myself and ao much cider as they
can drink ror dessert well have real
good coffee and lco cake Oh well
havo enough you may be sure Jim
you must rig up a tabic big enough to
Beat them all
They worked till bedtlmo that
night poeling apples seeding raisins
and picking tho turkeys Thd next
morning Mllly rose long boforo dawn
and set about her baking and brewing
whllo Jim put up a big deal tablo that
Btretched almost tho length of the
room and by noon It was set with ell
the luscious viands of an oastcrn
Thanksgiving dinner sot with homely
platters and dishes to bo uuro but not
rougher in appearance than the men
who finally Bcatod themselves about
the steaming board Jim beatnedhos
pitably from his place at the head of
the tablo and tried dutifully to act aa
If the company belonged there as
Mllly had said The big blackwhis
kered fellow whom the other ad
dressed as Blalsedale had the place
of honor because he seemed to be the
Lost he said brusquoly
leader of the gang by natural selec
tion as the re all deferred to him
Ho watched Mllly with a curious In
tentness which brought a flush to her
cheek and made her slightly uncom
Youre mighty comfortably Oxed
for these diggings said he presently
lookinc about the walls with their
homely prints and ornaments
Yes w art nther comfortable
thanks to ftmyg Ingenuity Jim an
swored with arplow of affectionate
prldo T
Youre lucky to bo able to afford
such luxuries far nil those fancyflx
Ings ere luxuries in Colorado Blaise
dale remarked significantly
Yes I count igjself one of tho luck
iest men in tholworld I owo every
thing to Mllly ojeti my life I was a
poor law BtudocJ ifhPn wo wero mar
rted and when jfjy health broke down
she simply took all responsibility Into
hor own hands Itwa her money that
enabled me to come hero Its her bit
of money that were living on now
All hat she has In the world Is In the
littlo bank at Sunrise where she goes
A serapYof paper
once a month tojinw I 10 necessary
sum for our provisions But now that
Ive got to work wdire making our way
along without much help from tho
bank I tell you I hated to use that
monoy bad enough but If It hadnt
been for thnt the Lord only knows
what would havo become of ma
Mllly blushed deeply and becoming
Anil hjs subjects
ly Why It doesnt amount to that
said sho with a snap of her brown
fingers All the money In the world
would bo worthless to me If I didnt
have Jim
Ive heard a saying about a good
wlfo being a treasure Blalscdalo
remarked Your wife proves tho
trath of It
Tho dinner was a great success
Blalsedale who seemed to exort a
mysterious Influence over his fellows
grew very talkative and entertaining
He told stories of qnocr places and
queerer people which savored of fnnv
illarltywIthlawlesBncss and lawbroale
era but which kept Jim breathlessly
interested until tho eight strange
guests made their adieus When tho
company had filed out of the little
cabin door Blalaodale who was last to
go turned at tho threshold and hold
out his hand to Mllly
You remind me of some one I onco
knew ha said simply and for her
sako Id llko to shake bands with you
Thank you for your hospitality You
wont regret your klndnoss by the
way Queer fellow that one Jim re
marked as he watched the gang re
cede down the wintry road You may
be sure ho has a strange history be
hand him
That night when Jim and Mllly sat
talking bealclo their cheerful hearth o
strap of white paper crept mysterious
ly under the door Jim roso hurriedly
and threw back tho door hut no ono
was in sjglit and not a sound broke
the deep stillness of the Icy night
Mllly read the note over his shoul
der and this Is what It said
Some curious whim piompts mo to
tell you that It waa our Intention to
break into and rlflo tho littlo eggshell
bank at Sunrlso beforo quitting thesa
diggings but tor the sako of Mlllys
bit of monoy It shall go unharmed
Thanking S on for a pleasant hour
Helon r Huntington In Now Yqrk
wisjfi Sing ruled with kindly sway
Th ro pace ao roinstlels sing who
allowed to pursue their own swcot easy Jiay
UlSVcutded them of course
But by no dsplay of force
Did he arrogate but ijns wont to stato from them was his powers sourcs
Now it chanced on time no runs the rhyme ht subjects fancied tarts
No other food itfemtdhalf c good on tarts they set their hearts
They ate them early they ato them late Just tarts for nil then Weals v
Until they irrew alljCold and blue anaemic from head to heels
Now the goodly jkinEhocI a war on hand and tie wanted Ms men to fight
And he used to > tsh they would drop that dish that was mklng them thin ani
white g I
HefreflucnOy would Implore >
j That theyd touch meat and gore
But they hugged tot elr hearts their love for tarts nnd ate them mora and moro
Now the gracious king of whom they sing was a king who was very wise
And he lnaued de Teethat his folks should bo indulged in their vagarfe
He wished to sfcerjnfl his people dear preferred lhat he hold tho helro f
So he ordeiod apolfef every soul that oscuplod his realm r v
> And ilia count was made eflsoon w
X All tho people sang one tune >
And as still thtlr Hearts were turned to tarts their king vouchsafed a boon
dinco all havo showS rpoko he from the throne that tarts are all they wish
I here proclaim thatSycry same shall bo the nations dish
My lob as your klnifiU nice smooth thing Ive had a real good year
And twill pe serrtejrhueh to set Jem up as Thanksgiving day is hers
Bo rr subjects1 dearO now and hereto Issue my decree
And invite you alll < oth great and small to have a tart on me
Bo he Issued commands and summonedhls bands and called a multitude
Of baker men tthocthere and then contrived and mixed and stewed
And with skill amiart they built a tart that s big as haUoutuoor
VV 1th crust so high that It hid the sky amountaln of Jell Its core
They built an oven tlrht
They baked a day and night
Then there It stood all fresh and good an appetizing sight
Then the king gave forth command and Thereto set his hand
That none might eat ot fish or meat in all that loyal land
lie placed his royal lock
t granary bin and floclrr
And he let then > ar t on th poblto tart at exactly twelve odoeX
Ills subjects cheerid till their throats were seared then each backed up his cut
And gracious mylhow all did le In loadlngup Mith tart
Tber ate ono week ihey ate one month as much as they did like
And vo od their king the smoothest thing that ever came down the ptka
They rendered pral sa and blessed his dnys but tho second month alas
vThey all agreidohachange of feed Jf twas nothing else tmt gross
Sin they sought ths kindly king
To him explained the thing
Allowed hla tart Just reached the heart as hed heard them often slnf
But they humbly begged ha would lift the ban he had placed on things to sat
And grant eacKknice to stuff his face with tators corn and meat
Wjth n twlnkle In his eye J
Their good king mada reply
That the tart had cost ft lot of cash and oi < > r5t be thrown by
Bo its up to you my subjects true you know Jve a kindly heart i
Out so long ItaUhers Ill tell you fair you Juit must eat that tart
They ate for A wsjV but I must not speak ot the scenes that did ensue
So like the sceneson a stormtossed ship on the breast ot the oceanclue
And at last they toreto the khigonc more and beat their breoata and wept
And groveled and groaned and wtlthed and moaned and en their atomashs crept
tvitli sighs and sobs of woe
They asked If thoy might oh
please burn the part of the dratted tart they really couldnt go
With a kindly look their king be took compassion on their plight
And passed decree that tba tart should bo blown galleywest that tight
Then his subjects caryed some good thlcl steaks and chawnked on rare red tnoit
And thoy loudly swofo that nevermors they tackle a tart to tat
And the good wise guy their king
Made a moral from the thins
As b used to da whenever h knew they felt couuitlona sting
A 4th moral hotSe today
K A Good Talng oorqea your way
I Hi youll go dUcrf fJy slow r ths douce and alls to pay
Or else your plight may b like lhat of H > fojka of whom they afar
Tfceee chap of old vrjw tJ 4 to t M K much t a Jteal a o TbS
r f
The Poetry of Life Condensed Into
One Short Story of a Summer Even
lng Comments cf the Older Men
Who Listened
Tho boy wa telling ther story to an
Intimate He was not exactly n boy
not exactly a man Ho had tho sensa
tions of a man with yet only a hoys
experience Tho boyB story woo a
attempt to voice tho Ideal as hoHnow
It Thus it ram
It was one oveninp In cummer Tho
sun was setting building fairy temple
in the Bky painting Its domes and
minarets with shimmering gold It
cast a ohatt ot light on tho darkening
sea which stretched to my fret lllte
a golden stairway leading to tho tem
ples In tho Bky Tho summer sea
whispered a song to tho sweet de
parting glory In tho west and tumbled
aimlessly as It Bang llko a drowiry
child But before f he sea hong ths
universe seemed standing still Jlsten
lng to Its own whispering melody
Suddenly nlong the golden stalrrasa
thero came a woman lightly tripping
Sho was of the stuff that drearaa are
made Softly In a garb of clinging
white Bhecmovcd toward mc Hoi
face waa shining like tho sun Hot
glowing tresses gavo back tho glint
of tho Bky with subtle answering
flroB Her eyes gleamed with tho per
fectton of womans eternal proraiso
Hqr lips soft sweet anil varm > wors
parted with n glad happy Smile She
camo to me radiantly eagerly with
viblto arms outstnSiihed Sho came
to mo Sho camo to mo
As she drew closer in tho golderr
evenlng light 1 saw all tho glory ot
hor face Hor face shone on me
Hor cjes gleamed for mo Her lips
smiled for mo I looked Into the face
in proud humility It mado tears in my
heart to know such a face wa clad la
radiance because of mo It mado hun
gor In my soul bocauso I know It could
not bo was too gqud to be
She camo to me as a lover and a
mother might Sho held mo tcuderlf
as If I were very 3 oung and she Wesed
mo and tho music of it wad llko the
tlrqless sea Then 1 awoke
There was no sea Thtre was no
anything only a London morning
Only breakfast and tho coffee wnBVblt
Oftdywheaajhoro lm ylcuils
totealianrefd >
aangllni adfrw
Ulo ns F mth
drpnntpdaiTd there Ia1Wrjethlng7warifi >
lng in my Ufa v
That Is tho story On tho whole It
is a Billy story If a man told such a
Rtory In a club his headwould eet
broken with a soda syphon Men dd
not tell suclv fctupid tales thoy think
cm niso thoy aro old
Tho man who listened broke a coat
on the fire and said Hm And an
other older man to whom ho told the
story said Adam dreamt that way
tho night ho lost his rib Black nnd
Heroic Conduct of a Famous Bull
Ffghter In a Spanish Arena
Opeof tho most thrilling Incident
ever witnessed la tho arena Js re
called by the recent feat of tho Span
ish toreador noverte It occurrpd at
Bajonne After disposing of two bulls
Hoverto had twlco plunged hla sword
Into a third ot great strength and
ferocity and as thq beast continued
careering wildly thq spectators began
to hl3a Itovcrte for bungling Wound
ed to the very quick of hla pildo the
Spaniard shouted Tho bull is plalnl
and throwing aside his sword sank
oa ono knee with folded arms In tho
middle of the ring He was rlghtt bot
ho had not allowed for tho margin ot
The wounded beast fc charsoaNfull
upon hjm but the matador eplondld
to tho last knelt motlonli ss as a
statue whllo tho spectators held tholr
breath Iri horrified siwpeusq Reach
lng his lctlm the bull lltorally
bounded at him and ns he sprang he
sank In death with his last effort giv
ing ono fearful lungo of tho head
that drove a horn into tjio thigh of
he kneeling man and laid baro tho
bono from tho lnee to the joint fttJH
Reverto never flinched but remained
kneeling exultant In victory but
calmly contemptuous of applause till
he was carried away to heal Mm of
bl3 grlovouB wound
A flellcef Nero
Tho government haff undertaken e
cavntlona on the Bite ot tho Campus
Martfua and has discovered romalno
nnd foundations of the monument
erected by tha Itoman Senate 13 I 0
under the consulship of Nero and
QulntUIus In honor o the Krapdror
Augustus after his victories in Spain
and Caul
Tho remulns now discovered to
gether with those collected la 18o
and preserved In museums are utifp
clent to allow of the reconstruction at
the monument which Is symbolic of
peace and It Is hoped to complete the
work on tho occasion ot tho Gists
visit London Mall

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