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BUDScnirTios katks
One Tcnr postpaid lon
Entered nt the Shiner TexaB Post
Mice m secondclass matter
Wotlnomlny Tutio 1J > 1O04
Tin iclpn nl the eix shooter ii >
again on in Texas There wero
four attempts at killing in two
days last week Captain William
Christian an old and honored citi
zen of Honpton wo shot at in hip
home hut by tho merest chance
w not fatally injured A young
farmer by the mime of Sntier was
aid shot in Houston An at
tempt way made to apsaspinate Mr
W T Eldridgo nt Kagle Lake and
a telegraph operator wiib shot and
killed at Yotktown for the purpose
ot robbery It is the opinion of
the OAzjtm that this reckless dis
regard of law and human life is the
natural rteult of the lax minimis
trillion of tbo law No Rtntterhow
foul a murder is committed If the
perpetrator has money and a fen
influential friend he is almost
euro to come scot free
Thero neede no ghoit come
from the grave to tell you thai the
Gazkcte is not for Mr Meilzen
Mr Bryans plitform tree in tho
Inst issue ol the Commoner ie a
Birotif argument lor the Kansas
City platform
The Japs have already given
S5IO live8 in their tffiirt to capture
lort Arthur arid are prepared to
give tVkice I hat many more
Tn the excitement ofthe poliii
cal ciunpnign dont overlook the
brive little Japs over in Manchu
ria fighting for their national ex
The dale for the sailing of Rut >
fiau Bitltjo fleet hub been deferred
so Often that it is now not expected
tn sail Willi after tho clues ol
the war
The wiseacre all predicted thai
it ben thu fighting on land com
rnenced the Japs would not be able
to stund agiiiuBt thu Russians but
the contrary has been the ape
The Russians have been defeated
in evury important land engage
ment that haH taken t place so far
They have been bpth autgencrnled
and nut fought
For the benefit uf Mr Meitzen
who sets himself up as the only
man with brains enough to under
Mand the Terrell election law we
cjutte the following section from
thai law It wuuld bo n viulution
of the law lFur any newspaper
inut to receive any money or thing
of yulue as a consideration for ad
vocating or orFn8iNO tho election or
appointment of any one to an of
fice in editorial article or articles
Mr Meitzen expects to receive the
office ol county judge by opposing
Judge Gray
E 0 Meitzen the self appointed
candidate for county judge of Lava
e4 county una in qbiiier peroral
duypa few weeks ago distributing
literature jtbusiveof hfs opponent
Judge C J Oray Mr Meitzen
dne not seem to rely much on his
own fitueis for tbo place hie main
efforts being made to pull down
Judge Gray But Mr Moitzens
efforts now a s in the past will
prrtve futile The democracy of
Lavaca county 1 not yet prepared
to elevate Mr Meitzen to so im
portant a position The Shiner
box can bo reliel upon to give
Judge Gray a majority of at least
2 to h
Prcsidental Delegates
At the insPB meeting held at lfnl
lelsvillu on June 4th the following
delegates were appointed to nttend
the State Convention to bo held
at San Antonio on June 21et fa hip
bting known ne the presldeutal
B 1 Stephenson Marcus
Schwartz F Janak Theodoie
Oolnch 1 > A Paultw J C Haber
macher M I Hanney Joseph
Christen R 1 Eechenburg J M
Little Thnp Smoot J C Lnmkin
K J Mutts J M Holub Frank
Matlila Dr J 0 Ouenlher J A
Fowlkes H P SmithI C Blohm
Louis Teltpuhick O F KnBpi
William Hlakeslee T J Brown of
Uallettville J S Airhoirt and
John Kloppetihurg Tho report
as approved with tho following
delegates added W R McCutch
an W R Kentimier O C Sear
and 8 J Townsend
Hon A Haidupeb of La Orange
and Hon J C Lnmkin of Ballets
villo were endoned an delegate
from this district to the National
The delegates will go unitiPtrnrt
ed for tho presidential choice In the
convention though the pentiment
seemed tohe r strongly Parker
Mr Mcitzens great 7 manifesto
has now tumbled to piecis like a
house built ot cirds
The price of cotton has drrtpped
some hut middling is ptill quoted
at 12 cents in Galveston
Judge Grays reply to Mr Meilz
enV circular was a cruahtr Now
Mr Mellzen he right good
J he Gazmti has recthed a coin
of Judge Grays reply to Mr E O
Meiirens circular but for lack f
ppace cannot publish it thi week
hut will give it next week in full
Judge Grays reply is conclude
and phons the utter faUity uf Mr
Meitzen a charge
Tho edrii and cotton crops
around Kliiner are in better condi
tion now than for trimly ears past
The boll weevil howeyiir areshow
ing up Jh praty ootHforce nmc
farmers ate gatherinitjUp andburn
ing tho iqimieB There is Very
little pjisoning being done around
The City Bakery nilLfurnisfi you
nicelresh bread every day delivered
free Frcli yeast twice a week
ChaS Sciiindiku Prop
The Gazittk has been asked lo
give iIh views an to the outcome of
the race for crtunty judge between
C J Gray and E O Meitzen and
we predict tbe following repnlt
Judge Oray will carry Halletsville
Yoakum Khmer Moplton Hope
alio New Swtet Home We ajso
believe heill carry Moravia but
are not curtain nn that point Mr
Meitzen will probably cariy Schur
toltenhurg Worthing and peihaps
Witting iiIpo Hardy Sapdies mid
Fullerp school house Ihopo liiBt
two boxes < ml poll about 25 votes
The City Bakery
Chas Schjndler prop Fresh Bread
llollp Cakes Jitc every day
Bread delivered daily Cokes to
Adaross by Prof F E Quentlicr
Prof F P Quentlicr count
superintendent of schools of Lava
ca cotnty will be in bhiuer on
Monday June 20lh and address
the cltiz enP nn the subject of cdu
cation and tho special school tax
The nddrepa will be given at night
at 8iJO oclock at tbe opera houpa
and everybody young and old are
invited tu be present and hear him
Schultze Seydler Druggists
eel Dr Moudenhalls Liver Regu
lator for 25o a bottle and if it ie
not the best medicine you have
over upod for Biliousness Constipa
tion Dyspepsia and all diseases m
tbe Liver ftnd Stomach they pav
the money hack
Mr Mcnehep Iirother of U V P
L Mudehee wii4 here dnrlog tlld
liit wcvl ou a v Ult
hnnpep juft slopOi think the
pioperty ol alfthe pchnols in Lt
vaca county repreVntp about 42
pr cent of thevalue uf the court
house and ja11j People look upon
it as a nmltitr of fact lo be taxed fur
all kindp of pfibllc improvementH
they even contribute liberally to
encn atiuira a barbecues leasts
coniipunity for the purpoeep of
dancing lodged meclings pleasure
rBjrts elo whileby the side of
litem urn old djjhpi > ntrd plianties
entirely unlit Jpc human habita
tion a lid ttidBiy are tbe public
kehoolsl ItHttiijuk of tbeamnu iit
of mone thutevety town yearly
sends away from home for support
ot outside iitptitulions But alap
tor thu home public school the
ttrnnghold of iniirality and en
iihtenmenlih the o immunity the
vr cot e Iho vltality of the na
miiuh prosperity not a cent for
tribute It p entirely dependent
upon the noverpment for support
which is wholly inadequate
1 do believe the lact that tlu
state of Texasru re liberally pro
vidos for public education thananv
other statu in thu union does about
as much harm as good > our lnlj
I io free schodls Jstatisticp proye
that thona states Juving the least
public schoolfunds have tbe best
public schools For the simple
reason that in those states the par
ents do hoi rely upon the govern
ment to educate their children but
they take this most sacred duty up
on themselves They are tho Act
ual financial etockholders in their
pchools Tli state merely encour
ages and aaalata them It is a well
known fact that we never realize the
vaiue and fully appreciate that
which comes to U3 without having
to pay for it People are mopt in
terested in I lint for which they have
to go down into their own pockets
and pay for
You people of Shiner known all
over the mate for your enterpiise
and prosperity you tt hn can justly
be proud of little city proprcs
sire up t > ttaU in every respect
mtellectu ill socially and niuteri
ill bt t bociudid vou raiut ad
mit vour p ibliu School is not in line
f ipww vi
TTT BSTTH B 11 gM Msi +
with the general prosperity of vour
town its tiimtiuiil outlook is not in
the leiet loinUmg
Your Mlioiustic census rolls for
1104 lOJ5rhiw 154 piipilp Now
suppope atn pro rata of about 4fUf >
this will make tho apporltonmeut
795510 for the ensuing term that
will hardly give you a term of 4
niniithefreiischool Any one with
npi mid mind will admit that under
nucli conditions Shiner cannot pes
sibly have an elliuicnt public
school n the first place you can
uotuxpeuttoeecure the rvicia ol
an abieuorpof tt sobers and the
best and most earnest workers can
not do jUflticu lo your children
though you supplement the Jree
echnol term by pay ichonl
ThtP unfavorable ptatus of your
educational allairp can easily and
permanently beetnedied by levying
a special echool tax It is an un
fortunate fact Unit a strong prejn
dice exiBls against unh taxation
Some time ago the question < if lovy
iuga special suhool tax was npi tit
ed in a certain district in thia CMimi
ty 6tieday a iatinn fif said din
trjet came to my ollice infuriated
debouncing pitch proposition in the
mostscatbing terms >
He eloped bis argument by
fcon the list for n new Mowing Machine and Rtke now is tle liriu to bjty Wo have the
k McCormick
ThidE intl lightest running machine on the market today with all the latest improvements
T ° i > e > lja > g and vertical lilt It will pay yon to examine the McCormick machine and rake
bofoe5jjuying elsewhere Auk your neighbor about tho good point of ihe McCormiok Mow
yupt bought one and be convinced
School Question
By Pr ffl F P Guenther
The pulllcuduc Uoiial question
of lodaj io n loiiger lo jiivincu
tbe public 0Biih bleeping thu
binellip ihe nKepeity of good puh
Jio 80110018 infevery comiuUuily
but the probjfciij before us is how
lo c ecu re auaniaiutam them Not
oven the libeVal public Plate am
county HChooj iund corps ot con
pcientious mid tompttent teachers
with the hurnlpiiious cooperatiuii
o houie mdMjjIioolK assisted by
the moral qmipurl of the entire
coinmUuitylrtLilu acciimplish thin
but the material and liberal finan
cial eUppoftjln dollar and cuits by
everybody fnltbe coumunity is i l
nt mn t essjntfal to build up and
ktep up gooiilp ublic pchools
The old elyjiig Money makup
the mare gnjittie as true in public
school ilffuirpsfp in nn other con
cern II a good school
in your towj you have ti > contri
bute your sba e to pay for it But
olatd nj < a Voj Jhe public does not
look nt it j m bdP point of view
People ligurtf ain aiid prepare to
mott all kjiii of expelipea neqea
p rv to iirnvldja for tlio comforts
3H + + M + < + + H < < + 1 > < 5 K 5 < > + + + + < Mt f + M < < < < < J
that after the 21ptin t Hftn > r will
be included in the llpt f nm Mi
grefsive and pmsperotik p huol idis
Iriclsnl Liviicn rmilily
With Pineere wishes for pun ste
andronlident that on Juim Utt
liKM tlie special prhmil lax w
wjielmingly will be cnrrtid I beg
to remain most faithfnllv nur
F P GtiKMiim
C Su > t
Hqttoe to Oreditora
All ierpotiH having clafnii
oginiBt the ealatu of Mrn Anna
Hohhurtz diceapnU will bike no
tice that we J A Wnjlerp and Ad
Ilnlihertz Sr erp on Dec 17
13 appointed executors if thu
pud o tatel by the HonorabhtCoun
ty Cmirt ol Lavaca Counli lhnt
ell chums again t Paid eptate will
have td be prcpetited to up within
tho lime prepcribod by law that
our poptiillco address is ihii r
Luvaci county Texas
Witness our handthia l h day
of June 1901 A
I J A Woiiyiie
ed the gaod man that at lo cents nil j nud unit ipound eanejwlll be sold
the hundred Iih school tax would cheapci thev wen evei offeiedbe
amount to l35and paid ht would rote r Bont put off nauitliij snnr
lraveiucreated the term in that dis1 houses when you cun buy jour paint
trtct about 1 1 1 raouthp So heat the nbuvojuiues
VMipfiglitini a propnpition by which
etc The Pnd lact that some places I the paltry sumol 1 85 would secuie
even in thip cTiuntry boast mag hie 4 children 112 nionjlis more
mfiient buildings erected by the echool and just at the time when
it does them most good
That you tbe truly patriotic cit
izens of Shinei you who really
have the common wealth of your
iOwu at heart that vou tako the
right view ot the puuhIoh and
hat you have a strong unbounded
faith in the doctrine ol public
schoos is shown by your action
despite of prcvioiiH discourage
n ciita you again bring his vital
queptiou to an insue
I do sincerely hope that your
utitirinKcilirtH to do the right tiling
tor vour town this time will b
eiowned bv pucchps As one who
has the welfare of over school in
the county at Jiearl I beg leave to
to appeal to the intelligence tin
luir mindednepp to Ihe lovalty as
American citizens ot the legal vot
ers of the rflimcr Independent
School Dbttiui before yon cast
your ballot or Ito 21pt fiSt con
elder well fulloWinu lactp At thn
rateofiJUctson thu rlOU you crfii
raisuahout600ppecial pchool tax
tlili will put your school on a sound
baaiB and its financial nfairs can
permanently be managed according
to a regulated business proposition
In districts where the special
school tax has been established the
people are well pleased for tho rea
lize that it b tho only effective
means to maintain efficient schools
Within the 3 years last past G dis
tricts in Lavaca county have levied
a local echool tax Besides Shiner
3 districts will vote on the tax inrhe
ndar future and indications are en
tirely in favor of the tax In sever
al districts the movement is on foot
to hringthis qnppiinn InsnlsoUA I
exitectthatat the end cf the eneuiii
term between I5nnd20distncU will
law a local school tax I An trust
that the wide hwuIJo people of Ihe
Shiner Independent Hchflol ill not
be oiil doHe by rdral districts but
ty > l Zj i
Respeutf tills
Mr J A Woliers and daughter
MitsQttillio will leave today for
St Louis to see the lights o the
Woiid6tFair >
h l Baxter Wanted k
We want to buy our Imtier
eggs iiud poultry Nothing but
spot cat It jiaid
S A Cahnps itSoN
Paoti From Farm aud B anch
Continue lightjng the bull wee
vil both by the line ol Piria gryeu
and cultural methods
Mtitdy soil and climate in your
itijiuediate vicinity and grow crops
vliich cuiiditiinip jnstily
Farmera who ioitk tn ants to
i lear fields ol inject nests are des
tined lo meet disappointment
Kvenil nntt did destroy boll wee
vils the condition ot tha planter
wotld not be greatly improved
w lih tlioupands of stingingv ante
swarming in tho field Whh would
undertake to pick the cotton If
pickers could be secured their shoes
wupld have to be saturated with
petroleum as a protection agningt
the ants Thrashing might bo n
sortod lo but then the grade of the
etaple would be reduced Dont be
led astray by vdvocatea of Pitch
heroic measures or contemplate
appealing to the legislature to pro
tect ants
Mr Peck Welhausan returned
home la t Week Irom College Sta
tion where he had ben attending
the Agricultural and Mechanical
Mr V aid i llli of All r h meinb t
ot th Ahcij Cyiluem JUna Leaituo
wuslo Sulner 3evefal da > s this weelc
ifcipeoMujr the Shifiei v ater > voil
> 3
able property n was OUl ipiiow on hand lead olUiitJ idl color
> A4
nil a
it I

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