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I > ruWn June 11
lf yield will fee light
Secret Bnemies Seek His Destruction Taps > Pressh
ing On Toward Iiao Yang
The Mall assert
4 r sx
Two infernal mao 1 1 WEr M v
on the Bight of June 7 concealed la
tofoaioco boxes In 160 Tearkoye Sela
lUlace whore the Russian Emperor Is
now residing One of the machines
wasrlnth > dlalnjf Toanvth < tberln
iha audience chamber Irhb taechanS
Jam Jn cactr was working whri they
wore discovered The strictest se
crecy Is observed and this statement
though true In every detail la sure to
ub categorically denied
Fuean Korea June 11 don Kurdkl
w lth the cooperation ot aidetactoment
from the army landed at Takushah
Itas captured81u Yen drlvlngoutthe
Russians and Is now sweeping on to
ward Ila < Yang by tlvreeJraads < JTwo
uivlskms are moving n PlJctysnz
iy the Taktiihan anidrFen Wang
Cheng roads and it Is bcllevedi after
giving battle at PalCheng will move
orth to cooperate iwithTa third col
Umn which Is now due north from
Peng Wang i
Forawcek four jcolumna ot troops
bavqr1ieon rcconnoltcrlns Jbo reads
between Llao Yan sV aKciieng < iu
Yen and Slatnatsza and have occos
pied Wwns along those froads dlslodlft
Ing the Russians numbering several
TiundfeSihrora each position titter des
After Six Hours Weevils Were Appar
m H ently Unharined u
ltOfradrnock Texas Ypur corre
HPoa leii was outlo the cottonfield
looking after the1 lipll weevlla and
found iplenty of them In fact more
than we had at this time of the season
last reUr The plant Is not as < well ad <
y ncetl ae last eeason Having seen
so njich In the papery aJboat nparls
Rreen llJIngUhe weevils your qorre
apondent give it a trial arid otun
satisfactory results He broguht one
bait dozen weevils home with htm
iiavlnisr found somegreen sWlcs ot cot
Hod e roVlnEf in jhe en Myard He
sprinkled Mt with solutionof parls
green then put the weevlla In aglass
Jar ndturnedJUqveTArto U9 n4iJhe
weevils were loit on the cotton for
aibpitUBixhpitrp1whepbthe fwora found
afl seozninly tiniiarmei y Mhe pads
BTeen Several witnessed ithe results
Vlr J A NplsonjofVtblsljiplacehas
got up an attachment to the cultivator
w iich han 3 Just Tn front of the
jjtowa and Is inartlaj success It
aw twot large ofbleng ifln trays iwhtch
hive kerosene in tbem o calch the
vevlil j they are linockedVoft Iby
tVo revolving forks or ipaddles sta
tion fJiisUnbove tboftrays Cotton Is
two sioaU yet to give It ja thorough
tjfit Tlie one xcel ent laturt aBO > t
< attachment Is he arimerScab
iplow andcatcfi J weevils at the same
time J Xl lsm
HCorn prosp tsi Inputs vicinity are
fine Oaitu ar llbelhg hniyesUd but
> m rWtrT > eV
ijLareda Texap There t rnis an lri
porting and exciting sham battia at
Wort sJilcInitosh this morning when the
W earth fortukended br ono of the
lirea poropanles was stormeil urid
captured by the other tw companies
ofter a realistic battle r
perate ftghtiB The Japanese casual
tlesiare reoortod us i6i > S men killed
xul wounded Wednesday uiornlng =
Japanese n tan try ibrlsade two moun
tain batterlca and Bve squadrona of
cavalry marched tgafnst Blu Yen At
aboWU oclock lntlie anominKithe
Japaneso appeared before the < ownon
the oouthj 1 > ufe yore checked by the
Are from the Russian batteries Jop
antsse Infantry advancing by the Feng
Wang Chenk road came In contaot
With tho Oo3sack holding thOlP
After two hours fighting the Cossacks
were driven back Two Japanese ibat
terles tried t take position south of
the town but were compelled to hold
off for ct rime Two lbattalona ot Jpi
aneee made a Ranking movement iby
the Jens ywlaneT fch
In cutloffFthe Russian re
treat A simultaneous atthok from
thb two roada drove the Rusadans
backi ThoiCossacksEradual3r wtth
drew from SluYonln thedlrectlonot
Pal Cheng keeping up a heavy battery
flro on a dense column ot the enemy
at a range of 600 yards The fflre slack
ened about five oclock lri the evening
Among hd Russian lossed wereClioi1
emlsslneff Chief otC6Ssacks Cornet
KomVorsW and J46 ColjPossokhotf
TheTapanesg loaseswero five killed
and twenty Igbt Kwounded
Rain tn Louisiana Rjco Belt
Crowley jLJ The drouth that has
existed in Southwest Louisiana tor
the past Sit weeks was ibrbken tomlsht
Ibyi heavy ttWnpour lasting several
bours Thia rain a ot great value to
the rlca farmers whojwerp beginning
to suffer for lack ot molsturo tor
young rice Reports from Eunice Iota
EsthepwoodRaype an Quejjdati how
the rain to ibe senoral
Fun8f ivof WJA Eail
Oohroe Texas The Veanalhs of W
AV Ba re fwho Wskilledla aHele
graph office at Yorlatown last Monday
night were jbrought toConroe on
W neoday andfInfefredi In the Coa
ro cemetery iMr Bafle was Bight
operator in Coproe for about ten
ffiwiypmtM > iif tnKKMSV
Big Barbecue at Laneeport
Tayof ToxaaJ fAblg reeybarb
ae plcntc aiS celebratio n wa s held
ati Lnnporti twelve talles northeast
of Taylor Thursday with all the eoun
tyand dlstrict > oiirididatc rand a large
concourse of peoiple in attendance
Took Poison by Mistake
iEegle Pass TeXasr Dr joje Vfr
lasco aiy oungtphyslclanp CrP Diaz
toolcihy mistake last night a1capsule
of slrychnlne that lie hadj repare
togl gja dog and died two hours lat
er Dr Velksco was but recently r
ItjfoSmaae Suit Filed
fB1itirb 8 leas J > t ICaBlp
flled suit In the district1 court today
against tho J M Quffey Petroloubj
Carnpany tor file recovery at J38J3
claimed as damages for as alleged
breach of contract on ttie ipart ot th e
dpfenidaot In refusing to pay for Hfio
drilling of la certain oil well at Sour
Lake V
aVMlfrtn h
i Ju
Newly Renovated and linproyed l
f Has Jnst Bea Hfcorened By j Watigcmatm5
C M v i
11 WiU Oawy the Knes and Best ot Wtnesj ITbisklssrBeer nt Oigars
JotoWn OaU mni e 1Me nd Yon Will be MadeWeiedmt
W r
E J WANGEMANNi Proprietor
round the be
forces In repelling the attack Tho
fighting still goessony fV
Sea Was Crlmson
Tokloi Wounded officers who have
returnedto Jaiun Jtroiii Uhe Llao Tu n
pentnsula glvS iliToresUng details of
the battle of Nan6nanll After4ti < r
flrst fneffectual at acCTon thehllli
the Japahe s8 i8CoutsWdlaovered that
there wprtfiiilncG at apnt spotat tna
Klamlti Valley
Tallhlns I
f f
thait they cctildjonWldeflnltoly Iocsjjp
he Scene of I
Ruin and
u Water
Hgioudburst broke
ov eir the Idafflrflffi foy June 4 and
tirnW Wer ed ftaged llfences were >
washed down iii f ffiuarter ot tho
crop was kWa NoiSooimunlcatfon
has beoa bad wRbj thofoutsido world
tor the s > astiye fdays >
Miles of ralljwa jwefbfC diuni < and
eSortb dnd south No
or flvofdays
Tony Jo m losC5flTchlldjen drown
ed ibut saved hlinseSf 1 wife ami one
vJj mart t j4r >
ohlJd by climbing trlsa and remain
lag OTQr nlght a wk
JJotbWsAu dj tjehliwater has been
experienced In tho 3 > aatfifty yearae v
ly escaped death in regulrfg a family
of ten ipiittlng ljie 4reest where
they stayed forJflvbhoufsS Hundred
of live stock were drowned
NbVaterlardamage resultedtotho
of Twlihlna
Nftnf bildWadrCTned Boiigalf
HangcdFor Murder
Paragould Ark iiart Yawell an
aged white man was hanged hire this
afternoon a few ralnuteV lbSfore fc
oclock fof themilrder of WIIF LoVe
Joy During the onttro afternoon many
friends ot Vowellibeslcgj LGcwernor
Davis office at little Rock beseech
Ing him to intervene andj it was only
when the hour ot 6 oclock the flna
time limit was bo close osfto preclude
all hope or reprieve thaffihe shejlft
sprung the trip vg t > >
Thdiclty was filled wltKpeOplQ trora
adjoining towns and counties J 1 < tn
Vowell was a Confederate Veteran
S years of ago andwa formerly a
Masoa and an Odd FellowlSIt i s said
tjiai 342i message wererteeVed yesterday
terday and the niBh ibefor fVom 1 Cori
feredate drops requeating Vthe gover
mor to commute tlie fteniPBce
Knox Succeeds Quay
Phlladeliphfe Pa Attorney Gener
al Philander C Knox hasltbeen select
ed by the republican ieaderaof Penh
sylvanla to succeed the late CMatthow
B Quay as Udtte d StilteVfScnator
He will be appointed byffbbvv Penny
packer to flU ilhd lte rmWhIch ends on
March 4 next1 and will accept The
pian > to have Mr Knoxfelfeated by
the Legislature whlch mceft in Janu
uy tp r tne next tul teratt
To Have Electric Ca >
Sj Pe terb r f fhe < Jty coiinc
i 4accepted fctlinatca fora system
ot oiectrlo sitVect railroads h Wnd
Somtre s til
ea ibe
> t i
til the war la ondjed The pity1 Is now
dependent solely on horse cars
Bloodhbunds ISent to rktowfn
tipnbales Texas Sherjtf Johnston
tpijeived word j hiM M
hoimds no besent to thdtceBe of the
yqpnpV MF
the ntgntOperatOT was s6 tpull mur
Jered it Mr Johnston lett at oncoina
assist la tlie capture of the assassin
Russian etfsela Take Part in Repelling an Attack
< PMttiii BeleagiiredjPort Arthur
IndlauapoJlspIrJd A speclal caibls
r c vV l > y tLe Iridlanapoffs News
from Its staff iW r curTucttilmit at
Choe Fooeayri frfi
Chee JVio Jtmo STrfr119 Ion6 conJ
teroplaied attcck yf Klie Japauese on >
Portf Arthur befetfufeapy thjjf mtofa
lnL A i
Tho Russian forceajj
leagured city were relntorced by the
troops which had garrlsouad Dalny
and Kin Chou
The Russian vessels iln the harborj
with thplr great gunsUided the land
them iby tbf saqrlflce ot some men
Hundreds volunteered to goito what
appeared to o certain d thT Tihey
and tound that
led tti o aecoml advance
th hpavy railiis had washed fcway the
covering o the earth and oxpcsodthe
1 IrleirBn g1fleeiS cut thVcdnfiectlntf
wlr s rendering the mines useless
and fciiistftlnednotoss Tbe totunteors
Wr nearly all killed 4n the subse
quent InoftectualAbattlo on the MH
Tjie Osaka men fron ilia right wing
whlie advancing through L the water
alojtig the shore encountered a body
Of Russians In the water A fierce
fight ensued both sides ibclng waist
Leaf Jn the sea When the Russians
finally returned the water was literal
ly crimson BoHi siifeslost heavily
Djiring tho iay ihe Russians deed
seVe rl war baloons well out of range
Attip they hadbeen captured were
found many artlclei of clotting be
longing to women and children nvak
Insult evldeat that theRussians 4n
tended their defenses ito e ipermaV
tU < s6Brlt1s hjWa
ns oveats in
OAmai JNoWitbslanadng
thelFar Baat the war party In 61
Petersburg accordingto jPClyite let
terarreceivedinmilitary quarteraat
this place has succeeded iniriducihg
the7gpv4rit nt to male a military
demonstration against Englands ad
vance in Thibet itis dociared that
thtfarmy of Tashkend is nearly ino
bllUed and that slit reservists were
Called out Iby the middle of Jfay Per
vone in touch with the staff at Tash
kent affirm that the troops are ready
tojMtie the fieldat any taombnt Oy
lcj to the iblttornesij I the conserva
tive press towards agland these re
ports are takerj very seriously by edu
cate d opinion lt is thoishttiatthe
Novoe Vremya the most Influential
neiwapajjercinRussia laj coacurfent
with the policy < thl government in
terSsjtopirju lpipentral sl wheflj
1H w rna < fheBrltish8autbpritle9 4hat
Col Youngbuabnnd iS mission must be
withdrawn if dr < njr
desire noji Jo tjtrain AngioJtussiaa rir
lattena tOjthe snipping polnit <
l State Farrjitra Un lori
Fort Worth Texas Th6 Farmers
Educational and Cooperative Union
ot America wiil old Its flret meeting
here on August 9
An acceptance of the citys Iirvlla
tlon has been made by Alfred fit Cal
wick State secretary ot the execu
tive committee
It Is expected that different counties
In tho State ttllbe represented at the
meeting and it Is stated h atjlhe at
tendance will reach fully lf00 The
State organisation iwas created for tbe
bonpat ot the farmers unions whtcli
have recenUyheentformed it different
Americans Attacked
Hong Kong American engineer
who are epgagfldintthecoakrlifctlon
at the Canton Hallway were attacked
by a Chinese mob this jmorntng The
Americans defended themselves let
teottvely atid a Chinese < bo ywaB shot
dead Mr McWade the Aimertean
Conmtl General at Canton Isj iuveatl
gatlng the matter with the Jntention
otinaljlng the affair a subject com
plainitWfne Viceroy
1 1 1 1 i r i
> Bank Cashier Arretted <
Erld oic Cashier If II tWaitkins
of dhe wrecked Citizens Bani was
arrested today on the charge of torg
cry It is charged Jab lie ttrged the
name of Chas Gtoitrman toal000
note and sold It to a correspondent
barik in orderto iaise riicineyfor the
Citizens Bank He wai released ofi
poiidof 1000
J < y i V i t
ijt v i Levi LelUr Dead > <
BarII rbor Maine iIiavlllelter ot
iChicago dledhcre suddenly b an
early hour today He Isthe father ot
jj > ay Oiirion ef Ktddleston anil Jo
seph W lidltcr the well kriownJsjiao
l ato and lnvetor
rii i Ui i I
Will Opfj > tKHled >
wWooniitis rtrpvei Toxa s IitW
flniilfynt Cflbr CpeelWhl s 1 ovenlh j
Will Opry was shot with a pistol in
tho rlgbt lung an d died an hourtJatar
Pote Boort as s urr e ndtffed to the ot
Strong and Lasting Structure Com
y I Kf f A475lpertv
8 S Please tcllme how to use
concrete In building arches over
Urcamsand under main roads
Vlie o the span a not morethan
en fc ct the nfch can be moulded nil
In one When the diameter is greater
the concrete should > o molded Into
blocks anil then ad up thoaamn as
ione l tlie culvert Is not nioroi thai
Ave feet wide the arch may fee pulj
on flat JUt If wider It sboulld avea
fltyp crown Tho plaii shdwrf des
cribes them6dqvpf building an arch
lt1ias a2B > 12 Inch planK on the bed1
of the BtreamrQnthi Btani1 3by 4
Inch upright wbioIHBllpuld not bo
Concrete Arch Over Stream
A 8 by M In plank 11 2 by i In up1
rltrbtk C i by 4 in xrnntllnir on un
rl htii D center nupportln arch
mora than Hi foel apart en top
Cleirlng tandlofJwTiiof
this Oj 2 J 4 Incli scantling is laid
longthwaya of arch then a center cuti
out of the plank or Inch boards am
covered with inch lumber tohold they
ar ciTHe i0s Jth1lhbdJ4 pe wpli ram
moil around the wall when filling in f
Fitting Rafters on a Barn
E N I ntribtillding1a3rb arriyJ80iby
T12 feetand Wl3hnd pufttn wnvsett
of rafters td meet a V tjiep erllnfiiplatg
What lengthBhouidfhe rafteVs bs i
and ho f should they b fs ffastfened <
V 7 if iP
Each set of rafters should be 12
feet long The lower set should pro
Ject one foot over the lower platf
TJiese shpuld be sawed soas to slty
sqilarelyjon the plateWhe projecting
foot t b be twolnches deep fThe up
perendof the rafter rests o nv the per
line plate and the lower end ot the
upper ratter lies beside It Tbe top
sides of the two rafters should be
flush The tipperf rafter fits on the
berlinoplato with a7 tonguo on the
lower sldo to drop down on the ln
Bide of the plato to fopm i4brace TheJ
ratters are all spiked to tnetpjateB 11 j
necessary The lower rafters Should Mr
hnveIi 9fdotVrlse tand > thSup perfbne
soveili tiAVi j > 4 > f t vvFt
Subscriber I have some water
Willows on my farm I havo cut them
down btot they grow up agaln I thnk
they will Jiave tb bejdugup Whati
the besf way to gej rldjOf then J
Cutting willows ownwill not It ll
them Osier beds can bb cut for a
great many years for tub ozlers with
out doing tho roots any harm The
only way to get ridofwillows Is to
Toot out each bush The easiest way
to do this s to hitch a chain round
the bush near tho bottom and then
drag It but by the rootswith a horse
after loosening the bush by cutting
some of the main roots with nn nx
Manyiacres jmvo been clearedIn this
way inManitoba and Itla found the
most cdnvenlbnt ivayyot doing the
work If the bushes are not yery
large tlie land may bebtirnt overand
then plowed wtii aheavy scrub plow
Cement for Kitchen alle
I want to put up aconcrefo kitchen
16 by 20 feet and 14 feet highthe1
end will Join the present building
leaving three sides to build two sides
SOjfe at long and the tend wall 16 feet
with gable ends How much grayel
wll be required and how much co
mment the wall being six jnchos thlckT
Your wall would roqnlro 19 barrels
ot natural rock cement and 15 yards
otgravol making the concreteone of
cement to one ot gravel ore If Port
land Is used 14 barrelswould do the
work making the concrete oneaotce
ment to seven of gravel This est
matc ls given on p3lpg i all gravel no
Btone for fillers as trie wall being
only slx Inches thlctf Very little stone
can be used 1 >
Support for a iChlmney < <
uA BB Ii wish to bulldjt i brick
flue ISfeet high 30 bricks tothe foot
hwftnt it to res on a flo9rhavlng 4
iby 6 Inch sins 12 feet long andIS
Inches apart If the slljrest on the
6 Inch sideswould hey be strong
enduglt to boai1 the welghtl
it the chimney Is built ati tho end
ot the buildingso thatlt rests on end
of tbe Joists these will prqvlde suf
ficient upppftbutlt itabulltin > the
center of the room supports should bcr
proyfded Immediately underneath It
thech1 mneyst artsfromJtho ground
floor a Sritall abutment can be built
under the jolntsorsills which will
hold the weight <
Everx jmnniknows hoa awjfs hould
be managed but few are able to do it

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