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I Mrs Elizabeth H Thompson
of Lillydale NY Grand Worthy
Wise Templar and Member of
WCTU tells how she recov
ered by the use of Lydia E
Pinkhams Vegetable Compound
Deab Mrs PmiinAM I am ono
of tho many of your frrateful friends
Tho liavo been cured through tho use
of Lydla EPlnkUamflVcgotaljlo
Compound and who can today
thank you for tho lino health I enjoy
When I was thirtyfive years old I
suffered Bovero backache and frequent
boarlojdown pains In fact I had
womb trouble I was very anxious to
get well and reading of tho cures your
ompound had made I decided totry
It I took only sis bottlosbut it built mo
up andcurcd mo entirely of my troubles
My family and relatives woro
naturally as gratified as I was My
nlcco had heart trouble and nervous
prostration and was considered Incur
able Sho took your Vegetablo Com
pound and It cured her in a short time
and jsho became well and strong and
her homo to her great joy and hor hus
bands delight was blessed with a baby
I know of a number of others who
lirwo been cured of different kinds of
female trouble and am satisfied that
your Compound is the best medlcino
for sick women Mns Elizabeth n
Thompson Box 105 Lillydalo NY
90000 forfeit If original of about letter proving
genuineness cannot bo produced
Rheumatism Is almost unknown In
Japan Tire Japanese escape the mal
ndy to a great degree by avoiding tlw
excessive use of alcohol and tobacco
They Always Make Friends
Since using ono box of Cheathams
Laxative Tablets we have been
friends They cured mo promptly and
thoroughly of a bad case of chills Any
ono needing a romedy for malarial
troubles will certainly find them satis
faclory i
and pleasantto take
John Everhardt
Harwood Tex
25c per box
Any man that has tho price can plaj
tho races Evon an angleworm is
ipart of tho fishing outfit
Evory housekeeper should know
that it they will buy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they
will save not only time because it
never sticks to the iron but because
each package contains 16 oz one full
pound while all other Cold Water
Starches are put up in pound pack
agos and the price is the same 10
cents Then again because Defiance
Starch is freo from all injurious chem
icals If your grocer trios to sell you a
1201 package it is because ho has
a stock on hand which hb wishes to
dispose of before he puts In Defiance
Ho knows that Defiance Starch has
printed on every package in large let
tors and figures 16 ozs Demand
Defiance and save much time and
money and the annoyanco of the iron
ticking D flacco never sticks
When you Eee It from the war corre
spondent you know its so until th <
noxt days paper denies it
GITC rermftnentljcurod Vn ntaornerrouenesa after
T nena for fi
PM6 s Curq Is the best medicine we ever used
for nil nffoctloqa of tho throat and lungs Wtt
O ekdslbt Vanburon Ind Teb to 1W0
A boy that will steal watermelons
will well hell brag about It m afte
years if be is like bis dad
DrD vldKennocty Favoriteltemedytho
Great Kidney and Mver Cure World famous WrlteDr
Kennedy lona UMidout H Y for f rea aemple botUo
Pianos are great sinners Else why
should they bo punished so desperate
Tho inhabitants of Mainz Ger
many are great readers Of tho 200
000 volumes in their library 40000
woro used last year
Full Directions for Building Easy to
Operate and Comparatively Inex
pensive Will Bale Bundles Up To
1000 Pounds Weight
Having occasion ttf press twenty
flvo tons of hay a year with hand
pros3 I enclose you herewith do
icrlption of the press and how to
mako it According to slzo It will
bale bundles from 100 to 1000 pounds
in weight
To make the press tako two pieces
of timber preferably hardwood 8 by
8 inches and 4 feet long On top of
theso lay two pieces 0 by 8 Inches In
the middlo and across each piece
mako a halfround depression 4 Inches
Jeep and 8 Inches across Mako a
roller at least 8 inches thick of hard
wood shown as A in plan and in
length proportionate to tho width of
tho press G feet is enough for press
Ing 300pound bales Place bed pieces
of HomeMade Hay
A handsome roller D bodplece 8 by
8 Inch C bedpiece 8 by 6 in D beam
II hinges Lrlatch
and roller so that the 8 by 8 inch
piece shown as B in plan is upper
most Space the bed pieces 2 feet 4
Inchos apart by tacking 1lnch
pieces across On this foundation
I proceed to build a box of 2inch plank
from 9 to 12 feet high Brace tho
rear firmly to tho bed pieces Hinge
tho front side as shown in cut with
heavy hinges II and put on a heavy
Jock latch at L
To operate tho press cut two wires
Nos 14 or 12 long enough to reach
around the bundle bore hole3 ono
foot apart in the rear of tho box
above where the top of tho bundle
will be when pressed run one end
of wires thiough holes leaving just
enough in the press t6 reach the bot
tom edget cf dopr when j j you are in
JTiioylaro arsb convenient to t carry sidebandhave themuner1footWhe n
jour box Is1 tramped full of hay havo
two pieces of 3lnch pln hk soft wood
slightly smaller than inside of press
Place these on top of tho hay cross
ways of the roller Now have hard
wood beam O 5 inches in diameter
and long enough to project one foot
I or so over each edgo of the press
Place the beam over the planks and
parallel with the roller Have two log
chains with not leBS than sevensix
teenth inch Units mako a loop at
one end of each which will slip read
ily over the end of the beam hang
them on the projecting ends of tho
beam D and attach the lower ends
permanently to the roller below so
that tho draught will bo even Wind
lown Vjtb crowbars having a link
or Wooden bar so arranged as to
hold one of tho crowbars down when
the hay is pressed Unlock the door
with hammer or mallet reach the
lower end of wire which should havo
a loop On It and have the end which
was passed thiough tho hole in rear
of press run under the beam and
handed to you by helper who goes
Into tho top of the pressto cast off
chains etc run wire through loop
have a tightener made by dressing a
hardwood stovewood stick to 1
Inches round at one end In this
i should be a gimlet hole through which
a little of tho wire Is put First tight
lratdaYauetDr ilneaHr ftCNrKeitor l f nnrl VtnrMn ltnd rhn rp
tuts H20Otruibouit andtroatiM icner right up ana nerein lies ino se
Dibit II KuazIblm Arch Street fhUadelpbla1
Knowing how to do n thing and do
Ing it is Jtho difference between fall
uro and success
If Adam had had an automobile h <
wouldnt have had time to have eatei
the apple
ilouAton lezan operates tbn larcett foroa
of eompeteut dotectlves In the South
Giro tbein a call
A sucker is born every half a min
ute during the summer resort sea
cret 0f hardpressed bales Fasten
Bide View of HomeMado Hay Press
Space ehovfn at E represents openini
half way dqwn each side allowing press
Ing bedm tp operate
wires release crowbar cast off chains
take out th6 beam and cant tho bale
out with hay hook
The press we use at present is twe
feet eight Inside and ten feet high
It will mako bales weighing from 25C
to 300 pdundB according to quality ol
bay and when hay is handy a bale
can bo made every 20 or 25 minutes
Ilpay irc heavy chains and sub
stantial pres are required as the
Htioin K Ntiy groat Tho press is
better made two or three inches widoi
at the front than at the back thus
allowing bundles to cant out easily
1 V
Eyeslflht Jjrt by City Life
The Engllsaftfaco is getting near
slghtod owlngxjwtho city life and con
ditions of clfljJzaUon says a well
known oculist
Rallroaduln Argentina
Railroads Injjffrgentlna are making
favorable progftjSs it is reported un
der tho direction of English capital
ists m
Covcmmeg Protect Quail
Quails nro becoming so scaico that
both Franco anotGermany havo abso
lutely prohlbitjfithclr killing
Saxony has 281 people to tho squaro
mile agalnsfoniy 104 to tho mile for
the rest of theSjampiro
Money inMlneral Water
Tho capital invested in the mineral
water Industry in Great Britain la
nearly 75000 000
The Ways of Women
A woman laughs when sho can and
weeps when she willFrench
Kentucky Mana Duty
Jamboree Kyi August 29 Special
After puttering for years with pain
in tho back MJU M Coleman a well
known cItizenot this place has found
a complete euro la Dodds Kidney
Pills Knowlng how general this dis
ease is all overUho country Mr Cole
man feels It isjnls duty to moke his
experience public for the benefit of
other Suftor jvf
I want tore commond Dodds Kid
ney Pills to everybody who has pain
in tho back djjr Coleman Bays I
suftcred forjyears with my baclc I
used Dodds Kidney Fills and I have
not felt a palrt slnco My little girl
too comphilnedlof her back and she
used about half a box of Dodds Kid
ney Pills andsh e is sound and well
Backache laVkldnoy Ache Dodds
Kidney Pills nro a sure cure for all
Kidney AcheW including Bheuma
Anlipals Do Not Think
John Burroughs after a careful
study coveri ng many years is of the
opinion that animals do not think
but have a keen1porceptlon and liva
entirely in ntulfthrough their senses
A rltatlc Germ Qheaply Bought
What appearSuo be a genuine paint
ing by ConstabIeiwaB purchased In a
Margate auctlogjinart for 260 a Tho
pIcturohasJbVS Ismln cd y annex1
pert and value dtW3000
Father of Golf
The man whowas largely responsi
ble for the introduction of golf in this
country Robert Lockhart died recent
ly In Edinburgh Scotland Ho was
for years a llnem Importer in New
York and organised the flrit golf club
in the United States in Yonkers N
Y im 1888 It was known as the
Apple Tree Oang Subsequently he
founded tho St Andrews Golf club
An Appropriate Timo
We will slng Awake Ye Saints
Immediately beforp the sermon to
morrow announced the minister at
choir practice ojaSaturday afternoon
Dont you thinks Inquired the ob
servant tenorythlij it would be more
appropriate to sing immediately aft
er tho sermonSNe w Orleans Pica
yune flKPi
An Atchison man went to a doctor
and said I wantto bo cured ol
dyspepsia Wftofeupon tho doctor
said If I kngwfthow to cure dys
pepsia I wouldnthave It
Wo Are AM In itlie Apprentice Class
When a simpltki change of diet
brings back health and happiness tho
atory is briefly l told A lady ot
Springfield 111 saysi After being
afflicted for yearrii rith nervousness
and heart troublejl received a shock
four years ago hat left mo in such
a condition that riiysltfe was despaired
of I could get ric rellef from doctors
ror from the numberless heart and
ntrve mediclneaSr tried becauso I
didnt know thawthe coffee was daily
putting mo bacfimore than tho Drs
could put mo ahead
Finally at theSrequest of a friend I
left off coffee and4began tho use of
Postum and against my convictions I
gradually Improved nhealth until for
tho past 6 or 8JmOnthB I havo been
entirely free from nervousness and
those terrible staking weakening
spells of heart ifouble
My troubles hlli cams irom the use
of coffee which t bad drunk from
childhdod and yet they disappeared
Vhen I quit coffee find took up tho
uso of Postum1 Name given by
Postum Co Battle Creek Mich
Many peoplo ffiiarvel at the effects
of leaving oftficoltee and drinking
Postum but therejs nothing marvel
ous about it DOly1 conlmon sense
Coffee Is a dtrbyer Postutn is a
rebullder Thats 0 reason
Look in oalcrf pkg for the famous
little book ThWnoad 3 to Wellvllle
When Ashes Are Put on Land
The application of ashes to land
does not necessarily show what that
land needs It has boon n favorite
praetlco to apply ashes to land to de
termine its supply of potassium and
today most of our peoplo believe that
tho chief fertilizing value of ashes is
the potassium Tho writer remember
a bare hill top to which ho applied
ashes during nil of ono winter Tho
nextspring the growth was so great
on that place that tho hay could not
be curedon the ground whero it was
grown but part of it had to be car
ried to another spot to llow of its
being spread thin enough to permit of
tho suns gottlng into it Tho natural
inference was that the land had be
come very deficient in potassium But
Professor Hopkins of Illinois says
that the test is not a sure ono in Its
results He mentioned parts of 1111
pols whero there is no deficiency oi
potassium but whero the soil is acid
Tho application of ashes brought good
harvests and the farmers wrote him
that their Jund needed potassium He
Investigated nnd found that they were
mistaken Tho lime in the ashes
had neutralized tho acid and caused
tho chango in conditions that resulted
In an abundant yield of grain Some
kinds of ashes contain over 50 per
cent of lime and this is the element
that does tho work in many cases
When laid Responds to tho application
of ashes It means that cither the soil
contains too much acid which tho
lime in the ashes neutralizes or bat
It Is deficient in potassium
Cold Storage Plants
There has been quite a furor for
the building of cold storage plants
during the last few years Some
years ago men made fortunes by
erecting cold storage plants and buy
ing quantities of butter and eggs
which were carried from the low
priced period of the year to tho high
priced period This of course gave
large profits As was certain to be
the case other men saw the same
method of getting rich and began to
build like plants This was all right
for somo years while the number of
plapts was small enough so that the
goods stored would not greatly af
fect thomarkeU < sBut utho Jjulldlng
continuedrand i the products
stored compete so pt rongly with each
other that the margin of difference of
prices at different times of year fs
greatly reduced Reports from Now
Jersey tell of a new pold storago
plant at Jersoy City which was built
Jast year at a cost of 300000 The
establishment was perfect In every
detail and tho promoters expected
great things But they were unable
to secure business and the enterprise
went into the hands of a receiver
The plant was ottered for sale at
auction with the proviso that not less
than 190000 would be taken Not a
bid was received
When Corn Wants Potash
lyast weok wo heard a farmer talk
ing about his corn fields and his ex
periences on land that has now boon
found tobo deficient in potash Ho
had great trouble every year in keep
ing his corn from falling down It
seemed io lack stiffness and he could
soldom get it tp tho mature Btage
without having it fall down before the
flrst heavy wind that came along On
tho advice of Illinois scientists he ap
plied potassium chloride to his land
Tho result was seen the following har
vest in tho stiffness of tho corn crop
which stood up not only till the timo
to gather tho corn camd but through
out the entire winter
The Calf for Baby Beef
The calf that is to bo used for the
making of baby beef must be kept
growing frbm tho start If the calf
cannot be so fed on sklmmllk that its
growthwill not be checked then It
Bhould havo whole milk till weaning
time A slowgrowing animal is of
little value to be used as a basis for
tho production of this kind of beet
that is now becoming so popular The
calf must bo carefully weaned It will
not do to take it off a full feed of milk
and put it onto grain and roughage at
once This process must bo so gradual
that the calf will not reallzolt when
its milk is finally withheld
Some Fortunate Stockmen
Little by Uttla the praetlco of soil
ing scattle In tho dryest nnd hottest
timo of summer 13 coming Into voguef
There are probably more farmers this
Hummer that havo soiling crqps for
their stock than ever before in trips
through the portions ot the country
where live stock is being raised we
notice that here and there are largo
fields sown to fodder corn and in ad
dition fields of rape and altalfa The
uso of this green stuff Is greatly re
lieving the pressure on tho pastures
and will make them more serviceable
In the fall
< WKi pr J > iU jeSife
In 700 year the stono work of three
successive parish churches erected at
Rowley Regis Staffordshire England
has crumbled away and It has now
been found necessary to erect a fourth
J S THE OR INA < 133
We tmfl free upon request DbIIt MarKat
Lettors which are universally rccccnited by
the trade V being complete conservative and
beneficial to anyone intereited In cotton
Our facilities for securing instant informs
tlon and furnishing same to customers by Tele
graph and especially by Lonjr Distance Tele
phone are excellent
W InVtt accounts forparcfias orsmtt
of cotton contracts
S03 Main Street
A Fall Xlne for nil re
In stock nt
Come and Bee of write to
nt and vowlU lead 70U Free
Catalogue 110 89
ihowiair our mnr uUTcrent
at lea ot machines
Dallas Texas
Tne Shorthand Department U In the hands ol
the President of thednorthanil ABioolatlon ot
America and the Commeicla Department U
oonaneted by the only certified Pablio Account
ant teaching In lexa There la bat one place
to get the best schooling and fit lor the bait po
ellloni tnll patllculara tot the aaUng
It you havo weak cyia fliinfr
BlsbtaBTanulatod Utteaounisover
the ey < ia or aoro eyes or any kind
catarrh or deafness wrlUiullU
Bcrfptlon ot ytmc citse and a trial
treatment will be sent yon
This trial treatment It mild and
hannltHsantih6 tureilionny eTera
duto Dr Moore was appointed by
tnOOoTcraorsChief Li and tar Hargeon to th Mis
souri Ststo Institution forth Itliud ana was also Pro
fessor of tlieKyeandEarln ho American MsdlcalUol
K < a CrouseyoastralKhtonrd by novr painless method
Write to K J JAicVET M0O1U3 Ey and Ea
Institute SuiteaooadXeUowsXIlde otIouls
The Pioneer Water Supply Material House of Texas
Wind Mills Pumpa Cyproos and Galvan
ized Tanks Gasoline Engine 8team
Engines Boll ere Cotton Gins Well Drill
Ins Maonlnos Horse Powers etc eto
TVe furnish estimate plans and spactflcstIons tot
irrigation Plants of any capacity
alanteeJ to
cure all blttl of Mad Pons poisonous bites or stings
of any kind Addmn ilox 1WJ J a 1orte Texas
Cured C Ires quick
relief Removes U
swelling In 8 to ao
B days permanent
cure 30 to 60 days Trisf treatment free
I Dr H II Greens 6om Box 8 Atlanta CUu
Deal Dirsot wit
and Save Mgney
Our cooda the beit Trlcosttis lowest Promptihip
ments Delivery of all portraits Kuarsnteed Bend
for catalogue and agents price lists Addrens
ADAH J lOtOLL ft CO New Era Baildin Chisago
ttlpanlTabnle are the belt dra
> epsla medicine ever made A
C9VGf9HB hundred pillUona of tham hero
Kj1 Xjlvr been told In the United Statea la
a alngle year CfloiUpatloa heart
barn licit headache dlnlneii bad
breath tore throat and ererr Hi
ndi orUlnir from ft dliordered
itoraach are relieved or cured by Rtpane Tabulei
One will generally c Te relief within twenty min
ute The firecent pacVage la enough for ordinary
occasion All druggliaiell them
Atlanta GoISoge of Pharmacy
Greater demand for our graduated tKhnwa can
supply Address Dr George F Pnyno
Dean 43 Whitehall Atlanta Ga
Whon Answering Advartliements
Kindly Mention This Paper
foWi Vh
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