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The Shiner Gazette
The rush at tlicr gins In McLennan
County has caused a regular jam
Twentydecrees of dlvorpb we re
prarited In the district court at Wax a
hachlo Tuesday
News 13 received from Eaglo Fast
of a Jail delivery there Thursday night
Four federal prisoners escaped
Thirteen doer were killed by ono
hunting party last week in Liberty
County Prosecutions may follow
Near McCravens In the northeast
ern part of Washington County 81
Potter was shot and killed Wednes
day night
Aunt Rosa McClellan a negress
aged 10t years Is dead at her home
near Terrell Her youngest son is
Hon W R Hearst will bo renoml
natedto succeed himself In Congress
Judge Parker having suppressed Tarn
many opposition to him
Col W C Jones of Greenville has
received his commission as aid qn the
staffof Qen Stephen D Lee The af >
polntment carries with It the rank of
A wagon factory will soon be built
at Lindsay a small townsix miles
west of Gainesville on the Katy Hall
road The factory will be put in by
home capital
The election held at Gainesville
Thursday to determine whether the
City should issue bonds to amount of
25000 to bUIld a new city hall car
ried by 175 votes
The Democratic executive commit
tee of Dallas County has accepted the
challenge of the Republican candi
dates of that county to discuss state
Issues on the stump
Capt George W Eddy of the Weath
er BureaUjatAbllenelbls beon trans
ferre toith Now Yorkweather bu
reau and will leave for his new post
ra the next few days
A deal has been clospd at Fori
rthTuV7Ave busInMs mentfor th <
pulSase of thVBusterVoupfoffgold
mines near Prescott Ariz The con
sideratlon was 5000
Preparations are already being
made by the members of the New
fork Yacht Club for the defense of
the Americas cup against a possible
fourth challenge from Sir Thomas Lip
C L Terrell living twenty miles
south of Victoria reported that light
ning truck > a pecantree on hlsranch
and killed two Mexicans who were
camped beneath it and paralyzed two
others > < <
The cornerstone of Motley Countys
i new courthouse now under construc
tion was laid by tho Masonio frater
nlty Dinner on the ground and pub
lic speaking wero a part of the days
In the recent attack by Indians on
tho camps of chewing gum gatherers
In Southern Mexico seventeen per
irons wero killed eighteen wounded
and fiftysevenmore either murdered
or carried Into captivity
The apportionment of Confederate
pensions made > by t hotQontroller for
the quarters beginningOct If 190
and Jan lt 1905 has been fixed at 9
for each Quarter There are now
f3S5 pensioners on the rolls
GLW Davies 1 sone of Brownjroods
oldest citizens died suddenly Wed
nesday morning while dressing Mr
bavles had been In feeble bealthsfor
two weeks or more and ls supposed to
have died from heart failure
The German residents of Dallas
have selected October 13th Dallas
day u their day at the Festival and
have sent out Invitations to all Qer
jnan societies within 100 miles of Dal
las Inviting them fa attend the Pes
HvaloathStjda 7
The lmonthsold baby boy of Mr
Mid Mrs Tgni Farr of granger was
operated on Monday afternboVTor ap
pondicltu by local pbygcl ns and was
doing well fortyclgnt hours after the
Jud W Vsi Slcklo of Alpine sa > s
Brewster County has been blessed
ar > < r
withjmore rain since the list of ftp
Umber list than iforatho lastfive
years all told e4Istere ibre > in the
very pink of condition morally
Well Played Frlendl Who Speaks
Jiorlgn Attaches and Correspondents
Are Hurrying There
8U Petersburg During the last sev
eral days there has been the greatest
animation at Mukden Foreign attach
es and correspondentshave hurried
thore from Tio Lung It being evident
that action was expected Gen Kuro
patltln largely reinforced was report
ed about to advance to tako advantage
of the weaknosa of the Japanese army
to the southward Tho Japanese
nwnre of this aro hurrying upiall pos
sible reinforcements including even
a contingent taken from tho army
around Port Arthur showing how seri
ous they consider the matter Rus
sian officers and soldiers aro descrlU
ed as highly elated believing the time
has arranged to avengo tho defeatot
Llao Yang <
X > i
t Was Kllled bya Ngro
MemphIsTenn Howlond C Hill
hn Insurance a gent has been shot
and kflledfby Bill GllUm
protecting Mrsc Emma Leonard a
white woman Hill it Is alleged has
persistently forced his attentions up
on Mrs Leonard who keepsi a giro
fcory store The woman in ordert °
avoid Hill left trie store and sought
refuge in tho yard of Gillam Hill
appeared and It Is said threatened
Gillam He entered tho yard with the
Avowed Intention oftaking Mrs Leon
ard ba ck to her store Tho negro
stepped Into his house jsecured a shot
gun and killed Hill
New Corporations
Austin t Texas 6 Tbo charter3 oftW
following corporations were filed Fri
day In the secretary of states office
Yoakum Land and Irrigation Com
pany of Fordyce Hidalgo county
capital stock 200000 Purpose To
construct and maintain a system of Ir
rigation etc Incorporated by Jojin
Closner W S Dougherty of Hidalgo
Texas Uriah Lott of Brownsville and
JphnT Boddle of Chicago 111
Closner Towrislto Company of Clds
ner Hidalgo county capital stock
20000 incorporated oj Joh Closnr
fa irDouBtV audUHahLotti
i < f
summary orWarNws
Continuance ot the galo which tie
j lQped orfltbe Cfclna1Sea anddla
cnt > water n Oct rPfiUideaJactlve
operations Ey theJaiianese fleetblo c
adlngvPprt Arthur Tho British steam
er Shfsiian with a cargo uf cattle and
flouf hom Shanghai for Port Arthur
has been seized by the Japanese off
New Chwang A detachment of the
Finland Guards has been ordered 0
leave St Petershurg for the Far East
Alleged Lynchers Free Sf
Nashville Tenni TbpJury n th6
case ofUh o atfttoyg IKjirCobb Dock
Hastickr osljliTovlrsfeyand Jamie
F Hastlck charged with tho lynchltig
of AH6nSmaII colored at Lynchburg
Tcnn soveral months ago has
tujnedaverdlctflfvno gulltjv
Fatally subbed
Ppl Texas In a dlficuty
B Hesfpjith ot Garvin I T John Hgys
y sprobably fatally stabbed with a
The Latest and Largest the Nebraska
Successfully Launched1
SeattlWas h In tip presence of
a teemlngjmSitltude of onlooker s and
chrlstenejfflboi daughter of the gov
ernor bf Hhstato for whleh sha Is
tamed UitcjfllSams lates t andiarf
est battcl1iTpj Nebraska was suc
cessfully auHched from the ways at
250 Fridayjsfternoon Governor Juq
H MIckojfijFNcbraska and his party
Includingprominent state officials and
their wlvcsHjjartlcIpated In the cero
monies ot
The Nebradca is the firstbattleship
conBtructed n the Pacific coaBt north
of San Francisco Tho Nebraska has
a displacement of 15000 tons Her
contract Tpjlo Is 3733000 Her
length Is UJffpet 3 inches beam 70
fcet2J JnchcsSj speed 19kaot8 lndl
ca ed horsepower 10000 Her main
hatteryjconl3ti of four 12lneh guns
her ae con3aryiattpry conslsts of four
teou S ribll gups 1tTelv6i 3pounders
sixteen maliiajsf ia fouri jl nc
We evliPolonrrig Maclilne
Brenbam Texas Mes3rs Swearln
genXSehuHz and several others went
up to > Clay FrIdayto seea eotton field
where boll weevils have been suc
cessfully poisoned The Rlchtor pois
on and machlng wero used in this
flpld and a strlplri the middle of a
large field was selected for the exper
iment and It is said that while all the
cotton on three ldes of this 13 dead
and long since Stopped bearing on
account of boll ydovlls that the rows
poisoned are green jwlth fpljagc full of
sciuarps blooms a ndbpll8f and that t
wJU make a good pcrop something
thaifhaDiot beenma ion any cotton
lathplo U weor ilyfis l
T Houston MapSu B aMansIon <
tDonver Colorj5ohnLT1Shearn oi
lieuston Texag Jia8fcbmpletd negoUuu
> i the ago
yatlops for the purchaseof man
slpn of former Cjovorndi Grant pi
Charles Schunlor of HavannJ yl0 smelter comhfnij > frhe structure
isono of the finest and most costly In
tho city Mr Shearnhosa lso pur
chase tho greatifocfofarmjof M B
Porter near Denver 1
Carrie Na p Persists
Wichita Kanfctajri latlqn and
JJs > tcHenry in ater aft hav
ing bcerijleasoflmTan appeal bonpv
Krfay afternoopwfip t down the
street knocking fjars out of the
mouths of the tojajtljey met They
have bsenaealnlalrresttd and aro In
thejcltyjall on tho7cliargejof disturb
ing theclty peacojandfcbstructlng tho
> Tv4jThe Votea asrLlBht
Atlanta Ga fh3 ifconstltutlon e >
tlmatcs the totaljiyptfl n the state
Tuesdayjit aboutH257p00iTl > orewas
a light vote throughbW thestate ex
cept In those cotmflj whero there was
opposition to thetdbmofatlo candl
dates for tho legislature and county
fcrownVood TdiaW Afte t
sfinaratcd 45 yeaiBetty Maftes mot
m sister Mary foyT Each x > p
posSd the otheV do SljnVjrears ago
until thoy accldent iIllyItaJl erK oiia
ii k sJ
pocket knife Frank S lcldjj shiajl oay a short while s Mrs tarlefi la
brother went tq Garvin and surreal 78 years old Bnd ICft g1ey 4 76
C W JonesKilled ty H SwainThe Two Others
Killed at a Farm House Near Towii
Iloustonl Texas Oct 10 Yesterday
afternoon aboit 3 oclock a most w
plorablolflilrigoccurrcd ph th ofourth
floor 6f thoM aso nlulIdIn g 6n thecbr
nor of Main street nrid Rusk nv nuo
fhe victim was C W Jones secreta
ry of the Houston Flro and Marino
Insuranco Company who was just
leaving hi a offlco on that floor at the
time He wasaccompanied by A
jjvlllaiut a young man wh6 had been
in his office with hlm Later ln tho
atlorrioon Hugh N Swain an attor
ney of Polk avenue was placed Undei
nrrest charged with the klltlng The
shootlhg was done at an hour when
there wero > perhaps fowcrpeople on
tho street than at any other time of
the dayandhenpe tho newsSpread
slowly and only a few jieoplogath
ered up stajfjfjwhqretlio shooltingwjis
done Those who arrived af first
found Jones on the floor of thohall
on his back arms Stretched out and
his head in a pool < ot blood that
spread out upon the floor
Justice of the Peaco Matthews was
notified and was soon on tho scene
to ascertain the causeot death After
viewing the body he made an examin
ation and found that deceasod h ad
been shot In the back ot the head
the bullet passing through th o black
derby hot just above the band and
lodging behind tho nose where It was
later found It either entered the
back of tho head and passed out nt
the top or cnte red the top and passed
out behind using the holes In he hat
to show
Judge Matthews took the following
testimony of tho only witness A Le
villaux who said
O W Jones and T liftthe office of
the Houston Firoaiid Marine Insur
ance Company Yoom 35 Meson
building ati oclock p m I went
into the hall first wnlting outside for
Mr Joneij whqiwas closing the door
After it wasflocked w < startedHogo
downstairs ahd upon reaching tho
fnnt amlonf itio liniri
SMjP tbygJmmi
i ah > am a fiS fl itrulS
aroundj and saw Mr Jones on tfre
floor and also saw It N jSwainstand
ingat tbodpor of Jiisofflqe room Ntf
429 I notice iTsome smoko coming
from the direction otthe office whore
gwaln stood I didnt see a pistol In
Swains hand Ho remained In his
ofilce a short while then qame out
with his pistol in his hand going
dgwnstalrs Didnt know of any prior
trouble nor hear any words before the
Tho deceased camp hero from Nac
ogdoches and was a member of Nac
ogdoches chapter = ofiMas6hs He had
lived for a time Victoria where he
wa3 Identified wlth a rice
plant Howas oheofithe organizing
workors of 1he Houston Fire and Ma
rinoInsurance Company of which he
was secretary at the < M time of his
h He came hero a few years
flBoMajorI Swain who lscharge dwlth
tho killing Is a aon of Col yf J
Swain who at onVtlme was controller
of tho state of Texaii and lator a
strqng candidateilforT ovorrior of Tex
as and who U homc prdsideut b this
insuranco company It Is learned that
thdtroublo grew out of their business
relations In their respectivepositions
The truth of this could not ho VQrlflod
But frldnds of both parties afo of this
belief wherothoyinrd jvell enough ac
quainted Tho accuse diman Is a na
tive bflTexasbotng boynJiSrilcnrlotta
Texas His eary > education was re
ceived in this state Ho entorod West
Point In the 80s and was graduated
from that military Institution Ho was
a colonel iiitho Texas militia at one
tlmo and went with a Texas regimont
to Cufia where hd served lis a major
in the First Texas Regiment during
tho warj Ho remained there siveral
months after ttio war being dmong
the last of the vojunteers whov woro
mustered out Bth he and tils father
came tothls clty boutWo years ago
in connection with Establishment
of the formers headquarters In this
city as president of the Houston Fire
and Marlno Insurance Company from
Austin > whereTh eyihad llved many
years Hehas many friends through
out the State and js regarded ns a
chivalrous man and excellent citizen
with tho highest regard for the pro
prieties of social and clvlljllfe Ho Ib
perhaps 40 years of ago and has a
wife and child
Hejman Ottrftan and HenryFschIHnS >
Fought with Pistols Near rioti ston
Heustorc Texas Sunday night th
partlcularsof a fatal pistol duel were
received here It took placo abqut
four miles south of town on Braya
bayou near Its crossing of tho tele
phone road the i > artles to It being
Henry Ottman on one side and Henry
Schilling on the other Ottman was
shot three times and died almost Im
mediately OJd man Schilling father
of Henry Schilling was also killed It
Is bolleved that jie was killed by acci
dent as ho was trying to stop tho
shooting when lid receive the fatal
shot FrediSchllllng was wounded in
tho thigh the bono being grazed and
J3rnest Schilling was woundedIn the
inif illffliMA WlSle iP yfera b rdnght
StojS ltyffS tfrcatmeiit ThalJody
of Herman Ottmanshqwed that ho
was shot in the arn another ball go
Ing Into the right side of thethorax
and another Into tho abdomen from
right tp left He staggered a fow sec
onds trying to continue tho use of hit
From one ot tho Schillings It is
learned that the two men wero a few
fetit apart when tho shooting was start
ed and old man Bchllling rushed be
tween themrwhon he received a fatal
ball In his back It passed through
the body and lodged Just under tho
skin 6htho opposite sldo
Henry Schilling was arrested and
brought here and lodged In Jail
From nllttkaWcould be learned tho
trouble orlginatii in donjestic lnfeUc
ity lnOttmans family It seems1that
one of the Schillings whoworked for
the sexpress company Intbwnhadfgot f
a Jay off and wont out to spend It aU
the old home Hetiad asked Ottman
tocomo qut and spendthe day with
him as they wero old friends He ac
cepted and had been at the Houbo
sometime playing lomlnoe3 when
Henry ca rao upon tho sqen64 A few
hot words It sooms passed between
them andthey Immedlately drew their
pistols and the duel began It ended
In two deaths 1
IV 5 t A
JNewly Renovated arid Improved
Haa Just Been Reopened By J5 j Waiigemanri
J > r
I Will Carry the Finest nd Best of Wines Whiskiei Beer and Cigars 4
< > i5 mf y s
Will Made Weloome
JuTowiw OaU and See Me Bud You be
E J WANGEMANN Proprietor
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