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The Passongor Department of the Illinois
Central KaUroal Company have recently Issued
publication known as Circular No 12 In which
xdcsorlbca tho
M feretory in Shis country
for tho growing of early strawberries and early
lfivery dealer in audi products
s a postal card to tho undersigned
utDufJIiquo I9WQ reouostlne a copy ot
J V MEBItV Asst Oenirnssr Agent
Mustang Liniment
curca Sprains and Strains
SOS Wn Sirert
JCurW ClvM quick
relief ntmovMall
welling in 8 to so
days permanent
i cure 30 to 60 days Trial treatment
1 Dr II II Oicous Sons B018 AU M > na
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This paper
V w urlOU8TON NO 42 IOO
SaS BarifiriQiTAi
I Bast OoiMh bjnp fastwOooL TJM
> inttma Sold by drujeguti
tV 1Hv
p YA
ierson a prominent societr
owoman of Jacksonyille A Fla daughter of
Recorder of Deeds West who witnessed
her signature to the following letter praises
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Cdmpound
Dear Mns PinkhAm There are but few wives and mothers who
ihivvo not at times endured agonies and such pain as only women know
I wish such women know the value of LydlaJE FlnMiams Vegetaljlo
Compound It h a remarkable medicine different in action from any
Iovor know and thoroughly reliable
I havo seen casos whore women doctored for years without perma
nent benefit who were oured in loss than three months after taking your
I Vegetable Compound while others who woro chronio and incurablo
camo out oured happy and in perfect health after a thoroughtreatment
i with this medicine I havo never used it myself without gaining great
I benefit Aiow doses restores my strength and appetite and tones up
the entire system Your medicino ha s been tried and foundtrue honco
1 fullyondorsoit Mns R A Andshson 226 Washington StJac
eonvflio Fla
Eire Bced 242S 33 Ouniberiaudfit EUUadolpMo JPft aeftttt
Dicab Mbs Ptneium I ieel it my duty
to write and tell you the good havo received
from Lydla K JMnkhams Vegetable Com
I havo been a gceat sufferer with female
1 trouble trying different doctors and inediciries
with no benefit Two years ag6sI > uttt under
oh operation and itleftmeina very weak
condition I had stomach trouble backache
headache palpitation of the heart and was very
nervous J in fact I ached all over I find
yours is the only medicinethat reaches
such troubles and would cheerfully rec
ommend Lydla E Pinlchams Vegetable
Compound to all suffering women
When woman aro troubled with Irregular or painful menstruatloniweak
lieu leucorrhcoa displacement or ulceration ol the womb that bcaringdovrn
feeling inflammation Of the ovaries backache flatulence general debility
indigestion and nervous prostration they ehould remember there is one tried
end truo remedy Lydla E Pinkliams Vegetable Compound at once
removes such troubles
The ezpcrlonco and testimony of some of the most noted
women of America go to prove beyond a question that Iiydia
JPlnUUams Ycgctablo Compound will correct nil such troublo at
Onco by removing the cause and restoring the organs to a healtby
mid normal Condition If In doubt write Mrs Plnkham at Lynn
Mass as thousands do Her advice is free and helpful
No other medicine for women in the world has recoived sueh wide
spread and unqualified endorsement No other medieino has such a
record of cures of fomalo troubles Refuse to buy anysubstitute
IT If we cannot forthIth produce th original lettera and signature o
Ul pro their abaolute gemMneneis
Ijdla IS IlnkUam Medlcln Co lormil IIul
Men love at flrpt and mpst warmly
women lovo lust and longest This la
natural enough for nature makes
women to bo won and men to win
Another Combination
Fow medicines comblno effective
ness economy and convenience as
does Cheathams Laxative Tablets
They are the best remedy for malarial
and bilious troubles I ever used
j Pickwick Miss
25c per box
The beautiful are never desolato
for some one always loves them
Thero may be plenty of room at tho
top but It Is also well to get n on the
ground floor
Every housekeeper should know
that If they will buy Doflanco Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they
will aavo not only time because it
never sticks to tho Iron but because
each package contains 16 oz one full
pound while all other Cold Water
Starches are put up in pound pack
ages and the price is the same 10
cents Then again because DefiancB
Btarch Is free from all Injurious chem
icals If your grocer tries to sell you a
12oz package It Is because he has
a stock on hand which he wishes to
dispose of before he puts In Defiance
He knows that Defiance Starch has
printed on every package in largo let
ters and figures 16 ozs Demand
Defiance and Eave muoh time and
money and tho annoyance ot the iron
sticking Defiance never sticks
None are less eager to learn than
thoy who know nothing
Buyjoq Fertilisers
Our state legislatures are doln
what they can > to protect tho people
against low g ade fertilizers Some
of tho states fdqulro tho experiment
stations to pjjbllsh special bulletins
on fcrtlllzersand send them to all the
farmers tha ant them This is to
spread tho iiHMmation among the
farmers as rrnpldly ns possible 1J
our farmersjraculd avail themselves
of those 6p pmtunities moro than
they do thoyould bo the gainers
Tho fertlllzcrjpado is already avery
large one intha East and is growing
rapidly In thjjiSWost AUtba Informa
tion that cansbo gained should bo laid
hold of Ourjjjest fertilizer firms are
selling onlyVgoiod materials and are
ns anxious atjSho farmers can be tc
keep tho pooregoods out of the mar
kot Any attempt to enforce the fer
tilizer laws always has tho support
of these cofijianies for their worst
enemies nr6the small companies that
aro selling inferior goods at a low
price TheaTmer thinks he is get
ting a bargalrijiln buying these cheap
goods and so gCos to the men that sell
him tho poorest stuff nnd makethe
most out of him It tho men that are
selling the cheap fertilizers sold It as
low as dothoitnen that sell only high
grade fertjlizgrs the men that sell the
poor stuff Srould hava to go out of
business They sell the poor stuff
and makq money by really getting for
tho fertilizers contained a greater
price than JheT > thers do Tho farmer
is finding this Jjut only slowly > <
Somo of tho largo firms stoop to
create bogus companies that sell this
material Tholwrlter happened in the
territory of onb such firm doing bus
ncss In tho southern part of Illinois
The largo firm In question had an
agency in thoijplace and this agency
sent out two 3jsts of agents one sot
representing tho agency and the oth
er representing a fictitious company
supposed to bo located In the same
place The cheap material was work
ed off undjjrftho name of the bogus
company > and jgenernlly 1 on farmersto
whom could nbt ba sold tho hlgh
priced gooii8llut who wanted some
thing cheap fjt was1 found best to
sell mostlyftc fnrmers too faraway tp
omo t c th pTfeandi6 ok upjtic
headquarterst But one day a farmer
who had Leon buying tho cheap goods
came into thqtugency referred to and
Bald hq VAs very much dissatisfied
with tho fertilizers of tho company
ha had been buying of arid be wanted
to be directed to their store The
agent Informed him that tho company
he was looking for hadformerly been
located in that neighborhood but had
beep burned out and had gone out of
business bat that he would baglad
to supply the fariner with goods that
could not be foqu d fault with
Tho farmer that Is always looking
at tho price andnotat the quality
at tho same tlmtj tIs always getting
beaten In hi3 trade s It is impossible
that it sbould bo otherwise as long
as there are unscrupulous men that
are making a llvjngjin cpmmerclal
ventures ft
Professor Hopkins has been telling
tho farmers that they must Ignore ev
erything in fertlllzersexcept tho ele
ments that they aroilooklng for and
ho Is right It isVno a question of
how many tons offertilizing material
a farmer buys but6fv bow many
pounds of potassium phosphorus and
nitrogen he is getting and at what
cost per pound v
Growth Halilt of Trees
Our general Ideas of tho character
of a firstclass treo for planting aro
qulto faulty Eac h varlety of fruit
treo la more or less characteristic In
Itsform of growll hablt as it Is
often termed and itisfortunate that
this is so else Jwhat a monotonous
appearance our orchard plantations
would assumol To this fact that each
variety possessesa characteristic Tiab
If we should give more lhnn pass
ing attention when electing trees for
a new orchard For ln order to ob
tain firstclass trees for planting and
none other Bhould be used tho or
chardist must have a knowledge ot
the points of a good tree of tho
variety under consideration Somo
trees while In the j n ursery assume an
erect strict hablfvJth an evert regu
lar taper others are kinky Irregular
in the direction of ascent nnd having
an uneven tapey and stUl others aro
short thick and inclined to branch
Yet notwithstandingthis wido diver
gence of character tfieso trees may
ali be firstclass Tho character or
habit of tho variety must bo fully
studied and then trees Tossessing a
strong inclInatlonfo follow the type
habit Bhould be soloctod Prof E JL
Many a roan with capital sits down
and figures a fortune out of a poultry
establishment and then sinks a largo
part of hl3 capital in finding out fcow
not to succeed with poultry
> v
Arrangement That la Both Uteful
and Ornamental
Tfje ha 13 certainly more seen
than any other part of the house
since not only can no room bo gained
without going through it but the oc
casional visitor who getB no further
has lsorfff be reckoned with
One difficulty to contend with la
the harmless necessary hat and coat
These arq a serious handicap to a
pretty hall yet wo must admit that
it is part ot its duty to harbor them
They are generally tucked away in
the darkest corner and only dimly
discerned as q bulging unsightly
mass thosa in least frequent use hav
ing a Duo opportunity of collecting
BUt at very small outlay ttn arrange
ment can bo mado to hide and pro
tect tho lints and coats And afford an
incident pleasing rather than other
wisD In tho hall Two shelves about
twelve Inches wide aro the founda
tion of the affaif they are connected
with a back and twosides and the
top one Is fitted In front with a small
brass rod On th6 bottom shelf re3ts
tho headgear of the master of the
jiouse amply protected by the shelf
and tha little sill curtainhanging
down a front Below this Shelf aro
two side pieces and under it a strong
lath is fitted with brass hooks
whence bang coats probably both
masculine and feminine for it is a
Juxury to have an old wrap handy to
Jhrow on before a turn in the garden
A cu rtaindf somOandsomotapes
Ury runs on a secondrod across the
cupboard part and by the tlniospme
bits of old blue willow pattern or odd
piece s ofrbrass andcopper workhave
beon stooaonHh t6p hefth eerec
ll6hvmusTb e d oclare d Q ltraEMmpcs
IngfeaturoJin ihe hall 1
To Fasten a Kicking Cow
A dairyman descrlhca his method ot
tying the hind legs of aTcow toprevent
kicking while being milked as fol
Tho moth od I shall describe Is ef
fective and bumano and generally
only a few lessons arenooossary to
convince tho most unruly cow that
sho must stand still while being
milked I take a hame strap from a
harness which Is one inch Wide and
about two feet long Standing on the
right sldo of tho cow the strap la
taken by the buckle end on tho left
and passed around tho cows left hind
log Just over the gambrel i tho end of
the strap Is brought back between the
cows legs and Is given one or two
turns around itself It is then passed
In front of the right leg brought
around and securely buckled tight
enough so It cannot bo pulleddown
over the joint but not tlgbt ohough tp
prevent the cow from standing com
fortably as long ns she behaves her
Tho caw is not so badly frighten
ed with her legs confined In this way
as she Is with ono tied to the floor
jmd It Is Impossible for bcr to kick
or lift either foot sufficiently to dls
turfi the mllken Ifuo harshness is
used she soon finds that being milk
ed Is not such an awful hardship
after all and gracefully submits
Chemlea l for Destroying Woodchucks
0 R Somo tlmo ago I read ot a
method ot destroying skunks and
woodchucks b y the use ot a chemical
placedln their burrows Pleaso name
the chemical and describe Its use
The chemical UBed for billing wood
chucks etc Is the same as for de
stroying bugs In peas viz carbon bi
sulphide Thl3 Is a liquid which read
ily evaporate J into gas which isheav
lor than air To killwoodchucks or
skunks In buAows about two or three
ounces of tho chemical sbould bo
poured on to a piece of cotton waste
or rag which should be thrown down
the hole Tho hole should then bo
quickly filled In with earth and well
tramped down Tho gas will settlo to
all sections of the burrow and destroy
tho Inmates This chemical is very
inflammable eo that no fire3 should
be brought near it when exposed
Not for Us
Rev Goodman You know what the
golden rule Is of course
Pyrett Oh ot cours Its a rulo
ot conduct we lay dowt for other peo
ple to follow
Dr Lapponl U es Dr WrtllarnsVPlnU
Pills In Hla PracticesBecause Re
suits Meet Hla Expectations
Dr Lapponl tho famous pfiy slelan
to the Vatican whoso name has re
cently come so greatly to tho front
on account of his unremitting ntten
tlon to His Holiness the late PopO
Lea XIII and tho high esteem nnd
confidence with which ho Is regarded
by tho present 1opo His Holiness
Plux X is a man of commanding
genius Ho Is moro than a mero man
of science ho Is a man of original
and independent mind Untrammoled
by the etiquette ot tho medical pro
fession and havlngused Dr WllllamB
Pink Pills for Palo People Iii his prac >
tlce With good results ho freely avows
the facts and endorsestho value of
this remedy with an authority whtch
no ono will venture to quostlon
Dr Lapponls Letter
1 certify that I have used Dr
Williams Pink Pills in four cases
of the simple anemia of develop 1
ment After a few weeks of treat
mont the result camefully up txT
my expectations For that reason
1 shall not fail In tho future to
extend the lis ot thi3iaudablot
preparation notonly a tho treat
ment ofother forms of the cato
gory of anemia Or chlorosis but
also in cases ofneurasthenia and
the like v Signed v
Via detfaracchtSSZjwneme
The simple anemia of develop
ment referred to by pr JLapponi IS
of course that tiredi languidcondition
of yodng girls whoso development
to womanhood is tardy and whoso
health at that period is so oftfcn im
periled His opinion of the value ot
Dr Williams Pink Pills for Pale Peo
ple at that tlmo 13 of tho highest sci
entific authority and it confirms tho
many published cases In which anemia
and other diseases ot the blood as
well as nervous diseases such as ner
vous prostrationneuralgia St Vitus
dance paralysis nnd locomotor ataxia
have been cured by these pills They
are commended to the public fortheir
efficiency in making now blood and
strengthening weak nerves After
such an endorsement they will bo ac
ceptedby the medical and Bc ienilfio
world aCitholrTfulljraluo
f iTr r fi V
Young Lieutenant Fortunate
Led to Hla Death >
Senator Vest used toMCU astory
Df Boo d luck and hard luck without
a counterpart Ho says One day
while I was a member of the Confed
erate Congress I lost a months pay
somewhere on the streets of Rich
mond Just aa the woman In Scrip
ture who lost a piece ot silver called
together her friends and neighbors
and sought diligently until she found
it I called my friends and went with
thorn on what seemed a hopoless
search through the snow Covered
dtfflly lighted streets of Richmond r
The chances wore a thousand to one i
against success
We hadnt been out fifteen mln 5
uteswhon a young lleutepanl in our >
party stoopeddown and picked up >
mylost roll I wasJn high gl ee andi
wanted to treat We were pilotedto
a cafe which pending somo repairs v
hdda ladder of about a dozen rungs 5
Instead of stairs We all climbed up
considering It a great lark all the
whllp talking about what a lucky
fellow the young lieutenant was and
predicting groat things for him As
we climbed down again tho young
lieutenant fell from tho ladder vand
broke his neck Saturday Evening
No man Is ever In such a hurry
that he wont stop to look at avdor
fight 7r
When you feel like telling yourtrou
ble write them down thenbufn th
Cureto StayCured
Wapello Iowa Oct 10 Spocial
One of the most remarkable cures
over recorded In Xoulsa County Is
that of Mrs Minnie Hart of this placo
MrsvBart was Jnbod tor eight months
and when she was able to sit up sho
was all drawn t > p on ono side and
could not walk across the room
JDodds Kidney Pills cured Tier SpeakT
ing of her cure MrB Hart saya
nfes Dodda Kidney Pills cured mo
after I was In bed for eight months
and I know the euro was complete
for that was three years ago and I
havo pot been down arace In four
weeks from the time I started taking
them I was xtblo to make my gardeh
Nobody can know how thankful I am
to be cured or howjnuch I feel J owe
to Dodds Kidney Pills
This case again points out how
much ttie general health depends on
iha Kidneys Cure the Kidneys with
DoddS Kidnqy Pills and ninetenths of
the suffering the human faraly Is heir
to will disappear

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