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Suffered Agonies from Kidney Disor
ders Until Cured by Deans
Kidney PHIs
George W nenoff of 1953 North
11th St Phila
delphia Pa a
man or good rep
u tatlon and
standing writes
Fivo years ago I
was suffering bo
with my hack and
kidneys that I
often had to lay
off The kidney
iH secretions wore
unnatural tn y
Sega and stomach wereswollen and
I had no appetite When doctors
tailed to help me 1 began using DoanB
Kidney Pills and Improved until my
back was strong and my appetitere
turned DurlnB the four years slnco
1 stopped using them I have enjoyed
excellent health The euro was pei >
Signed Qeorgo W Ilenoff
A TIUAI FHEE Address Foster
Mllburn Co Buffalo N Y For salo
by all dealers Price 60 cents
It la as easy to draw back a stone
thrown by the hand as a word onco
spoken Menander
It Is a pretty dangeroUB thing to Hi
low your system to get overcrowded
with undigested foods poisons bile
poisons bowel poison Got rid oi
them by taking Dr Caldwells laxa
tive Syrup Pepsin and you will right
awayi feel such n wonderful change
for the better that you will never let
yourself get Into that condition again
Safe and pleasant Toilet and cure for
headache constipation biliousness
etc Try It Sold by all druggists at
EOc and 100 Money back if It falls
Last Tuesday night the grand opera
people left an order for twenty bottle
of beer six half pints and two pints
of whisky Augusta Ga Herald
The report of Commissioner Gar
field on the beef Industry has at last
been published ilt muBt be some
what of a surprise to those Who havo
been indulging in wholesale adverse
rrlHcism upon the methods of the
Chicago packers as at discloses facts
and flguies which dearly show that
the great nnf1 f > 1iflVswih < prj
have tieen f6 a 16TiB TImaccu s cabyl
ne pap rrfiOl Ter thS ountryXotj
talned of depresslorftof Valuesmf eat
tie at the Various stockyards where
thfclr business Is conducted of enor
mous profits wholly disproportionate
to the capital employed and in gen
eral of bo carrying on their business
that the public under an organized
system of spoliation were being
robbed fdr their exclusive benefit
We find now however that not a
one ot these has been
single charges
1V sustained but on tho contrary that
rigid and searching investigation of
I flcially made has resulted in com
plete acquittal
Instead of extortion It is shown that
no Industry can be found where so
narrow a margin of profit prevails
the actual records and original en
tries to which tho commissioner had
free access showing that the high
est net profit vany of the packers
made on their sales of beef was two
and threetenths per cent In 1902 and
In one Instance that tho profit realized
In 1904 was one and eighttenths per
The variations In tho market prices
for cattle ace exhaustively treated
and no evidence of any kind was dis
covered or even hinted at tending to
chow that values of cattle are in tho
slightest degree improperly affected
or controlled by packers at any of
the chief centers of the industry
On the whole the report completely
dissipates the prevalent idea that
great fortunes are being amassed by
illegal and Improper methods em
ployed by western packers showing
that notwithstanding the high prices
for beef prevailing in 1902 the busi
ness was less remunerative than in
years characterized by normal values
both for cattle and product He says
that the year 1902 instead of being
one of exorbitant profits as has been
commonly supposed was leas profit
able than usual In fact during the
months when the prices ot beef were
the highest some at least of the
leading packers were losing monoy
on every head of cattle slaughtered
It was no possible to advance the
prices of beefIn full proportion to tho
great advance In the prices of cattle
at that time
After all that has been written re
flecting upon the great business in
terest engaged n the marketing and
distribution of the product of one of
the greatest of our national Indus
tries it is gratifying to all fair minded
pa people that the prejudiced attacks
it have failed of verification
jf upon
fe and the great western packers may be
V congratulated for having passed
Mf through such a searching and thor
jy ough official Investigation unsmlrched
3 The results ot this Investigation
i based as It Is upon exhaustive data
officially obtained and verified by
United States government experts
must bo accepted without hesitation
s as the investigation was made under
circumstances that guaranteed com
plete accuracy with a possible dispo
sition Indeed to arrlye at entirely
different results
Theutanda Said to End Lives by Mor
bid Unhappy Thoughts
Thousands of people actually think
thomselves to doath every jear saja
Suggestions by allowing their minds
to dwell on morbid subjects
Tho Idea that one has some Incip
ient disease In onos sjstem the
thought of financial ruin that one Is
getting on in llfo without improving
prospects any of these or a thou
sand similar thoughts may tarry a
healthy man to a premature grave
A melancholy thought that fixes Itself
upon ones mind needs as much doc
toring as physical dlsoase It needs
to bo eradicated from tho mind or it
will have Just the same result as a
neglected disease would have
Every melancholy thought every
morbid action and every nagging wor
ry should be resisted to the utmost
and the patient should bo protected
by cheerful thoughts of which there
is a bountiful store In every ones pos
session Bright companions are
cheaper than drugs and plasters
Tho morbid condition of mind pro
duces a morbid condition of body and
if tho disease does happen to bo In the
system It receives every encourage
ment tojlevelop We need moromen
tal therapy
Found at Last
Alston Mich March 13th Spe
cial After suffering for twenty
years from Ilheumatlsm and Kidney
Troubles and spending a fortune In
doctors and medicines that brought
Tilm no relief Mr James Culet ot this
place has found a oomplcte cure for
all his aches pains and weakness in
Dodds Kidney Pills
Naturally Mr Culet feels much elat
ed over his euro and gives great
credit to the remedy that gave him
Yes Mr Culet says my rheuma
tism and Kidney Troubles ate all
gone and I feel like a new man
DoddU Kidney Fills did ft Before I
used them I spent a small fortune
on doctors and one remedy and anoth
er I cheerfully recommend Dodds
Kidney Fills to an one suffering from
Khouthatism or Kidney Trouble
Dodds Kidney Pills always ouro
sick kidneys Healthy kidneys take
all the uric acid the cause of Rheu
matism out of the blood Thats why
Dodds Kidney Pills always euro
Ilheumattsm r
Wonderful Change In a Night In a
Month Face Was Clear as Ever
Another Cure by Cutlcura
I had oczeraa on tho face for five
months during which time I was In
the care of physicians My face was
so disfigured I could not go out and It
was going from bad to worse A
friend recommended Cutlcura Tho
first night after I washed my face
with Cutlcura Soap and used Cutlcura
Ointment and Resolvent It changed
wonderfully From that day I was
able to go out and In a month the
treatment had removed all scales and
scabs and my faco was as clear as
ever Signed T J Soth 317 Stagg
Street Brooklyn N Y
It always makes me tired said
Uncle Allen Sparks to bear a man
say hes trying to square himself
when hes talking all around tho sub
Hows This
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward fcr any
ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured tjr Halls
Catarrh Cure
T 3 WIENET CO Toledo O
We the UDilerslitaed bare known F J Cheney
forthelaat 13 years and believe him T > erreeUy boQ
arable In all business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obllcattona made ny hl firm
Walpinq Kikxax A UxaTl
Wholesale OroffgUts Toledo O
Hells Catarrh Cure la taken Internally acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tbe
system Teatlrooolslssentfreo Price 73 cents per
botue Sold by all Druggists
Take Halls Family Fills for constipation
Some men who take the fidgets at
the prospect ot nn hour In a church
pew can sit alt night on a nail keg
at a card game Dallas News
Macaroni Wheat
Salters strain of this Whoat is the kind
which laughs at droughts and the ele
ments and positively mocks Black Bust
that terrible scorchf
Its sure of yielding SO bushels of finest
Wheat the sun shines on per acre on food
111 la Mich Wis O Pa Mo Neb
lands and 40 to 00 bushels On and lands I
No rust so insects no failure Catalog
tells all about it
to tho John A Balzer Seed Co La Crosse
Wis and they will send you free a sample
of this Wheat and otfcr farm seeds to
gether with their great catalog worth
110000 to any wide awakeformer WN UJ
Some married women not only have
tho last word but all the rest ot thorn
oectat 16x20 Bust Crayon OBota Send your
photo and Wets and we will make a lflxSO Bust Crsyon
gsBthwestera Artists Association Bellas Texas
When hypocrites meet the devil has
time to eat
Sandals and ClogsMjiOnly Commod
ities iff Demand
Like all other ffiros In Japan a
Ehoo shop opens a ilmad side to the
strct 9
It seems a misnomer to call It shoo
Bhop a place wheroiSm can only buy
sandals or clogs UUugs we are not
accustomed to call egScs
There Js a low jjjatform In front
upon which the customer sits and
drinks tea while making his or her
purchases the shop per mcanwhllo
squatting on hlsheel3 and discussing
tho news of the dayjK
Tho sandals worriwy the rickshaw
coolies are called Wdrafl they aro
woven of rice straw nd are sold for
a halfpenny a pair ihey aro made In
tho country vlllages Sul tho foreigner
watches the weavlngjwlth amused In
Tho prehenslbleibjg too ot a Japa
nese lsot great a sletance as It Is
used for catching jnd holding the
straws leaving the handB free to
weave iS
The pack horse wears straw shoes
as well as the farmer who leads him
New pairs are strungaround the high
addle and the slw moving beast
Is rcshod every fewSnilcs
In the Japanese shop one will find
many varieties of Jjlogs a few with
caps others plaint few jcars ago
tho social position tfS a man woman
or girl was lndlcatfby the kind of
clog worn and the decoration on It
London Chronicle Nft
Groesbeeck Journal Four railroad
damage suits were disposed ot at
the present term oHseourt in two of
which the only cose contested the
railroad won before the jury The
other two were nog tried but com
promised It Is beginning to jook as
though the oldtlmeSpreJudlceagalnBt
tbe railroads and other corporations
is dieappoaring Much of this Is duo
to the work of thelf newspapers that
have been diligent Irj their efforts to
ward directing public sentiment to jhc
great injustice that has been meted
out to tho ralroadslthrough the me
dium ot tho damagesuit industry 4
Justice will triumph In the end The
old theory that whatever could bo
gouged oft a rallrp ad company was
legitimate spoil had its foundation In
Immorality and prejudice Good Jju
rors will not knowlnfefy assist Inrlhe
spoliation of a great corporation any
more than they will help In any other
frjndaotarobbery Dallas NowsS Hi
it la disseminated throughout tho body
gradually eapping thu strengtli cloud
Eventually the poisonjbcglns to accu
mulate at the skin tho kidneys the
bronchial tubes or thejlungs until at
last It soltloa ana fastens itself at soma
point which location lnay bo far away
from tho liver yet ltIs stagnation or
congestion of the hvowhlch is the iin
mediato cause of the wfiole trouble
Not infrequently in liver disease
tho complexion becomes pale and nnl
law there may bo frequent attacks of
bilious or siok headache bitter tasto in
tho month tonguo coated white or cov
ered with a brown furftunnatural dry
harsh or scaly condition of the skin
or branny oruptronsi plmplcs dark
blptchcs and troublesome itching
Tuoro are likely toibe baokacho
end tired toolings lassitude and a senso
of debility There is depression of
spirits and n decided tendency to bo
discouraged and despondent There is
loss or irregularity ofappetite uneasi
ness in region oi tho stomach oppres
This Pretty
Girl Saved
< atarrl
of the
Lungs By
Miss Florence K Kcnah 434 Maria street Ottawa Ont writes
A few months ago I caught n severe cold which fettled on my lungs mad re
mained there so ptrslstently that I became alarmed I took medicine without
benefit until my digestive organs became upset and my bead and backbsgaw
to ache severely and frequently
I was advised to try Ptruna and although I had little faith Ttelt so sick that
I was reedy to try anything It brought me blessed relief at once andt felt
that I bad the right ntedl ineat last Within three weeks I was completely
restored and have enjoyed perfect health since
I now have the greatest faith In Peruna Florence E Kcnett
The cold wind
and rain slush
and mud of win
ter are especially
conducive to ca
tarrhal derangements Few women
Upon tho first symptoms of catching
cold Peruna should be taken It fortifies
the i < ystem against colds and catarrh
Peruna for Colds and Catarrh
The following Interesting letter gives
one young womans experience with
Miss Roso Gerbing n popular society
woman of Crown Point Ind writes
TleccnUy I took a long drive in the
country and being too thinly clad I
caught a bad cold which settled on my
lungs and which I could not seem to
sknkc off I had heard a great deal of
Peruna for colds and catarrh and I
bought a bottle to try I ain pleased
that I did for it brought speedy relief
it only took about two bottles and I
consider this money well spent
Yonhavo a firm friend in roe and I
not onlyaad vise Jtauso to my friends
liver Is tho great filtering ap
paratus of liojalimentatlve or
digestive system It filters tho
poisonloadcdl bile outfit the blood
When the liver ktcjisnctivft capacity
to do this work thenftho bllo passes
through into the general circulation
and begins its poisonous work
Through tho circulati l of tho blood
sion sometimes sour 6tomach heart
barn nausea and waterbrash
flatulency and acrid eructations tho
bowels become irregular usually con
Etipated and occasionally eubject to
diarrhea attended with colicky pains
The foregoing symptoms are not all
present In any one case nor aro any
two cases alike in every respect
The only way to help a disordered
liver is to treat it as it is the great
organic human filter Doctor Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery cleanses and
clears it Invigorates and revitalizes
this most important organ by its won
derful alterative power For bilious
ness indigestion wonk stomach and
kindred ailments the Golden Medical
Discovery is a most efficient remedy
Dn Jt V Praton DutTalo NYi
Dear strain the year 1609 I had n attack
ot indigestion and rat so bad that my bemo
doctor said bo could not do me any rood 1
wrote to you and you advised mo to uso Dr
VlcrcQs Qolden Medloal Discovery so I
bouffht six bottles and when I commenced
uslns It 1 fraa So weak could hardly walk
about tbe house Dy tho time I had used ono
feottro my stomach and bowels commenced to
heal There wero strips ot iho limns pf my
stomach or bowels I dont know which as
Iattro as a mans two ungrors passed and I bad
a Treat deal of misery In my stomach ami
bowels and also In tho rectum espcelany I
could not eat anything without havlne much
alstross aftorward but by tbe time I had
taken elslit bottles of tho Golden Med
ical Discovery 1 was sound and well and
coold eat anything I pleased without tuffer
luff in the least Coald also do as mnch work
in a dar as 1 ever conld I bavo not suffered
from tbo trouble since and It was four years
aio that 1 was so sick
O Trent Gordonvllle Texas
If you are looking for a perfect laxa
tive try Dr Pierces Pleasant Pellets
VOIT 1 NfYWwhat you want Wa tho deaIcr ln medlcnes
U i > l V VV business to supply that want If he urges
upon you somsthlng Ise hes thinking of the larger profit hell make
not of YOUR welfare Shun such n dealer
OWe thetn U
You soon Jose the
to keep to yourself J
ellgion you try
Do Your ClothesebgW Yellow
Then us8 Defiance fitnrdi It will
keep them white 15 5 lor 10 cents
Any loancan tall < bjg over a tele
phone 4
Greater New York consumes 1388
000 quarts of milk a day and the peo
ple never see a pow
Take Laxative 1ruino Quinine Tablets All driiff
retund tbe uoaer It It fals u rare E W
roves iljrnsture Is oa earn bux 25o
It takes more than the Sunday suit
to make tbe Eolld saint
i I
Try One Package
K Defiance Starch does not please
you return It to your dealer If It
does you ECt onethird more tor the
same money It will give you satlo
factlon and will not stick to the iron
Lots of people get round shouldered
from patting themselves on the back
but havo purchased several bottles to
give to those without tho means to buy
and have noticed without exception
that it has brought about a spectly cure
wherever it has been ttseiiV Rosea
Peruna Contains Ha Rarcolics
One reason why Pernnai has found
permanent use In so many Homes is that
it contains no narcotic of any kind
Peruna is peifeatly Harmless It cam
be used any length of time without ac
quiring a drug habit Pernna docs not
produce temporaryresults It is perma
nent in its effect
It has nobad effect upon the system
and gradually eliminates catarrh by re
moving the cause of catarrlu There an
amultitude of homes where Perunahos
been nsed off and on for twenty years
Such a thing could not be possible it
Peruna contained any drugs oft a nar
cotic nature
Address Dr Harttnan President of
The Ilartman Sanitarium Columbus
All correspondence hold strictly coni
Xli7U0pacatalDffpJoiit > ia
Siadbtlmg Etiema
and Bkin Xemady
PurlfleSf Thar Heol
roiltlralr curerEciemariinpI l
BruptlODi lawot Bits and all dla1
eiMS of the kin Ad abaolateE
care or Dandruff or Scalp dlaeeicp
5100 Per Bottlo SmdforFKEEBOOXLXraf
Aik your drujtgtn or barber or aaod to
K1 H l + LV a if 72 p Book Mailed Feoor
tlSA 8 LACeYP lentAlt > WssMntamDC
Colof more Doods brifihterArdfftitor eclors than an other die One 10c eacfcage colors silk wool and cotton equally well and Is ausrsnteed to olve perfect rest
Art dealers will send pott paid at 10c a package Write lor ret booklelHow lo Die Bleach ard Mix Colors MOMWEVUVil CO < on > iliorJXx tesirf
Some of the Gerjnan < health Insur
ance companies havoffqiind It a pay
ing lrvcctracnt to establish sanatoria
for the care of fhein Consumptive pol
icy holders f
Houston lexas upenstesmio largest force
of ouiapetent iteteotlTeii7f la tba Sooth
Its a case ot minority rule ln a
house where theres a baby
The largest pontoon bridge in the
world Is at Calcutta and Is a perma
nent structure
When Answering Advertlsementa
Kindly Mention This Paper
tuxti nulla AU tutr WS
1 Best Cough Syrup Taate Good 1
Largest Pure 50 Bar
ftOOOO Plants for 15c
r frirdeni and fn m are planted to
Salter 6 il than a r otli rln C
America There la r a on fortMi
Vft own oT r0M aerei tor tli pro
jdoctlon ot ourwarranted aeed
Iccdantfd oflen
For 1a Cento Patpal < 3
ktnaOEarlrll dlHHB4Lat Ca4bacM
HMO rinaIulcrTunlBu
FKjdofllMCltDr OltiT
XQ0O Hick Aillf Uttate
1400 i > l dl 6 > lo H
10H liar 1omIom MaIUtitiu
1000 Qlorlontl Brllllaat rk w
Above toran paokaeei eonta
dent teed to grow 100W plan
ntihlDfr buthela or brilliant
YeaetablMtofrethtr with our er6
cataiAfftelliDtr All about Flowars
UofA Small Frulta Bte all for
litaintUtnpi and thla notl

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