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Appalling Mortality Among the Little Ones Dae
to This Cafctso Proper Attention to JHealth of
Mothers Would Savo Many Isives
a I mm
jMbWj Wc MaWw > lW WWtf >
Tbe number of deaths duo to tubeT
< culosls Is tremendous When the word
Is spoken one Instinctively thinks of
pulmonary consumption This Is the
form which attacks adults and which
we Tseo dally gathering In Its victims
There are other forms however moro
conimon In children that levy trib
ute upon them without calling atten
tion to tho relationship between these
diseases an consumption of tho
Dr Jacobl Is authority for tho state
Trent that Tuberculosis kills as many
people old and young as diphtheria
croup whooping cough scarlatlnn
measles and typhoid fever taken to
gether In all of our cities active
steps have been taken to protect the
leople from tho above named dls
eases Until quite recently however
a few years at most nothing was done
to Teduce the mortality from tuber
Now however the attention of the
world the common people and the
health authorities has been called to
Its curability and preyentablllty
The causes the modes of scatter
ing and the prevention are all being
studied and an educational campaign
1b on to wipe out this white terror
The children suffer from tubercu
losis of the bones the bowels and
lymph glands Tubercular meningitis
Is frequently found In early life and Is
uniformly fatal Only by careful at
tention to tho food and dally habits
can the rising generation be made Im
mune from theso varied forms of tu
The fact that over one half of all
babies born die before they reach the
ago of five years proves that tho con
stitutional capital bequeathed them
la small Is tho proper attention paid
tot e diet exercise and outofdoor
tt1fto of tho mother If this wore done
the child would undoubtedly havo
greater vitality and could by proper
care and education live above the tu
berculosis of childhood and of adult
Cause and Cure of Gastric Catarrh
Chronic congestion of tho stomach
known as gastric patarrh is usually
caused by one of tho following errors
or by alt of them put together Eat
ing too much or too fast swallowing
food insufficiently masticated the
use of such coarse foods as cabbage
greens etc mustard peppersauce
ginger and other condiments and
spices pastry containing animal fats
are tho things that produce gastric
Tho firsthand mo3t necessary step
in the treatment of this disease Is to
remove the cause of the trouble Wo
may induce activity of the Bkln hy
hot applications followed by cold or
hot bath followed by a short applica
tion of cold fomentations followed
by a short cold application to the
stomach These treatments are use
ful but the most Important factor la
tho regulation of the diet A fruit
diet is nest for the reason that In gas
tric catarrh there is a great accumula
tion ofgerms which are destroyed by
fruit Juice A wellprepared diet of
toasted bread zwieback granose blsi
cult etc is also useful in these
Bedroom Climate
A person at the age of sixty years
has spent about twenty years of bis
life In bis bedroom Have you inves
tigated tho average sleeping room cll <
mate If you were sent as a mission
ary to some distant pestllentldl spot
theclimate of which Was as unhealth
ful as tint of the average bedroom
would you not feel that you were risk
ing a great deal for the sake ot tho
Pn the tombstone Of tens of thou
sands of hose Who have died from
tuberculosis might appropriately he
Inscribed Disease and death were
Invited and encouraged by1 a death
dealing bedroom climate
To show that this Is no exaggera
tion it Is only necessary to call at
tention to the fact that fully haf of
the tubercular patients placed In out
door consumptive hospitals make a
satisfactory recovery If fresh air
will cure the disease It is certainly a
wonderful preventive of It It is not
more reasonable to deliberately
breathe impure air than it Ib to drink
impure water or to eat unhealthful
food or wear infected clothing
TenderHearted Savages
One ofithe most anomalod features
of cur Christian civilization is the
slaughter house especially the abat
toirs of our great cities where veri
table torrents of blood perpetually
flow the ebbing life ot millions of In
nocents whicVdie that man may feast
Indians ar3 not noted for being
oversensitive and particularly de
plse any exhibition ot weakness The
Interior tit tt slaugiterlloUse however
Is said to haVe fmpvod too ffiuch for
their powers of Jeifc ontrol The Chi
cago Record staRs that a party of
fifteen Blackfoo flnndians recently vis
ited the killingjWpoiifJpf1 Armour s
plant One f ainUM tnre 6 more were
ill the rest cqjgre u p their eyes
They were liurjld put of tho place
Into the fresh aTrT
A Good Reform
The abommaljJS practice of wear
ing long sklrts f5th6j3treet is dying
out Pretty as fflEs to see a summer
dress negligently trailed over a
smooth lawn Jewefcdwith daisies the
sight of a wbmarTdragglng her goWn
In the streetsweeping lip the filth
and collecting < roilllons of microbes
Is a revolting spectacle and yet with
a long skirt theSonly alternative is
to hold It < upVSSpractlce which In
duces cramp Inffiho arm as woll as
cold fingers InWinter and gives a
decidedly ungrtlceful walk and atti
tude ma
A Curofor Cold Feet
An excellenti and simple remedy
for cold feet ity the application of cold
water Step intoTlhe bathtub let tho
cold water runJlr a > llttle faster than
It runs out Standing In the water
rub one foot wlth < theother rapidly
ten or twelve times Then chango and
treat the otherifoqt inthe same man
ner Keep up tEls alternate rubbing
for about threejminutes Tho feet
will have becomlwery red and as you
step out of theljvater you will find
them burning andj glowing with the
warm blood biougnt into themiby this
means < iSIB
Some Cmneso Bathi
A traveler lnjfMongolIa writes
There are sdmghot pilngs on the
road about twenty miles north of
Chlngpeng Tfiow place 13 named
Tahgshan Ttio arrangements for
those anxious tojb epeflt by their heal
ingproperties arejiver y primitive A
row of twenty tfipiirty wooden boxes
the sfzo ofan ordinaryjiipacking casa
is ranged besJdetShe road In these
sit bathers ofrevbrygge and both
sexes with thelrf heads protruding
Attendants wlthWuckets Continually
refill the boxes from the springs For
less luxurious bathers there is accom
mqdatton In a pool which has been
dug out close by In this they squat
scooping up the water and pburlngit
over their heads with brass basins It
Iscurious to reflectthat establish
mentsjllko HomburjjLand Aixle
4aVMha artheIi5brBln in suchbegin
lngs v 5
Training the Skin
The usual effect of a draft of cold
air upon the back of the neck is a cold
and a sore throat Many years ago
Dr Brown Sequard an eminent
French physician devised a means by
which sore throat from this cause
might be prevented fBy blowing Upon
the back of the neck with apair ot bel
lows increasing thet irrieeach day he
trained his patlent MUitil they could
endure this treatmentjfar halfan hour
without Injury
It is not necessary fcS b oeiposed to1
a draft of air on the backof the neck
in order to obtain thisresuit By
means ot the td balh r theWetshee t
rub the shower batlgjt owe friction
etc the sklnTnay be educated to con
tract on the sllghtesUluc rease of cold
Daily exposure to tbe eontact of cofd
ajr ia of tho utmost Importance It Is
because of the constant1 exposure to
cold that the Indians bpdyis all face
the skin of his whole body has
learned to take careo f ltself
Dr Lorenx Strlclffeetotaler
At a banquet glvefiMjDr LOre nz
wine Was served fge ujined the
wineglass aside Sometra enqulved lf
he was a tdtaViabltaTiierSf flo an
swered BKf
I am a surgeon fMyiJsuccess de
pends upon having ijfejea rji brnln a
steady nerve and flrn wusclesi > Np
ohe teautakaany forr41 ° eob0l wltlH
out blunting these physical powers
therefore as a surgeoiiVi n st not ow
any form of spirits Journalof In
ebriety Jfe
In HarmonyVvltK Naturtf
Modern science as eWasexperi
ence has shown that contact with nat
ural surroundings especlally > fresh air
sunshine and the ozontnggemanatlons
from growing plants pis marvelous
healthImparting virtues In these
natural agencies Is active tho power
which created and malmAi nsialltblngs
and which Is copstantljjfcqmmiinlcated
to all living things astltheessential
condition ot continued life The moro
closely man comes fdfrpature the
more deeply he may 4flnkfrom the
fountain of life and h4alln g < > To live
in harmpny with Natur Jntbe fulbst
andtruest settse s tiiHyain har
rodnywith Jod and tSplve In dlvjno
harmony is tobe happy
LpnueBt Straight Hallway
The longest straight piece ot rail
way line In the world Is from Nyngan
to Mourke In New South Wales Thl3
Tallway runs 138 miles on a level In
a perfectly straight line
The Hearthstone
When the logs are burning tree
Then tho fire la tullj nf glee
When each heart gives out its best
Then the talk le fuil ot iest
Light your lire and never fear
Uto wa made lor love and cheer
FrostReslstlnfl Plans
At tho government station Lulea
In Sweden experiments are being
made to secure varieties of plants not
likely to be Injured by frost
Judges Must Prove Fitness
Before a Scotch Judge may take his
seat on the bench ho must conduct a
probationary trla to the satisfaction
of his brother Judges Lord Ardwall
appointed bill chamber Judge by the
king has Just undersono the ordeal
Has Appropriate Monument
A German pencilmaker recently do
ceased has ever his grave a gigantic
stone representation ot halt a lead
pencil set as n tombstone It Is of
red sandstone with a core ot graphite
8 InChes In diameter
An old bachelor says there pro no
marriages In heaven because it is
An ExSheriff Talks
Scott City Kan March 20th Spe
cial Almost overy newspaper tells
of cures of the most deadly of kidney
diseases by Do dds Kidney Fills
Brlghts Disease Diabetes Rheuma
tism and Bladder troubles in fact any
disease that is of the kidneys or caus
ed by disordered kidneys is readily
cured by this great American remedy
But It Is In curing the earlier stages
of kidney complaint that Dodds Kid
ney Pills are doing their greatest
work They aro preventing thousands
ot cases ol Brlghts disease and other
deadly ailments by curing Kidney Dis
ease when It first shows Its presence
in the body
Speaking of this work ExSheriff
JameB Scott of Scott County says
I have used eight boxes of Dodds
Kidney Pills and must say that they
are Just the thing for Kidney Disease
We have tried many kidney medicines
but Dodds Kidney Pills are the best
of all
The Fiji Islanders discovered In the
first motor car to invade their primi
tive hame tho father of all devils
Burning Up VVlth swrerrlble Itching
Eczema Speedily Cured by
Cutlcura j 1
1 r > 1 I j
iCutlcura cured me of a terrible
L hodijufteXodr
qczemaifrpmi vhlch
unable to obtain any help jf r6mUSe
best doctors My sdaln wascovered
with scabs and my faco wbb like a
pieco of raw beef my eyebrows and
lashes were falling out and I felt as
if burning up from the terrible Itching
and pain Cutlcura gave mo relief tho
very first day and made a complete
cure in a short time My head and
face are now clear and well Signed
Miss Mary M Fay 75 West Main St
Westboro Mass
Postage stamps were printed and
gummed by contract for fifteen cents
per 1000 the paper being supplied by
the government In 1840 They are
printed much cheaper now
100 Reward 100
The reden of tU paper will be plelied to letrn
tat bttt la at leaat one dreaded dlieaia tbat acleoce
hai twea able le care la all lta ttairei and tbat la
Catarro tlalta Catarrh Cure la tbe only poiltlre
cure now known to tbe medical fraternity Catarrh
being a constitutional dlieaae requires a constitu
tional treatment intra Catarrh Cure taken In
ternaUr acting directly upon the blood and mocous
anrfacea o < the aratem thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease and siring the patient
elrenzth by building up the constitution and assist
ing nature in doing lta work The proprietors hare
ao much faith In lta curatlre pevera that tbey oaer
One Unndred pollara for any Ch isst It falla to
cure Send for list of testimonials
Address F J CIIENET CO Toledo O
Sold by all Druggists 75c
Take Kans Family Fills for consUpatlon
Think twice before you speak And
ijven then nine time s out ot ten the
world wont lose anything if you keep
Plsos Cure for Consumption Is an Infallible
nieUlclne tor coughs and colds N W Rurcix
Ocean drove N J Feb 17 WO
A bushel pf potatoes may do more
good than a wagon load of prayer
n the Spring
Some maldenp fancies doubtless turn
to thoughts Of love but the majority
ot them as Well as humanity in gen
eral have a want to laydown and
stay down feeling Simmons Sarsa
parllla Is the lifter It not oAly takes
hold it lifts up That way back
weary feeling vanishes like a dream
Many a society woman Isnt in the
swim deep enough to get her bathint
suit wet
a ocAitANTEKD ccitis ron rims
ItcblngUllnd Bleeding or rfolrudlnvr Vo
druiBlat will refund money if rAZCSOlNTUENI
lalla to cure you In to days 60b
Egypt with 10000000 people has
only one lunatic asylum and tbat with
only E00 beds
Seme on the Island of Jolo That Are
Seldom Eajen Elsewhere
Tho Island ot Jolo covers fully 32i
square miles It Is of coral formation
and offers a mo3t excollent harbor to
tho west In topography It is gently
undulating and covered throughout Its
entire length by tho rankest tropical
vegetation valuable teakwood being
found extensively throughout the en
tire district Nowhere In the world
aro more luscious fruits produced
Amoag those peculiar to this belt is
tho ilurlan which Is about tho size ot
a muskmelon Its exterior presents
fomowhat the appearance of a chest
nut burr beln prickly and tough
within tho fruit Is white and cheese
llke and owing to Jthis peculiarity
the Amorican soldiers dubbed It the
vegetable llmburger
The mangosteenNs another of the
rare fruits It is the size of an aver
age orange chocolate colored and has
a very brittle skin Inside four white
sections contain a colorless liquid
This Is the rarest fruit known and the
only one so it is claimed that Queen
Victoria had never tasted there be
ing no way of preserving the fruit for
a sufficient period after plucking to
permit of shipping to any distance
Scientific American
Many Large Brokers Do Business at
Leading Hostelrles
Within recent years there has beeu
a decided tendency toward the exten
sion of Wallstreet and kindred Inter
ests far beyond the old boundaries bf
the financial district says a writer In
the Metropolitan Nearly all of the
larger financial concerns now have
branch offices as far uptown on Man
hattan as ttarlem and the Bronx and
hotels of the Importance of the Wal
dorfAstoria the St Itegls and Man
hattan have within their walls brahch
offices of some wellknown banking or
brokerage firm with headquarters On
the street and in touch by direct
Wire with the stock exchange
Not tho least important phase of
this uptown movement was the open
ing a few months ago of the new
Knickerbocker Trust building at tho
corner of Fifth avenue and Thirty
fourth street Thl3 is one of New
Yorks most artistic business struc
New Experience for Greely
Geri A W Greely chief of the army
signal service has strung telegraph
vlres in the wilderness has fought
In many battles and has led an 111
fated expedition to find tho north pole
but he Is of the opinion after think
ing ovef his long and nctive career
ttiat he never had any real trouble un
til thigrvvlnt eri TwornohjhsagO one
of Jhq ashtlnspe ctojs fpidithe geileral
KdrsmaIj 1Gr feugh a one
l elyy
Last weekthe ashes were not re
Jhoved and the gdnbralmade a cojri
plaint to tho department An inspec
tor went up to investigate He re
turned and reported to the general I
am sorry sir but1 the reason your
ashes have not been taken away Is
because your ash can is too large
What Gen Greely said to the Inspec
tor would be best expressed In the
dashes his telegraphers use
t hm persuaded from mine Unbelief
And to the keeping ot ray fnlth am won
Because a little shining of Gods eUn
ClearB me a pathway through a world of
1 could not but accept the sweet relief
Since I had learned how hard It was to
Where sin s wild tangle In the shadowc
Denied my soul her rest however brief
Where In thecrowd hope cheers a droop
ing mate
Where kindness In the sunshine and
Gives to the casement of the common
And points one past tho gates of fear and
Where prays a penitent his inmost
I am persuaded that the light Is there
Frank Wnlcott Hult in New Orleanr
Jury Had Heard of Bob
J Alexander Yoell a shrewd but
excitable business man of San Jose
Cal died recently leaving a will
Which gave much dissatisfaction to his
near relatives They went into court
about the matter urging that de
ceased was of unsound mind In proof
of this contention they tojd of a dls
pute Yoell had at one time with Fltz
Simmons the prize fighter Said tho
brawny Bob If yon wuznt such a
little runt Id break you in two Tc
which the merchant replied Try
it nndiyouU get the worst of it This
may npt have determined the case
but at ariy rate a new division of the
estate has been ordered
A Close Margin
The bellhop had carried a Jinglli g
pitcher up to rbom 49 and had empti id
the clattering contents lritd > the whte
pltcher that belonged to the room
Then the boy stood expectantly re
marking significantly
Iatbat all mister
The roomer handed the boy a nickel
and tbe youth exclaimed as he looked
disgustedly at the stingy tip
Durned near all wasntIf mis
ter Baltimore American
A Prominent Tofcka Rebecca Office
Write to Thalk Doans Kidney
Plliifor It
Mrs 0 E B tnjardner a local offi
cer of the Ueb ts
of Topekaj J
Room 10 812 B niia
Aveiwrites 1 uifed
Doans Kidney Mis
during the past fkt
for kidney ti ilSle
and klndroi ail
ments I was s fter
ing from pains I lithe
back and heads t > 6
but found afte Ithe
ubo of one box a the
remedy t h a t tho
troubles grad ally
disappeared so hat
before I had fini bed
a second jjacltp e I
was well I the rV 6ro
heartily ondoSse
your remedy
Signed MrJ C E Bumgardner
A FREE TRI iL Address Foster
Milburn Co Bu Iftlo M Y For Bale
by all dealer s yrtce 60 cents
If a doctor cant cure himself what
must be think his patients are thick
From latejfrepi
elansare itch in i
Because the rta
Shall 1 not o
Becnnse theso
Passes when
far East
tta It seemsthe Ru s
to get back to > St
PetefsbufgllijlfSfheyj had Hunts cure
It would fix them It quickly cure9
any klndofjiltcbitthat ever happened
Dont dbubtfWjiub It Oil If it falbj
your morieyJMwlflng tor you
k estlon
i roust fade
e > the rose
mer shade
Inter blows
Shall r not retime tjie
In thecodolr
Because UlVsur let sky
Makes thoVm felc in my soul
Only tojfallfamr
8halH If otjt
0 beautyjth t
The Duk p fJD ivonshlfe possesses
as an herldbri
Book Truth1
one of the rarest
times as
the mo steostly rb
Museum can boasi
refused an offerjg
jauao Lorraines
which is said to bo
and most valuabla
volumes lriVEuYojS It Is worth six
The openSpaceF
twentyoiie a nd aj
r regate co s e ach
tenance ot p arkst
000 frvf
A cemete ryrfo
French wrlteroal
te the whole
t Elves
rd Watson Glldei
ho Mnzarln
ok that tho British
The formerDuko
ji100000 for It
f London tneaaurb
inlf miles The ag
y ear of ho maln
3 less than 2G00
books Is what a
is the National LI
brary ParlSSiiIawhjch tljeihlstoryij
pfAKraric 4a loaeM pi Sted 6yiSQ0 ia
000 volumeB p >
A cotts hidS
pounds Of leather
elghteen ppiFhiis
Tt is thej lmp
lengthrot daysret
ijriSdUces thlrtyflye
and that Qt a horso
When a cat i ins alter her own
tall remarked ttn observer Of events
and thlnjr t she < j pes not always at
tain the ehdlsheif
Tfj Ef 6JMtejE LIFE
Ways That
ffVej > fe
iJsVa el
easant and Paths
Thatj Peace
e life that gives
r enlty of mttld and
body and tranquil Ity ot eoul
Simple jhoSes an lyambitlons bound
ed byfhV dtia ro Wdo gbo 6 to oWs
nelghbors slrafllelpileasure s habits
food anfldrink < L
Men BleillihgMfrjW their tlniebe
cause they tryto emwd too miifah Into
their experencesfcthey climb too
high and fal4oohpdV Awtse woman
writes ofthe good that a stmplo diet
has done herjj 1 W J
I hive beeVjisFng GrapeNuts fof
about six month s ijbjgan rather spar
fngly until Il acquired such a liking
fOr it that forjthellastthree months
t havo depend ed opo n it almost en
tfrely formyj dlet eating nothing else
whatever but GrapeNuts for break
fast and supper atjd I6elteve I could
eat it for dinner wthrtiit and be sat
isfled w lthqutother food and feef
rdUch better > n ij h avo more strength
to domy honsew fc
VVTien l beganiji e txsoipi drape
Nuts I was thin and weak ray muscles
were so soft that I was pot able to do
any work I reighed only 108 pounds
Nothing that11 attiHId me any ood
I was golngli down Thjll rapidly was
nervous andjmls fSblei wljhno ambli
lion for anyt hfns Mys condition Im
proved rapidlj aftqSTbesaatbr eat
GrapeNuts fpoA Mt made me feci
liko a ne r wo an i myi muscles got
solid my fifeur ji ounded out my
weight increased t 126 pounds in li
few weeks m pt rv s grew steady
and my mlnd ette hn dclearer My
friends tell m he yh a xent seen jne
look so wellloriixb
I consider On pANuts the best
foqd on the m arkotl and shallnevergo
backto meatjnn4j hlfe bread again
Name glyen by
Theres a reaspi
Look n each
book The Roii
turn CoBattlb
g for tho
VeUv ille
i > I

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