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mntontiTioN itATi a
jriiv Year postpaid
Lutcrod nt tho Shiner Toxas Iost
oifloo ua Bocopdclass matter
AVcdupwlivy Oct 101100
This office Is Insured In the Prin
ters Mutual Fire Insurance Associa
tion ot Texas
Congress 1500
Representative 500
District offices 500
County offices 500
Precinct offices 250
City officeB 250
Democratic Nominees
For Stale Senator
From tlio 13th senatorial district
For County Judge
For Sheriff
For Tax Asscsoor
For Tax Collector
For Pnblio Weigher Precinct No 8
The quarrel among the democrat
should cease Let us have peace
Tho United States have again
captured Cuba and this time for
Mr Crane entered into tbe
debatj ivith Senator Bailey
hi personal ambition
doubt been fully gratified
wQuldyoT ilced to iaVe
Been a member of the Harris county
good government club and been
present at tho BalleyCrano debato
wljen Ilailej had the floor
All friends of education will bo
paitied to learn of tho sudden death
ol Prof J S Kendall superintend
of the North Texas State Normal at
Denton which occured Oct 1 Ho
was onu of tho finest educators in
Texas and we could ill aflord to
loose him
The friends of both Bailey and
Crane seem to bo satisfied with the
rcBiiH of the joint debate Noither
side seomed to have much the nd
ontaga of the other Tho principal
sufieiers seems to be the IlairiB
County Good Government Club
Mr Bailey roasted thorn to a finish
The city of Pensacola Fla is
almost destroyed by the hurricane
from the uli Big iron ships were
forced high up in the city by wind
and wave
Exchange Gossip
J V Bailey in his speech at
Houston last Saturday night in the
debate with M M Crane said
I believe and I believe it as
firmly as my Christian wife believes
in her religion that tho two great
dangers threatening this republic
today are the monopolies on tbia
hand and socialism on that Bo
tween these two monstrous and
warring forces I have stood as the
great democratic party has stood
resisting both with equal courage
And equal resolution
Congressman Seorgo Burgess
eays a republican looks belter to
him than h socialist How doos
State ownership of railroads as a
elmonpuro article of demooratio
faith BtHlco tho geullcmnnf Dallas
Times Herald
Tho taoUe died u bnmlu boforo It
jot to OniiRriwirrinu Burgess dial
rlct HotiHlon IW
Mr UtirgW head U lovolnn lil
Let us keep cool and let ub be
fair There is no need to charge
Senntor Bailey with dishonesty and
no reason why his friends should
call his opponents liars and villi
Tiers Tho main question at issue
Is weather a United States senator
shall accept employment from cor
porations Galveston Tribune
In the humble opinion of the
editor of this paper ho Bhould not
General M M Crane who has
beeen bonorod by the democraoy of
Texas on many occasions has placed
himself in the attitude of fighting n
nomin eoof tho demooratio party
This comes in bad tasto from a man
who got his start at tho hands of
the democracy Sherman Register
Ccrtain things which nro trans
piring now will not soon be forgot
ten and will return to plague certain
people Houston Post
The same may bo said of certain
democrats who are now llphting the
democratiopartyin Layacca county
Humor and Philosophy
Cowritht 1 M t > 7 8unjmHo < w Oe
One cannot go forth these dajm with
out 6tcpplns upon broken resolutions
If all flesh Is grass wo are all vege
Sliatlnc 15 half so attractive to
the average hoy during vacation as It
Is during the school season
Professional Cards
Sohulze < Gray
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Sohuizocfc Grave Drugstore
Can be found at the Youngs Hotel
during the night
All legal business will have
prompt attention Office in post
office building
Wanted at once
A good white cook German pre
ferred Best wngei paid Apply
at once to L M Kokernot Shiner
R F D No 4
Stalk Cutters
Cwu JL
Wolters Bros
A good farm of eixtyfivo acres
for sale one mile from Yoakum
and onefourth mile from Catholic
Church Well improved Easy
terms Apply to
10lm Yoakum Texas
Fresh Bread
Buns and Cakes
Always on Hand
FRI2IC Knowing what it is to Buf
fer I will give IfRlClC OP 0IIARGR
to nny nlllialed a positive euro for
ICc ma Salt Ithouin Kryolpolaa
IMIob nml Skin DIscnHoa Instant
rallqf Dont auflVr louR r Write
V V WILMAMH400 MmilmlUn
iWsiiUti Nbw VMi liineloM Utai >
jHas openend up and you will soon be ready to make Fall and
Whiter purchases and we are now ready to show you one of the most
incomplete lines of General merchandise ever shown and we assure you
Ifjuit our goods and prices are right and it will be to your interest to
acquaint yourself with our goods and prices before buying
Farioy Oil Cloth 15o
Allfgallcos Now at 5o
Cotton Check good Colors and
Patterns 6 6 7 and 80
Bookfield ginghams worth Reg
ggular 10o Value at 8c
Outing flannel worth 7c our
iPprice 50
Outing flannel 12ic Value at 10c
L LSlBrown Sheeting worth 7o6o
LiUSBrown 44 Sheeting a special
I Number 7c
L11LT4 4 Brown Speeding Extra
iHeavy 8c
Brown Canton flannel Noe
Abetter at 7 8910 and 12jc
lyljBleiiched Muslin Nono better
MSl 7c
4i Bleached Muslin Ocquality 8c
4f 3fr full of starch 9o
Dress Goods
IiijOrees goods we are ehoning
the ljest assortment we ever had
andlybu will say bo when you
W Bee thorn
Black Silk Mohair a winner at
Black Silk finished Suitings 125
Creoni Silk Mohair 44 in width
foHWaistB and Suits City price
35 175 Our price 125
Black and changeable Mohair
gJffom 50o to 100
> Nobb y DresB Patterns in 7 yara
lengths no two alike in all the
latesT shades and fabrics from
J500 to 8 75 a pattern
Nevl Novelty Suitings in all the
newxshades in Grey 38 inrh
AllTwbol Albatross in theleadiug
Shades 38 inch 50e
Novelty Suiting all colors 15 20
iFlaMejgUoMVaisting and School
71110 2 JTandlfS 5a
1 < silks
OurjjGin Peau De Soie at 150
is a winner and cannot bo beat
for tho price
36 inPeau Do Soie Regular
160 for 125
36 inPcau Do Soie Regular
125 for 100
in4PMk Taffeta we have 3
Num Tra thpt wo eonsidtr extra
good for 100
44 intGrey Plaid Soft TntVAn
fctV 125
30 in > Whitp Soft Tafleta atl 00
Tlie h ove two Numbers just the
thingjffor Wedding dresses at
popular prices
CbinalSills 27 in vide all oolon >
Citation liy Publication
the Sheriff or any constable of La
vaca county Greeting
You arehereby commanded that
you summon Ed Mueller whose
resldencoia unknown by making
publication of this citation in enme
newspaper published in Lavaca
county Texae for four consecutive
weeks to appear before me at n reg
ular term of the Justice Court of
Precinct No 3 in said county of
Lavaca to bo hold at my ollice in
tho town of Shiner In the county
ot Lavaca on the 15th day of Oc
tober 1900 to answer tho suit of
O L Williams plaintiff against
Ed Mueller defendant being nutn
berod No 87 on tho docket of said
court Tho plaintiffs demand bo
Itig for tho Hum of 4105 duo upon
Iloroin full not and of tliU writ
mako duo return to tho next rfgu
Ur term of J Btir Court Product
No ilIn wldjuounty of IWo In
U hid ok M 16tti d y of Octobw
Anybody will sell you a 27 in
china silk for 50o but compare
them with oureand you viill buy
your silks from ub
Brocnted White Silk at 50c and
1 00 Just tho thing for woJ
ding dresses and a swell line ot
Bridal wreaths at from 75o
to 250
20 cans MendleBon best lye for 1
16 large cans American lyo 1
16 BallB Sterling Potash for 1
18 lbs best granulated sugar for 1
Beat flour 48 lbB Back at110
Best flour Barrel at 4 50
8 lba good Rio Coffee for 1
7 lba best washed Rio Coffee for 1
6 lba best Java large bean for 1
5 gal Keg pickles nt 160
5 gal Keg best Northern Kraut
at 8125
J Bhl best Northern Kraut
at 3 20
21b can Tomatoes 3 cans for 25c
2 lb can Corn 3 cans for 25c
Mens Shoes
Oil Grain Plow Shoo Regular
175 shoe now 1 50
we have these in 4 stylos Spring
Hfiel heel Congress and Spring
Heel and heel buckle
Battle Ax Seamless work shoe
a regular 250 shoe marked down
to 8200
We carry tho strongest aiirl
largest line of Mens 2 00 225
and 2 50 work shoes in the
In Mens Dress Shoos in Viol
Kid Velum Calf Box Calf and
Pat Colt we carry a nice assort
ment that have the wear Btyle
and snap about them at from
mp Udingltli peoialt Hnffio
In akeTe
MrATPackard very pai r
Ladies Shoes
Ladies Common Senso Buskin
Mlippers flalt and Vici at from
12510 150
Ladies Kangaroo Medium weight
hoes in plain and cap toe ail
aizei and styles from 125 to 715
none better
Ladies Vici Kid all solid leather
LadiC3 Vici Kid regulaf 2 00
quality 175
Ladies Vici Kid worth 250
row 2 00
A nerican lady shoos in alHIm
idiffeient styles of Wohby Diws
Hhoes at from 250 to 3 r0
Given under my hund this tho
12th day of September 1900
Justice of the Peace Precinct No
3 Lavaca county Texas
Citation by Publication
Sheriff or any constable ot Lavaca
county Qroetlng
You are horoby eommandod that
j ou Bummon W H MoOlll whoso re
sltloiico la unknown by making pub
ileutlon ot this citation in some nows
paper published in tho county of La
vaca Texas for four consooutlvo
weeks to nppour boforo m at a lpgu
lar term of tho Justloo Court forPro
eluet No 3 In said ot Lavaan
to bo held ut my ofllro In the town of
Hhlner In tho oouuty ot Lavaca on
tho lBth day of Ootolier ltloo to an
ewor tho suit ot O L Williams plain
tiff agaliiBt W II Moalll ilcfoiidant
being numborod 770 on the Uooket of
said oourt The plaintiffs demand
being for tho sum ot sftu00 with In
Childrens Minxes and Boys
Shoes We have the kind tjiat
wears and give satitfactioil in
every respect In medium price
Misses and Ladies shoes wo
handle tho H C Hodman make
guaranteed all solid leather and
lung vamp The best medium
price bIiocs on the market today
Mens Hats
In Mens and B > ys Hats wo
carry a largo assortment ot all
colors styles and price there is
no better line of Hats made for
tho prhe we offer thein at ram
100 to 700 if there weret wo
would have them take quality
and style in coneideration when
you look at our line and we feel
aBBurod you will buy one
In Mons Youths and B6ys
clothing wo dont take a back
scot lor any one our lino is com
plete our Btyles and prices are
Our ha id mado tailored suits at
from 1000 12 60 to 1500 ore
perfect in fit the kind tbot the
local tailor will charge you from
15 to 25 00 lor
Mens Suits the latest in cut
at 850
Mens worsted SuitB neat pat
terna Regular li 50 Suits at 10
Mens worsted Suits hand tailor
ed at 81250
Mens Black Unfinished tropical
worsted 14 00 to 1500
Mens Black Clav worsted Reg
ular 1260 und 15 00 Suit at
lOOOand 12 60
Out Brand for Youths and Boys
Bojrt Clothing
Boys Coats and Pauts the largest
assortment ever shown get your
boys fitted up tor school in oi e
of theso suits for the wii ter and
you will always buy yn ir cloth
ing from ue price from 8150
to 6 00
You can buy lots of clothing but
When you buy a suit look at the
label and buy a suit made by
Mfgs that have the reputation
of making tbe best
We bundle Sehloss Broa > and the
Lion Brand for Men und tho
Cant Wear Out branj for tho
Youth ami Boys Nono better
Remember we carry a general line of Merchandise a complete stock of
Haj ware Buggies Wagons and John Deere and Standard farm imple
ments These need no introduction as every one knows there are none
better on the market
jf Out stock of Groceries is always fresh and complete and we can
save you from 10 20 per cent on all yourfall purchases A trial will
convince you that this is the place to do your trading
4 ifci0 W 4Hfr C > >
Given under mv hand thlo the 12th
day of September 1900
Justice of tho Peaeo Precinct No 3
Luvaea County Texas
For SaleZ
One Oliver Typewriter Second
Hand good as new Inquire of
Jon MaohA Jhi
Notice M
Everybody who owns a ngbii
should try the new cold tiie sotting
machine at Joe Mikulike btyckii
smith shpp It pets the tirej8 whil
you wait 7
Hot and cold baths at Win
For Sale
A tract of lidOscrca ol land part
In outtlvatlcm a jnrRe oiohUioom
lou0 onrly n Uwi1 u
Herein fall not and of this writ < > 8rr n
mako iltiH return to thu next ifRtilni mUbotiaea Windmill and plenty
enn of the Justlon Oourt tor Preeiint
ol wtvtor p
oa n tt tLttoimty of Li
Prion if35 net acre Loni
Wttl Wb toWte

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