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One year postpaidv 100
Entered at the Shiner Texas
Past office as secondclass mat
Six thousand people heard Joe
Bailey speak at Houston Monday
night and 1000 were unable to
gain admittance
Sam Schwahtz Esq is think
ing seriously of becoming a can
dldatoJor Floater from this dis
trict Should Sam run wo be
lieve he could easily bo elected
Mr J C Neighbors is candl
date for Commissioner of pre
cinct No 2 in Gonzales County
Mr Neighbors will make a good
commissioner and we hope he
will be elected
Thus far all the announce
ments for office in Lavaca county
are made subject to the demo
cratic primary The so called
white mens primary seems to be
a thing of the past
i Democrats should bear in
mind that precinct conventions
are to be held on Saturday May
2nd for the purpose of naming
delegates to the county conven
tions to select delegates to the
state convention where dele
Kates at large will be chosen to
the National Convention at Den
ver The primary election on
May 2nd is not final butmust
bo ratified by the primary con
ventionsin order to make the
action legal So says the Terrell
election law
irfo a lcmio ofltrul
tees of the Shiner Independent
school district apgears in this is
sue of the Gazette The present
board has served continuously
for about three years and wish to
be relieved Those desiring to
serve should make it known at
once as the election takes place
on Saturday May 2nd An on
tire new board should bo elected
consisting of seven trustees
Exchange Gossip
While handling cotton bales at
the warehouse last week Mana >
ger Canon sustained severe inju
ries to his back though he is able
to be on duty again Now Era
It has just leaked out that At
torney General Davidson draws
monthly from a Galveston law
firm the sum of 100 a month
Practising influence eh Eagle
The Journal man says M M
Brooks is a prohibitionist Did
ho ovei take timo to read the
Judges opdhing speech Then
does ho remember the decision
ho handed down when Davidson
wanted to close up the saloons
tor 20 days S c h u 1 e nburg
School Trustee Election
By virtue of an order of the
board of trustees of the Shiner
Independent School District
hereby order an election to bo
held on Saturday the 2nd day of
May 1008 at the usual place for
holding elections for the purpose
of electing seven trusteed for said
school district and J Weishaar
is hereby appointed presiding
ofucer of said election Thepolls
to be opentd at 10 oclock a m
and closed of 4 oclock p m of
said day <
P rVs STodfol Trustees
UTaAXJXWBiN Secretary
For District Attorney
The Gazette has been au
thorized to announce the candi
dacy of Robert P Nixon of
Gonzales for the office of District
Attorney of the 25th Judicial
DigtricJv subject tcthe action of
thedomocratic primaries and he
respectfnily solicits your sup
For Representative
51st District
Subject to Democratic prima
For Tax Assessor Lavaca
Subject to the Democratic pri
For Tax Collector
Subject to the action of
democratic primaries
For Commissioner
Precincts 3 and 7
Subject to Democratic Prima
For Constable Precinct 3
For Public Weigher
Precinct 3 Shine f
My Journey to Oklahoma
On the 12th day of March I and ray
husband started o h oiir trip to Okla
homa the land of eternal sunshine
and beautiful scenery tho land where
tho Rod manstlllholds lils sway and
wears his rediblanket winterAndsum s
uiqrj rain or shine andfwhere Hhe
squaws carry their papooses babies
on th eirbacks Buulhq reader must
not think that this Isia wooly and wild
country for such it Is not it is the
contrary this Is a very tame country
and civilisation has attained a high
degree All classes are iepresented
here it is a mixed conglomeration of
humanity and overj body stays In his
At 0 oclock in tho evening wo ar
rived at Waco and left at 5 oclock
the next morning for Fort Worth
Prom tbero w e took tho train for Ver
non Texas the beginning of the Pan
Handle country At Vernon we
changed cars for Oklahoma Wo
crossed tho Red River just at day
break on Satuiday March 14 At
Fredcrlch Oklahoma no could see the
beautluL Wichita Mountain range
although they were 35 miles nwnJ
At 713 A M we arrived at Snjdcr
tho destination of our journey Snj
der is at tho foot of tho mountains
and is beautifully located That is
the town that was blowm awaj by a
terrlblo cj clone about il years ago but
it has built up again but peoplo have
storm caves and It Is not considered a
disgrace to run into a dugout On
Sunday tho 15th wo all went out
four miles in tho country to climb a
mountain closo to one thbusand feet
high called Mpunt Radsmlnski Wo
made ascent and descent ih J hours
Oh What a beautiful view wo had
when wo 1 cached tho summit For
miles around a beautiful landscape
lay beneath us Houses looked like
boxes and grown horses looked like
llttlo colts Wo w ill not foiget this
trip soon
On March 20th wo boarded the cars
again and started back to Texas
Our tickets read BallingerToxas
In conclusion I w ill say that our
short stay in Oklahoma and the kind
treatment wo received from our kin
folks was all that could bo deshed
and will linger in our memory for a
long tupe
MRS Hattje Zavdek nee Henkhaus
crayon portraits 40 cents frames
10 cents and up sheet pictures
6no cent each Yqu tan make
0 per ceht profit ot 300 per
week Catalogue and samples
free FftAfffc WILLIAMS
COMPANY 1208 W Tayldr St
Three Head Items
Good clio sr good cheer
The Easter dawn is breaking
Tho Lenten darkness of de
spair is past
Prom its cold sleep the germ
of faith awaking
Bursts iiytiip splendor of fnll
blootlifjja st
This lltylowrorse wo icnipm
bered froni clTool Some times
wo wonderwhether we appreci
ate tlio full leaning of the Easter
message Mii eh caino to the world
many centuries ago Should it
not mean to ustho death of all
enmities of doubts fears and all
vexations of spirit which are tho
fruits of exactlythese conditions
of mind and Heart
Supposof wo make up our
minds that with the dawn of Eas
ter morningSvc will cast out
from our hearts all bitterness
toward any person or anything
no matter how long wC have har
bored it thatw e will let gp of un
kind feeling f the desire to in
jure anotherffof even the wish
that one whom we have felt to be
our enemyllmay meet his just
deserts meaning by thisin Gui
nea t of hearfs that ho may re
ceive the stroke of illfortune
which we believe should bo his
Because Yight things make for
happjne ssfowhethe r in small af
fairs or greatf that 11 which pro
motes discord quarreling un
kindness back bitng > and all un
pleasantnesses rfvrpng That
whiQh adds itp joy and peace and
prosperity iho general welfare
of individu imily state na
tion or thojysjarjld is right Do
you not ihinkrtye may wisely ac
cept thisras ajworkiug hypothe
sis Our harvests correspond
tjalityrfc fie seed we sow
says the colunibln nie so
much looked for rain came at
last and wo have enough of it
now too
Mrs A Malina is building a
new house John Fischnar is
doing the work
On Sundayl < fbeforo last the
homo of J Ned bdlek was the
scene of a delightful social gath
ering >
Ask W B andjF N how many
fish they caught last Sunday
When a mambegins to feel that
he is helping tliotchurch by be
longing to it thai church is not
helping him Smf >
Vine Bednar f Shiner has
been paintingithlrresidence of F
J Migl < 4Jg
Henry andtOTieodoro Stuter
the former of wet Home and
the latter of Bethlehem Pa have
been visiting tl efamilies of J
Nedbalek and J Baluek This
is Theoa firstfVisltto the Blue
Bonnet State Kind he is just de
lighted with ourSinny South
and will no doubt xnake this his
permanent homeijtjWonder what
else attractedflnnVin Texas
It is tho weakgoss of human
nature that amusesithe strength
that pleases f fif
What about tnatsp much talk
ed of icefaetofiinisShtner fRe
member thcriceraream seasonis
near W
Student pfthankyou for
your complimentf
It is said that jWoman is a nat
ural born philanthropist that
she spends a godd deal of her
life in an euortstV4mve herself
attractive for h eVleasuro it may
nfforil other jlook at her
Well sometimes she is well re
paid for Jtu 1 < s < l
Say Girlie ffil us what idnd >
ot a the ybU ia VliSfc Sutitlay 1
J See no drie iihswered my
Welters Bros
Ladies higli class
dress shoes and ox
fords in Kid 6r Pat
ent Leather all
prices from
150 to 350
a 2 >
selUtho l
1fple1Suret lr2
71 >
come yourselfj rjScn
i Pianos
rs Bush and Lane
J Hamilton
f Hoffmann
H Kimball etc
S > Edison Phonographs and
questiongo here it isBesides
sugar alcohol will dissolve gold
lbrickhouses and horses and hap
piness and love and everything
else worth having Fan
Sunset School News
Will J think I muit tale ttjnp nnd
sctibblcya ew linos to tlio Gazette ngain
Tlio farmers in our burg aro plowing
and thiamin corn this week
The Baptistswill hae another aemee
in bur school 2Qtli of this montlw
Itoad o crseerr Wm HerclcnhofT had
hihanJsout ndrling last ucek
R G Blalo h vs been in our miibt atter
business a few wools and returned to
San Antonio again Monday
Matins AntrlcU and wifo were visiting
their father Frank Ant rich and family
Sunday thftSth
Pink 90b was heio tome timo this week
looking uft r hly cattlo i > j
Wm Uerckenhoff and family were visa
The Packard Shoe for Men <
A snappy shoe that will wear fit and
give the best satisfaction Buy the
Fauefeeurcl SJaoe
Either Lo or High Cut Kid or Patent Leather
= B = Every pair guaranteed
Real 3VEeaite
ilWM <
Dhnno No X Lot us llave J001 ovAcv to ay
inone no e
> > and day <
Mason and Hamlin
Newnlann Bros
Erjgland etc
V i
eii =
i Victor Talking Machines K
Complete and handsome stoclf of Stringed Instruments ISg
i < aShveclir Music up to the times v s
itmg tho home of Geo Ililbor Sunday
Will Holdt and wifo were Visiting their
father Henry Holdt nnd family Sunday
the 5th
MesiisWm Green and C H Welliau
sen weio in qui midst on tome business
last week
Misses Ottilia and Annie Bcinliauer
wirevisltim their friend Mary Huber
Suudaythe 5th
G Iloltz and sister Tcua mado a fly
ing trip to Dilw ortliTuesday
Mr Cjiarlio Slo cek was called tct sp f
his sick brotherinlaw V Hideckc
Monday of this week <
Mr oper of Niokel was seen in our
midst this week
Messrs J SlovcekAnd C Sloveelwero
at the home ot Wm Berclculioff Sfttiday
Well as twie is Up 1 must ring off
nishingoVcrytf adcr a happy Easter an J
many pt etty eggs Dandelion
ICeeppostfd011 home happen
ingsreadThe Gazette
At ri

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