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A Real Experiment
The term cooperative gar
den used by Professor Green
seems to me to be a bit mislead
ing It is not the purpose of the
government to make model
crops There is no idea of mak
ing a show place The gardens
are workshops in which experts
study garden and orchard pests
try out new species of plants and
domesticate them adding new
resources to the countrys list
of money makers etc They
are in reality experiment
farms But in order not to con
fuse them with the state experi
ment stations the name cooper
ative garden has been adopted
The work that Professor
Green and his men are doing at
Brownsville indicates what the
cooperative garden would do
here The war department turn
ed the old fort over to the agri
cultural department early in the
summer of 1907 The experi
ment garden was located on the
old cavalry driff ground be
tween the artillery barracks and
the nver The piece is fifty
acres in size It has been pack
ed as hard as iron by the hoofs
i of the countrys war horses for
many years Neglected since
the negro troops were with
drawn from the post it had in
the meantime grown up to Ber
i muda grass Professor Green
and his men cut the grass two
tons to the acre raked it up
and burned it Then they plow
ed the ground disced and har
rowed it turned water onto it
and planted
The little tract contains more
varieties of plant life than any
other of equal size in America
I suppose Fifteen hundred dif
ferent varieties of vegetables
trees forage plants flowers
vines etc are represented there
A careful card index record of
each specimen is kept in the of
fice of the director He can tell
3ou at a minutes notice when
each item was planted and what
success or failure it has made
according to observations taken
at frequent intervals down to
date He has beans from the
arid districts of India that are
expected to be a valuable food
crop for the Southwest Texas
regions that cannot easily be wa
tered He has plants brought
from all over the world contrib
uted without cost to Texas by
the federal government Many
of these like the Indian beans
are calculated to facilitate the
making of farm homes in dis
tricts that for want of water
cannot produce the crops native
to the soil He is making a
study of soils waters trees and
insect pests When he learns
how to get the better of a bug
that destroys quantities of gar
den truck and that the garden
ers dont know how to get rid
of he tells them Its mighty
practical work work that
makes and saves dollars Work
too that the average farmer or
fruit grower has neither the
time the money nor the expert
knowledge to do for himself
It struck me that a man who
knows how to do such things
could make a very strong roeni
on the order of the Biblical in
junction to turn swords into
pruning hooks after looking
into the old barracks now filled
with plows discs harrows
spades forks shovels and a hun
dred other tools of peaceful in
dustry The contrast was made
all the more vivid by the recol
lection that the last military oc
cupants of the old fort were a
lot of lIey disorderly black
men whoecause they were de
prived of normal natural use
ful labor ran amuck in the town
with guns in their hands
The Simplicity of Queen
Victorias Education
Was Queen Victorias success
as a ruler due to the wonderful
simplicity of her early educa
tion The remarkable awaken
ing and development of a woman
who at the age of 18 became the
ruler of a great nation speaks of
some powerful foundation be
neath it all Miss Jeannette Gil
der writing of Queen Victorias
published letters for the Review
of Reviews credits much of Vic
torias success to this early
schooling She says
From her earliest childhood
it had seemed more than proba
ble that Princess Victoria would
in time become queen of Eng
land Her mother the duchess
of Kent appreciated this proba
bility and trained and educated
her daughter with that end in
view She was not taupht to be
proud and overbearing because
she might one day be ruler of
England but she was on the
contrary brought ud to be just
and kind to control her temper
while not subjugating her will
In the pages ot her journal
which are quoted in this book
the queen tells us that her
mother brought her up most
simply and not until after her
accession did she have a room to
herself What do the young
girls of this remiblic who have
their bedrooms their boudoirs
and their private bathrooms say
to such simplicity From her
letters and journals we gathered
that although the young prin
cess was of an affectionate and
exceptionally feminine tempera
ment she was at the same time
highspirited and inclined to be
wild She liked the stir of Lon
don and enjoyed dancing though
it kepe her up till early morning
She also loved music particular
ly singing but was not much
given to the theater Pictures
she loved but her taste in this
line might have been improved
She was fond of reading and
her mother wisely guided her
along the paths of history and
political science
One of the chief blessings of
Queen Victorias childhood and
middle life was the influence of
an enlightened and highmind
ed prince Leopold her mater
nal uncle
One great bond of union be
tween Queen Victoria and her
Leopold was that theflrst
suggestion of her marriage to
Prince Albert came from him
When Queen Victoria first saw
her Cousin Albert she admired
him immensely both for the
beauty of his person and of his
mind After getting better ac
quainted with him she liked him
very much but she wrote her
uncle that she had not the feel
ing for him which is requisite to
insure happiness At any rate
she wrote she was still young
and it was not necessary for her
to marry for two or even three
years But alas for prudence
when the requisite feeling
came It was while she was vis
iting at Windsor castle in 1839
that she decided that a few
months was a long time to wait
Being a queen it was she who
proposed and he took kindly to
the proposal My mind is quite
made up she wrote and I told
Albert this morning of it The
warm affection he showed on
learning this gave me great
pleasure He seems perfection
and I think that I have the pros
pect of great happiness before
me He was quite ready to
make the sacrifice for her sake
she wrote King Leopold A sac
rifice she insisted that it was
for she knew that to be the hus
band of a queen wasjio sinecure
It emant criticism and it meant
opposition for he was a German
prince and the German influ
erfce was not agreeable to Eng
lishmen Just after she had pro
posed and been accepted Queen
Victoria wrote to her uncle from
Windsor castle
I write you from here the
happiest happiest being that
ever existed Really I do not
think it possible for any one in
the worjd to be happier or as
happy as 1 am He is an angel
and his kindness and affection
for me is really touching To
look in those dear eyes and that
dear sunny face is enough to
make me adore him What I can
do to make him happy will be my
greatest delight
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