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urinaer we eaesjMariti awwir
Thomas Ardmore and Henry Maine
urlawold Btumblo upon Intrlguo when the
governors of North ana South Carolina
are reported to have quarreled Qrlswolj
allien himself with Barbara Osborne
daughter of the governor of South Caro
lina while Ardmore espouses tho cause
of Jerry Dangerfleld daughter of the
governor of North Carolina These two
young ladles are trying to nil the shoes
of their fathers while the latter are miss
ing Both states aro In a turmoil over
one Applewlght an outlaw with great
political Influence Unaware of each oth
ers position both Grlswold and Ardmore
set out to make tho other prosecute Ap
plewelght Ardmore organizes a big hunt
Grlswold also takes the field Trank Col
lins Atlanta reporter Is arrested by Ard
more but released to become press agent
for the young millionaires expedition
Grlswolds men capture BUI Applewelght
Jerry Dangerfleld discovers tho captive
outlaw and leads him to Ardsley her
own prisoner
Little gal Im an ole man and I
haint never done yu no barm Your
haouse is only a leetlo way upthar
and I calnt be no more use to yu I
want t go homo and If yull holp me
ontle this yere harness and he
grinned as ho viewed his bonds In the
fuller light of the open road
Then hoofbents thumped tho soft
earth of another of the trails that
converged at this point and Ardmore
and Collins flashed out upon Jerry
and her captive amid a wild panic of
Applewelght twisted and turned In
his saddle but Jerry Instantly held up
her hand and arrested the Inquiries
of her dPllverers
Mr Ardmore this gentleman was
most rudely set upon by two strangers
as he was leaving a church over there
somewhere In the woods I was lost
and as his appearance at tho time and
place seemed almost providential I
begged him to guide me toward home
which he has most courteously done
and Jerry to give the proper touch
to her explanation twitched the strap
by which she held her prisoners
horse so that It danced adding a
fresh absurdity to tho wobbling figure
of its bound rider
You are safe I cried Ardmore In a
tow tone to which Jerryfloddedjaras
lessly In a way that directed atten
tion to the more immediate business
at hand He was not at onpo sure of
his cue but there seemed tobe some
thing familiar in the outlines of the
man on horseback and full Identifica
tion broke upon him now with as
tounding vividness
Jugs ho began addressing tho
prisoner smilingly dear old Jugs to
think we should meet againl Since
you handed me the Jug on the rear
end of the train a few nights ago life
has had new meanings for me and
Im Just as sorry as can be that I gave
you the buttermilk I wouldnt have
done such a thing for billions In real
money And now that you have fallen
into tho excellent bands of Miss Dan
Dangerfleld I screamed the pris
oner lifting himself as high In tho
saddle as his bonds would permit
Certainly replied Ardmore Your
rescuer Is none other than Miss Ger
aldlne Dangerfleld
Why gal began the outlaw ef
your pas the guvnor of Noth Caro
line him an mes old frlens
Then will you kindly toll me your
name asked Jerry
Allow me to complete tho Intro
duction interrupted Collins who had
hung back In silence Unless my
eyes deceive me which is wholly Im
probable this Is a gentleman whom I
once Interviewed In the county Jail
at Raleigh and he was known at that
time as William Applewelght alias
You air right admitted the pris
oner without hesitation and then ad
dressing Jerry Yer pa would be
glad to know his dorter had helped an
olo frlen like me gal Ye may hev
Tieard him speak o mo
But how about that message In
the cork of the Jug you put on the
train at Klldare demanded Ard
more And why did you Bend your
brother to try to scare me to death at
That is not of the slightest impor
tance interrupted Jerry gently play
ing with the tether which held Mr
Applewelght nor does It matter that
papa and this gentleman are friends
If this Is Indeed the famous outlaw
Mr William Applewelght then papa
or no papa friend or no friend he Is
a prisoner of the state of North Caro
Prlsnert bawled Applewelght
an you tho guvnors gal
You have hit tho situation exactly
Mr Applewelght and as far as tha
office of governor Is concerned It Is
capably filled by the young gentleman
on your left Mr Thomas Ardmore
Let us now adjourn to bis house
W m > s n
where if I am not mistaken a bit of
cold fowl is usually to be found on
tho sideboard at this hour Dut hold
and Jerry checked her horse
where can we lodge this gentleman
Mr Ardmore until wo decide upon
his further fate
We might put him In the wine col
lar suggested Ardmore
He shall be treated with the great
est consideration said Jerry and
thereafter no further adventure be
falling them they reached Ardsley
where their arrival occasioned tho
greatest excitement
A Meeting of Old Friends
Habershams men had proved ex
ceedingly timid when It came to the
business of threshing the woods for
Applewelght whom they regarded
with a new awe now that he had van
ished so mysteriously They had
searched the woods guardedly but the
narrow paths that led away Into the
dim fastnesses of Ardsley were for
bidding and these men were not with
out their superstitions They had
awaited for years an opportunity to
strike at tho Applewelght faction
they had at last taken their shot and
had seemingly brought down their
bird but their lack of spirit In re
trieving tho game had been their un
Icy Applewelght was probably
seized all Of a sudden and broka
away In his delirium Let s go to bod
At eight oclock ho and Habersham
rodo Into Turner Courf llouso and
Grlswold went at once to the Inn to
change his clothes Nofurther steps
could bo taken until some definite re
port was received as to Applewelghts
It had been the most puerile trans
action possible and he was awaro
that a report of It which he must wire
at once to Miss Barbara Osborne
would not Impress that young woman
with his capacity or trustworthiness
In difficult occasions Tho iron that
had already entered Into his soul drove
deeper Ho had ordered a fresh horse
and was resolved to return to Mount
Nebo church for apersonal study of
tho ground in broad daylight
As ho crossed the musty parlor of
the little hotel to his great astonish
ment Miss Osbornes black Phoebe
stationed whero her eyes ranged the
whole lower floor of the Inn drew at
tention to herself In an elaborate
Miss Barbra wish me t say she
done come heah on business and she
like f 0 to see yo all right an ay She
done bring huh saddle and war
agwlne rldln twell you come back
Shes agettln ready and Ill go tell
huh you done come She got a heap
o trouble thet young missis so she
hev and the black womans pursed
lips seemed to imply that Prof Grls
wold was In some measure respon
sible for Miss Osbornes difficulties
As he stared out into tho street a
negro brought a horpe bearing a bet
ter saddle than Mingo county had
ever boasted and hitched It near the
horse he had secured for himself An
Instant later he beard a quick step
above and Miss Osborne sedately
followed by tho black woman came
downstairs Sho smiled and greeted
him cordially but there was trouble
In her brown eyes
I didnt warn yod of my coming I
Found Nothing But Applewelghts Wool Hat
doing They had only aroused their
most formidable enemy who would
undoubtedly lose no time In seetflng
revenge They were a dolorous band
who after warily beating the woods
dispersed In the small hours of the
morning having found nothing but
Applewelghts wool hat which only
added to their mystification
We ought to have taken him away
on the run said Habersham bitterly
as he and Grlswold discussed the mat
ter on the Ysranda of the prosecutors
house and watched the coming of the
dawn I didnt realize that those fel
lows lived in such mortal terror of the
old man but they refused to make off
with him until tho last of his friends
had got well out of the way I ought
to havo had more sense myself than
to have expected the old fox to sit
tied up like a calf ready for market
We had nil his friends accounted for
those that werent at prayer meet
ing were marked down somewhere
else and we had a line flung pretty
well round the church Applewelghts
deliverance must have come from
somewhere inside the Ardmore prop
erty Perhaps the game warden picked
him up
Perhaps tho Indians captured
him suggested Grlswold yawning
or maybe Borne Martian came down
on a parachute and hauled him up
Or as scarlet fever Is raging at Mr
Ardmores castle and his tono was
didnt want to be a nuisance to you
theres a new a most unaccountable
perplexity It doesnt seem right to
burden you with It you havo already
been so kind about helping me but I
dare not turn to our oldest friends
I have been afraid to trust fathers
friends at all since Mr Bosworth act
ed so traitorously
My time is entirely at your service
Miss Osborne but I have a shameful
report to make of myself I must tens
you how miserably I have failed be
fore you trust me any further We
that Is to say the prosecuting attor
ney of this county and a party ho got
together of Applewelghts enemies
caught the outlaw last night took him
with the greatest ease but ho got
away from us It was all my fault
and Im deeply disgustedwith my
He described tho capture and the
subsequent mysterious disappearance
of Applewelght and confessed the
obvious necessity for great caution In
further nttempts to tako the outlaw
now that he was on guard Barbara
laughed reassuringly at the end of the
Those men must havefelt funny
when they went back to get tho pris
oner and found that be had gone up
Into the air But theres a new fea
ture of the caBe thats mora serious
than the loss of this man and the
trouble again possessed her eyes She
draw from her purso a cutting from
a newspaper and handed it to him
Thats from last nights Columbia
VIdette which Is very hostile to mj
He was already running over tho
heavily leaded column that set forth
without equivocation tho fact that
Gov Osborne had not been In Colum
bia since ho went to New Orleans It
scouted the story that he was abroad
la tho state on official business con
nected with the Applewelght case
the yarn which Grlswold had forced
upon tho friendly reporter at the tele
graph ofilco In Columbia The gov
ernor of a state the VIdette went on
to elaborate could not vanish without
leaving some trace of himself and a
Videtto representative had traced tho
steps of Gov Osborne from New Or
leans until he had again entered South
Carolina under cover of night and for
purposes which for the honor of the
Btate tho Videtto hesitated to dis
Tho writer of the article had ex
hausted the possibilities of gentle
suggestion and vague innuendo in an
effort to create an Impression of mys
tery and to pique curiosity as to
further developments which were
promised at any hour Grlswolds
wrath was aroused not so much
against the newspaper which he as
sumed had some ffre for its smother
ed trifle of smoke but against tho
governor of South Carolinn himself
who was causing tho finest and noblest
girl In the world infinite anxiety and
The thing is preposterous he said
lightly The Idea that your father
would attempt to enter his own state
surreptitiously Is Inconceivable in
these days when public men are de
nied all privacy and when its any
mans right to deceive tho press If he
finds It essential to his own comfort
and peace but the Intimation that
your father Is In South Carolina for
any dishonorable purpose Is prepos
terous One thing however Is cer
tain Miss Osborne and that Is that
we must produce your father at the
earliest possible moment
But and Barbara hesitated and
her eyes near tears as they were
wrought great havoc In Grlswolds
soul but father must not be found
until this Applewelght matter Is set
tled You understand without making
me speak the words that he might
not exactly view the matter as we
It was a painful subject and tho
fact that sho was driven by sheer
force of circumstances to appeal to
him a stranger to aid her to perform
a public service In her fathers nnme
rallied all his good impulses to her
standard It was too delicate a mat
iTT oriaT fauOTas ue a Tc ce
a lighter tone
Como We must solve tho riddle
of the lost prisoner at once and your
father will undoubtedly give an ex
cellent account of himself when he
lilts ready Meanwhile the fiction
that ho Is personally carrying tho
war Into the Applewelght country
must be maintained and I shall step
to the railway station and wire the
Columbia newspaper In his name that
he Is In Mingo county on the trail of
tho outlaws
To Start A Tight Screw
Lots of folks have tried to remove a
stubborn screw from a piece of wood
a screw that wont budge at all and
have In the end given It up as n bad
Job Well if such a thing occurs
again dont give It up dont lose your
temper or exert yourself but try this
recipe for removing the screw
Heat a poker red hot and then
hold It against the screw head for a
little while wait a few minutes for
the screw to cool down when it will
be found that the screw can be re
moved quite easily with the same
sciew driver that Just previously
would not perform the work The ex
planation Is quite simple
The red hot poker heats the screw
the screw expands and makes the holo
It Is In Just a wee bit bigger The
screw then cools down and resumes
its original size leaving the hole In
the wood a size too large and there
you are
MudThrowing Too Popular
A Now York merchant told a story
Illustrative of what be declared to be
the attitude of this whole country
no doubt including artists as he named
no exceptions In the United States
we throw mud he said Its all in
the story of the small girl with a fist
ful of It standing by a corner
Who you waltin for sis
Whats she done
Nothin Dont you know
Queen of the May
Look Out Boys
A German professor has found that
a boy In walking a mile through the
streets of a town Is exposed to 10000
000 germs and microbes that may
cause his death It seems they never
do cause his death but the only Bate
way tor a boy to do Is to remain at
home and take out the ashes and
bring In the coal If he feels any dan
ger ho can black the cookstove and
whitewash the cellar
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