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In Address to Democracy of Texas
Charge that Mr Colquitts Campaign
Is Being Financed by Saloons and
Breweries Is Branded as False In
Every Partlclular
Dallas Juno 8 Over 150 represon
tatlvo citizens from every walk of life
In Texas met at the Oriental hotol
hero today to perfect arrangements for
a vigorous promotion of O B Col
quitts candidacy for the Democratic
nomination for governor and take
steps to asauro his now practically
certain nomination They came from
overy part of the state and a glanco
nt the personnel of the assembly was
sufficient to satisfy any ono of the
character of Mr Cloqultts following
Ills opponents notably Judge Poln
dexter go about repeating that ho Is
the candidate of the saloons and Is
hacked by tho wealth and Influence
of the liquor Interests but todays
demonstration lu his favor served to
establish tho fallacy of such an asser
Business men farmers laboring
men newspaper men and attorneys
some of whom have heretofore taken
little If nny active Interest in political
campaigns composed tho crowd that
gathered hero In his Interest and a
reading ot tho names of those present
will be sura to satisfy the Impartial
reader that Mr Colquitts support Is
made up of the conservative progress
lovingdevelopment bent citizenship of
Texas and that the liquor Interests aro
In no sense responsible for his cand
furthermore tho tenor of tho ad
dress to tho voters ot Texas Issued
by tho conference makes It plain that
he stands for Democratic principals
pure and undeflled as opposed to tho
theories ot the hysterical political
Larnslorraors who are trying to com
in t fmrwlY BnrT i Pfi nw
tangled ideas regardless of the perTT TCOTH < rfl
to representative government lurking
This address emphnslsei the tact
that Mr Colquitt Is committed to tho
preservation ot the existing provision
ot the constitution for prohibition by
local option and to the enforcement of
the statute for the regulation of sa
loons In wet counties which statute
Is unquestionably the most efficient of
Its kind In existence It also makes
plain that Mr Colquitt stands for the
development if tho states resources
tho protection of the rights of Its clt
lzens of all classes and the supprcs
slon of political agitation designed
mainly to exclto tho predjudlcoa of the
peoplo for the benefit of office hunters
In othor words this address signed
as It Is by men of known concern for
tho welfare of the state furnishes a
completo answer to tho allegation that
has been recklessly made on the stump
that Mr Cloqultt Is the candidate of
certain special Interests and Is against
ever thing save tho unregulated liquor
During the meeting reports ot politi
cal conditions throughout tho state
weie received Indicating that Mr Col
qultt 1b In the lead in at least 100
counties and will get his share of the
votes In the otherB These reports
came from overy whore and those from
tho northern and eastern portions of
tho state wcio as encouraging as
those from South Texas where Mr
Colquitt will admittedly have every
thing practically his own way
The conference was In overy respect
harmonious In all of Its deliberations
which were conducted In a most busl
nessllko and earnest manner as was
to have been expected of an assem
blage of men of the character ot those
composing ltv Tho governing Idea
was that the Democratic party must
be saved from the pitfalls that have
been dug for 1J by certain elements
whose thirst for political power would
lead them to any extremity to satisfy
their ambitions and that the state
must be fieed from the political agi
tation which Is retarding Its growth
In nil respects this Colquitt confer
ence was tho most significant and lm
prcsslva gathering of Its kind ever
held in this state and will serve to
put a quietus upon the campaign of
misrepresentation upon which Mr Col
quitt b opponents aro relilns to ovor
come his very apparent lead
The following was tonight furnished
to the prpss by the committee on nd
To the Democracy of Texas WJth
oit reflecting upon the personal char
acter or questioning the ability ot any
one of the other candidates for tho
ofllco of governor of Texas we favor
the candidacy ot Hon O 13 Colquitt
1 Wo regard htm as tho only expo
nent ot the doctrlno ot local Belt gov
2 Wo endorse his contention that
our constitution should not bo amend
od except In the manner prescribed
In that Instrument becauso wo fear
that unless this wise method H main
tained despotic majorities may de
stroy the rights of minorities and the
freedom ot tho people as communities
and Individuals
3 Wo contend that tho commercial
and Industrial Interests of our state
demand and deserve a cessation ot ex
perlmental legislation and political
strlfo In order that tho development
ot Texas and the progress ot our
people may proceed unhindered
Stripped ot prejudice hysteria and
subterfuge the great Issue ot this cam
paign reaches tho very foundation of
representative government The prime
question Is shall tho people by repre
sentative senatorial districts which
are tho unites of all legislative power
be deprived of their vote and their
voice by tho plurality party referen
dum or by nny authority or Instruction
beyond their own free will Upon tho
answer to this question depends tho
preservation of tho principals which
sustain the republic Itself All repre
sentative government Is a delegation
ot power oxprcssed or Implied from
tho people to their ofllcers from the
peoplo who elect the ofllcers to whom
the ofllcers are responsible and no
officer who Is thoroughly represen
tative can In good conscience or sound
policy disobey tho Instructions or dis
regard tho opinions of tho constituents
who give him his office and trust him
with their soverlgnty Party obllga
tlons coase to l > < binding but become
Impertinent dictation or intolerable
tyranny when they presume to Ignore
or override tho primary authority of
the local constituency over its reprO
sentnttve However much of this pri
mary authority communities see fit to
yield In respect to matters of statutory
legislation or matters of expediency
of policy In tho Interest ot party wol
fare nothing can bo yielded In respect
to changing tho constitution which Is
the peoples compact and the peoples
refuge from the disturbances ot pass
ion the revolutions of fitful sentiment
the crusades of misguided zeal And the
disregard of minority rights of person
and property We yield to none In
recognizing defending and applauding
tho rights and tho wisdom ot tho
stltutlons and laws but we present
that right and that wisdom In their
Integrity and power when wo Insist
that the constitution our freely formed
compact of self government shall not
be altered except In tho wise manner
provided in the agreement And wo
warn tho Democrats of Texas that tho
appeal which Is made today In the
name of morality and temperance If
heeded will become a precedent In
overthrowing othor constitutional
rights of life and liberty States may
be corrupted as they may bo deceived
and greed tor gain and lust ot power
In the future may operate as passion
and prejudlco or endeavoring now to
do to destroy the reserved rights of tho
homesteader and the laborer and tho
free agency of the citizen to do as ho
will bo long as ho does not Interfere
with tho rights of his neighbor or to
take from the local communities the
precinct tho city and the county the
right of local control of all affairs
which concern themselves nlono When
the soverlgn voters of any represen
tative or senatorial district havo ex
pressed their decision on any public
question and have Instructed their
public servant officially to vloco that
decision by tho rule of principal and
agent no faithful public servant can
violate his Instructions and set rotaln
his commission This principal Is not
confined alone to law It Is of neces
slty fundamentally sound and true In
politics and good morals
Local Option
If our reason our Democracy and
our Instinctive devotion to right princi
ples of free government did not teach
us tho fallacy of present political
preachments In Texas the sad exper
iences of other states would admonish
us not to follow the rash experiments
which are proposed Alabama a com
monwealth similar to Texas In many
respects has repudiated by two decis
ive votes of the Democracy ot that
state both constitutional and statutory
state wide prohibition and after bitter
and distressful strife has reaffirmed
tho sound doctrine ot local option In
respect to tho control of tho liquor
Tho state of Qeorgla by the testi
mony ot all unprejudiced observers Is
maintaining In spite of statutory state
wldo prohibition a local option Btatus
for it Is notoriously true that the
liquor traffic In that Btate Is Indulged
wherever It was permitted under tho
former local option law and Is success
fully excluded only whore It was al
ready allowed
Tho notorious violations ot Btate
wide prohibition In our slater state ot
Oklahoma and its previous experience
as a territory where contraband
liquor traffic was maintained in spite
of all tho powers of the federal gov
ernment far rdorothan a quarter of a
century together with similar viola
tlons of lawmado temperance In other
states admonlshrToxana not to surren
der tho wise system of local option
under which overySpreclnct or county
that desires prohibition may have it
without the consent of any other pro
clnct or county and under which prac
tlcally four fltthsj of tho territory ot
this state Is free from tho liquor
traffic Wo confidently declare that
Texas today is u moro temperate
more lawabldlng and moro moral than
any commonwealth that is attempting
to enforce state wldo prohibition and
wo appeal to the peoplo to hold fast to
this sane and progressive system ot
controlling the liquor traffic We ap
peal especlallyto preclncts and coun
ties that now enjoy prohibition under
local option not to surrender this
status for thoquestionable method of
statewide prohibition and we submit
to them in all fairness that they ought
not to Beek to Impose upon the peoplo
of other picclnctsand counties a pro
hlbltlon status which they do not ap
Mr ColquittvStands for political rest
and peace Ha does not believe that
the people canprosper In a normal
way or enjoy the happiness to which
they are entitled under constant polit
ical agitation He holds that their
happiness and their prosperity can
best be promoted by letting them pur
sue their vocations trades and profes
sions free from unnecessary agitation
over Imaginary or Incurable ovlls To
develop tho state capital should be In
vited under wholesome laws the build
lng of railroads and factories should
bo encouraged and more opportunities
should be given to the promotion of
drainage Irrigation agriculture stock
raising commerce and industry Mr
Colquitt stands for all constructive
measures to those nds within the con
stltutlonal power of the legislature
Profoundly appreciative of tho fact
that an enlightened and educated clt 1
zenshlp Is atonce the glory and the
safety of tio state he favors greater
efficiency longer terms nnd an exten
sion ot tho scope of our public schools
liberal appropriations for tho present
necessities and future development of
the University of Texas tho Agricul
tural and Mechanical College tho Col
lege of Industrial Arts and tho normal
schools and especially desires to re
move from the dflLtha stigma Im
posed by the a jj Klect of the
Insane ard th l HB u of penl
ls char l HpPnr ot
Colquitt thath Bnot respect the
will ot the inajorlHof the people We
doclare that he lsTthe one and only
candidate for gbvernor who respects
the will of tho majority in that tho
only expression ot the people upon
how the constitution should be amend
ed Is made In tho constitution Itself
which Is that an amendment shall bo
proposed not by a political party but
by two thirds of tho members of the
legislature The contention of the
other candidates that a plurality of
votes In a party primary is sufficient
to requl e nn amendment of the con
stitution to be submitted Is In conflict
with tho plain mandato of the majority
of tho people solemnly expressed by
the doptlon of the constitution Itself
wherein tho majority deliberately
placed a limitation upon their own
power to change tho organic law
We declare tho firm purpose of Mr
Colquitt If nominated apd elected to
maintain tho present focal option sys
tern In all Its efficiency and to employ
every official power and Influence to
prevent any legislation that would In
tho slightest degree woaken tho laws
or hinder their enfocement
Wo repel the suggestion that Mr
Colquitt Is the candidate of the saloon
and In this connection wo call atten
tion to tho fact that during tho entire
progress of this dampatgn he has not
appealed to the saloon element for
support On tho contrary he advocates
the strictest form of regulation in the
counties where tho saloon Is licensed
and the strictest enforcement of tho
law In tho counties where the saloon
has been abolished
And wo runner repel the Intimation
thnt his supporters nro Influenced by
the socalled liquor Interests Wo clto
tho experience ot Texas under local
option as evidence that our contention
Is justified In practice as It Is In
foundamental In principle and we de
clare It Is temperance In the truest
sense which we seek to promote as It
Is Democracy in the broadest sense
which we desire to preserve from In
sidious attacks of a delusive sentiment
which Ignores alike the teachings of
human experience and the right of
local Belt government
As a faithful and fearless exponent
of these principles as a public official
of proved ability and as a man of
clean private life we commend Mr
Colquitt to the Democracy ot Texas
Signed t
Walter Tips Austin
Dr D F Calhoun Beaumont
William D Cleveland Houston
C C Lane Dallas
Charles T Rogau Austin
v1 b ir
Paul Waples Fort Worth
Howard Terapleton SulphurSprlnga
J B Dlbroll Seguln
Itlchnrd r Burgess El Paso
T D Cobbs San Antpnlo
J Sheb Williams Paris
A U Puckott Kaufman
B Estes McKInnoy
C A Rasbury Dallas
John 11 Crittenden Teaguo
B F Bonner Houston
Lud T Williams Waco
Clarence Ousloy Fort Worth
It H Hopkins Denton
Ij Von Hagen Fredericksburg
J C Son Palo Pinto
B Y Cummlngs Hlllsboro
O W Llttlefleld Austin
W T Hofley Cameron
Jonathan Houston
Lane y
H O Sadler Amnrlllo
J E Whltesollo Corslcana 1
W L Sargent Fort Worth
J II Kubenn Fayettevlllo
A B Conley Decatur
It E L Knight Dallas
Tom Hamilton Huntsvllle
Joe A Adklns Brady
Charles Schrelner Kcrrvllle
T H Stone Houston
John M Furman Belton
John T Maddox Balllnger
T P Stone Waco
William Capps Fort Worth
Hugh Fitzgerald Dallas
M L Buckner Dallas t
R M Johnston Houston
Stomach Telescope Has Been Found
Useful In Almost Endless Va
riety of Ways
The stomach telescope or gastro
scope Invented at the London hos
pltal has proved to be of the greatest
value In the diagnosis ot stomach dis
orders An eminent surgeon recently
referred In the highest terms to the
advances lately made at that hospital
In the early detection of diseases ot
the stomach by meana of this Instru
ment which will In the Immediate fu
ture probably come to be part of the
equipment of every uptodate hos
pltal Ihe gastroscope now enables
the physician or surgeon to actually
see for himself the exact condition of
the whole of ihe Interior of the stom
ach the slightest ulceration growth
or other abnormality In the lining
membrane being thus readily obsorved
To be able to do tbls Is of the very
greatest Importance In suspected can
cer of the stomach where the only
hope ot cure lies In the eradication of
< Vio n n nmii arn rlh Flt
moment This means that tho
increased use of the gastroscope will
In the future save many lives that
would other wise Inevitably be lost
through that disease
Fine Fox Hunt Without Witnesses
The East Essex hounds had a re
markable run recently A fox which
they had hunted through tho village
of Bradwell swam the Blackwater
and the pack followed but the depth
of water and the dangerous banks
prevented the field from crossing
They had to go for two miles along
the bank until they reached a bridge
and by the tlmo they had crossed fox
nnd pack had
vanished After a
search of three hours the hounds
were found ten miles from the place
where they had crossed the river
whimpering round a barn at Chalkey
Wood beneath which tho fox had
gone to earth
Mr R D Hill the master called
the hounds off and
gave the fox a
respite for tho splendid run he had
given The best 60 minutes the
East Essex have
had this season
was tho description of Cockayne tho
huntsman although there was no
one riding with the hounds and no
whltness of their performance Lon
don Evening Standard
Fdr the Children
The mother who believes In begin
ning the artistic education of her call
dren nt the earliest possible moment
may do a great deal In thst direction
with the aid of the nursery walls
The sides of the
room are first pa
pered with some plain neutral color
then divided Into a frieze and panels
outlined with the darkest Bhade of
the chosen neutral tint nnd upon those
subdivisions are pasted brightly col
ored and well drawn figures of ani
mals and birds which are to bo ob
tained in the form of long sheets of
wall paper which may easily bo cut
out and affixed to the walls Thus a
young child may not only be taught
much that Is essential in regard to
the proper placing of colors and their
composition but because of the ques
tions which they will be apt to ask
about the animals and birds will ac
quire a great deal of valuable Informa
tion about natural history
A Desperate SubterfUflo
Henrietta said Mr Jtfeekton can
I eat anything 1 And growing on a
tree and still be a consistent vege
Oh Joy I notice that a lot of our
chickens have taken to roosting in the
Dont Persecute
your Bowels
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on th bm
rf fctW nd
of thtbcwwL
Car Cm
MrtttM t
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