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rawaaym oaoajjiJijMajMiJwtuagBBOi
Foreigners Resident In the Turklah
Empire Are Pessimistic Concern
ing the Outlook for the New Re
gime Ottomans Not Loyal
Somewhere In Turkey For rea
sons that oro apparent 1 dare not lo
calize the Interview which 1 shall re
port In this article The persons
quoted could easily be discovered and
thoy would be made to feel tho heavy
hand of the government They repre
sent the darker side ot the present sit
uation within tlo Turkish empire
Detoro proceeding to quote these
men I may state one ominous and
related fact viz Every foreigner
whom I have met in Turkey and I
have Interviewed hundreds has
shown himselfhostile to the present
government This is an amazing con
dition of things Eometlmos the an
tagonism has been merely skeptical
and supercilious In other cases it
has been deep and passioned
Hard Knocks for the Turk
Tho criticisms of tho present govern
ment made by theso British and
jnnerTcStfsTias notTje imecessnrny ir
contrast with the old regime but it
has been a criticism of the Turk as
a governing power Neither is It to be
considered hostile to Islam per se but
to Islam as embodied in tho ruling
class of the government I have heard
scores of predictions that tho out
come ot tho present regime will bo
utter failure This state ofmind on
tho part of the principal foreigners
resident in Turkey must necessarily
be a heavy drag on the wheels of the
Another ominous and allied fact Is
that the Christians In tho Turkish em
J plro are emigrating by the thousands
If anybody has the curiosity to exam
ine tho bulletins ot Ellis Island during
tho present six months he will And a
big porcentago of Turkish subjects
among tho arrivals Those men havo
fled from the prospect of military serv
ice When put to tho test they show
that tho Christian population of Tur
key is not loyal to the government
Apparently Constantinople Is willing
to let theso people go although taken
as a class tho Christians are moro
efficient members of tho community
than tho Moslems
An Upper Room Conference
Those generalities were Illustrated
and substantiated by an Interview I
bad recently with a dozen nonMoslem
Ottomans who are all educated men
and most ot them professional men
They would be called leading citizens
KindHearted 8oul Offers Some Valu
able Advice on the Matter
Without Charge
To avoid getting married is a very
easy matter either for a man or a
woman If you are a man frequent
the dance especially the comingout
dance Stick to the debutante as
men of liberal views stick to their
opinions Hang around conservatories
when the muster is playing soft nnd
low and where there are intoxicating
odors Hang around summer resorts
and attend musical recitals There
are other things to do but this should
be enough
For a woman to avoid matrimony
Is quite as easy Sho should live in
a college town or Washington D C
She should cultlvato those young men
who wear yachting suits all summer
and who know what to do with their
hats on a piazza who arc good at
buckling on skates who ask if you
have hoard this and that who would
just as soon act as ushers at a wed
dlns as not who are perfectly willing
of any community I asked a friend
to arrange an Interview with the edu
cated natives of the city who spoko
English The result was aa evening
gathering In an upper room of tho
home of ono of the mombers The
interview started with one man who
had lived abroad serving as spokes
man but It quickly developed into a
general discussion
Have conditions improved under
the now regime
No conditions ore really worse
than In the Hamldlan days Tho now
regime has made the Moslems more
alert to what Is going on and quicker
to assert their superiority and to Im
pose exactlontT upon nonMoslems
Christians have no rights In Turkey
today In spite of what you have read
In the papers
Hero ono man broke in with an Il
lustration A short time ago In my
native village a Christian caught a
thief among bis goats Tho house
holder was a strong man and over
powered the thief and kept him In tho
house for tho night Tho next day he
took him to tho officials but because
Educated NonM oslem Ottomans
tho offender was a Moslem he was set
free while tho Christian was arrestee
and lined 25 Turkish pounds forkld
oaplng a Moslem I
The Old Cry for Justice
Tell me I asked what you edu
cated nonMoslems Want of tho gov
Instantly there came from severnl
as if by prearran gonient tho cry Jus
tice equality
Why not fraternity also asked
minding ln6ntOfth < thlrjottlle
watchwords which were so generally
used at tho tlmo of the revolution
Never mind about that let us
havo Justice and equality and then
fraternity will takd caro of itself
Wocannot get Justice There is
as much bribing as over only the
bribes are bigger Thero are fewer
Christians in office than there were
In the old dajs
Venturing to suggest that In spite
of all conditions are improving and
that tho new forces at work must
make for human betterment one man
Impetuously said When will they
be4ietter After we nro dead Wo
wont bettor times now
Ottomans Who Hate the Turks
After more pesslmlstio talk I re
marked Then you seem to think that
the present government is going to
We hope so was the Instant re
sponse We nre willing to have any
power but Turkey rule Of course we
dream tho dream of independence for
our own part of tho land and for the
various nationalities that go to make
up Turkey but that is far in tho fu
ture At present wo prefer tho suzer
ainty of some one ofitho powers any
body except the Turks or wo would
bo glad to see our part of the country
neutralized under Jhe powers as Is
tho case with Lebanon over which
however Turkey has some control
Then all these emigrants who havo
to explain the game of baseball who
are willing to introduce other fel
Thats all you have to do to avoid
matrimony But in order to cinch
tho matter it may be well to add a
few more words of advice
Ladles If a man comes along who
will not talk baseball with you who
does not know anybody and does not
want to who does not even play
bridge who cannot even tell you who
are the richest girls at tho summer
resort and Just how rich they are
who never was an usher at a wedding
and never will be pass him the ice
pitcher I And do it quick Then
go and hide I
Men I When you see a girl who
hasnt got a crowd around her who
wears no scalps upon her belt who
subscribes to tho Ime Lady who
knows how to set tnblo for five In
a cottage that cost 1200 who can
give an appropriate Halloween party
Beat it my sonl Beat It Puck
The man who keps his troubles to
himself may avoid a lot more
left by tho hundreds of thousands
will return to this country All of
them pine for the homeland but they
simply cannot live hero
Do you not see I remarked that
the country is being drained ot the
best peoplo by emigration so that the
prospects grow weaker as moro of
them leave
Good peoplo go to a good country
was tho terse rejoinder of a college
professor there Is no field here for
educated nonMoslems
The Army Buaaboo
I have said that the prospect of mil
itary servlco which is now open to
the christians Is driving many joung
men out of tho country Severnl were
escaping on ships upon which 1 trav <
oled When remonstrated with these
young men declared that the Chris
tians are persecuted In tho army that
thero are no Christian officers that
tho immorality of the Turkish soldiers
Is of a naturo that makos even tho
nominal Christians flee from it and
that tho life in the army is not only
poorly paid about 80 cents a month
but that tho conditions are of the
It seems to bo the opinion of these
educated observers that Turkey Is
willing to havo as many of the Chris
tians as please leave the country
Here my companions began to ask
questions about America They talked
of it as the children ot Israel must
havo talked of Canaan Every man
of the twelve in that room as wo
found by a count has relatives In
America some of them look forward
to going thither themselves Thoy
think that the rapid Bpread of tho
Masonic movement will help Improve
conditions but they Bay that In Tur
key tho Masons do not cohere suffi
The Sultans Greatest Dread
Speaking ot tho reform element
which undoubtedly exists within Islam
ltsolf theso educated Ottomans said
that tho progressive Moslems dare not
show their hand in Turkey There
Is no real freodom of criticism
If you would print in jour paper I
suggested to one that the Sultan is
not a descendant ot tho prophet nnd
not even a member of tho prophets
tribe nnd so according to the ancient
law of Islam is not qualified to be
caliph would you bo sent to prison
This point Is one which gives the sul
tan greatest concern
With fine scorn tho man onswerod
No I would not go to prison I would
go to my grave
These new days have only made
tho Moslem Turks moro fanatical
Thero Is likely to be a massacre at
any moment Nono ot us is safe I
cannot venture out without my pistol
n ou ee I moving n ldohla coat
and showing tho pistol In his pocket
everybody goes armed When the
Moslems could kill Americans as they
did Rogers and Maurer In Adana they
say It is safe to go ahead and kill
native Christians
Factors In Reform
Tho gentlemen present were unani
mous that tho greatest factors of
promise In Turkey were the schools
maintained by foreigners and espe
cially by tho Americans After the
beginnings of tho public education
which have been mado thero may
come general enlightenment
There Is great need for the improve
ment of agricultural conditions by the
government Itself If peoplo are to
wrest a bare living from the fields
with prices rising on every hand
Late at night tho conference broke
up and I carried with me a picture ot
men under the strain ot the great fear
and a great discontent who could bo
patriots If given a chanco but whoso
present sentiments are those of utter
antagonism to the government of
which they are citizens
Copyright 1911 by Joseph D Bowles
The Sacred Czar
It Is not only the Russian Court
Journal which has a circuitous way
of referring to the czar Even in con
versation Russians never call a czar
a czar It is not Incorrect to use the
Concerning the Year 1915
Major OaBtrells speech In tho com
mons in which ho dwelt on the con
catenation of events that might lend
significance to tho year 1915 as a rea
Bon for adopting the policy of an Im
perial loan for securing our future na
val strength has nttracted a good
deal of attention Major Oastrell
pointed out that in that year our ex
isting alliance with Japan expires
that the Panama canal would be com
pleted that the Kaiser Wilhelm canal
would be widened so that dread
nougts could pass easily from tho Bal
tlo to the North sea and that the minor
powers of the Triple alliance would
easy to follow and their only won
each have squadrons in the Mediter
ranean Mr McKenna on the same
day gave 1915 as the outside date at
which the government hoped that the
Tlosyth works would be completed
London Times
Im up agin It
Whats the matter
The walkln delegate tells me I got
ta strike an me old woman tells mo
I gotta work
Ah how truo it la that ono must
dlo to be appreciated Poor Rovor
was never worth half that when h
was alive
I think tho Cutlcura remedies aro
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ever heard of My mother had a child
who had a rash on its bead when It
was real young Doctor called It baby
rash Ho gave us medicine but it did
no good In a fow days the bead was
a solid mass a running sore It was
awful the child cried continually Wo
had to hold him ami watch htm to
keep him from scratching tho sore
His suffering was dreadful At last
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Madge So tho placo you spent
Jour vacation got to bo awfully dull
Marporie Just dreadful dear To
ward tho end I had to gc engaged
attain Jo n young man I was Intloye
with early in tho summer
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daughter Alice who
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health by Lydla E
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circles under her
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table Two different
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time Lydla EPink
hams Vegetable Compound was rec
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