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Abrogation Only Outcome Will Take
No Radical Action Until Close
Scrutiny of Subject l > Made
Washlngton For hours Saturday
president Tuft and hluVcablnet wrest
led with the Jtussian passport ques
tion nndat the conclusion of tho Ses
sion itf was acknowledged a solution
that would satisfy American Jews and
a the same time not embarrass either
fc < 1 the United States or Russia still was
ii undiscovered Practically no other
topic Qf Importance wasdlacussed
Whllo the negotiations of American
Ambassador Guild at St Petersburg
hrtvc not lioen abandoned It looked as
v if there could be but one outcome
J the abrogation of he treaty of 1832
with Russia So far Ambassador Guild
x was said to have met with little satis
i faction in the proposal that the regu
Jfcj 1 latfonsimposed on visiting American
HKj V6 ue modified
> e ° bring about modi
KiSwfei > Bres3uFe
K < j tflcatlon or abrogation of the treaty
SsStLLrTi has been great but any action taken
Will be only after the closest scrutiny
to prevent International embarrass
ment fqr the United States has Its
> Sft o r own problem In prohibiting the en
trance Of Chfneset It was said Presl
° 1
vdent Tafts expectod message to con
gress on the passport questlon might
bedelayed for some time Meantime
there will bo more cabinet confer
ences a continuance of negotiations In
St Petersburg and probablyagitation
In congress
It Is possible congress might ap
prove the abrogation of the treaty
and while many officials believe this
twould cause embarrassment It might
grovehe only solution Talk of a
new treaty with Russia to replace that
of 1332 is not taken seriously among
cabinet members It Is said on good
authority that negotiations looking to
a new treaty had not proceeded far
enough to warrant any hope that a
solution could be reached In this way
Senators Lodge and Crane and Rep
resentatives Peters Murray Weeks
Harris Thayer Roberts Gillette
Greene Wilder Ames Ciirley and Mc
Call of Massachusetts have promised
a delegation of Boston Jews to vote
or the abrogation to the treaty If
pending negotiations fall Representa
tive Gardner would not commit him
self Representative Laurence prom
tied to make hlsvIewB known later
Ask for National Legislation for the
Improvement of Conditions In
Rural Districts
v Chicago 111 National legislation
3f for the fmprovemont of conditions In
tho rural communities overthe coun
trywas recommended by the execu
tive committee of the Farmers Na
tional Congress which met in Chicago
this week Among the Important leg
islation urged by the committee is
the following
Extended general parcels post
Better facilities for education In
rural schools
federal aid for country roads and
inland waterways
Conservation of soil fertility
Demarkation between dairy prod
ucts and Imitations sotho customer
may know Justwhat ho buys
ii Federal pure seed law
vjfp Jvi A per capita tax and Illiteracy test
1 for Immigrants
s A Direct election of United States sen
i ators
New Orleans was tentatlvelychosen
Cvfiti a3 theplaco for thenext meeting In
BJwS y k > June 1012 the matter being left to a
committee which will meet next
monjh to finally pass upon the ar
rangement A featpre of the 1912 con
vention will be a trip to Panamai
c = iV Jury Returns Verdict AgainstClaude
SgSSyTj V r Hamilton and Relatives In Matter
Involving Title to 9000 Acres
Austin Ter TJudgment for the
stale has been returned by a Jury In
the fiftythird district court In Its suit
against Claude Hamilton and rela
tives In which the state claimed title
to 9000 acres of land In Webb co uni
ty about forty miles north of Laredo
Spd sought its recovery Defendant
claimed to hold under a Spanish grant
made about 1802 Judgment Is for
GjOOO jacres turned oyer to the state
and for 6000 representing rent for
fifteen years Defendants will appeal
Thestate among other contentions
claimed thatthese oldSpanish grants
were void as lndeflpiteand uncertain
not properly describing the land
claimed that the king of Spain prloi
to 1803 had condemned these lands
and had reimbursed claimants wltl
other lands also that the state hai
confirmed and recognized some ot
theso iraits and had given patents
on other lands In exchange therefor
Clergymans Mistake Resulted In Giv
ing decided Surprise to Dlgnl <
fled Archbishop
One of the most amusing stories
which the Hon Morel A Toliemaehe
tells In NUts and Chestnuts Is that
entitled The Wrong Envelope Mr
M A missionary shortly before
leaving Englandi received two lettcrsr
one from Archbishop Tatt asking him
to dine and the other from the secre
tary of a religious society a very Old
friend asking him to preach He ac
cepted the archbUhops Invitation
and at the same time wrote to the
secretary but put the letters Into the
wrong envelopes
Alter the dinner at Lambeth the
archbishop said to htmr Mr M
dp you always answer your dinner In
vitations in the Banie way
I do not understand your grace
The letter which was then shown to
the missionary ran thus You old
rascal Why did you not ask me be
fore You know perfectly well that
I shall be on the high seas on the date
you name London ThBlts
Think of tho suffering entailed by
neglected skin troubles mental be
cause of disfiguration physical be
cause of pain Think of tho pleasure
of a clear skin soft white bands and
good iinlr These blessings so essen
tlal to happiness and even success In
life are often only a matter of a little
thoughtful care In the selection of
effective remedial agents Cutlcura
Soap and Ointment do so much for
poor complexions red rough hands
and dry thin and fallinghair and cost
so little that it Is almost criminal not
to use them Although Cutlcura Soap
and Ointment are sold everywhere a
postal to Cutlcura Dept 21 L Bos
ton Will secure a liberal Eamplo of
each with 32page booklet on skin
and scalp treatment
Stranger But Isnt this town pretty
Native Slow Say nearly every
evenln theres the gol dlngest most
excltln checker game at the store
you ever seen >
The Sweet Gum
The exudation you see clinging to
the sweet gum tree In the summer
contains a stimulating expectorant
that will loosen the phlegm In the
throat Taylors Remedy of Sweet
Gum and Mullein cures coughs croup
Whooping Cough and Consumption
At druggists 25c EOc and 100 a
Left Him Thinking
I promised my wife a halfcrown
to put In avhomesafe every time 1
kissed her Later when she opened
tho safe there were a lot of sover
eigns and halfsovereigns In It I
asked herwhere she got them
Everybody Is not so Btlngy as
you she replied London TitBits
Important to Nlothoro
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA a safe and sure remedyfor
Infants and children and see that It
Signature of C T
In Use jFor Over 30 Years
Children Cry for FletchersCasloria
Just to Make Sure
How shall I oxprea my sentiments
towards you Bald the young man
On paper please said the girl
Then there can be no chance of your
wriggling out of It
Airs Wtnslowa Soothing B mp for Children
teething softens tha sums reduces lnflarama
tlonf alia ja pain curea wlsl collo 25o a bottle
Too many eye openers will close
a mans eyes
I suppose youll be an agricultur
ist when you grow up
Nom Im Jest goln to work on
this farm thats all
Public Spirit RUn Riot
Our little town o Blueberryvllle Js
right up to date an about arrprogres
slve anr publlcspeerited as any town
In the state said Zedeklah Brush as
he drove over the hills with the sum
mer boarder
Fact Is some of us think the se
lecmen use tho tax money a little too
freely keepln pace with the speerlt
of progress that seems to be In the
air nowadays Here In the last year
the town hall has had a new roof an
a new boss shed has been built around
the church an a new handle put In
the town pump art a bridge costln
crick The town ciock has been put
In repair at a cost of 1200 an
theyve put three dozen new books In
the town llb erry an now they are
moat 200 has been built over Plum
tnlkln of bfferln a firm a bonus o
200 to Blart a pickle factory In the
town Once a lot o seleemen glt
tho progressive fever an the tax
money flies Public speerlt Is all right
but ub taxpayers has to foot the bills
when It runs riot the way It does here
In our town Judge
Not for Earthly Ears
Dr Reed a minister was open
ing the Sunday morning service at
his church with the usual prayer
While he was In the midst of it a
stranger enteredthe church and took
a scat far back
Dr Reed was Praying In a low
note andthe tnatfi lnthe rear after
straining his earsUor a while called
out Pray louder Dr Reed I cant
hear you
Dr Reed paused opened his
eyes and turned them around until
they rested on the man in the rear
Then he Bald I was not addressing
you sir I was speaking to God
Somewhat Inconsistent
The young woman had spent a busy
day She had browbeaten fourteen
salespeople bullyragged a shop
walker argued victoriously with a
milliner laid down the law to a mod
iste nipped In the bud a taxi chauf
feurs attempt to overcharge her
made a streetcar conductor stop the
car In the middle of a nonstop run
for her dlschargedher maid and en
gaged another and otherwise refused
to allow herself to be Imposed upon
Yet she did not smile that evening
whena young man begged
Let me be your protector through
life I
Question for Question
I shall discharge our butler
i K w rv
Mr Cumrox v
Whats the trouble
Ho doesnt < shov me proper defer
ence When I am paying a man lib
era lly I consider lthls duty to laugh
at my Jokes
And wont he
I dont think he can Hes an Eng
lish butler When In a spirit of gen
tie and condescending badinage I said
to him HaWklris can you tell me
which came first the chicken or the
egg he said Which did you order
first sir J
No Jury
Didnt you give that man a Jury
Lool here replied Droncho Bob
there aint a big lot o men in this
Bettlement We cjuidht possibly git
twelve of em together without start
In a fatal argument about spmethl n
that had nothln whatever to do with
the case Washington Star
A Born Qulbbler
Didnt I tell you not to shoot any
quail on this place
Yassuhi replied Uncle Rasberry
You dono tola mo an I done heard
you Dla aln no quail Dls s a part
Inquisitive Person Probably Still Is
Looking for Information That He
Didnt Get
Every one who has lived In n small
town kno the tyife of person gener
ally detested there for his inquisitive
habits That even children delight In
thwarting the purposes of such a per
son Is shown by an Incident related by
ft New Englander
A woman In a New England town
wished a friend to share her elder
vinegar and sent her nineyearold bod
to deliver It He returned quickly his
face wearing a satisfied smile
Mrs Brown was much obliged ma
but I met Mr Parker Just after I got
there He said Hullo sonny I I won
der If youve got molasses In that Jug
and I said No sir He said Got
vinegar and I toldhlm No ar
At Inst he said Well thats a jug
in your hand aint It and I put my
jug on the ground and said No sir
The Difference
John M Harlan said a Chicago
lawyer In a eulogy of the late Su
premo Court Justice had a way of
pointing an observation with a stbry
Once he wanted to rebuke a man for
exaggeration so he said he was as
bad as a Pittsburg millionaire who
was being interviewed by a Now York
Where Blr were you born the
reporter as he sharpened his pencil
I was born In Pittsburg said the
And when did you first er see
the light of day
When I was nine the millionaire
replied My people then moved to
The sick man had called his lawyer
I wish to explain again to you said
he weakly about willing my proper
The attorney held up bis hand reas
suringly There there said he
leave that all to me
The sick man sighed resignedly I
Buppose I might as well said he
turning upon his pillow Youll get
It anyway
250 300 350400 SHOES
All Styles All Leathers All Sizes and
Widths for Men and Women
The workmanship which has madeW L
Douglas shoes famous the world over is
maintained in every pair
If 1 could take you into my large factories
at Brockton Mass and show you how
carefullyWLDouglas shoes are made you
would then realize why I warrant them
to hold their shape fit and look belter and
wear longer than other makes for the price
PnHTinMThe genuine Iihtc W T Douglas
Vnulluname and price stamped on bottom
Shoes Sent Everywhere All Charges Prepaid
Slow t tinier hy Sliill If
Ul shoes ere not sola In ynar townMitd dtrpt to I
tsctorf Take meuorennta ot foot as Down B
lo model i suae itylt deiredi stxe end widths
arosllr worn plain orrptoet hraTT medium f
light sole Jif Ih lartrwMt K e mad 0
< a i1 WWyt > ° ai
Oxidine is not only
the quickest safest and
surest remedy for Chills
and Fever but a rnost
dependable tonic in all
malarial diseases
A liver tonic a kid
ney tonic a stomach
tonic a bowel tonic
If a systemcleansinp
tonic is needed just try
bottle proves
The tpecific for Malaria Chilla
and Fever and all diseases
due to disordered lucU
neys liver stomach
and bowels
COc At Your Dragguts
ibi nvnxXHs navo oo
Wsco Texas
The Ham n Heart
Tho heart Ii a wonderful double pump through the
action of which the blood stream It kept avtcepinf
ground and round through the body at the rate of seven
miles an hour Remember this that our bodies
will not stand the strain of overwork without good
p re blood any more than the engine can run smooth
ly without oil 1 After many years of study in the
active practice ot medicine Dr R V Pierce found
that when the stomach was out of order the blood
Impure and there were symptoms of general break
dawn a tonio made of tho glyceric extract of certain
roots was tho best corrective This be called
Dr Pierces Golden Medical Discovery
Being made without alcohol this Medical Discovery helps the stomach to
osslmilats the food thereby curing dyspepsia It is especially adapted to diseases
ottended with excessive tissue waste notably in convalescence from various
levers for thinblooded people and those who aro alwuys catching cold
Dr Piercos Common Sense Medical Adviser is sent on receipt of 31 one
cent stamps for the French clothbound book of 1003 pages Address Dr
R V Pierce No 663 Main Street Buffalo N Y
5i V iS2Z V 30 ° SIIOKSwltlposltlTolToutwear
rir i TWO IAIKR of ordinary bojrsshoea
j w
H5Spsr Stlrockton Vass fast Coor tytlttt VM fxchiiwj
From Natures Garden
GRANDMAS TEA is a Nature s Remedy it acts mildly and surely in
harmony with nature
GRANDMAS TEA purifies the blood pure blood means a rosy completion
GRANDMAS TEA cures constipation and all irregularities of the boweb
GRANDMAS TEA is prescribed by doctors in every case where indigev
tion weak stomach and a torpid liver are indicated
You Look Pretnafyrely Old
Because ofthouo ualy grimy gray hairs Uso LA CREOLE HAIR DRESSINa < PRICE SIOO retail

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