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invites him
i 8YN0PSI8
Garrett Coast a younir man of Now
York City meets Douglas
toa card par
although he dislikes Blackstocli the rca r
on befnrthat both are In love w Uhkath
lackstock who
party He accepts
yrine Thaxter Coast tails to convince her
that Blackstock Is unworthy ol her
friendship At the party Coast meets two
named Dundas and Van Tuyl There l
a quarrel and Blackstock shoots Van
Tuyl dead Coast struggles to wrest the
weapon from him thus the police die
cbypr them Coast Is arrested for murder
lie Is convicted but as ho begins his sen
tence Dundas names Blackstock as the
murderer and kills himself Coast bo
comes free but Btabkstock has married
Katherlne Thaxter andfled Coast pur
chases a J acht and while sailing sees a
man thrown from a distant boat Ho res
cues tho fellow who Is named Appleyard
They arrive at a lonely Island known as
No Mans Land
V CHAPTER VI Continued
Cleaning my pipe Oo on anj
sleep your times not Up yet
Whats oclock
Appleyard mumbled something In
coherent as ho stepped out on deck
apd Coast turned over and slept
JU seemed hours later when he found
himself abruptly Wide awake In a
tromor of panic anxiety bred of a
fancy that a human voice bad cried
out in mortal terrpr somewhere
within hhj hearing He started uplm
formed by that sixth sense wa call In
tutlon that conditions abroad the
Echo had changed radically slnco the
last time be had fallen asleep and
It seemed no more than a socond from
tho moment his eyes opened until
he found himself In the cockpit gnz
lng dazedly Into the Inscrutable
heart of the fog
At first In his confusion he could
see nothing amiss The Echo was rid
ing on a quiet tide and an even keel
wth scarcely any perceptible motion
The encompassing darkness was In
tense unfnthomable profound only
tho forward light showed a dim halo
of yellow opalescence near the mast
head and the faint glow from the
cabin lamp quivered on slowly swirl
ing convolutions of dense white va
por like smoke The port and star
l > oait3 lights had been extinguished
as they should be when a vessel
comes to anchor
What then bad Interrupted his
He turned with a question shaping
en his lips
Appleyard was nowhere visible
Coast required some minutes beforo
he waB convinced of the fact of the
little mans disappearance But the
cabin proved ns empty as the cock
pit and the tender was gone
The cabin chronometer chimed the
hour of four In the morning
As the echoes died as though they
iad evoked the genius of that place
a strange and dreadful cry rent the
silence sounding shrill across the wa
ters yet as if coming from a great
Soino moments elapsed Coasts
every nerve and sense upon the rack
Though ho heard It no more still that
cry rang In his bead and be could but
wait smitten dumb and motionless
feeling his chilled flesh crawl en
thralled by fearsome shapes con
jured up by an Imagination striving
vainly to account for what had hap
pened wait It seemed intermin
ably J for what he hardly know or
guessed unless it were for a repeti
tion or some explanation of that in
explicable cry
He received neither His straining
faculties detected none but familiar
Insensibly he grew more cafm Bo
silent was tho world Beamingly so
saturated with the spirit of brooding
peace that he was tempted to be
lieve be had drenmed that first shriek
to which he had wakened and that
the second was but an echo of It in
bis brain some hideous trick of
jerves a sort of Waking hallucination
Aa be explained only on psychological
And yet
Appfeyard What of him Was
thereany connection to be traced be
tween bis mysterious disappearance
from the Echo and that weird un
earthly scream Was there really
land near and had the little man
found It only to become the victim of
some rightful nameless peril Could
that havQ been bis voice calling for
help And In what dread ex
There was nothing he could do no
way to reach the man The tender
was gcftie the shore invisible and
who should say how far distant Oth
erwlse bo would not baa hesitated to
BwlmTo t
Plesently It occurred to him to wottss
der where the Echo lay off what
land Appleyards responses to his in
quiries several hours back returned
to memory The name No Mans
Land Intrigued He Interrupted his
vigil to Investigate such sources of in
formation as he had at hand
In the cabin again with the lamp
turned high he dragged out a chart
number 112 of the admirable series
published by tho Coast and Geodetlo
Survey delineating with wonderful
accuracy the hydrography of Buz
zards Bay and Vineyard and Nan
tucket Sounds together with the tope
graphy of tho Jlttoral and islands
With pencil It was easy to traco the
Echos course from Now Bedford har
bor through Quicks Hole a llttlo to
the east of which say of Itobinsons
Hole the fog ha c overtaken them To
ho South and east of thaE point fa
Martians Vineyard for all the world
like a trussed fowl in profile And
there yes due south of Cay Head
was No Mans Land Its contour much
that of an Infants shoe the heel dlg <
glng Into the Atlantic Comparison
with tho scale demonstrated It to be
roughljra mile and fiveeighths long by
a mile wlde extreme measurements
Coast stared at It with renewed in
terest for the flrpt time convinced of
fortyifeet away a sholving stretch of
pebbly beach softly lapped by low
voiced ripples shut in tho view The
Echos tender drawn up beyond the
water edge bisected It
Good said Coast abstracted re
covering from his constrained posi
Curiosity gripped him strongly cau
tion contending vainly jhs knew quite
well that he woukHnever bide content
until he had probed for the cause and
source and solved tho mystery of that
wild cry In the night just gone
Moreover he felt In a measure re
sponsible for Appleyard Surely there
must be some strange reason for his
protracted absence
Abandoning himself deaf to the
counsels of prudence Coast rose and
stripped off his clothing
He let himself gently Into tho water
fearing to diva because he did not
know Its depth and found It warm
warmer than the air He struck out
cautiously using tho slow old fash
ioned but silent breast stroke In two
minutes however he was wading up
to the beach
There was no sign of Appleyard
only the tender Upon that stone
strewn shore tho feet bf the run away
had left no trail Though Coast cast
about In a wide radius he found no
sign of the missing man The peb
bcs scratched and bruised his un
protected feet and he began to shiver
with cold He gave It up presently
returned to the tender pushed off
and sculled out to the Echo
Then having rubbed his flesh to a
blush with a coarse towel he dressed
took the small boat back to tho beach
drew It up and now fully committed
to an enterprise the folly of which he
stubbornly relused to debate set off
Good Godl He Cried Aloud What
the existence of a spot so oddly
named A number of black dots along
Its northern shore seemed to indicate
buildings but Appleyard had distinct
ly said uninhabited
Const turned out tho lamp and went
back to the dock
There was nothing to bo seen noth
ing to do
He fidgeted
Then out of the confusion of his
temper in which ennui stalked In sin
gular companionship with perturba
tion be chanced upon an odd end of
thought one of those stray bits of In
formation mostly culled from desul
tory reading that clutter the back of
every mans brain
He happened to remember hearing
some time somo where that fog rare
ly clings to the surface of moving wa
ter that by putting ones vision upon
a plane almost horizontal with the
water It is ordinarily possible to see
for some distance loundabout
There may be something In It
No harm to try
Forthwith he scrambled out upon
the stern from which after some In
tricate maneuvering and by dint of
considerable phscal Ingenuity ho
managed to suspend himself at peril
of a ducking with his head near the
He was promptly Justified of his
pains the theory proved Itself In
that one Instance at least between
tho slowly undulant floor glassy and
colorless and the ragged fringe of
the mist cuttaln be discovered a
ignite space
Jfcj tly astern and roughly soma
to reconnolter along the waters edge
feelinghis way v <
After a tlrue the beach grew moro
sandy and emboldened by the knowl
edge that ho would have his foot
prints to guide him back ho left the
water and struck inland but only to
find his progress in that direction
checked by a steep wall of earth a
cliff like bluff of height Indetermin
able Its flanks waveeaten and deeply
seamed by rain
jt random with no design be
turned again to his left and proceeded
as before but now along the toot of
the bluff trudging heavily through
damp yielding sand
Still no sign of Appleyard
He must bavo tramped at rude
guess several hundred yards before
he discovered either a break In the
bluff or any change In the general
configuration of the shore Ultimate
ly however the one fell nway In
land and the other widened
A moment later he came upon a
small catboat careened Above high
tide mark with a gaping wouud in its
starboard side forward and below the
She lay stern to the water Taking
the point of her stem as his guide
Coast turned Inland again on a line
as straight as possible considering
the slanting lay of tbe land and the
Impossibility of seeing anything be
yond a radius of a few feet
He had not gone far upon this
tack before be stumbled upon a path
of hardpacked earth obviously made
by human feet Then he found him
self mounting a rather steep grade
and In another moment was face to
tacs with a plain weatherboarded wall
of a wooden building
There wore no windows that he
could discover on this side and
though he listened keenly he heard no
sounds from within
Other buildings presented them
selves successively as like as peas
to one another and to tho first he had
encountered all peopled exclusively
by tbe seven howling devils of deso
lation and their attendant court of
rats or sp he suunlsed from sundry
sounds of scurrylngs and squeaks
He gathered that he was threading
a rude sort of street fringed on one
sldp to seaward with tho abandoned
dwellings of what had apparently been
a small fishing community
No Mans Land Indeed he com
mented Certainly lives up to tho
name even If Its some place else It
begins to look as It Jd drawn a blank
But Appleyard
He was moved vaguely to liken the
place to the Cold Liars of tho Jungle
Books Only Infinitely sordid he
mused at pause lacking the maj
esty and the horror Wonder
had I better go back
As he hung In the wind debating
what to do whether to press on or
to be sensible swayed this way and
that by doubts and halfformed Im
pulses somewhere near seemingly at
his very elbow certainly not twenty
feet away suddenly a dog howled
Long drawn lugubrlouswlth a note of
lamentation tbe sound struck discor
dant upon his overtaut senses shock
ing him before he knew it to out
spoken protest
Qood Godl he cried aloud
Fault Brought Home
Dr James T Docking tbe president
of Rust university once discussed In
a Fourth of July address at Holly
Springs Miss the treason of Benedict
Arnolds fault ho said was as
plainly brought home to him as the
fault of Fenlmore Coopers friend
Fenimoro Cooper gave a friend a
copy of his last work inscribing on
tbe fly leaf tbo words
To John Blank with tbe authors
affection and esteem
A few months later Cooper came
Upon this same book at a second band
dealers He bought It In anl Bent It
to his friends again with a second In
This volume purchased at a sec
ondhand shop Is represented toJohn
Blank with renewed affection and re
Iterated expiesslons of esteem
Mans Many Wanvi
How many ways there orb In which
our pence may bo assailed besides
actual wantl How many comforts do
we stand In need of besides meat and
drink snd clothing Is it nothing to
administer to a mind diseased to
beal a wounded spirit After all other
difficulties are removed we still want
somo one to bear our Infirmities to
Impart our confidence to to encourage
us In our hobbles nay to get up and
ride behind us and to llko us with
all our faults HnzlltL
Saves Clothes of Rider
A saddle that a New Jersey man has
patented Includes a leather flap to
cover tbe buckles that frequently wear
out a riders clothing
Tragedy of a Tomato Vine
Practical Person Makes Discovery
After Neighbors Had Given Voice
to Their Wonderment
Now doth tbe amateur agriculturist
flourish and wax proud at his Luther
Burbank achievements says the
Brooklyn Eagle One such nursed a
lone tomato plant from delicate and
sickly Infancy to robust maturity
With all a mothers tender care he
ministered to that plant He watered
It brushed the dust off It pleaded with
It encouraging it to better things
Then one day a member of the family
rushed into the house with glad tid
ings There was a real tomato an the
vine What an assemblage there was
about that plant The block was de
populated temporarily Amateur ag
riculturists climbed on each others
necks to view the wonder Tbe head
of the house Inspected It through a
magnifying glass His spouse clapp ed
her bands and exclaimed At last
we shall hae our own salad from our
own vine Even tbe watchman from
a row of empty bouses nearby was
called to look and he remarked sol
emnly that he never Baw such a large
tomato on such a small vine
Then came along one of those hor
ribly practical persons who said It
couldnt be and bad to have a closer
look He spoiled It All by his discov
ery that tbo tomato had been tied on
with a string and It you went to know
who tied It on ask the woman who
lives next door
Itas Health
For the Child
The careful toother who watches close
ly the physical peculiarities of her chil
dren SUll noon discover that the most
Important thing In connection with a
childs constant good health is to keep
the bowels regularly open Sluggish
bowels will be followed py loss of appe
tlte restlessness during sleep Irrita
bility and a doten and one similar evi
dences of physical disorder
At the first sign of such disorder glvo
the chUd a teaspoonful of Dr Caldwell a
Syrup Pepalrt at night on retiring and
repeat the dose the following night If
necessary more than that will scarcely
be needed You will find that the child
will recover Its accustomed good spirits
at once and will eat and sleep normally
This remedy Is a vast Improvement
over salts cathartics laxative waters
and similar things which are altogether
too powerful for a child The homes of
Mrs S A Flttman Miguel Texas and
J C Kills Dumas Texas are always
supplied with Dr Caldwells Syrup
Pepsin and with thenv as with thou
sands of others there Is no sub
stitute for this grand laxative It Is
really more than a laxative for ft
contains superior tonic properties whjcji
help to tone and strengthen the stomach
liver and bowels so tnat after a brlet
use of It alt laxatives can be dispensed
with and nature ulll do Its own work
Anyone wishing to make a trial of this
remedy before buying It In the regular
way of a druggist at fifty cents or one
dollar a largo bottle family size can
have a sample bottlo sent to the home
free of charge by simply addressing Dr
TV B Caldwell 201 Washington St
Montlcello 111 Tour name and address
on a postal card will do
What are you goin to give at the
jreachers donation party Handy
Lands sake I Nuthln Why I give
o preacher a real store necktie that
ost 10 cents at his donation party
jnly three years agol
Wanted A Handhold
Meandering Mike heaved such a
deep sigh that his companion was
moved to ask him what the matter
was g
I was Just thinking about bad
roads and the wonders ot science
was the answer This earth Is spin
ning round fastern a railway train
behind time
Well we aint fell off yet
No But think of what a conven
ience it would be If we could have
some place to grab on to while de ter
ritory slid under our feet until de
place we wanted to go to cgme along
Youths Companion
Give and Take
Howell Does he take things philo
Powell Yes but he doesnt part
with them philosophically Womans
Home Companion
A Mighty Good Sort of Neighbor to
A little widow a neighbor of mine
persuaded me to try Grape Nuts when
my stomach was so weak that it
would not retain food of any other
kind writes a grateful woman from
San Bernardino Co Cal
I had been 111 and confined to my
bed with fever and nervous prostra
tion for three long months after the
birth of my second boy We were In
despair until tbo little widows advice
brought relief
I liked GrapeNuts food from the
beginning and in an incredibly short
time It gave me such strongth that I
was able to leave my bed and enjoy
my three good meals a day In 2
months my weight increased from 95
to 113 pounds my nerves had steadied
down and I felt ready for anything
My neighbors were amazed to see me
gain so rapidly and still more so
when they heard that Grape Nuts
alone had brought the change
My 4yearold boy had eczema very
bad last spring and lost his appetite
entirely which made him cross and
peevish I put blm on a diet of Grape
Nuts which he relished at once He
Improved from the beginning the ec
zema disappeared and now be is fat
and rosy with a delightfully soft clear
skin Tho Grape Nuts diet did It I wll
willingly answer all Inquiries Nama
given by Postum Co Battle Creek
Read the llttlo book Tho Hoad to
Wellvllle lnpkgs Theres a reason 1
Ever read the nboie letter A new
one nppcnra from time to time They
ore genuine truei and full ot human

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