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mPyttilari Slstera Meet
Pythian Sister s of AJOme
Temple No 78 had their regular
meeting Tuesday December 5
Five candidates wore present
ed formorobershipand wore duly
received names of candidates be
ins as follows Mr B 0 Merce
berger Mrs E 0 Merseberger
Mrs E Fertsch Miss Hilda
Trautwclnnnd Miss Seltna Jung
We gladly welcome these as
members and coworkers in the
This day being the regular
lime or election of officers the
following officers were elected
for the ensuing term t
Mrs R E Fry P 0 Miss
Hilda Wendtland M E 0 Miss
May Hughe3 EfSenlor Miss
3Ella Richter ExJunloi Mrs 0
O Atnslbr Manager Mrs T J
Ponton Protector Airs F Led
brtter Outer Guard Miss Tillie
Wolters M of R C Miss
Minnie Schmidt M of F
Others wore appointed by the
M E 0 as follows
Mrs S Ainsler Mrs 0 0
Dtttmar Mrs L Trautwein
Trustees Mrs Ella Moeckcl
Captain of Degree Team
Mrs EJ Merrem and Mrs
E Moeckel Auditing Committee
Miss Ethel Burkett Reporter
And Pianist
A reception will bo given iu
iH e h cir future to the new mem
bers taken in at this meeting
Our Temple meetings are in
teresting and helpful and wo feel
Ihat the timo is very pleasantly
and profitably spent Wo urge
all the members to attend for
tiach one is wanted and needed
Ethol Burkett
Ends Winters Troubles
Tp many winter is a season of
trouble Tho frostbitten toes and
lingers chapped hands and lips
On account uf tho fires burn
Up the buildings at tho A M
College tho stadonts have been
dismissed and WillioWendtland
Vettirried home last week
Turkeys and Eggs Wanted
We arc now dressing turkeys
day and night and are in the
taarketfor yours at tho best
Jnar et price hj cash and beg
t altWn r attention to our
weights which wo guarantee to
be correct Sell us your turkeys
you will get a square deal
Wo need moro fresh eggs for
pur tvade bring us all you have
we are paying a big price
Yoifrs or honest dealings
S A Cahnes Sqn
STftner Yoakum
> qlnor doesnt brag but does
things improvements are stead
ily underway and everybody is
Have you got a hill side that
is trying toi wash away of a gul
ly that needs filling up If you
have sell it to that fellow that
wanted to buy it a few days ago
and I will sell you better land
for less money that has no hill
sides or gulfies on it
D W Taylor Bishop Tex
Mrs Ad Richter and Miss
Hilda Birkmann who have beqn
Visiting here returned to their
homo In Weimar last Sunday
to theso cool spells and sud
den changes ever make you
think you would like to live in a
better climate where lic
changes aro not so suddeu and
severe If so remember that I
can sell you better land in a bet
ter climate than this for less
money than you can get fdr your
land here
D W Taylor Bishop TeS
Mr Henry Shraer who t cent
Jy purchased t h o Pf censes
blacksmithshop lsK npw lnfuft
charge and asks for a ahalo of
your patronage
Fireworks the Rood fresh kind
at Schulze Gray Co
r rr Ta itnt V infill
at Tin
Friday Night
The dramatization l tlio
beautilul Grecian legend
will bo produced by Mr
Philip Keene under the
auspices of Rathbono
Lodjfc Knights of Pythias
Admission 50c and 75c
Seals on Snlo at Shiner lniS Co Slorc
in the Farm Demonstration un
der the supervision pf M Feder
al Government t kdoptpd by
the Court Nov 19 The inoiicy
used for sune 4q be rid Mr
Klopenberff In n monthly in
stallments of tttfSOcsqh
It is boliovad this work will be
of great benefit to qur farmers
and aid in the dliteminttlon of
Commissioner Louia W jfoner
met with Coraral ion r Ijeo P
Willis of DeWltt county t Yo
kum Saturday afternoon and
agreed on building a jail in that
city for tho uso of preojnet offi
Commissioner August Eilors
chilblains coldsores red and was authorized to have concrete
rough skins prove this But such sidewalk placed in front of the
Commissioners Court
Tho Commissioners Court mot
in special session three tho past
week to make suitable iirrnnge
ments for farm demonstration
work and attend to other Impor
tant business matters
It was ordered that John ftlop
berg be and is hereby racoroend
ed to represent kayac County
troubles fly before Bucklons county jail and
Arnica Salve A trial convinces bids fo r samej
Greatest healer of Burns Boils
Piles Cuts Sores Bruises Ecze
ma and Sprains Only 25c at
ho will roclove
Keep your money working all
tho time Have you noticed that
rents keep getting higher as the
yeaib go by I can sell you the
very best black loam land under
laid with artesian water that
flows 100 to 150 gallons per mln
uto in a climate that you can keep
something growing on your land
all the year round at 000 per
aero one third cash good tl ne
on balanco at 0 per cent
D W Taylorj Bishop Tex
Mr Earl Fry left Sun day for
a visit to his1 mother r a San
From now on we are prepared
to fill orders for atfy nmburi of
Christmas Candy Fruits and
Nuts you may Wish
We have the finest line of Can
dles over broughtfo tilts city
J M STAvrKoiyiv
Opposite FarmersState ttiuk
Since the seasonopeneSWhar
ton has shipped twenty call > ads
of pecans Wharton is thecenter
of the pecan Industry
Before buying your fall
goods why not call on J
C Blohm Son
Mrs Earl Fry Ms spending
some time In Del Rio for her
Good heavy black hog wtllow
land underlaid with fine artesian
water 4000 per acre ono third
cash good time on balanco at 0
per cent D W Taylor Bishop
Nueces County Texas
Mrs Ad Richter and Miss
Hilda Birkmann of Weimar are
In the city visiting the family 6f
Mr W H Birkmann
Heartburn is a sympton of in
digestion Take a doso of HBR
BINli in such cases The pain
disappears instjantlyfThe bowels
operate speedilyt and you feel
fine vigorousandcbeerful Price
GOc Sold by Schults Gray Co
Shine Drug Co
t i jr j j
Ask the little girls tfherc the
dolls aro they iknow Shiner
DruR Co
Xft LadieiagT
Hafc nows
reduced pricer
rs Bros
Ml tt M
THe Cemetery BenSlIt
i The Bazaar and plays given last Fri
day evening and night were highly
successful All who participated did
well and deservecredit Mrs Cl
Welhausen did noblo work for the
bazaar and Mrs S AjThulemeyer
Was tho moving spirit of the plays
ably assisted by Mr and Mm Henry
Messer The receipts for tho bazaar
amounted to about 570 and for the
plnys to 10X00 Thus netting a hand
some sum for the Cemetery Associa
Dolls of every shape and des
cription at Schulz Gray < Co
The Shiner Ltverv Stable has been
closed Tor lack of patronage and
awalf s in new owner with vim and enter
If you aro goingto give a pre
sent give an article with a stand
ard of value Jewelry that is
guaranteed at Shiner Drug Cj
Any business Is mora respectable
than what is termed loafing A joung
man had better ell claun by th pail
ful than hang around publiu resort
mlirderlngtlrao and his own reputa
If you will come to our s tore
vou will buv for wo have what
you want Scbultz Gray Co
Let us work and stimulate every
legitimate Onterprlso by giving it nil
tho friendly eneouragemmt we canand
unlto our Industry intelligence and
capital in a common causa for the
good of our town
The total receipts of cotton for
Shiner up to Saturday night
Doc 2 Amounted to 12150 bales
A pretty good showing
Soma people never hand In an item
of news for publication but If wohap
ptn to mUi n Item In which they aie
Interested la they are sure to hand us
north pol staro that would freeze the
llvsr of a polar bear Exchange
If you are troubled nith chronic con
stipation the mild and gcntlp effect of
C mberlaini Tablets makes them os
pteUIly suited to your en s Tor aalo
by All Dealers
Mr Henry Bozka has purchas
ed from tho Farmers State
Bank the brick building now
occupied by the post office and
baker shop
Tho friends of Dr F W Led
better aro urging him to become
a candidate for the legislature
If the doctor Will submit his
name ho is pre jsure of being
Allpersons having lit their possess
ion any empty soda water bottles are
urged to return same at once to the
Shtner Bottling Works
Mr and Mrs Z A llall of San
Antonio arrived in tho city last Fri
day andwlll at onca begin prepara
tions for the production of their spec
tacular play euiitle d Texas Under
six Flags Tfils play has been pro
duced with great success In it great
raanv Texas cities by Mr und Mrs
Cajl at tlien Garbade Lumber Co
wjicrayou wiU find a nice little pre
sentfor yon
The largegtassortmentof Dolls
that eve r came to Shinor at prices
that are right Shiner Drug < yO
In behalf of a sane Christmas It Is
urged that Christinas tree decorations
be qf nonlnllammable material They
should be kept away from gas jets
and should be cartful where here is
cotton Tying around to represent Snow
The lire hazard on Christmas and pre
ceding that holiday cm be teJuced by
use pi decorations that do not and by
exercise of caro in matters of detail
The saving if iires aro prevented will
be worth morothan tho cost of care
Galveston News
soon open
ply from J
seaso A will
Buy your sup
C Blohm
A Dcs Moiueqs mat had an attack of
muscular rheumatism in his shoulder A
friend advised him to go to Hot springs
That meant an expense of 160 00 or
more lie sought for a quic 1cr and
cheaper way to cure It and found it in
Chamberlains Liniment Three days aftc
the first application of this liniment he
was well For sale by All Oealots
A business man of Shiner asked one
of tho Gazette ad erasers aland map
if ho owned the paper Ho replied no
he did not own it but < > o knew it was
tho best way to reach tho people tlKn
tho columns of tho Gazette
Ifyou are
suit call at J
need ol a
C Blolirri
Christmas Trees
j Xmas Is near at fiancj pud if
you want any trees ordor at once
as Jhey will be scarce and hard
tp get Leave OidQrs with Eimler
andRuhmanu Shiner Texas
Ladies Hats
One third off on a Lad
ies and Misses Hats noW
at Wo Iters Bros
V r
Garbade Lumber Company
PittsburghPerfect FeftceS
For some time we have been investigating a New Idea in Wire
Fencing After a most careful examinationwe have been convinced
that we have found the best field fence manufactured Pittsburgh
Perfect is made of all galvanized steel wires It is the only fence
welded by electricity Every rod is guaranteed perfect All large
wires the stays being tbe same size as line wires It has no wraps to
hold moisture and cause rust
wtj4 < > i a ua vcasr < < i > < iai Vi > uW > iiriiirra luw Wii iWa lWii
Our steel cutting
knives cutIik a
pair of scissors
Butcher knives butcher saws butcher
extra parts for sausage mills
SS 2i JfK >
B 3 V a MJ > S = lI = 23jj
Fresh Meats
We strive to pleasuaud therefore our patronscan ISe as
sured that hrcoming to this market thoySvill be furnis
hed nothing but the very choicest cuts Come once and
you will be a regular customer
L B Richly
Phone No 36
We beg to announce that our stock is
complete and can supply your wadts
from a large assortment
Please call on us for anything in the
Furniture line will Be pleased to show
you our goods
New Bakery
Next Door to Post
Offfee Fresh Bread
Always on Hartd
A Nice Siock of
Christmas Candied
and Fruits
Give lis Trial
Mebane Cotton Sis I
FQR SALE Apply to O 0
HonkhauS at Cotton Platform
A L < i < m
Offe Simple Request
A neglected Cold
or tough may
kill tho sur
fcrer Is itr
right to nog
it in a too lect it
very short late
time by wrtimpUy usiiift
St icodemus BALS MIA Its
never falls to relieve iu a vcry
short time
use St
Priies SX and ISO cts
LaGjrippe always
Nicodemus Chift
iz a a

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