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Por 3 Days
14, 155 and 10
Will sell Ferndell or CbtN & Ban born Coffee* and Tom m follows:
9 pound can Java and Mocha Code· fop 65c, regular price 76c
1-pound package blended Tea, β kiadé, 65c. regular price 75c
la em package of Paradeli Coffee or Xw you will find 1 coupon ; 19
attpom «et » nice PUlcw Splaaher. Hanopl· can be seen at my «tore,
•want more caatomera to ate my high trade Coffee· and Teaa, and
anee oat the price to iodnee yon to try them.
Far Rtpmeilitin.
Mi*. J. R. Gibbon», of BardweN, an*
boohom today m a candidat* lor Rep
raeeat alive in the Twenty-eighth leg
iaiature. Preliminary to hia earn*
pa if η he makaa the folio wtsg aUia
To tne votera of BUla County :
la making my annoancemast aa a
paadid»t« for t*a offlca of Renroaee·
tatfve to tbe Twentye'ghth leg!· la -
tore 1 beg leave to make a abort *yu
opal* of tenlalatiofl whicb i believe, If
rmo'rd into Uw, would be highly con
doctve to the aoctal, moral and mate
riai ioUrss:s of the atate.
The law raiting the a. of oooaeat
from twelve to Mteen year* baa had a
•alotary eflctt upon a ciety and I
w«nM favor an enactment raleing It
atili higher.
I favor a law raids g the «ebolaeUe
age from «UK-en year* to ih* age of
I favor a law providing for the re
tention of all abort term oonvicu
withIη the county where conviction la
teoured. And farther providing tbat
all each oonvtcta aBaH be employed in
conjunction with county couvftta in
conetrtaetiBfr, building and repairing
the public nad·» and ujwm any and all
public work· within their r«**p-ciiv«
countie., providing fur the <iemp·
tion of femalee, aged and decrepit,
who aball be provided wltn arch woik
aa la compatible with their abiiitea.
I favor a dleooatteoaooe of the- con
vict ieaae ayatem asdua.e tariulug by
convict labor.
I favor ait long term convict* being
con ft net! within t e wall· of the peni
1 tavor aba la kocwn and denomi
nated aa tba Hogg cmondmeuu·, ·ο
wit : (1)1 bat no uieoî vei t corporal ion
abaii do buailie»· in th»« rtttr; (S)
tbat the free paaaayatemovwr the rati
waya ι f tbia a;ate a ball be terminated
forever; (8) t hat tb·· η*«» ο' corporate
food* In politic· and to ·αρρ< rt a lob'
by at Auatin alia ! be prohibited.
Keapec tuiiy y ou re
Joe R. UiHBONa
To Care a CoM la One O.y
Take Laxative Bromo (julmm· Tab
late. AH druggiata retuuo to* mon-y
If it fail* to cur*. E. W, Or ve'a a g
natare la ob each bo*, tto.
For Ceaaty Jedje.
Mr. T. B. William· com»· forward
this week and authorise· u· to an
nounce him a candidate for the office
of County Judge. No man in BHie
county I· better of more favorably
known tbae Toay William·. He baa
•pent all hi· youthful and manhood
year· in the county and by the force
Qf bU own effort· baa brought hlm
•elf up to Ute position be now occu
pies in the confidence aad esteem of
the people. Denied the advantage·
I t.f an early éducation he applied bim
i cell to atudy after reaching the year·
! Of manhood and haa ateadily climbed 1
to Use front. Pour year· be repre
sented the count} in the «late legisla
ture and wau reoo* iifxxi a· one of the
; leading member* t,f thet body. Two
9 years ago be made a «plendid race for
County Attorney. Mr. Williams is
well qualified for tbe position be
seeks, is a lawyer of ability and a
democrat of unswerving fidelity. If
! n>minaud and elected he «ill make
tbe county an able and ffficient offi
cial. We take pleaaore In submitting
h« candidacy to tbe voter· of the
Wit rn d Ι-·.!· \labtma.
Mr. J J. Uatlagxr, who Uvea on
Bowd Parrar'a farm on R»d Oak
creek, and his brother, W. C. Qalla
i gber, returned tbia week from a viait
to their old borne in La» rence county,
I Alabama. They aay the condition of
< tbe poorer clam of people In that
■ atate i· indeed very bad. It takes
from $3 to $4 per sere to buy fertili
ser, and a crop failure last yearworktd
grrat hardships on theae people. A
great many of them are leaving the
farm· and going to tbe pob-ic^worka at
Bir rr Ingham and ot^er place· to make
a living for their families.
If you want to sell your proper
ty lint it with A. T. Biahop. tf
Fie Stockholders of Ike Clij Beak*
Choose Directors t*tf Off ken·.
* ——«
Today wa* the reaniar date for
holding tbe election of officer* of the
National Bank· and till· afternoon the
Rockho'.deir* of the three Waxahachie
>enks met and selected a oet of di
rector* who in tarn subsequently net
wad elected officer*. The refait of U>«
ilection 1* a* follow·:
Director*—Ο Ο Thompson, R Κ Er
iriu, J W Singleton, Μ Τ Patrick, Oace
Officers—At Τ Patrick, president; J
*' Singleton, vice president; Osce
ioodwln, cashier.
Directors—W Η Getxendaner, Ο Ε
Oanlap, 8 Ρ BkInner, Royal A Ferris,
Γ A Ferris.
Officers—Ο Ε Danlap, president; W
U Qetzeadaner, vice president; Τ A
Perris, cashier.
Directors—J II Miller, Q Η Οαη
lingbam, Β F,Spalding, Wm Sliies, R
Pickery, J H Moffett, Μ Β Totnpleton,
Officers—J U Miller, president; G H
Janoingbam, vice péesiden»-, Ε d
3noningh*m, cm h 1er. /
Percy Bbands will caXf on you in a
'ew days with a (nil line of samples
rozn the Winona Mills. 262
Batfy Demolitkfé.
This morning as Mr. T. 8. Spears of
:he Osro coramuniiv was driving into
io«n in a bu z%!> a farm wagon collid
ed with bim on ;he bridge near tbe
Katy depot, upsetting ice vehicle a.cd
causing JMr. Hpaarh' horse to ran
sway. Mr. Bpears w*i thrown out
t>ut escaped clear of an injury. Tte
buggy was almost totally demolish· d
in the runaway.
Bought · Home.
Mr. J. L. Deegan has booght tbe
S20U Home on Williams street. He
Is remodeling the place and will soon
have a neat, np-to-date cottage.
Georgs Grafton is quite tick at tbe
home of his mother, Mrs. M. J. Graf
ton, on Bethel street.
Some items of lei erf M the Public
Mto»ld Knew,
Ail advertisers who desire
to cover the Waxahachie
field must use the paper
that is road in the htmes
of the people—'The Daily
Light. It covers ward one,
ward two and ward three;
also Bullard Heights and
West End, and is r< ad in
in the adjoining towns.
Φ «
There is no royal road to
fortane, but if you advertise
judiciously ii will pav you.
To aid advertisers in invest
ing their money to the best
advantage is our business.
The Daily Light wishe* to
impreee upon the minds of
every reader and advertiser
four important pointe:
First.—The Light is the
only daily paper in Waxa
hachie that prints telegraphic
8econd.—The Light is the
only daily paper in Waxa
hachie that believes the ad
vertiser has a right to know
everything about its circu
culation. Our books are
open for inspection.
Third. — The Light guar
antees its advertisers more
circulation than any other
Waxahachie daily.
Fourth.—The Light car
ries more advertising, both
local and foreign, than any
other daily in Waxahachie.
# *
Try our "Want" column.
Fire at Ennis.
The residence of Dr. T. O. May wee
barned at Ennie Sunday eight. It is
not known how the fire originated.
Only a few household goods were
•aved. There was Insurance for flOOO
on the honre and $600 on the furni
ture in the London and Lancashire,
and 9300 on the piano In the National.
Cattle Sales.
The following Ellis county cattle
sale* were made at St. Louie this
W. D. Ferris, Eunis, 58 steers aver
aging 861 pound», at #4.15.
Η. A. Pierce, Waxahachie, 20 steers
1,022 pounds, at $4.50.
See Percy Shapds for Wlncna Mills
hosiery and underwear. 252
Try a
Can of
/ S e a q u u cl
A Seafood RXI i s h
healthful and Oellcious
Special Dinner Sets
for wedding
presents or for
everyday use in
China at big
/ bargains.
For instance:
100-piece Sets at
103-piece Sets at
103-piece Sets at
Semiporcelaine— 103-piece Set at 14.50
All first-class imported English goods,
guaranteed not to craze. '·■ ^ f
Don't forget that my Anti-rust Tinware
is the finest made. Also my Baking
Dishes that fire will not îaze.
0143 STAA»

if you are in a
hurry don't forget the
Long Distance
Cennections with 50,
000 subscribers in
Texas and Arkansas
Cell for "Long Distance"
â Southwestern
Λ Telephone
I *
, *
We want to sell you Cold Cream, ♦
Lotions and Ointments. There are φ
many, but we have them. You see j
them advertised in the magazines and 4
daily papers, and they are usually good. |
Espey's Cream, Frostilla. Honey and φ
Almond Cream, Elder Flower and ♦
Cucumber, good kinds; but when called 4
upon to recommend something we *
suggest / 2
Witch H^2el Jelly |
We have used it, and then, too, you
know Witch Hazel is very soothing to
rough, cracked, chapped hands. It is
25 Cents, put up in a collapsible tube
that is very convenient to handle.
Herring-Sparks Drug Co.
(Succ«**ora to J. S. Herritix!* Co.)
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
cavil ιυι. w c wain. ιυ citai ι up tvti y unt ui
them. This price will move them quick
200 Hats in softs and derbies to close at half Τ
price.. This is the closing season in this store. Τ
Come in and let u/s figure with you. Τ

Red Tag Sale
The first two days of our big sale were _
wonderful. People came early and late, φ
Business was beyond our expectations, rmL
This week's shoppers will find profita
ble investments. Remember, this is _
Murphy's Last Sale. Come and reap ^
the great bargains offered.
V At One-Half
AU Ladles' Tailor Suite
Ail Lidies' Jacket#
All Ladies lUinyday Skirts
A l C c !
AM Ladies' Drees Skirts
All Ladies' Silk Uuderskirts
All Laces and'Embroideries
All Quilts, Linen*, Towels
All bl&ck and colored Silks
at greatly reduced prices
All Furs at New York cost
All Ladies' Wooleu ai'd Silk
Shirtwaists at 15 per cent
lea* than New York cost
At Cost
All White Lawcs, Dimities,
Nainsooks, Paris Lawn go at
All Corsets at reduced prices
Kid Gloves
Ladle·' 1.75 Kid Gloves 91 27
Ladles 1.00 Kid LHovee 79c
Ladies' 76c Kid Glovee 55c
Dress Goods
50-inch Venetian,
Wit fl 60, now
60-inch Venetian,
was 91 25, now
42 inch black French
Poplin, was #1 25
50 inch black Serge
Cheviot, was ·1, now
50-inch black Serge
Cheviot, was 75c, now
44 inch black Prunelle,
was 50c, now —
44-inch English Walk
ing Cloth, was 75c, now
50 inch Chalkline, was il Cm
65c, now fuu
All other Dress Goods at
Cut Prices J
Hosiery and
This stock is especially at
tractive just now. Full range
of sizes. Warm and cheap
to suit this cold suap
Our entire sto.k at cut pricee
10 4 Bleach Pepperel, ICI»»
worth 22 1-2c, now lU2u
10-4 brown Pepperel,
worth 20c, now ....
Best 5c Domestn... ..... _.
All other Domestic at Out
1 case standard Calico 3c yd
Simpson' Calico 4c yd
4c yd
Our entire jline of Ladle*'
Children s and Men's Shoe·
Ivery Shoe in thia sale
at guaranteed to satisfy

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