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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, January 29, 1902, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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Waxahachie Electric Light Company

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Porter'^ Sarins Crazed from «Starv
ation and Hani-hips.
See* of the Ufa Ara m 111 That Re·
co τ try In I>nubtfel — DctaOi of
the Expedition Net Yet Ob
tained from the lets.
Manila, Jan. 29.—The condition of
Captain David D. Porter"» marines who
took part in the expedition Into the
interior of Samar, is much worse than
previously described. They suffered
fearful harships and were without food
for several days. The natives who ac
companied the marines claimed they
were unable to distinguish the edible
roots, which the marines did not be
lieve. The anger of the marine* against
the natives is intense None of the
latter returned with the marines.
The marines suffered so acutely from
starvation that they ate raw the fleab
of two does.
When Capt. Porter and the first three
of his men staggered into camp they
were delirious and difficulty was ex
perienced in ascertaining the where
abouts of their companions.
Williams, of the First infantry, head
ed the relief expedition in the face
of a torrential rainstorm which flooded
the rivers.
He succeeded In reaching the re
maining men who would otherwise
certainly have perished. He found
them all delirious. Two of the men
were diseovtrred in the branches of
tre«»e barking like dog3. Some of the
marines are so ill that they are not
likely to recover.
Gen. Chaffee has endeavored to ob
tain full details of the trip of the
marines, but Capt. Porter is not yet
able to lcidly explain the matters.
The expinlition into the interior of
Samar led by Capt. Porter, of the corps,
numbered thirty-six men. It had been
absent two weeks The marines had
been provided with rations for only
five daya. On January 21 Capt. Porter
and twenty-six members of his party
reached the coast of the island of
Samar. The other ten were missing
arrd little hope of their safety was en
Gen. Chaffee has returned hsre from
a trip to various islands.
Major Lot and three Filipino lieu
tenants with 10 rifles. 3 revoîvers and
24 boloe. surrendered to Major Ander
son, of the Stxth cavalry at Lipa, pro
vince of Batangas Lot was brought
In *t<«k on * Utter He was cordially
bated at Lipa where he looted $.">■">.O'K)
worth uf jeweiry from prominent fam
iii«»«. Nickerson scout# captured Co!.
Lot, a brother of Major Lot, near Ba
The ► *u -ral outlook tn I Uangue
ι province is de* idediy favorable. Λ par*
tv of insurgents, led by two renegade
j Americans. rec<sntiy entered Alangu
lan, In Ley te province, efctlmlng they
were constabulary, but not yet uni
formed. The impoeters were taken t<>
police headquarters and were roy&ily
entertained by the native sergeant in
charge At a git- η i-mnal th«· rem·
gadeft and insurgent* fell upon the
police, who, though outnumbered more ;
; than two to one, fought desperately
j and drove off their assailants after a
hard hand to hand fight, in whie'> holos
were the chief weapons The victory
was actable, as the police were com
pletely surprised, and also outnumber
ed They lost two men kilied and had
one wounded The insurgents teft
one dead.
The criticism of the senate minor
ity report on the Philippine tariff bill
has been general, both in public and
private here, though many people ad
mit the statements made in the re
port are correct.
Gen Wheaton'e vigorous criticisms
referred entirely to Prof. Schurman's
speech at Boston, though he holds
the professor in high person esteem.
The statement that a person who
made such remarks here as those
credited to the professor during his
Boston speech would be sent to jail,
referred merely to the recent sedition
1 law.
Captai» Itakar TMltliaa. ·**->
New York, Jan. 29.—A large part of
Tuesday's session In the trial of Law
yer Albert T. Patrick for the murder
of Millionaire William Marsh Rtce, was
taken up In the examination of Capt
James A. Baker, of Houston, Tes. He
told of coming to New York and being
surprised that Mr. Rice had engaged
Patrick as his lawyer. He also re
lated what occurred at hie meeting
with Patrick after Rice's death.
TorUrrd by Burglar·.
Outhrie, O. T., Jan. 29.—Near Far.
Blaine county, four masked men broke
Into the residence of M. B. Wllaey,
dragged Mr. Wllaey from his bed and
put coala of Are on his feet and burned
him until he disclosed the biding place
of his money. They got $280 In cash
and burned over $1000 worth of notes
and mortgagee. They also fiendishly
mistreated his daughter, who lires
alone with him. Then they cscaped.
Another Anti-Treat Salt.
Dallas, Jan. 29.—8u(t has been filed
In Fourteenth district court her· by
Hatton W. Sumders, côunty attorney.
In the name of the state of Texas
against Ε. M. Reardon, receiver of the
Dallas Electric company, tor forfeiture
of charter of the company named, be
cause of an alleged violation of the
Texas anti-trust law, and for the col
lection of $1,070,000 penalties.
Maw Dafwtawt SHI Pmh4.
Washington. Jan. »—The senate has
paied the bill creating the depart
«est of coaaerce end labor.
The fact that Walter Ε Perkins'
comedians are coming to the opera
houee next Thareday night in H. A.
DuSoucht's effervescent comedy,
"The Man Prom Mexico," is a com
plete guarantee that intending visitors
will be more than repaid for their in
vestment of time and money. It is
one of the brightest comedies before
the public today, and will be presented
here by a company of legitimate
actors who are scarce usually in farce.
Everv one of the individual players
are distinctly known la the good
thlUKS of the stage and as the comedy
is equal to the demand, the manage
ment has seen tit to place the proper
people to interpret its bright lines and
original situations.
Everv girl|wants to marry. She is
thoroughly satisfied that a man Is
necessary to the proper development
of a woman's life. Her ideal usually
is tall with classical features and the
frame of an Achilles. He must be
brave, yet gentle; a Chesterfield in
manner·, a Dewey In penetration, a
Winston Churchill In ambition. In
thought and speech he must be as un
sullied m Schiller or Geothe; with all
he must be strong and brave; a lion
among man; a knight among ladle·.
But for fear she might die aa old
maid she will take most any lath
framed youth with mouse-colored hail
and bat winged «ara that oome· along
arooHng a coffin nail clrgareM* that
■metis worse than a horning rubber
boot, and than waste her precious Ufa
trying to love one she never admired,
laafnan Herald.
Discoverer of Paine's Celery Compound, to Whom Thousands
Owe Life and Perfect Health.
' Excepting its handful of magnitt- j
cent statesmen and ite military he- j
roes," says the most recent writer ;
upon America, "the people owe more)
to Dartmouth's phy sieian-teacher j
than to any one man.
'Ία every walk of life, among the
highest officeholders at Washington,
η the homes of the bast people in the
large citiep, among t'ie every-day
folks of the country, families in com
fortable circumstances, families that
'live from hand to mouth,' and could
nit, if they wished, afford the services
of any bnt an ordinrry physician —
everywhere I have met people to
whom Paine'e celery compouud bass
been a blowing."
The story of the life-work of this
giant among men has been often told
*nd is familiar to most readers. The
hteenees above is probably the best
portrait of him yet printed.
It was the world· famed discovery
by Prof. Phelpe of an infallible cure
for those fearful ills that result from
un impaired nervous system and im
pure blood which has endeared the
great doctor to the world, and made
his life an era in the practice of
Prof. Phelpe was born in Connecti
cut and graduated in medicine at Yal«. j
H is unusual talent soon brought him
reputation and prominence amené
his professional brethren. First he
was elected to the profes*orshlp ot
anatomy and surgery in the Vermont
University. Next he was oppointed !
lecturer on materia medica aud medi- Î
cai botany in Dartmouth college
The next year he was chosen pro
fessor of the chair then vacated by !
Prof. Robhy, and occupied the chair,
the most important one in the coun- i
try, at the time when he first formu- \
lated hie most remarkable prescrip- ;
In view of the overwhelming testi
mony to the value of Paine's celerv
compound that has recently appeared
from men and women of national
reputation, the picture of Prof.
Phelps ie particularly interesting.
Paine's celery compound makes ;
people well. It is the one true spe
cific recognised and prescribed today
by eminent practitioners for diseases
arising from a debilitated nervous
system. Prof. Phelpe gave toj hie
profession a positiye cure for sleep
lessness, wasting strength, dyspepsia*
billiousness, liver complaint, neural
gia, rheumatism, all nervous diseases
and kidney troubles. For all 6uch
complaints Fame's celery compound
has succeeded again and again where
everything else has failed.
No remedy was ever so highly
ιecommended, because none ever ac
complished so much.
Todav Paine'» celery compound
stands without competition for feed
ing exhausted nerves and building up
the strength of the body. It cure#
radically and permanently. The
nervous prostration and general de
bility from which thousands of
women suffer so long that it finally
gets to be a second nature with them
—all this suffering and despondency
can be very soon removed by prop
erly feeding the nerves, and replacing
the unhealthy blooa by a fresher,
more highly vitalized fluid. A
healthy increase in appetite and a
corresponding gain in we'ght and
good spirits follow the use of Paine'·
celery compound.
Paine's celery compound is the
most remarkable medical achieve
ment of this generation.
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