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Beauty is Health.
Walnnt 1*1», Ark., June 1.1900.
I tfce.nk you for the benefit I received from
yonr advice i*nd the Wlue of Cardui I took in
my terrible condition. Mr life was no pleasnro
to me at all and I was of no use to anybody.
After receiving your advice and medicine I
commenoed taking it and began immediately t>
improve. The cains left ma and the menses,
which come at the correct time, continued three
days. I have gained strength and my w»!gbt
ha* Inereiwed, My cnthandf says the medicine
bas made me better looking than ever before.
Womanly health means
eyes, rosy
cheeks, clear complexion and elasticity of form
by year»·—the
Beautiful wo·
This is the youth unmeasured
beiutv o( perfect womanhood.
men are happier and jet more oat of life than
their sisters whose faces indicate suffering
Wine of Cardui made Mrs. Mannell "better look
ing" and infinitely happier because H cured her
cf those terrible pains. But she Is no exception.
is giving thousands of women health, beauty and freedom from the drag
ging pains which made tneir lives so miserable. Wan faces, haggard eyes
ànj emaciated forms ft the results of suffering. What suffering can com
pare with the torture of irregular menstruation, leucorrhoea and falling of
the womb! Γ. >-ty f'eej quMtly before the ravages of such disease. The
srurp pair.s of fa l.ng of the womb deepen the crow tracks in the face.
Menstrual irregularities rob the eye of its fire and the complexion ofit*
transparent Lrucorrhoea tir is the body of Its strength, but to.r.e of
Cardui restores the natural beauty, brightens the eye, clears the complexion,
rounds out the figure and brings back the vigor of health. Every druggist
in this city handics $1.00 bottles of Wine of Cardui.
f »
·*-·*·»·♦« — ♦·♦·♦·«·♦
- G. E. Mullican, of Ro^or, was in
the city today.
—Deputy Sheriff B^n Abbott ba«
returned from Austin.
Μγκ. Sbillern end Mrp. H. H
Motï^'.t 8] fit th<< day In L) il las.
—Constable W. P. Dunaway, of
Midlothian, was in the city today.
—Roy Connally left this morning for
Tyler where be will enter school Mon
—Hon. J. A Beal! went to Hillsboro
today where he deliverad an address
In the interest of hie candidacy for
—B. D. Pickens and wife, S P.
Spalding and wife, T. M. Holland, W.
B. Boze and John Ralston have re
turned from San Antonio where they
bad been to attend the annual meet
ing of the Grand Lodge of the Inde
penden Order of Odd Fellows.
Mi-* Mattiπ Middleton and broth
er, Marcelin*, went to Corsicaua ro
day, where they ' ill b«* tie gup't of
the ' a in i 1 y of I)r. Houston for a few
Ring up Stone B.-ns. (63 and order
vour wood, col and feed ibey sell vuu
cheap fur cash.
Thf re is more Catarrh in this eec- j
*io ; of the country than «II other dis
eases pu together, aed until the last
ft w y· its w s sut>pOi*ed to be incura
ble. For a >;rt-a: many years dactors
pronounced it ι local disease, and
prescribed local remedies, a;.d by
constantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Scteno has proven catarrh to be a
conrtitutionai die-ease, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment
! Halt's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is
the only constitutional cure on the
market. It is taken internally in
doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful
It acts directly on 11 ' ' iod and <
j mucous surfaces of the system. They I
! offer one hundred dollars for any
; case it fails to cure. Send for circulars
I and testimonials.
Address, P. J Cheney <fe Co.,
! Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are tue beet.
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ρΤίΓΒΛΐΐ r ΐϊ ϊβ 8"8 ΤΠΠΓΒ a 6 ϊΤΓΤΠΠΠΤΤΠΠΓΪΤϊ huh boboocbooooooob^
I "Prescriptions Carefully \
This is an old, familiar saying—in fact so old that
some druggists have forgotten what it means. We
have not. We practize it \ et at our store. FilMna
Β prescriptions is our specialty, and we do our vyyfk *
■ carefully, and do it quickh. ί 5
• oi
I Prescription Druggists Phone 34 3
f Fast Going
$ have been our welt sole Queen Qualjiy Shoes
4 for Ladies.
Two-Fifty Price I
will not allow them to remain with us. We are
pleased to please you in the best #4.00 Shoe made
for Two Dollars and a Half, and at a time when
such Shoes are a necessity. Stylish, comfort
giving, serviceable Shoes, is just what they are.
<»*« ***«*♦*♦*
[City Property For1 Sale:
■ A neat 4- room cottage near eqaarr, in good repait.· bargain at flOOO ®
» A 2· etory 7-room house in West End on car line. Price reasonable ®j
2 and terms to soif. „
* Several choice University lota that w« arc · fferir g at reasonable price·. *
* A very choice 8 room modern oottage, located on one of Waxahachie's "
■ moat popular street· near the basinets centor. A bargain, terms to sait ο
• A very choice 4-room cottage and corner lot, close in. Price, ·1250~ *
JJ one-third cash and the balance on easy terms. ζ
» A choice 5-rocm hi use, barn and large lot, convent to chnrcnes, ·
J school and bnsineas ο inter, Price «22i>0. m
• 4-room hoaae on Aldredge street, convenient to car line. Price 9475 *
j Will A. Halcolm & Co. I
« 01 \A f9tlUUJIII mu>t!
——__* .p
Short tun· of Inter?st Gleaned by the
Light Reporter. .
Cotton took an upward sport >ee
} terday ard several bale» «old from
ι wagons at 7.75.
The Woman'· Home Mi»··ion Socie
ty will meet Monday afternoon at
, two o'clock with Mrs- W". a Cai/ee.
After a suspension of several daye
on account of the bad weather work
has been resumed on tbe M offrit
buildine. ^
Having recovered from la grippe,
Rev. J. C. Smith requests ue to an
nnoance thai tie will hold services at
bis church Sunday morning and eve
Reports come from r'l dlrect'ons
tnattbe recent snow baa been a greet
bie^sing to the farmers. Wheat ha*
taken a new growth and is in a splen
did condition.
The iatMes of the Methodist church j
w ill Kive a Valentine reception at the I
residence of Mrs. J. A. BeaU on next ;
Friday afternoon and night. Every
body h mi'ed. Λ free will offering
The Rev. 1! H, Johns or of Corsi
cana wilt otli .ate and prt-ai h in St ,
Paul'-t Kpiseopal chunh on Sunday ;
morning at 11 o'clock and in the eve- j
ning ai 7. Mr Johnston is the guest,
of Mrs. R. H. Needham while in ti e 1
About Mxty bait"» of cotton were
brought in ihi* morning bjr Κ. Τ
Stoker of Oviha, J. M. Glenn of I)e
Soto, and others of that country.
This cotton whs he'd for higher [ri
ce». Mr. Stoker own* about one
t iout»an l acres ot One land, is a good
citizen and began life in Edis county
a poor man.
Mr C. J. Grigx*, fie contractor and '
builder *a>she is a clone reader ol
"Lost" and "found" notices in the
D.iily L'ght and bo lar as he knows
one of the following nature has never'
appeared in any newspaper; "Lost
A spur vuth l1^ inch rowels, ten teeth
to the rowel, tound by him. Owner
can get same» by Rpp'ying at this ol
ilce.'' Mr. Griggs and Uol.J. S Da
vis say that many times in the early
settlement of tne county this spur
w uld have been claimed by cowboyf,
who at that time wore su-shooter
and big spurs. Id those days the
above little ad which is now valueless
would have been worth one dollar or j
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab- j
lets. All druggists refund the money j
if it fniU to cure. E. W. Grjve's sig
nature is on each box. '29c.
Honey to Loarr on Bank
Stock. S. E/ FOWLER
At the Opera House.
The Koowles delighted another large |
audience at the opera house last night !
Frequent and enthusiastic appisuf-o j
evidenced the fact that those present
were unanimous in the opinion that
they were witnessing a performance
which was the result of years of study
and practice. It can be '.ruthfully
said that while the Knowles perform
ances were built more to «mus» than
to instruct, the résulta obtained from
subjects selected from the audience
furnish the student of psychology no
little food fur thought. Those who
ar« interested in hypnotism and kin
dred physic phenomena, who enjoy
the existence of a dozen or more
young men and boys in absurd and
grotesque attitudes and antics under
the hypnotic spell, cannot fail to find
in the exhibitions of the Knowles both
diversion and instruction,
The matinee this afternoon was at
tended by a large and appreciative
audience, the majority being ladies.
The performance was very saiiefac
factory in every jespect. A class of
young ladles was need as subjects and
some of their actions wh$e under the
hypnotic spell were very comical. '
Another performance v^li be given
H. & T. C. Schedule.
No. 43 leaves 7:44 a. m. Connects
at Fort Worth with Ft. W. * D. C.
and Ft, W. & R. O.
No. 53 leaves 9:32 a. m.
No, 41 leaves 6:12 £p. m. Connecte
with Santa Fe and Hock Ialtnd.
No. 42 leaves 11:16 a. αι. Regular
Houston and New Orleans connec
No. 54 leaves 3:30 p. no. Connect·
at Uarrett for Dallas and Corslcana.
No. 44 leave· 6:57 p. m. Regular
Houston and New Orlean· connec
MUaourt. KM··* * Τ·Μ*
Leave· ........ 6·*3 » as
" MM* · a
« ilUO ρ 09
Ideal d«v»rt« at 1.38.
Lmth. H.30 aa
- . «.88 pa
" Ml sm
in strength
and purity
Improves the flavor and adds
to the healthf illness of the food.
Note.—There are imitation t .iking powcîcrs %o!d cheap by
many pocer- They are made from alum, a poison
ous drug, which renders the food injurious to health.
(Inspel Temp ings
Hev. A L .i.r·»· s»iii u> ii*»r t
1rn' nf hi* n'f(·. ·>' :»·. ι r λ <,··
nijîM H t the *'»ι:ιι < '· -» )
:hurcb. Iinni'u t ►· v> κ · ■ '
»l I lin ^iv« u »' Hi·- f . y . Ir
Π(ί lu [Ii« peu*' λ,ιι tir c i < .. r
S· cday rsigbt — uurure it**i ■· -
»1 Peril, or Tne Ba'tle to Sa\e the'
Land of the Free and ι h e H >n.e f1 he
Brave. Illustrated.
Monday Night—Am I Mj Brother'·
Keep* r?
Tuesday Night—The Fir*·! OI<*s. for
childre atsd young peope; parent·
are lnv tfcd to come with thtir child
ren. Itlui-tiated.
Wed ne ml ay Nltflit—The B-igh; Hide
of Ltf»- in l><ikei Chicago, O', l> <e* it
\>&\ to Rem ue the Lo>t One»?
Thursday Night — H me, Kwitt
Home, 1 he Man Who Bni'd* it up
and the- — Who Tear», it Down
Friday Nigh What of tbe Fuum?
Organization o: J tnij t rance F rces.
and Jubilee.
An opportunity to sign the pleure
will be givtn at tie cio<·- of each
FOk SALI: — .New large
Cooking ^tove; suitable,
for large family or board
ing hoùses. Ε. Fowler
Stone Bros, t·» the ρ ace to bnv >car
wood, coal and feed stuff th»ao ttr
Bucklen'· Arnica Salve.")
Haa world wide fame fur man el'ou# ;
cures. It surpasses any otner salve,
lotion, ointment or balm fur cuts,
corne, bums, boils, sores, felon-, ul
cere, tetter, ea!t rheuui, f> ver sur» a,
chapped banda, ekin eruption»; In
fallible for piles. Core guaranteed, j
Only 25c at J. S Flerring and Co. I
Opera House
Three Night»--Commencing
Thursday, February 13
supported by
The kutledge Dramatic Co
In ft repertoire of high·
clft*· plays.
Thursday Night
The Sensational Melo-Drama
"The Senator's Daughter"
Prices: 25^ 35c and 50c
Beturday, 2:30 P. M.
Tree Fleming
Γ » inn -·ο'v-j ·<γ Mwr'in, tp*ak nj
» -> ι an'inί οι ir h , nu ' > i'h ι .
• ν il 'y - fi'-n :
' J, ' t· r> ·'■ ■ %c ι κ> > η · r
ι " · un ' η 1 · h ■ fw η-·· ·
»> -'V I i.f I h»»·#· ι r**r** f<>* 11*. IHv·*
Hfn'c ' oH ' hn h» ί* to *'i'*»f-· "
• * ι >i u *· <1 ΛΤΛίκ'ΐΙ h*"k η"»»
fi s nf tl,r f inch· « in Ή ">ι« ·« <- * ··«
r>! If»*) t ».· t··** (finit! , '
ρ-ιι nu. »oor nn'»i 1<- of th» «' V·' 'k
'fl Ιβ ·' ·. Pt «f Λ''
• 1 li*' 'ist i wil! 1 *hf nfit ti 10*»
« ρ'Λη <»ί »« «mire ···/) t»· tfiv · n«
r ■ ~Λ ' » "* #»r,'-'^j ηϊΛρ ι*' *%'mrv r-rt>
p?' t*<» «··»«' « '<(» 'if lîliTf*-·"·*! ·
' ι ûf, |b(> n»' it l'v l'I·!'» «l » ■
ι·Ι Μι·» fo'ir κ «Ι#»» it th" t"iilv»-r·!· ν
rai>04 M*fiν wH< a'«<» *»nf 'ri·· «
) th*· m«i/1«i ot tiif.r lut·
"Mr Ki'ld. M». Wnvh w »· ή jt-r·
ιρ· o'b»-r« and*r» »nil tli * -»
iotT»««hlr hitI fo«W mffijftl to ti»k#»
if )<>b for rnucb le#·· thuri If wno'd
•·· u» on ihw «ingl* »rti m pi«u. Mr.
nJil, »? ι 1m» nuzifM'ion of # π»β uf u*
now tkkti'K oi<]<*r« alon# ihU j-Un
■ π I bo < H meet with the aupport
' . v-ry η- After thla month it
w ·»■ t *» ι·*'*" to tran*pient tree· of
; (ι · «·*#
"1* t h « (su if. t*>"r «tj'1 «ive oar
*.i,nt w «. 10 truatworthy men,
» >. - >»«*-„ atom» a y «tant
< ι - -«*» κ L* a i ρ ant at the
■·, . ill of !!*«», the
i.i « ; t »* «M« <Jla
, - i it «il- «lice
a - t m we will
, « ',1 · f · ! »rs rii** a*
- r >,i I *« τ w
t, . .· r * ;I Mjr, 'ibere
>. ν -* » - <■ η r*. ι li»r· haa
•ι m u "χ id f ■>», tr>»»e mtn
ι »i \ tn «·i«f> to make
111 -t Λ -MU · il pif» ' "
1 ά i. *p«<)al Saaa.
*■ ' * U ι» ■' a t»w»>l MarJi (Ira».
m ■, · ■ · η j >■ i f .r rftiro >n
N- Or· .ii» on «r before Ffb 17,
I» fi
< .·,«·! iii ι << »ni»rt-n « F* i;>ta'a
Ρ r.> f Us* , i.fctt· «il »«·β K»b.
Π ι ii î, r«ι»· * ι, Mfait lôlb.
Γ 'f. Ktrmw, A {«at.
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