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J. Β. Hinee,
Waxabachie, Texas,
invitee yon to Titit hi· »tore daring the afternoon* of
Tuesday and Wednesday
to te it the mertta of
Ferndell Coffee
He hae the exctatlve aale of tbi· celebrated line of H^died Coffees
for the City of Waxabachie, and hae eecnred the eervicea of
Hiss Bertha Wendt,
of Chicago,
to eerve tbem free of charge to b1e customer*.
Your orders for Phono
graph and Graphophonej
Records : : :
Will "ϊίρι-Ιγ
tn l>ftHa-s
-true j r *·» j ou ι ay'
Oriental I^ru^ Store
Prescriptions Caret :illy F I i I · t
%^^·%^··% '
The KitMioiiarv Co· tenace
T%« Mx«toaar> Confère ace of the
Praacbara and UjrmeD of tfee Meth
odUt chaaeb will eoeoaa Μ the Col
lege etraet M. K. church tomorrow
ismtM at 9 o'clock. AH official
member»of tbe Method**: cbarcfi win
tea Teeoga^ied ae βφβιΙμν of thle con·
fer*ne*. A epaatal aeettac win be
bold tomorrow nigfet and Tbcr*d»y
morning at U o'ctoc* Sm. T. J Don*
cas wiU araaek. Tomorrow at 11 tbe
eaiaion «11 b* yiraaetoed toy Bev. W.
B. Howard, of Mtdtatbiaa. Tbe
maatinge will be open fa tbe pnhlic
aai it teaaroeady deatred that «svery
ose wbo «rill do ao au«nd. Thm coa
faraace m -oaspoead of I to» preacher·
and Uvaw m be re ο i ifce Waaatoavhl*
diatT»c· and Preeicttag Ml»* «..-»·*
fcnaffc wilt praalde oaar tbe jaaetinge.
Nfnt fWrc.
¥. *». 0;racd, rsgfct-o<-waj %ge*' of
the IssterBe'.i.'nal and 'ire*: * ortfe· *>;
re.lwaj. wm in the ciiyjr«ei<erd*y Η»
■»6ye that k tbe gradisg contract· to#·
twee» Wee*. »js<1 Mertes* έ*τ« baas
let, aaU that .-«x^e at* now ig
«établie bad betweo M#rt»e« *ad
lsaiy Mr. Uiraod eajre tbe ski*: rn<
t is war* will b* paehed on ,o -or:
Viorlb a* rapidly a* poeeible.
7i»e Lqgfct g.vee all tba te we
A V* (Mi Barter.
Mr J. W. Uennington, acke-er mau
anc pr»ot>c*t mechanic, re*t<Ung Dear
Ikf, and Mr J. W Kendrwk, of tbie
place, have «β exhibition at 'he Alli
•a«# wa^jon yard a patent «M burner,
•o adjoated that it can be applied to
i aay kind of «itow Tbeee «entlemen
! have bee* -experimenting eritb tbie
' borner tor a month or more,«nd have
! aeverai enderaemanle from good clti
ren· of the Ike rowmnii.lv «« to it·
! mere··. Τ key claim that vt^rili lave
' M per rent »ver waod or oca!. Ttiey
ι are bow beating e«to*e »>ta it a: the
! offloe ef the wagon yard, anc it give*
enter*' «atmja-tioe Any one «anting
t to tin· rrore aïx.ut, the merit* of : h.»
' bturcer -a t stain «cb information by
I caU:ag ou stee abo* e g*>c : r rt.ee.
Attorney * oro Wnippi· t«4ay ii·
! recte-i ocratteoiwn to the W!l recently
. Sied ->y I»ai-»< for aif>er;»e txr·. -red ο
tbe tr*a! of tt»<s AN» Μ ο u m <
f«rred to that eoonty on a change of
t«bq< TJh e jar y t·* >* *«?» and t:<e
! isitl for the board of ;ti« f<ri*4»a».r for
the f*»»'. year i* I'M, rrakin;- a îata! Ί
•7*0. Id adaiUstn to Uiie Bili* >» a at y
:.aa bf«»c vayicg abuat ·!&£» îx«arJ bill
!or tfct- nt^o t r «îaoe hie incarrer·
! atioo !8 the D&Uaa r-ouaty jail.
If joar want ai ia not tbe.-eti-ey are
sot readily Λ
Try a Package of
Breakfast Crisps
A Concentrai Ftwî M*Ifcwf,
b— _
Builders & Contractors
Our stock is very com
plete now of CARPEN
WARE. We will be
glad to show you our
stock and make yoi/prices
at any time. Have re
ceived our stock of Wire
Netting : : : : :
Each Ad. Counts on Junior Range
Elit», Dallas a ad i arrant Coon ilea Will
Hold a Joint Summer Normal.
County Superintendent Criddle hae
received from the executive commit
tee of Dallas county a proposed plan
for the joint summer normal to be
held by the conntiea of Kills, Dallas,
and Tarrant. The plan as outlined by
the Dailae committee in as follows:
To the Executive Committee of Ellis
County. Waxahachie, Texas.
Uentlemun: —We, the executive
committee of Dallas county, beg to
aul mit the foil jwiDg proposition for
holding a joint summer normal:
1. W e want the conductor and one
teacher, Ellie to have two teachers
and Tarrant two.
2 We will leave the location to be
decided by Ellie end Tarrant counties,
so Jong hc t is centraliy located.
Τ ne term to consist ol tive wetk*
,ίηα the tuitior to r»e *5 00, eaelKiiv·
cf examination fee.
4. All expends are to be paid 3r>t
*i i'j * :* i:df r } >'e fc^.itily
J U. YoQBgbiood, Hecrfctary.
Ucatb «4 a \ our* Lad v.
hi*-* Edna Wailtup, daughter of
Rev. aad Mrs. J. A. Walkup, died
yesterday afternoon. 8he baa been
*iek <juite awbtie witb consumption.
Rev. Walkup and family formerly
; lived ta tbia city and the remain· of
their daughter were brought here thi·
morniag for interment. Quite a num
ber of friend" of the family assem
bled at the Central cepot to meet the
I corpae and fcueral party. From tbe
depot the remain a were conveyed t*
the Aletbodiat cborch where tbe fu
neral aervtf*· were held. Tbe ser
vice· were conduced by Pre*idiai(
Elder 8eneat>aaeh aaeisted by Dr
Βί»&<φ, J'wtor Wrtgb: and Rev. Mo»
Tbe interment took place ic tbe
city otimetery at one o'clock. Sever·
a. Kor* Worih <rt« ni# of tbe !>e-eaved
taaa;!f a<" J them here to of
'ϋ » » a*, t *»·1Ηγί4 »ak· .éî^ fn ί tfrif
yujQf! corupanior ard friend The
Πί»Ι dccortlioBi were entry and
; i-eaut*ial.
Ma* Walhsp *a« about e.gaietn
.yeer# aid and *»♦ * moil accora
jlisbed >ouog lady. Pne was very
·*«♦ : -spirited a&.? poe eeaed » charm
that a* icc« «won for fcer tbt fr.eod
*b ;> of *:l with wax-α she came in
Oi-iar.t .She was an a.'tive worstr in
t..* Epiât rî«- L-ea^ue and o;.fcer de
parUaeatc of the chore*. About two
.4 "tr* *go «tu V4> nt :o Mexico to en
iÎtçe iu t«a . hingin themission scaool·
whrre rfte remained anul a ftw
month* a^. wber see «rai» ιϋ.ίΙ·Β
witti roeaumption. She «a» broagnt
6om« to be aureed by Joved ones until
death claimed her *· hi· own. This
paper offer# iit sinoerest «ympatny to
the bierfsaved family in 'Jut hour of
4/1 Ajcd [>occsie*t,
Mr. R. H. Faqca. who iivs* near
Henry in the northern part ot the
•ottjnty, waa tit re the oiher day and
showed a» ao old document ic tne
abape of an arrcy parole This inter
esting bit of paper read ae followe
•'Colambue, Mia* , May li, 1866 — B.
H. Foqna, private :n Company F, 11th
Regiment Misnleajppi Cavalry, Arm
strong'· brigade, C. β Α., residing is
Checterviile, Mi·*., having the ap
proval of the proper authorities, la
paroled to retnrn home not to be dis
turbed by the United States authori
ties ao long as he observes parole and
the laws in force where he ma? re
side. By order of
Maj. Gen. E. R. S. Oaaby, U. 8. A.
E. 8. Dennis, Brig. Gen. Com. U. 8."
On the back of this instrument was
the following endorsement:
"I certify that the within named
soldier la the legal owner of one
bon·.*' J. C. Fear·,
Captain Commanding Company F,
llth Mississippi Cavalry Regiment.
*sxtbachiaos GHe Too Little Thought
to These Public lastitatione.
While Waxabacbie le hypnotic mad j
If we'd just imagine- that we are build
ing, building, slowly building, a public»
library, the young oeople will bless
tbe day the Knowles came into their
midet. And, lest we forget, a public
park is conducive to h alth, wealth '
and prosperity. Isn't it a shame!
A town of 7500 population and no pub
lic parks and places Let's be uo and
doing, good people, and help to broad
en the intellect and give health to the
rising generation. A Citizen.
Death of a Pionier
Mra. to*ry 3. Ma·'in Λ Ja.raa y
15,1«02. Isaac Martin d;ed Nov. _,i
Mr and Mr* Martin r.-·- ρ i-ri i !
wf.^re tney resided an:H ai·- r e war.
They tt;t*T moved to Cfs^rote muntv,
Texas, negroes free, witfaou '. home,
and without money. There· was born
to them tour girle and seven boys.
Two of the boys were lost daring the
war, James at the battle of Seven
Pines, and Joseph at Vicksburg.
William and myself got home. I was
a<Oar1er for Gen. Magruder.
After tbe war cloaed father and 1
worked together, the other boje go
>«fr to themselves. We rented laid j
and in connection with hauling freight
from Hhreveport we managed to make
* pretty fair living. We saved some
; money and,bought a good home. Tbe
'•tint year I lived in a tent and assisted
by negroes made a flee crop of corn
and cotton. Oar farm was paid for
the first year I soid my mtereet in
the farm to father and went to Waco,
loaned my money oat and went to
school tor two years, jayitig tny owe
way After leaving school I worked j
' en a farm two years and „ijen re ;
' îcmed home on a ?ou~t f : r.e poor
I beaith of father I retrained with '
him one year and 'ben carie -o tbi" 1
ι county. By bard work ac frugal J
; living 1 saved acoiwy, eaoagb to Day ;
, me> a email bone.* near F r-ettoo
! where 1 bow live. in if*Ρ father sent
I for me to come £ta« »* be aoug
Bf woold rot .vs. Wfcea I
| boas» ι found hist very 1c, * *nd j
5 nareed him until hie deaf . * , *eeKi '
iater. In hit wi!l father :„ace z:e ed
ItSBÉtnttf of the e#;kt€'. Ε.«rj*hiog j
was willei to mother aii-J at h-. it*::*
tie remainder oî the p:o er;„. *»► u ;
' ue divided atnocg ta* hi i; ι·ι. *ho«t
zuui.e( were mentioned .□ tue will. ;
8ce was a cripple and i have been'
looting after her and i-er :nter6eic j
un&l her death which occurred at m> j
booac en the date above mentioned j
She was eighty-seven years, six.
bob the and fifteen d*y« old. Father '
died with slaw fever and was 75 years
old. G. W. Maktix,
Forrest on. Texas.
Mr*. Mary floover.
Mre Mary Hoover, an oid reh.dent
of the Ovilla community, died at her
Dome Bariday and was buned it 8hi
loh cemetery Monday Mrs. Hoover
vu 75 year· of age, a bighiy respected
lady, who numbered her friend» by
her acquaintance· She was a coastn
of Cel. M. W. and County Treasurer
A. B. McKnight, both of whom at
tended her funeral. To the bereaved
family we extend sincerest ay in pa thy.
Cattle Sales.
The following sales of Ellis county
cattle were made at St. ixmie last
C. W. Piper, Waxahachie, 24 steers,
averaging 1018 pounds, $4.76.
F. M. Weaver, Waxahachie, 230
steers, averaging 1032 pounds, «4.85.
We Invite Your Patronage
There la bo small detail essential to profitable and pleasant drag
baying that is neglected here. The ye*f 1901 closed an exceedingly
prospérons drag year for as. We are indeed grateful for it. We
mast not go backward, bnt forward and 190*4 mast be better and
bigger. We are ready with intelligent mrriâe, with a thoroughly
equipped and assorted stock, with the heel goods, the best drags
made. That we are prepared to do intelligent service has become
an established (fact in Waxabachle. Ίρό public no longer are
asking questions about oar safenees. From the prescription coun
ter to the wrapping counter we arc careful, safe .Trade here during
Herring-Sparks Drug Co.
Successors te|J. S. Herring k Co.)
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
W. A. Briffe m Feeding Ellis veeoty i j
Cattle for Market. I j
W. A. Briggs, the big cattle feeder,! !
book me in bia buvgy Saturday to hie )
feed pens near hie home and bid oat <
in a grove southeast of bis house, and <
showed me a pen of 20 three-year-old J
steers be has bad on feed since last J
September. These cattle were raised <
out near Bee Creek in this county and ,
were purchased by Mr Briggs from J
Mr. Thompson, son of Mr. Hollin 1
Thompson. This bunch is now seal <
fat and it looks unreasonable that a j
cow brute can attain such proportions
in size as these yearlings now meas '
are up to. There are quite a number
of them that will weigh from 1200 to
1500 pounds gross. It was almost im- j
possible for me to believe Mr. Briggs' :
statement as to the ages of this buncb ]
nctil he took n.'· to ?b< other pens on !
his place and «howed me mates to '
• hese fine yearlinzs that had been fed
in different pens en'; r Dssib'.y had not
rece ■ '•1 first- !a«s attention as bad
he first pen, si.d they were not half
irj ifavy. Mr. Br çrgs in*rn<is snow
ing tbie pea of yearlings »t the fat:
stock ι how at the cattlemen's con
vention at Fort Worth in March and j
ι he two hundred dollar premium of
fered for the best cattle of this age at
that show will be Mr. Briggs' money j
to a certainty. He is one of tbe most
successful cattle feeders in Texas and
he knows just bow to feed a beef ι
ateer to put tbe weight on him. These
cattle were raised by Mr. Thomp- !
eon and bis neighbors and they are
firat-class short horn Durbams. Mr.
Briggs paid about 120 per head for
them and no# they will bring on the
market from «70 to «75 per head.
None but high grade beef cattle could
ever be brought up to thia big stand
ard of beef prices and the oalcjme
of this bunch stiould be an object lea- !
eon to other farmers in Ellia county \
that to rai«e 3ne cattle and feed and j
fiaish rher- for t.'.t markets beats j
The Cost
β Over
► ^ over, but we will -
t make the price on whit X
► is left of our winterck t
► such that we will not *
carry over a single article X
For ten days we will X
sell any of our Winter t
Suits in colors at these t
prices: : : : ♦
Any βΐS 50. $20 or 01Λ Cfl
$22.50 8ait for OIH.JU +
Any *16.60 or «15 (M 4 f*C
Sait·» for OH.Uû S
"3?" *'*A S.50 ;
Au, φoyiu s 7 35 ;
":s 5.95 |

raising a cotton crop. Mr. Briggs has
had a very sncceasfuJ year and has fed
several thousand head and they have
nearly all been shipped to the mar
kets. He has a small gasoline engine
jet over a well in the creek nearly a
quarter of a mile from hie house that
prmpe the water all over his premi
se· at a cost of 76 cents a week.
Weather Indication*·
Tonight and Wednesday partly
. 8. E. Shhixito. Observer.
Dry Goods
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New Spring Goods
Waist Silks Dress Silks
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