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The Dally Light
K. D. Hcmon,
W. 1. Bci*.
C. W. Kmtrt.
Published every day; except Suodtj· by (b<
Ce*s. W. Kent, ■ Βηϋηβββ,Μ ensgei
W. A. Owhbt, .... city Editor
Entered in the Waxabachie poatof·
floe ae matter of the second class.
Advertising rates may be obtained
by making application at the business
Office of publication at 115 and 117
College street.
One month β ,5C
Six months, in advance 2.7f
One year, iu advance 5.0C
For Representative:
Joe R. Gibbons
For District Clerk:
Amzi Carothers
Tom Burleson
W. 8. Kemble
For County Judge:
Lee Hawkins
J. T. Spencer
T. B. Williams
For County Clerk :
Rufe Hendricks
Ο. M. Banner
Η. E. Pickett
For CouDty Attorney:
John W. Craig
For Sheriff:
Brice West
J. P. Minnick
For Connty Tax Assessor:
Ike Eason
J. B. Overall
John McElroy
H. D Rosser
W. W. Alexander
P. P. Smith (re-election)
For Tax Collector:
Billie Bratcher
For Oounty Superintendent Public In
E. D. Criddle
For Justice Peace, Precinct No. 1:
Q. G. Pierson
E. P. Anderson, Jr
Η. M. Rhodus
For Constable, Precinct No. 1:
H. A. Cooper
Jas. P. Mayfibld
For City Attorney:
Ο. H. Chapman
For City Assessor and Collector:
Clint Spalding
For City Treasurer:
Louis L. Shackelford
For City Secretary :
George Walker
For City Marshal:
Tom Dixon
The Lyceum Stock Company.
Of "Nell Gwynne," the opening bill
of the Lyceum Stock Company, the
San Antonio Daily Light says:
The Lyceum Company is a very
capable one and the title role was ar
tistically portrayed by Miss Ella Uros
jean. She won the auaience upon
her lirst appearance, and upon each
succeeding appearance was received
witA a shower of applause. Her im
personation of the actress in which
she disguises herself as a court mes
senger to ascertain the king's love for
bar was a clever bit of acting. The
play was beautifully costumed and the
parts were in capable hands, A
pleasing feature was a pretty minuet
in the third act. During the play
specialties were introduced, which
were some of the best ever seen in
this city.
The above company will be at the
opera house next week, beginning
Monday eight.
Suit in County Court.
The Central Texas Grocery Com
pany last night filed a suit in the
county clerk's office against Wood
ring & Bailey, grocfry merchants at
Midlothian. A writ of attachment was
issned and the goods levied on last
night. The amount due the Central
Texas people is about $300.
Rev. A. A. Davffl and wife, former
students of Trinity, are visiting Tebua
cana. —
Ο. H. Chapman, Eeq., of Waxa
bacbie, recently paid bis alma mater
a flying vieit. —
President Klrkes came down from
Oorsicana last week and spent several
days with the faculty and stndente.
Tne Department of Music gave re
citals on the afternoon of the 15th
I and on the evening of the 17th. The
masic manifested the thorough
training which the musicians have re
ceived, This department is larger
than usual this yaar.
Rev. F. L. Wear, of Lebanon Col
lege, secretary of the Board of Mis
S sions of tbe Cumberland Presbyterian
church, was with us on the morning
of the 18th and raised nearly 8150
from the studeDts to assist tbe other
Cumberland Presbyteiian colleges in
in sending a missionary to tbe foreign
field. Mr. Wear is one of the most
promising young men that Trinity has
sent out. —
W. B. Beard, a member of the Sen
ior class, left Saturday for New York
where he will take passage for tbe
Philippines as a teacher. If his health
remains good, he intends to make
the Islands bis permanent home On
the day before his departure, at the
chapel service, he spoke to the student
body, urging the under class boys and
girls to finish their college courses.
By way of encouragement he enum
erated many of tha difficulties which
he had met and surmounted. It was
while working on the farm of Mr. W.
A Chapman, of Red Oak, that be re
ceived his first impulse for higher
A Firenan's Close Call.
"I stuck to my engine, although
every joint ached and every nerve
was x-acked with pain," writes C. W.
Bellamy, a locomotive fireman, of
Burlington, lows. "I was weak and
pale, without any appetite and all run
down. As I was about to give up, I
got a bottle of Electric Bitters and,
after taking It, I felt as well as I ever
did in my life." Weak, sickly, ran
down people always gain new life,
strength and vigor from their use.
Try them. Satisfaction guaranteed
by J 8. Herring and Co. Price -50c.
Burglars Enter House,
Last night while the family was at ;
the show burglars entered and ran
sacked the residence of Mr. Wm. Mc
Glanahan. The entrance was effected
by cutting a hole in a screen door.
Nothing was missed from the bouse,
but the dres*er and wash stand draw
ers had been pulled out and emptied j
of their contents. It ie supposed the j
prowlers were after money.
A Berlin dentist was sentenced the
other day to five years imprisonment,
a fine of 3 000 marks (8238) a five
years loss of titles and privileges for
overcharging, cheating and injuring
hie patients, as well as compelling
them to sign contracts while under
the influence of anaesthetics.
As a result of the recent French
experiments with balloons Dr. Robin
and his colleagues now declare that
they can decide exactly what consti
tutions ought and what ought not be
aent to mountain and health resorte.
India produces annually about $10,
000,000 of gold.
H. & T. C. Special Pates.
Fort Worth, Texas, account of
meeting Texas Cattle Raisers Associ
ation and Fort Worth Fat Stock 8how,
Tickets on sale March θ and 10 and
7:44 a. m. train March 11 at rate of
#1.70 for round trip. Return limit
March 14.
T. H. Barrow, Agent.
Jumped fro· ■ Trail·
Jnet as the goath boand Central
train «topped et the Union depot et
noon today attention wee drawn to
the proetrate form of e man oy the
aide of the track two block* north of
the depot. A number of men hastened
to him. Ί hey foand a white man ly
ing on the gravel, with hie bead
bleeding from several wonnds. Arthur
Babb. Clint Cummins. Qeo. B. Brown
and others got the man on his feet
and took him to the Y. M. C. A.
building where his injuries were
dressed. The man said his name was
Goodman, that he got on the train at
Milier Switch intending to stop at En
nis. He aimed to swing off of the
back end of the train and was burled
to the ground. He says he use»* to be
a member of the W. O. W. at Fort
Worth. He seemed rather reticent
and objected to having a physician
I called. He was made comfortable at
] the Y. M. C. A. and it is believed that
I he is not seriously hurt.—Earns News.
^«c Se & & &&e- & & s- e & s· & & & β- ts-se-frc^
! Want Column I
« «
^ai5«-95fl«-9?-55 9S33-5Î δ««
nm;i ie the great stock exchange
of Waxabachie. If you want to
trade your cow for a doable-barreled
shotgun, or your horse for a nickle
plated camera, or if you want to make
any kind of an exchange, yoa can
always find some one willing to trade
by advertising in the Dailys Light'·
Want Column. Everyone reads this
Want Column, and results are always
have a complete list of city property
and farm lands We will take pleas
ure in showing them to you. Hill
Harbin. tf
FOR SALE— Half Holetelu and half
Jersey cow with young calf. Apply
to Mrs. M. B. Wilson, one mile east of
city. 81 ρ
A JACKS at lenning's old stand
will treat you right on feed and fuel.
Phone 140-3. 81
SEE R. D. MeCorn&s and have him
write you an accident policy.
FOR RENT—Store room next door
to Kidd'e grocery store. Possession
March 1st. F. P. Powell. 801
WHEN you want your money's worth
in feed and fuel call up A. Jacks,
'hone 140-3. 81|
ONCE—My homo place on Lake Park
avenu». I am going to Ardmore to j
live in a few days, and want to dis
Çose of my property before leaving. ,
x)t 100x300, 6-room house, city water, j
nice young orchard. See J. 8. Hoi·
man or A. T. Bishop at once.
WANTED—Everybody to call and
see the Safety Incubator now on ex
hibition. We use no lamp. W. T, i
Smith, owner, at Elkins House. 79p
FOR SALE— My home place on'
Main street, also β lots in West End ad
dition, three of the lois face Main st.
and Μ. Κ. & T. Ry. Will sell at big
bargain if taken at once. Apply
Rufus J. Lackland at Lackland's Tail
or shop, 108 College street. 86
FOR RENT -Two rooms, in
cor. Patterson and Jefferson streets;
suitablefor light house keeping or will
renttogentleinen. Apply on premises.
HAY—Just in; car load of nice Forney
hay. For sale cheap for cash. Stone
FOR SALE—The Manuel residence
on College street. See E. A. DuBose.
Reports Say That 500 Persons Were
Killed an<l Wounded.
Shells from Artillery Destroys Bulid·
Ingrs and Fire Hrduceg the He·
inainder to Ashen—Situation
I» Very Critical.
Kendaye, France. Fob. 21 —A battle
was fought Thursday between the
troops and the rioters in the suburbs
of Barcelona known as Sano. Before
the engagement the cavalry and in
fantry had been posted in the most
dangerous points and a field battery
had been located on the plaza, from
which vantage point the guns could
sweep the surrounding streets.
When the final clash with the troops
occurred the artillery was brought into
action and raked street after street.
The rioters engaged the batteries at
close range, but were finally driven off.
It ts reported that 500 persons were
killed and wounded on both sides.
The entire neighborhood was wrecked
by the shells. The ruins caught fire
and this completed the destruction
Further fighting is reported at Ma·
taro, 15 miles from Barcelona, where
a «juantity of arms have been dlscov
ered. Fighting Is also reported at
Tort.osa and Tarragona, respectively
50 and 100 miles southwest of Barce
Serious fighting is proceeding in all
parts of Barcelona. Troops are arriv
ing rapidly at Barcelona from all other
Fresh fighting between the troops
arid rioters has occurred at Tarrasa
and Sa bade!!.
Most of the ships in Barcelona har
bor have been forced to leave without
discharging their cargoes.
"incendiary posters have appeared
which threaten the orderly classes
with terrible reprisals, saying that
dynamite will be used to offset the
Mausers of the troops.
The strikers are looting Daeerous
shops and private houses.
The beet-known anarchists have dis
appeared and the authorities are hunt
ing for them.
The negotiations which have been
taking place between the newspaper
publishers and the compositors have
The railroad officials have announced
the suspension of servie* on lines ow
ing to tne resoiuie auacKS wmcn iue
rioters have made on the trains.
Trades anions throughout S*a η
have declared their adhesion to the
cause of the Barcelona strikers.
it«(«ini· for iiirU* Hchooi
Austin. Feb. 21.—The governor has
appointed the following a* members
of the lio&rd of régents of the Texas
%u duet rial institute and Guilege for
the education of white girls In the arts
and sciences: A. I'. Wooldridge of
Travis county, Mrs. Helen M. Stoddard
of Tarrant county. Clarence Ν Ou* ley
of Galveston county, Mrs Birdie Rob
ertson Johnson of Smith t aunty, V. W.
Grubbs of Hunt oounty, Mies M
Eleanor Brackenridge of Bexar county.
John A. Hann of Denton county.
By virtue of the authority vested in
him under Sec. 4 of the act creating
and establishing said Institute and col
lege, the governor has called a meet
ing of the board of regents to be held
at Denton on Wednesday, the second
day of April next.
Sheriff· After Their Fee·.
Houston, Tex., Feb. 21.—Sheriff An
derson has received a communication
from a number of sheriffs throughout
the state promising him assistance in
his mandamus against Controller Dove,
He has engaged lawyers to bring the
action and the first legal steps are now
being taken. The case will be filed in
the supreme court at Austin the lat
ter part of this week or the first of
next. The mandamus is to compel the
controller to pay the sheriffs their
cri saluai court feee without having to
file duplicates of all processes issued,
as per a late ruling of the office assist
ant attorney general.
Colqolt Sim· for l>am>(w.
Gainesville, Tex., Feb. 21.—Hon. O.
B. Colquitt of Terrell has filed suit in
the district court in this city for $7500
damages against the Evening Messen
ger. published here Mr. Colquitt al
leges libelous utterances In an editori
al published In the Messenger while
he was here last week canvassing the
county for railroad commissioner.
Pottoflloe S«f· Blown Open.
Alvord, Tex.. Feb. 21.—The postofflce
safe here was blown open Thursday
morning and robbed of all stamps, the
amount of which cannot be ascer
tained. No money of consequence was
left in the safe. Constable Plor heard
the report and was soon on the ground,
but all had escaped, leaving no clew.
Kll.tag ..f Albert Hade·»
New Boston, Tex., Feb. 21.—As three
men who reside In Arkansas were re
turning home from New Boston, Albert
Hudson was shot in the neck, and Is In
a critical condition. John Hobson was
arrested and had an examining trial
before J. J. Pelerss. Hobson was put
under bond of $8000.
Tragedy la E11U.
Rockett. Tex., Feb. 21.—Ed Harri'le,
a farmer, living two miles east of here,
was shot and Instantly killed In his
home Thursdsy. Frank Sutton, a
neighbor, has been arested, chargea
with the killing. \
err* omciAU
Mayor, Η. Ε. Pickett.
I Cltj Marshal, W. Ρ Watt.
I City Treaaurer, Will Hipp.
j City Attorney, Y. D. Kemble.
City Secretary, K. P. Anderson. Jr.
j City Assesaor and Collector. J. I. Eason.
superintendent Water Works, P. ». Devenport.
Board of Aldennrn. J M Lancaster, Dr. D. ».
; Thompson. H. ». Tbornblll. W.J. McDuflle. J. F.
I Tlmmlns, 8. P. Langsford.
Hapt 1st Church, Ρ A Copass, pastor.
Methodist Church, C. K. W rljibt, pastor.
Presbyterian Church, J. Ν . Ivy, pastor.
Catholic Church, Kalher Baker, priest.
ι Cumberland Presbyterian Church, J. C. smith,
I pastor
Main Street Christian Ctourcb. K. A. F»eil,
I pastor.
I St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Krancts Mansfleld,
ι reclor.
i>wi»u r.p»
I. Ο. Ο. Κ. aeets every Krlday night, John It*I
' ston, N. l».; Clini rtpelulBK, secretary.
K. <1 Τ M. No, β7 mwls evtry Morula) nijflii,
I W. A. Stewart. Com.: Alonio Moseley, Κ. K.
W oodmen of the World meet» every Tuesday
I night ; Κ. Κ Hendricks, C. J*ck Lumpklns,
I clerk.
Α. Ο. Γ. W meet· second and fourth Monday
ι nights In each month. F. F. rimlth. M W.; Κ Y
owen, recorder.
II P. Ο. Κ No. £«t meets vtom! and fourth
Tuesday nights in each month; John D. McKae.
V. Η ; l,ei Meredith, secretary
Fraternal t'nlon of America meet·, ever y Thurn
da; night at Woodmen Hall, I) I». Plltmao. Κ
M ; C M. Hrad?. secretary.
Knights of i'ythlas No 13 œerli every Thurs
day nlic.it. Κ H Hendricks, C. C , F. P. Ander
»oo, Jr., K of H. «
A. K. and A M. No. 90 meet» every fourth hat
urday night in each month, t. M. .-sammons. W .
M.: J. I. Hey, secretary.
Wak*i,aciiie ι hapter No. 7S, H. A. M., meets
firs! Monda) Γ. glit .n each month, J. M. Patter
son, H. Ρ , J. W. Clark, secretery.
The Literary Clab meets «very Monday nigltt :
Mrs. Frank Powell, teacher
The XIV Club meets every other Thursday af
ternoon. Miss kotorta Connor, secretary ar.d
The M. W. M Cleb meet» every other Wedne»
da; afternoon: Mrs. M It. Teœpletos, president.
Mrs. Kd Naughtoa, seçretary
The J>aughters of the Confederacy meets on
ir»t Tuesday aftereoon m «sth month Mr* A
I» True, president. Mr*. 8. P. Skinner. secretary
Tae Phakespeare t tu» meet* every other Tue»
da) afternoon. Mr*. U*ee in. president
Mrs. J. I>ea i.aœa«se. ν see president . Mr». J F
Cleveland, secretary . Mrs A It *iu*!l, corres
ponding secretary.
M. k. Λ T., North HoiiBd
1 .eaves 6 43 * ι»
I.eaves MU a m
heave· Su 10 ρ m
Local departs at 1 36 ρ m
South Uour.ti,
I eav«» S 80 a is
Leaves β:»· ρ Kl
iMtts 9 «3 ρ m
Local departs at li 30 ρ «ι
H. AT.Ch, «est Hound.
Leaves * H a m
Leaves . S Si a œ
Leaves (S U ρ m
Last Iteond
lAtvts 11 16 a m
Leaves S Λ! ρ m
Leaves ί S7 ρ tu
25c Sack Sale! * 25c Sack Sale!
The Tennessee Grocery Store
will head them all! On Saturday, February 22nd, from 9:30
to we will have the greatest Twenty-Five Cent Sack Sale
in the history of Waxahachie. We do not mean the most
packages, but the greatest bargains .... Below you will
find mention of a few articles that will be in the sale
200 lbs. Flour $5·οο
4 sacks of fleal 3.00
Ten Gallons
Cane Syrup„...
Be sure you do not miss this sale, for you will find bargains
in every sack. Remember the date and do not fail to call
The health and pleasure retort of
the south, reached by way of tne
I Weatherford. Minera I
Wells & Northwestern Ry
The Mineral Wells Route
Excursion round trip ticket· on
•tie with all the principal foad· in
the state all the year round. Cloae
connection with the Texan and
Pacific unri Santa Fe train· at
Weatherford, Texa». For any in
formation addreo*
L. M. Ροιτκ, Preeident and Gen. Mgr.
G, K. Lrrri.KFAiK, Ajrt , Weatherford
Sold by G. W. Deputy.
Purity Is Paramount é
In Our Candles
We make up the finest of
materials into many
and delicious forme, and pmmy
ie the first and paramount issue.
Special forms and flavors just
now; try a bo*.
Waxahachie Candy Kitchen
A. MATHEWS, Proprietor.
♦ Soft Rib Roast, 5c lb
♦ Boned «»nd rolled 8c lb
Standing rib roast 8c
Fresh Oysters 10c doz
Fresh Oysters 65c 100

t Η Ν Nycum
North Roger· Street
> eee*»e»e<
L*dlee «rork * Specialty
MW College Street.
from the Waxabachle Peed and
Hood Wore We have com, oat·. hay,
bran and eftmw; a!n> all kind» of
garden »»n) and aeed corn, *orghum
»prd and millet seed. On College et.,
near at*· a m laundry. Fmms delivery.
VVaxahachie Seed Co.
Phone 247
for a Plumber
Charge* to aott bard lime·
tiuarsnteea hi· work to be
an good a* the beat,
Ed Smith, Plumber
10» College street
Have your SawsSbarpcned
D. J. Kennedy, at Τ. Κ Anderaon'·
machine abo(>, ί· prepared, and will
bake pleaaure in putting your art In
ahape. Any aaw* left at tb· above
place will be promptly attended to
Northwest Colonists'
Burlington Announcement
Cheap Colonist·' Kate· to the North
weal every day in March and April via
the Burlington Itoute
The far North weet— Prom Κ ansa·
City or Denver, the "Bnrlingtoo
Northern Pacific Exprea·," for the
Black Hill», Wyoming, Montana,
Hpokane4T*<-'om*· Beattle, Portland.
For Chicago and North—Through
•leeper» Auatln to Chicago, via M. K.
A T. K'y and Hannibal. Very favt
time, Texaa to Chicago.
Kannax City North - Two One train·
daily to Omaha, Hi. Paul, Minneapolis.
Kansa· City U> Chicago. — The
famou· "Ell," with (dining and library
The highest grade of wide veeU*
baled, Pintach-llgbted equipment.
Write for descriptive matter, rat··
and information.
C. W. Andkkwh, Τ. P. Α., 309 Sool
lard Bldg , Dallas, Tex,
L. W. Wakkucy, Qen'l Pa»·. Agent
Bt. Louis, Mo.
Howard Eluott, General Manage?
ι Bt. Louis, Mo.
Did You Ever
have an experience
like this man?
Prompt action on
our part will help
you out in a case of
this kind. Our new
work would remove
the chances of an
accident like this
Stewart, he's the Plumber
Hello, 1571
Will Ralston & Co.
for all kind» of Feed Stuff and
»$o*;n«xi door

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