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Good Drug Store
18 one that «erre· yon well at all limes,
atndles yonr wants and All» tfcem
the beet way it knows how : : : :
a Our One Aim Λ
is to nin that kind of Drug Store. Test
our service any way yoa want. We want
to show you how well we cln serve you.
It's one
the lines
Uppers fcf
•very fie:
Boft, lustrous Kibo
h patent tip and
Crow Bros.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine removes
the cause. E. W. Grove's signature1
on every box. Price 25 cents.
Advertise any want you have in
the Light'β Want Column, and von
will satisfactory results.
A Card.
Τυ THE Votbrh: —
To those who kindly gave me
their support in the recent election
I return my thanks with a heart full
of gratitude.
To those who thought proper to
oppose me I entertain the kindliest
possible feeling, knowing that in
doing so they were animated by a
patriotic desire to do that which
they thought best for the interest of
the county. To one and all 1 beg to
say, as success would not ha*e un
duly elated me, neither does defeat
unduly depress. J. W. Ckai<;.
Wants to Help Others.
"I had stomach trouble all my
life,'' says Edw. Mehler, proprietor
of the Union Bottling works, Erie,
Pa., "and tried all kinds of medi
cines, went to several doctors and
spent considerable money trying to
get a moment's peace. Finally 1
read of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and
have been taking it, to my great sat
isfaction. I never found its equal
for stomach trouble and gladly rec
ommend it in hope that I may help
other sufferers.'' Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure cures all stomach troubles. You
don't have to diet. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure digests what you eat. Herring
Sparks Drug Co.
L. G. I.ane <fc Co.,20j Franklin-st.
Camp Winnie Davis.
There will be a meeting of Camp
Winnie Davis at the city hall to
morrow afternoon at two o'clock.
Badges will be distributed and ar
rangements made to attend the re.
union at Dallas April 22-25. The
Daughters of the Confederacy will
meet in conjunction with the camp.
Neglect Meant Danger
Doç't neglect biliousness and con
stipation. Your health will suffer
permanently if you do. DeWitt's
Little Early Risers cure such cases.
Μ Β. Smith, Butternut, Mich., says
"'DeWitt's Little Early Risers are
the most satisfactory pills I ever
took. Never gripe or cause nausea.
Herring-Sparis Drug Co.
—W. Ε. Cox wan here today from
— Geo. T. Wilson was in Dalla*
—Attorney C. A. Pippin wai in
the city today.
— Ed Oldham left this morning on
a trip to Austin.
—J. M. Chapman, of Ennis, was
in the city today.
— Lynn Stroud returned this
morning from Italy.
— Mrs. S. E. Buchanan went to
Dallas this morning.
— Rev. O. F. Sensabaugh returned
this morning from Italy.
— Rev. J. N. Ivy left this morning
to attend the Oak Cliff Presbytery.
— Mrs. A. Lasswell went to Cor
sieana this morning to visit rela
—Attorney J. W. Pierson and
wife left this morning for their
home in Emory.
—Mr. Frank Moore of Hamilton
county, is visiting his sister, Mrs.
J. W. Singleton.
— Rev. B. A. Copass left this
morning for Hubbard City to assist
in a revival meeting.
—Tom (·. Smith, who has been
visiting in the city two or three
davB, returned to Dallas this morn
—Editor T. S. Hamilton, of the
Italy News-Herald, came up this
morning to attend the Beall rally to
— Mrs. S. A. Lane has returned
from Waco and is now the guest of
ι her daughter, Mrs Ο. K. Sensa
| baugh.
--Mrs. M. L. Sargent and two
children, of Kennedale, who have
been visiting Mrs. H. Helland, re
turned home this morning.
—C. W. Kent, of the Waxahachle
Light, came up Tuesday to witness
the jfun shoot and ball game and to
report for the paper. While here he
inade us a pleasant call.—Midlo
thian Argfis-News.
Chronic Brofichitit£Cur*d
"For ten years I had chronic bron
chitis ko had %t times I could not
speak sIm>vp a whisper," writes Mr.
Joseph Coffman, of Montmorenei, <
lnd. "I tried all remedies available
hut with no success. Fortunately
my employer suggested that I try
Foley's Honey and Tar. Its effect
was almost miraculous, and I am
now cured of the disease. On my
recommendation many people have
used Foley's Honey and Tar, and
always with satisfaction." Sold bv
B. \V. Fearis.
Dyspepsia and General Debility
are cured by P. P. P., Lippinan's
Great Remedy, the superior of all
P. P. P. is the greatest tonic for
the stomach that was ever known.
Indigestion, bad dreams and bilious
ness give way rapidly to the power
ful tonic and blood Hearming proper
ties of J'. P. P.
A prominent railroad superintend
ent living at Savannah, (.a. jin
which city he was born), says he
feels better than he ever did, and he
had the worst case of dyspepsia on
record. He had no appetite, and the
little he ate disagreed with him,
causing him to vomit often; he had
pains in the,head, breast and stom
ach; but after usinK three bottles of
P. P., he felt like a new man. He
says that he feels that he could live
forever if he could always pet P. P. P.I
His name will be giveri on applica
tion to us.
Sold by all druggists.
is the foe of health. It causes bad
bowels, bad breath, sallow com
plexion, sluggish liver, overworked
kidneys. LAXAKOLÀ, the great
tonic laxative, cures constipation
while toning up the system. Com-,
bines a tonic and laxative. Two
medicines at one price—25 cents. All
druggists. Send for free sample to
Laxakola Co., 45 Nesey st., Ν. Y.
Special Rates.
For the Annual Reunion United
Confederate Veterans to be held at
D»llas, Texas, April 22nd to 25th,
inclusive, the Texas and Pacific
Railway Company will sell round
trip tickets from stations on its line
in Texas at exceedingly low rates,
in fact at lower rates than hare been
announced t<> Dallas for a long time.
Tickets will be on sale from points
in Texas, also from Shreveport and
Greenwood, La., on April 21, 22 and
Zi, limited for return to leave Dal
las April 2f>.
Any one of our agents will be glad
to arrange for sleeping car accom
modations and explain to you any
poiuts connected with the trip, or
we will be glad to have vou write
direct to us for further information.
H. P. Hughes, E. P. Turner,
T. P. Α., G. P. Α.,
Fort Worth. Dallas
Excursion to California.
The Houston and Texas Central
and Southern Pacific will run a
special excursion to Banta Auna,
California, April 26th. One way rate
*925.00. Round trip to Los Angeles
(45.00. Good to return June 25th.
Through standard and excursion
sleeping cars. Berth rate in excur
sion car. Houston to Banta Anna
$5.00. Frôm San Antonio $4.50. For
particulars apply to any Houston
and Texas Central agent or to J. W.
Lowry, Excursion Agent,Corsicana
< ► < »
Another nice shower of rain visit
ed this section Saturday night and
On account of failing to get a suf
ficient number to go the Central
will not run a special to Dalias to
There will be a meeting of Waxa
hachie Chapter No. 73 R. A. M. for
work in the M. M. and P. M. de
grees this evening at δ o'clock.
There will be a meeting of the
city council tonight for the purpos·
of appointing a superintendent for
the water department, night watch
man, city sexton, policemen, etc.
All Maccabees are urged to be
present at review Monday night at
7:30 o'clock. There is important
business to be transacted.
W. A. Stewart, Com.
A. J. Moselky, R. K.
Thk Light is sorry to report that
Williams Skinner, its subscription
collector, is quite sick at the home
of his mother on RoKers street. It
is hoped that he will soon recover. ,
The Sims-Watson Chapter,
Daughters of the Confederacy, has
been invited to meet with Camp
Winnie Davis at the city hall to
morrow evening at two o'clock.
The president of the Daughters
desires as full an attendance of the
chapter as possible.
Presiding Elder O. F. Sensabaugh !
of Waxahachle has been here as- ■
sistin^ Rev. Howard in a protracted
meeting tor the past ten days, j
Much interest has been manifested
throughout and the meeting has
been fruitful of good to the luke- j
warm members and all in general.— I
Midlothian Argus-News.
(low « Γ hi»?
W e offer Otic Hundred Dollar* tteward for irij
ease of Catarrh tha: cannot be cured by Hall's
I ts ι a r r Cure.
K. J. CHKNEY A CO., Prop·.. Toledo. U
We the underslghned, have novo V J. Clear)
far the last five years,and bellve him perfectly
honorable In all business transactions and f;nac
dally able to carry out an/ obligation made by
heir firm.
West a Truaz. Wholesale Druggist*. Toledo, u.
Walden. Kinnan & Mar\ In.Wholwnale l'ruggtst».
Toledo. Utile,
Hall's I'alarrh Cure I» taken lnternaiitr acung
directly upon the blood and mucous «untie .ι ! he
•ystem. Price. 76c. per jot tie Sold b.» s'IJUru*
gist». Testimonial» free
Λ^-Ball s r'amlly fills are the best
Famine in Arkansas.
Chicago, HI., April 12. A. L.
Doss, a farmer of Hartiv, Ark., ha#
come to Chicago with the proper
credential* to raise the funds to
purchase food and clothing for the
destitute farmers in the drouth·
stricken counties of Northern Ar
kansas. From April to Dec. 1,
1901, not a drop of rain fell in the 1
counties of Sriarp, Isard, Baxter,
Stone, Fulton and a part of the oth
er counties adjoining. The vast
majority of farmers lost all their
crops and are In want.
President Warren of the Hoard of
Trad·· has promised to call a meet
ing of the executive board at an ear
lv date to provide measures for re
The above item of news was clip-i
peti from Sunday's Dallas News
and while we have be··!) aware of
the fact that there was a failure of
crops in the counties above named
and other counties in that section of
that state yet w>· did not know that
It amounted to a famine. Many of
our good citizens in Ellis county
came from that state and a few
from the section alwve named.
lit £»»j to Feel Coed
Countless thousands have found
a blessing to the body in Dr. King's
New Life Pills, which positively
cure Constipation, Hick Headache,
Dizziness, Jaundice, Malaria, Fever
and Ague and all Liver and Stom
ach troubles. Purely vegetable;
never gripe or weaken. Only '25c at
Herring-Sparks Drug Co.
Have you seen my beauiiful A
line of Imported Millinery 0 ^
V Come and leave your order
I will guarantee to please you
= φ
109 Last Side Square ^j|
If You
Get a
You Know it's
Surreys Ù
W agons
while the Garlington
bankrupt stock lasts.
Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha,
and al the Forth.
The Way....
to the traveller's heart is through
a meal at our dining stations or
our dining ears. They satisfv;
they leave a good taste in the
mouth. They are the best in the
world. You find them enroute to
Denver, Wichita, Des Moines
Jlead the Light; it gives the news correctly
GREATER offerings than ever before. Come and
see for yourselves. "The early bird catches
the worm. ' If you come early you'll have first choice
Kla Kia, op Wash SilK ,
For a flyer Monday and Tuesday we are going to sell all our
Kia Kia, or Wash Silk that sold formerly for 35c and OC·
50c a yard (bo limit as to ,'yards) at — £v«
Waist Silks
We have about 50 waist patterns in (bright, new colors, striped
plaid, checked, figured, Persian and Dresden effects, etc. These
silks sold for $2.00, fl.oO and $1.00. Monday and Tuesday joa
buy them, as long as they last, for a price that seems in*
near impossible. Per yard fïJw
Here's the Very Acme of Low Pricing—Black Peau de Soie 8llk
th«t w« sold formerly for $1.25 yard, 24 inches wide cheap QCa
at $1.00 a yard, Monday and Tuesday ym btiy ft Tor » «jUt»
Armure SilK in BlacK.
Monday and Tuesday the price belts are AVWn on this very
popular silk. It In 22 inches wide, soils regularly for $1.00 ηκ*
Hurry out price . r ~ f
Taffeta SilK
All our 19-inch Black Taffeta Silk, that sdld for 85c yard, Mon
day and Tuesday it jroe· for a price that will interest the CC*
most economic and prudent bajrers at, yard — _ Oww
Special Prices Made on
All of our other SilKs
Black Grenadines
We bar»· them—flfrured, etc., at price* that bid defiance
to competition.
SilK Nets
Black all «Ter Net» in plain Hruatwln and l'oint D««r»rit, 5<>
inch»*» wide, repular price » fard, Monday and ftfi
Tiiftdtr it _ f l iwU
Every article in the huoae at th· Miune terifk· reduction. Don't
delay. Kverr hour will make a bijr hole in stoeka. Kei»e the
opjw>rtuntty before it ia too lat*. Come and t*ri»pr your friend»
while the rich picking laaU.
We Hay B« Underadvertised. bat Uaderaald—Never
114» A YEAR
mmw U
Standard Fashion Sheet* Free
May Pattern* are tow»
Jolesch Ô ChasKa
I Will Sell for Cash
20 pound* V>lvf>t Hiarch f 1 00
1(5 pomide P«»rl Htarrh 1 00
12 pound* Lima li»ait* ] 00
]t> pound* black-cyid ['<si 1 00
18 potnib Navy K*»n*_ . ... I 00
30 pound* Cliil*- Η· βηκ ». J U0
!0 j uiind* prreH Kiu Cod»·.· I 00
8 pound* Coffee.. 1 00
9 j>»ok»iffe C'off··*» - ..... 1 00
1 d«>*»»rj can» f«H»t Salmon 2 00
J do*. 3-lb. eau* Ilartl*»t< IVar· I «0
Rice frun; 12 te IS potted· for t o0
Gold M»dal JtuckwhMU 2 pk^» £,
Kaleton lir«akfa*t Food, 1 ykg U>
I want to Hour** with you on
BlryeW»· and Autooiobil**,
Th* cheapest in lh*
city, the b«et wheel* In the
oit ν : repair work a specialty.
J. K. Light
φφφφφφφφφφφ φφφφ
Leads the Procession in Fine Millinery
and, buying direct from the manufacturer, is in a positionne)
sell you. at the same prices other retailers pay the, wholesale
houses : : Then another thing worthy your consideration
ί ·. $ '
Leader Styles are Always Correct
We ask an inspection of our goods and prices. \We are
confident that .we can please in both. 000
The Leader Supplies all Millinery Wants

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