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For the best and
freshest Candles
of all kinds come
here 0 We have
the goods you want
No CranK Grinding
The chief objection to making ice
cream, Ice or tdierbet, wan that>**crank
grinding." It wa» éitr^iittïjt· weari
intni'. Whether it hatl thf/ wonderful
"triple motion," or orfe>notion, is al
ways meant a grind. The
XXth Century Freezer
make* as deliciou» aad «mooth ice
cream as wae ever made bv the beat
o|d-fa*hlon danh fr*»e*er* and no crank
Ellis County H'dware Co.
Suooeesors to F. 8. Cronk and The Howell Hardware Co.
Can not be played satisfacto
rily unless you have satis
factory balls." bats_/et cetera.
We hâve the be^f—Spalding
& Brooks Louisville
———————Slugger bats, Also a cheaper
line of balls and bats, croquet (4-, 6- & 8-ball) sets
Oriental Drug Store
PffMcripttonii Carefully fTiIîhI.
THE new Su^ar Water—a Fairv Sandwich as
rich as the honey from the çiôssojris of spring
— as exquisite as the nectar from trçe guipe of Tokav,
that tempts you with many flavor^/ma adds fresh
delight to your favorite ice or beverage a a
It ikWMm't mattf-r who
^ want# m'Piano, w can
* supply it from th«
in »» h t in ο (I f r h t · I y
priojtl to the mn»t rx
j> * njt I ï » Dtfrll MM
Cable /Franklin
Fischer / Packard
Clough and Warren
; and other·.
I Ross Jewelry Ompany
Oratluate Optician*.
Apt·, for Nlnin»r Hawing Machine·
They ; are U»-re, the
atrawberrte», no le·* than
the itwalioMM, harbingers of
spring. They ère delightful
In flavor, aim τ»» a stirnris*
to the palato are Worth all
they c<n»t. Λ /
And you will mirant to see
our stock of li*rry dishes.
It contain· /nome choice
dishes, Jargf and email, for
use now %jrl later.
is naturally your
pride. It ia desirable to
have it placed ao it will
look well, but you must have
the right quality.
Here *s
that is well made and
graceful. Costa ! little, too.
Sa st Side Public Square, s ?
Precinct Conventions Held ii
Waxahachie Today.
Precinct conventions were heW
this afternoon at the foar votlns
boxes in Waxahachie for the pur
pose of selecting delegates to tht
county convention which meets
tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock.
Delegates were selected as follows:
Precinct No. 1.—T. J. Cole, J. L.
Ûammon, Wm. McManus, John
, Ralston, C. M. Supple, Robt. Wim·
I hish, K. M. Rhodus, C. H. Leever,
;J. F. Strickland, Jack Heall, Joe
1 Stone, R. D. Hudson, H. D. Tim
mons, Hans Helland, Fred Tilford,
W. S. Kemble, Mark Smith, S. P.
ι Langsford, Geo. \\r. Coleman, R.
jo. Phillips, J. R. Mayhew, A. L.
»Lofe, D. J. McGee, G. G. Pierson,
j George Griffin, A. Lass well, C. L
; Grr.
Precinct No. 2.—Eugene Kidd, J.
I K. Cauthen, J. E. Morton, F. S.
Robinson H. S. Leigh, R. B. Ran
som, J. I^TWyatt.
Precinct No. 3.—J. F. Timmins,
i Lee Hawkins, J. M. Patterson, Ed.
Smith, Crockett Jennings, Charley
Brady , Lon Wicker, J. S. Davis.,
Precinct No. 4.— C. J. Harris, S.
P. Skinner, 'Γ. P. Whipple, H. P.
Mfsell, T. B. Williams, Chas. R.
Gibson, B. W. Fearls, J. E. Lancas
ter, (Jus Gaither, Will Ralston, W.
! J, Bute, W. A Gwnby, Joe Single
ton, J.J. McQuatters, Jack Lump
kins, T. F. Thompson, C. C. Crock
er, M. B. Teinpleton, L. K. Allen,
V. Tripjwt, W. T. Stoval), W. H.
Davis, J. W. Clark.
The delegates from precinct No. 1
were instructed to vote as a unit
and they go into the county conven
tion favoring the uniform primary
In precinct No. a resolution was
adopted favoring uniform state and
, county piimaries and recommended
that they be held on the second
ι Tuesday in July. The majority
rule in county, and congressional
conventions was favored.
In precinct No. 4 Jack Luinpkiiu
w as endorsed foe precinct chainnar
for the ensuing two years.
j " <*
Η blocks Kis-me chewing gum 5<
at Nickel Store. 1<
Attention K.'s of P.
AH membtys of Stonewall Loriw
• No. 13 and visiting brothers are ur
ι gently requested to assemble at cas
tie hall at 10 o'olock sharp Sunday
j morning. Memorial services wil
! be held at the Methodist church a
i 11 o'clock and the members wil
'march in a body to the church ant
, return. At o'clock every m em be
will again assemble at the hall aix
march to the cemetery. Each on<
is expected to bring seine flowers.
15 / Com mittkk.
Mrs. Mattie Jf^ay, dressmaker, a
home 313 I$.y£larvin street, woul<
be pleased'v^o have the ladies call
Have long experience in the busi
ness. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Drowned in the Trinity.
The little "-year-old boy <>f Mr
Qua Hillard, who llvee on R. H. Me
Kay'β place on the Trinity river fel
into the river Thursday of last weel
and wan drowned. The child's Ixxii
*ω not recovered until Saturday
morning. J. W. Fulbright of Itidii
who was in town Tuesday morning
and related the sad affair, Bald the
little bo; was playing on the bank
! of the river and fell in while at
tempting to prevent hi* little broth
er, yonnger than hfmeelf, from wad
ing into deep water and thus loat
hie own life in trying to aave his
I brother's.—Ferris Wheel.
Presbyterians Are Pledging Lib
eral Amounts to Trinity
The following is an excerpt from
the Whitewrigbt Sun's report of the
1 Ronham Presbytery held in that
ι city last wwk :
Friday afternoon was devoted to
the educational work in Texas aj d
especially Trinity University. Pres
ident Kirkes of the university and
j Rev. J. C. Smith of Waxahaehie
both made interesting addressee,
j The material progress in Trinity
j University, which is one of the old
est in Texas, has been almost phe
nomenal since it was decided to re
move it to Waxahaehie. Taking no
note of old endowments, which are
valued at $60,000, the following mag
nificent showing is reported up-to
date: The agent of Texas Synod
raised endowment valued at $.V»,000
last year. Under the leadership it
j Rev. J. ('. Smith, the city of Waxa
haehie raised ΙΗΟ,ΟΟΟ. President
j Kirkes, who has been fn the field
! less than three months, has secured ;
: several large amounts, and the en- 1
tire membership of the church in
■ Texas is responding almost to a ι
man. Of this work the following
may be mentioned: Corsicana con
gregation has given £5,000; a broth
er bequests #0,000; Ronham Presby
tery pledges fci,000; a gift ot^fBOO
last week for additional equipment
for the labratory; and other parties
whose names are withheld from per
sonal considerations promise good
donations iri cash and twquests.
The whole work givinji us some
thing like $1β5,000 in cash and hank
able pa{>er in something less than
ι two years, and this with hardly a
fourth of the Synod canvassed,
i Cumberland Presbyterians through
out the state of Texas are thankful
to God and their liberal brothers for
the most encouraging progress made
in this educational movement. The
Educational Commission of Ron
ham Presbytery consists of the fol
lowing gentlemen: Rev. W. R.
Grafton and Judge Wolfe of Slier !
man; Rev. M. F. Cowden and Judge
Lusk of Ronham; Dr. S. (>. Woods
and W. P. Maloney, of Wolfe City;
Rev. M. ('·. Johnson and T. H.
ι Sears of Whitewright.
Λ Peculiar Case.
Justice Overall's court was en- j
gaired yesterday and far into last
Wight In the trial of a case of rather ;
■ a sensational nature. J. \V. Warren I
was the defendant in the case and j
. was charg»*d with enticing a minor,
t It appears that the parties concerned
need to live at or about Frost. Some
time ago, the defendant and the
■ parents of Bessie Hawkins, who is
" said to be now about 14 years old,
' arranged for Bessie to spend soi.èC j
: time at the home of Warren and
wife. It appears that Hessie and
the Warrens liked each other and
1 that she preferred to stay with them.
The parents wanted her with them
and proceeded to charge the defend
ant with unlawfully enticing her
away. The case was tried before
a jury and the defendant was fined
( fif> and costs, amounting to some
thing over Assistant County
Attorney Pippin conducted the pros
ecution and W. H. Brown, Esq.,
was attorney for defendant.—Ennis
Don't remain in the dark as to the
ι local happenings of the city, but
read The Liu ht.
At the Home o! Mr·. J. Lee Penn
Last Afternoon.
The XIV Club was delightfully en
tertained yesterday afterpoon from
4 to 6 by Mrs. J. Lee Penn, Mrs. Y.
D. Kemble and Mrs. J. JL* McCart
ney at the home of the first named
lady. The elegantly furnished par
lor was tastefully decorated with
fragrant roses and the fascinating
Erame of logomachy was played.
The game proved to be quite inter
esting and some good scores were
made. On the score cards were pen
sketches of Cupid fishing for hearts,
Mid ladies heads. The ladies draw
ing the Cupid cards were assigned
the part of a gentleman and those
Irawing the cards containing the
ladies heads were assigned the parte
if ladies in the trame. Miss Minnie
Hims won the £uest prize and was
riven a hand painted pin tray. Her
jcore was 48. The club prize went
:o Miss Maggie Erwin, a hand
tainted candle stick. Her score
iras .'17.
Bon bone, salted almonds, orange
ce and cake were served.
Nearly all the memliers of club
*ere present and the afternoon was
ipent in a most delightful manner.
Home From the Philippines.
Mr. W. C. Jenkins, who lives
iear Avalon, was in the city today
ind says that his s<tn, Robert Jen-ι
lins, who returned from the Philip
)ines tiiis spring: where he served
hree years in the American army,
>as been confined to his room most
>f the time since his return with an
»tta«k of rheumatism. Mr. Jenkins
lyri that during one of the cam
paigns in the Philippines his son
»nd a party of comrades got lost
from the command and were with
out food fifteen days. Some of the
bovs killed a monkey and tried ta
eat it, but made slow progress.
TAN SHOES are not
quite the rage now,
but we have some we
want to sell you. If you
want a Shoe that will give
you comfort, that will
look well on your foot,
and will give you the
very best of wear, you
could not do better than
try a pair of our TANS.
To make it a little bit in
teresting, we have placed
the price in the reach of
every one—~
The $6.00 and $5.00 ÇQ QC
Shoes for — φΟιΟϋ
The $4.00 and $3.50 ÇO Cfl
Shoes for φΖιϋΙΙ
Don't wait until to
morrow. Come in today
> «
We will Cut the
Price kbom |2.j0 το
$2.00 per Month
for individual line residence service
with Loup Distance Phones.
Southwestern Tklkora.fi
& Telephone Company.
AU Kinds
We have a fine assortment of all kind· of goods that you would
expect to find In a flret-claes drug store. There is nothing to be
gained by buying elsewhere. Come here to buy. We certainly
will do everything in our power to make it advantageous for
you to buy drug store goods of us. 8eqd the çhlldren here
after what le needed. We wait on them qnlckly^arefully, and
even more solicitously than we do grown jpeovjiê.
AU Advertised Rerptëdies
are for sale here. Whenever you see anything advertised "for
sale at?all drug stores," come right to us for it.
Herring-SparKs Drug Co
Wbeleuk «ad Bet&il Drufgistr Af Vaxikachie, Tex··
Mid=April Bargains
For one week we place on sale the following choice items at special
prices. Sale begins Saturday, April 19 and ends Saturday, April 2G
Ladies' Silk Skirts.
Black Taffeta Silk Skirts, all
over tucked, trimmed in applique,
full flounce: was $13.50, C11 Efi
specialnrice ψΙΙ·ϋυ
Black Tatfeta Silk Skirts, circu
lar flounce trimmed with S moire
bands—extra quality Φ1Π QC
silk: was $12.50. special wlUiuJ
Black Tatfeta Silk Skirts, circu
lar flounces, trimmed with two ,
rows moire hand and ruffle, and
two deep chiffon ruffles at the |
bottom: was $Γ_'.30. Ç1f| QC
Special OIUiuJ
Black Tatfeta Silk Skirt, hand- !
some flounce with pretty insert- :
ing of medallion and net, 2 rib
bon ruffles: was $12.30 Olfj QC
Special OIUivJJ
Black Taffeta Silk Skirt, hand
some, deep circular flounce; j
an extra value at $10.00 ÇQ QC
Special w0tï/U
Black Taffeta Silk Skirt, a splen
did grade, hem-stitched silk, cir
cular flounce, trimmed in ribbon
ruffles, was $8.50 &Ί CQ
Special vitJU
Black Taffeta S1lk Skirt, eircuiar
flounce, nicely trimmed tiYows
of ribbon ruffles: was $7.5Î ~~
Special —
II II I < ι « f
Black Taffeta
was $1.50
Hi».ck Taffeta, 42
was $1.75
Black Taffeta 27
was 75c
inches wide:
inches wide:
Black Taffeta 27 Inches wide,
Sw iss oil boiled: was$1.75 Oft
Special - i φ liiU
Black Peau de Soie: $lâ0 QO
Special Φ ΙιΟί
Peau de Soie: $1.00
Special ... 90C
One pattern Black Ray» Soie, 42
inches wide: wae $100<7£λ
Special » l ut
3,000 yards Hamburg Edwins' and
Inserting, worth 8,:,'c and 10c,
bought under the market Cp
value; on sale at, yd., Ju
Λ Specials for this Sale: 1 lot
Ladles' Black Twill <tloria Silk
Parasols—20 in., splendid assort
ment of handles, steel rods;
should bring $1.75 <)Q
Special ψι·1ν/
1 lot Ladies' Black Twill Gloria
Silk 26-in. Parasol, choice han
dles, steel rods, worth 1.25 QQp
Special 9v9tf
1 lot Ladies Black English Cloth
20-in I'arasols, steel rods:
were $1.00 TCp
Special I Ju
Fine Wash Goods.
New Mercerised Waist Goods in
blue, pink, preen, tan, red and
white; have sold all the κμπηρ
SpS., 48c
Silk Mousselaine with pretty lace
fappique stripe, new shades, preen
and linen; whh 75c ΛΩλ
Special 4Όυ
Beautiful Mousselaine Tissue,
satin stripes in pink, blue, pray,
white and black; was $1.00 7/lft
Special l*Hi
About 350 yards Sea Inland Per
cale} was 10, 12>g 71
Special 12
Table Linen.
1 p ee Bl'ch D'm'sk, 2.00, Sp. 170
1 " " " 1.25, ,l 98
2 " " " 75, " 67^
1 " " " 50, " 39
Lots 1st, 2nd, and 3rd above are
72-inch, lot 4 is 70-ineh,%-bleacli.
All other Litieue and Napkins at
It) per cent. off.
White Quilts.
Another shipment of these extra
large quilts just received. Du
rinp this sale the $1.25 one at 99c
Special Lot· to Cloee at a [Bargain—Shoe* and Matting·.
Durham Dry Goods Comp'y I
(Boone Comer) Cash, Plain Figure», One Price (WaxaliMhi·) |
- - ' M Û i; §83

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