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Metered in tbn Wax»ba<Mii« poetof
Im mm amtutr o· the whhjikI clae«
Adveriixing r»U-8 roav be obtained
application »( tbe buxinnftr
Oflcc of publication at 116 *nd 117
OaDege street.
OH month $ 50
fltx month*, in advance 2.76
One ye*r, in advance 6 00
Η η 11 μ κ Tab ι, κ
Μ. Κ. Λ T., North Bound.
Jjoeal depart s ai
South Hound.
Leams '
LoeaT J' parts at
H. A T. C., West Bound.
Κ vit Bound.
Leaven , -
6 4S a πι
10:16 a 01
l·) 10 μ m
1:35 ρ m
Η 30 a m
fi:3S ρ ni
y»7 ρ m
18:30 ρ 111
7 « a m
6 36 ρ in
11 1« a m
i 1Γ> ρ ni
8:57 ρ ni
Butteeee Manager
Cltj Ml (Οι
The Ellis county democratic con-J
vention met in this city Saturday!
afternoon at 2 o'clock for the pur-!
poae if selecting delegates to the!
state, congressional and judicial j
conventions and to elect a chairman I
of the county executive committee
f( .· the ensuing two years. Not- 1
withstanding the fact that it was
η >t generally known that this was
th" day for holding the convention
a forge number of delegates were 1
present. As no call had been pub
lished since the meeting of the ex-'
e utive committee in January the
natter of holding preçinet conven
tions was overlooked and conso- j
q lently several boxes were not r<- j
p. esented.
It wa s nearly three o'clock when
Cîhairrnan Lewis called the conven
tion t'> order in the district court '
John H. .Sharp was made tempo
rary chairman of the convention,
W. J. Buie, temporary secretary,
J M. Crawford, assistant secretary, j
On motion the following commit
tees were appointed:
On credentials and representa
t.>D—J. S. Davis, B. Ii. Oornwell, ;
J. M. Alderdice, W. M. Tidwell, '
J'. >b Haliain.
On permanent organization—C.
If. Fearis, J. L. Gammon, G. W.
.iartin, G. C. Sanderson, B. J.
A twler.
While the committees were out
J A. Beall, S. P. Skinner, Judji»·
M. B. Templeton and others ad-]
d-eased the convention.
The committee on organization
rpjoiiuneiided that the temporary
ο -ganization be made permanent,
a;»d tlx* r< p >rt was adopted.
Tfiβ report <»f the committee on
credentials showed that several
b )xes were without representation.
t\., ν,,,,ϋ,.η fnllowinir nnrnp.fi
g «Etlernen were constituted a com
mute* to report a list of names as
it ty tlie various! conven
tions: W. J. Buie, J. W. Clark, J.
S. Davis, J. L·. Oauimon, J. F.
Strickland, 'Γ. J. Cole, S. P. Skin
ner, H. P. Mizell and J. M. Log
A committee of five on platform
and resolutions was appointed, of
whirl) T. B. Williams was made
The committee on delegates to the
various conventions reported the
following names:
J M Logging, 8 Ρ Skinner, Τ J
Cole, J L Gammon, J S Davis, J W
dark, Τ Β Williams, J A Beall, J F
Strickland, R Γ) Hudson, Mark
Smith, Y D Kemble, Geo Coleman,
W S Kemble, R G Phillip, Ed Haw
kins, A L Love, G G Pierson, A
Las* well, Η Ρ Mizell, J FTimmins,
J M Patterson, Chas Brady, Lon
Bieker, w J Buie. C R Gibson, J Ε
Lancaster, Will Ralston, Jack
Lumpkins, Μ Β Templeton, L A
Daffan, C A Pippin, C Β Lewis, Joe
Hawkins, Β F M arch banks, J C
Loggins, J H Sharp, J Ε Lucas, G
C Sanderson, J Β Overall, W Ρ Mc
Call, Κ C Rawlins, C M Banner, w
D Farris, J W Neal, C L Allen, S H
Lightsey, Ρ H R ο well, C U Fearis,
J Β Βj.sland, Τ H Collier, J w Alli
*on, W Η Brown, Η Τ Moore, Pete
Hemphill, J S Hardy, 'Γ C Forrest,
II C Pilaris, Τ G Cheatham, G W
Martin, H Β Fdwards, w Ε weath
•rtord, w M Tidweil, w A Baird, w
W k&vgnei, Τ G Cole, wL Hancock
A J Banders, J w Bassett, Bot
eparkinan, Jno Τ Jones, Jno'week
lajr, Ζ Τ Bundy, J V wood, J Ε Da·
▼to, Til Hamilton, C Ε wood, β w
Orach, w Ε Cox, Alex Moeeley, A
■ Harris, J M Crawford, Geo w
Maxwell, H J Towosend, L C
M«ore, H M Burleson, J M Alder

ff L Corn well, huit MartlÉ, Dr
W R Bentley, w Ρ Du η aw ay, JAi
Bai*r*ll, Β S Orr, J Τ Soiman?J
% Hemphttl, R C Hallwn, Τ Η
Ç*atrtjpbeII, J R Gibbon», 4 w Carotb
ers. w S Sharp, R Ε Elite, β J Fow
ler Sr, Tom Yatee, J C Ilorton, w
G Simpson, J S Ltnville, J Τ Car
michael, M C Godfrey, H C McCar
ter, Β Β Moody, Ο A Finley, A S
Wilson, nriggs Reagor, W Ο Bell, J
A Higgins, J J Giddinge, GC Groce,
w Η Fears, J W Singleton, Τ F
Thompson, Η Ε Pickett, Lee Haw
kins, A J Loyd.
Β κ Marchbanks, Μ β Templeton,
G (' Groce, w L Harding, C M Sup
ple, J L Gammon, S Ρ Skinner, Τ Β
Williams, Τ ? Whipple, Géo Cole
man, Τ J Cole, Jno D MeRae, Y D
Kcinble, Bowd Farrar, Lee Hawkins,
Jack Luinpkins, J τ Gill, C L Allen,
C Λ Pippin, w Η Brown, Ρ Η Row
ell, w H F<"ars, G H Knliank, τ Η
Collier, w Κ Cox, Jno Η Sharp, Η
Ν (' Davis, J Η Peebles, w M Tid
well, C H Leever, Edgar Kemble, Ο
H Chapman, J Ε Lancaster.
The committee on platform report
ed the following:
We, your committee on platform
md resolutions, beg leave to report
is follows:
1. The democracy of Ellis coun
ty, in convention assembled, hereliy
reaffirm and endorse tli^ cardinal
principles and declarations of the
lemocracv, embraced in the last
lAmocratic platforms national and
1. In addition thereto we favor
be development a ltd improvement
>f til*·1 Trinity river and the other
waterways of this state, by the
I ni ted States government, and we
i>k for liberal appropriations for
inch purpo.se.
■!. we further favor the proposi
ion tu hold our primary elections
hroughout tlw xtate upon the same
lay, and we hereby instruct our del
egates to tiie state convention to
avor incorporating this demand πι
ο the democratic platform, and we
avor throwing ahotu tb··* primary
Section every »afeetta;fd and pro
eetion accorded by law to the gen
■ral election.
Robt. wimbish offe-red the follow·
nw substitute for the first clause of
:he platform:
we reaftirm our allegiance to the
[irinciples of democracy as, laid
lown and promulgated bvourfound
ur, Thomas Jefferson. ,
Discussion on the substitute be
came quite animated, Some holding
that the last national declara
tion was party law until chang
ed by the same authority.
Those favoring the substi
tute contended that to vote it down
was a repudiation of Thomas Jeffer
son; that the substitute was broad
enough for every democrat to stand
upon and committed the party to
none of the issues upon whieh it
had twice met defeat. The substi
tute was voted down and the plat
form adopted as reported.
T. S. Hamilton, of Italy, was
elei-tfd chairman of the executive
committee for the ensuing two
Instructions were made for Dr. A.
M. Douglass for state senator and
F. A. Williams for associate justice
of the" supreme court, (.'has. L.
Tarleton, of Hillsboro, endorsed for
commissioner of agriculture, insur
ance, statistics and history under
the next administration.
.Senatorial Convention—J F Strck
land, J H Davie, Τ J Cole, J w
Clark, R I) Hudson, w A Own by,
C M Supple, Osce Goodwin, Joe
Singleton, C H Leever, Jack Beall,
J F Chambless, Ε Κ Atwood, C M
Banner, Pete Freeman, Clint Curn
inings, John Broxon, Frank Tem
pteton, Lee Newman, Jerr3* Clarke,
J Β Overall, D A Car eon, Ν L
Worley, Fate Noel, w Κ Lancaster,
Carr Forrest, C A weatherford, w
S Stevens, R L Sparkman, wm Wil
liams, J M Parker, Pete Moore, J
M Alderdice, Β L Cornwell, Fishei
Crayton, J Β Stephenson, J w Har
rell, J M Chapman, F L Reeves, Ed
Brown, E J Anderson, Τ L Sulli
van, R W Getzendaner, Dave Nel
son, R S Bynum, J Ε Lancaster.
Congressional:— S Ρ Skinner, J F
Strickland, Ο A Finley, H w Car
ver, J Τ Gill, Β F Marchbanks, w J
Buie, Μ Β Templeton, J w Bassett
Η Ρ Miaell, G C Groce, Τ Β wil
liams. J Ε Lancaster, Jack Lump
kins, J L Gammon, 'Γ J Middleton
A Lass well, Thos Yates, G (
Sweatt, Jno D McRae, C R Gibson
R D Hudson, Dr A Β Small, Jno 1
Jones, A L Love, Τ J Cole, Sit
Farrar, Frank Templeton, J R
Pridemore, Joe Sharp, J S Davis
J w Clark, Brown Howell, Pet(
Freeman, Frank Ezzell, Jno Ken
drick, R Ρ Lomax, R L Hparkmau
J J McQuattere, C M· Supple, Jn<
weekly, Β Β Moody, J S Hardy, Κ
Helland, Geo walker, W D Ryburn
DrZTBundy, Ρ Τ Crisler, S 1
Matthews, J H Peebles, #*ed Til
lord, Τ S Hamilton, Dr Chrism an
J W Story, Ρ J Hemphilf, Georg<
Henderson, Ε Ρ Kemble, D Κ
Thompson, \ Η Campbell, A. .
Florey, Β L Corn well, Jno Marney
L L Jeter, Joe Williams, Β ν
Coach, A I Loyd, c Ε wood, J 1
wolaver, Ale* Moseley, Dr Batter
{continued on next pay·)
Pasaengm and Cr. w of th<· City 01'
Pittsberg Perish.
Ill Record* Ilestrnyed HlikN Rende J
u Accarate Mot Imponiblr- lll
PiMcntrni L<>«t Their Pet
session* in th* l-'frç.
Cairo. III.. April 2i.--One of th#
worst disasters In th«j history of rivet I
navigation occurred shortly after Ι
o'clock Sunday morning at Ogden'fi
Landing, near this rity While almost!
all aboard wore asleep, the steamet'
Clt.v of Pittsburg was discovered to b*
on fire, and In a few moment* wat |
burned to th" water The loss of ovei
$80.000 on the steamer does not inelud· J
the 'arffo. Iioth being a total loss Tht
latest estimates are that there -vort:
160 person? aboard..and that not inors
than half of them wwp sav*d man?!
of the latter being burned or injured I
As the register of the steamer waj
burned, no list can be given either 01
the victims or the survivor*, and li
the confusion !t has been impossible
to get complete lists Capt Phillips
admits that the death list may reach
Most of the piss»engers were in ben
when Second Clerk Oliver Phillip*
Rave the alarm The engineer* at onc«
started all the pumping engines, wbil*
the crew brought all the ho^e into play
Amid the streams of water on all sides
the flames on the lower deck and dense,
clonds of smoke, the passengers rushed
from their rooms and a frightful panic,
ensued. The appeals of the officers
and crew could not appease the terror J
stricken crowds, that interfered wit!
those throwing water on the flame*
as well its with those working with thi
lifeboats Few could activist life pro
servers or do anything else for them
m*» κπιοκ*1 wm Ktining. «*γρλι ctociut ;
floated through the biazinc steamer j
chokinc the passengers and adding t< ι
the terror Children cried pitifully |
begging that they l<e saved They
be emptied, it returned to the ill fated
<lea;h confronted them, and clung to
their mothers as though tijey alone
could save them.
Γ-lfeboats were manned and erery
effort was made to save the pansengert
from the furnace of flames Sturdj
boatmen rowed desperately In theii
heroic work of rescue.
^rom the river hanks the sparlr?
from thp burning craft and the dense
elonds of smoke, tinged with tongue»
trt flame, made a most impressive yei!
weird spectacle.
Boats were sent from the shore to df
what they could in the wcrk of rescue
Boats, laden to their limit with pas
Bengers in the scant attire they wcr»
able to gather, were landed at the
river banks. As fast as on* boat conld
knew, as well as their elders, that
steamer, the rescuers not waiting tc
catch a breth of rest
The burnfcig steamer was quickl> ι
headed to the bank but passengers hai*
to jump off the stern and trying tc
swim ashore through the swift current
many were drowned Many also per
lshed in the flames Onlv one yaw
was saved, without oars, and the worn ;
en were taken off About 20 or 3(
were taken off in the yawl, the rest be
ing picked up out of the wafer.
The fire started in the forward
hatch larboard and burned - fiercei/ |
when the steamer was run af-hore and
escapes were made over the cabin rall(
ing. Very few passengers or the ere*
were aware of Are until it was toe
latwî- The captain and clerk state 14C
persons were aboard. Including th«
crew, and claim In all 80 persons have
been accounted for. leaving 60 peopU
lost or unaccounted for
Just prior to the boat's departure ih«
underwent her annual inspection b>
United States Inspectors Dam^ron and
Fern and was granted first class pa
Many passengers clung by flijgfir tip*
to the burning boat, with bodies sub
merged. until, overcome by fire οι
water, they sank to death Wesley
Neely, a fisherman, rescued two fronj
the wheel house. One was a man and
the other a woman. The latter clung
to the boat until her bands wer*
i;aptan uosa. wno was arowueu, »«
an old river pilot. lie was making
the trip for pleasure with his son, Pilot
Harry Dose, and when hia body waa
found a mile or so below the wreck
be bad on all bis clothes and a lif«
preserver. It is believed he died from
the shock. Captain Does had been a!
work for some time on a history ol
notable river disasters.
The following Is a partial list ob
tained, as far ae possible, with mea
{re Information obtainable
Passengers known to have been lost:
Captain Wesley Doss, retired river
pilot, Cincinnati.
I Miss Marie Tessim. Cannelton, Ind.
Three children of Mrs. Fannie Me
Cullom of Leavenworth, Ind.
Patrick Burke and seven children 01
1 his family, Owensboro, Ky.
Child of Pilot Al Pritchard, Mem
phis, Tenn.
Clay Breeze, wife and aon. Union
' town, Ky.
Child of Archie M. Allen, Pittsburg,
Miss Mary Litter, Carroliton, O.
Mr. Adams of Ohio.
Mr. Down*. Memphis, Tenn.
ι Miss Sweeny. Owensboro, Ky.
» L. L. Hanter of Litintl, Pa.
Members of the crew missing, po»
■Ibly dead:
Joe Redding, Cincinnati, 0.
Fred Joaea, Newport, Ky., striker e»
' gineer.
• Tom Smith, Memphis, Tenn., steers
Wm. Rents Bollinger, Cincinnati, 0,
.ftrat steward.
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