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Fresideat Dcmamis His ^ip«tioi
M United States Marshal.
WM**· ' '- '·-·'
It I* Held He 1'ned HI. lafloeaee t<
Obtain Halted Statu Depository
far t Beaumont Bank Cea«
ψ trary te Adattaatratieo.
Washington, May T.—tt ie announc
ed that the president has demanded
the resignation of Dr. John Grant
United States marshal for the Eaatern
dlatric.t. of Teraa
Sonne weeka ago complaint against
Dr Grant were tiled with the president
an1 slaee that time the matter ha.·
t>een under investigation. The com
plaint waa that he had used his In
fluence to bare a H«*a<imont bank mad·
a t*ntted Stat»!! d«>{>·)«!tory In th<
optnt· :i of »h« p-e>. i at this wasr quit'
improper Dr. Crut unhesitatingly a t
«nitted thai he had st,rot»gly urged tht
B· oiaionr S ink at a gavwu.:tient t<·
paaitory, but the president tbO'igh"
thet t'ailed 8t*tt* offUfalr tthould not
uj»·.· *h<-ir . lies- for ich purpis··.·.
R«i)t nt m Claiidhur«t That ftvtpl «
F«rOwii of I Ik
Oklahoma City, Ο T.. May 7.—tt I»
aow known that all lives were loat
In th* ι loud burnt at Foe*. on the Choc
Uw and Oklahoma railroad Fifteer
houM* wer»· carried away and a Choc
taw paaaenger train had a thrilling
race to eacape the flood that followed
The dead
Mr· Butterfleld and grand daughter
Mra tintchlnaon
Mra Morgan and non
Man. name unknown
FV»e la a town of MO people. It wai
botlt roewftr on high ground, but t*
tec.S.-J Into tb<- ralley Th* cloud
bunt struck Turkey creek «oœ«· die
butie fruei t>»»· at 4 o'clock in th<
afternoon, raining the water* of that
at ream and tt* tV&ahita river to s
depth of nearly ten feet The floot'
reached at « .10 o'elack, coslni
with auch euddennee* that the p«opW
t& the valley could not reach higt
From Elk City to Foaa the Chocta*
railway follow* Turkey creek for a
dk«tan<-« of IS mile· Below Foe· the
creek croasse# under the Choctaw t rat It
aad empties Into the Washita which
the Choctaw < ro#e»-« further <*a*t Tb«
train crew saw th» wall of watwr de
•rending the rreek and iwgsn a rac«
for the bridge kmm the Waehlta
Th« train barely gat Into Foaa Its
Utte before the bridge over Turk*}
creek waa swept away. Tb·» trait
flnaiiy rweched Weatherford. after en
countering nttnaran l*ad plai-ea In th«
tm k and *» compelled to rem»li:
th» rv tm-HMr of w*»»-.:«i'« ahead
■!«**»< h OMtfl CI* h W m nu· a Km Tbftt
Ι*·< ft*·»* K»«»rhé4 Oui
Le» Arm*·!<»* Cal May 7 Tu«-»d«»
«aï îw» cfcrttaicled ·.« the <l»y wbec
M a* Mubue»·»!!· club wvoi.-n raw al'
tbelr plan*. for »hli b tbcj- havt
t»*a ftrtût;* two years *■> ! iva b*
fore the roi# of the ronvntion.
Fîual defeat waa siren to the ad
BtUttoc of colored * club», ·(
fort» to down th. individual club ai
• atep toward rworgariliation through
state federation· only failed, aod tb«
plar. to redore tb· i**r capital tai
frvtu 1 0<* U< 5c was rejected.
Tfce free Issues were defeated Ib
Us» midst of latente «scJUmcut οβ
both aide· nut the «truelle luft ne
feaiiag of bitterness aad the union <>l
tb* aeuth and north, aa far aa th«
' woman a « lut»· are ooacerned. promis
«a te remain Arm for some time
ftu· t—*» to Mew Huh
' Washington, May T.—SI oca Dallai
*H atade a reserve city, tb# four aa
tlnaal hanks of that city bare bean
gaade rtrwM ageata for 100 nations'
tanks located la Texas I /mtsiaoa. New
Mexico, Oklahoma. Arkansas aad the
(t*ua Territory. It ta said that Μ
Ι f 900 banka axe located in the terri
ÉMT tributary to Delia·.
During the «aonth of April elz na
tional back* ware organised 1a Teraa
BaUai e total alace Merck 14, 1900, ol
lilt, with a combined capital of 114,·
•IS.000. The axnouat of boads deposit
ed waa 11412.00. Tes*a «till leads
I» number of baaka organiied since
tko new law went lato effect
The total for Oklahoma to date li
tttyone hank* with a combined capi
tal of 91,440,000; bond· deposited 9482,
•50 For the Indian Territory forty
two bank», with a combined capital ol
•USMM; bonde deposited 1304.800.
K»«r'· 0«γ··Ι Car Kplted·.
Washington. May 7.- The cases ol
alleged aa*ault against Senator Monej
at Mississippi. Ο. H Bhaner, a streei
car conductor aod James E. Hooper
» truck Bremen, in the Are depart
neat, all growing out of a street cai
altercation about ten daya ago, wert
eolle pressed aod formally abandoned
ta Ike pollen court Tuesday after a
vigorous content between counael.
Mb·**· r»ria«d of CMlMtft.
Waaklngton. May 7.—The presides
«** granted pardons la the cases ol
H. Weber. John Haddow, Too
«raiey, Caaa Braley and Da rid darks
of fee Ualted Miae Worker·, sea
*4 to jail by United State· District
t* McDowell of the Western «1»
%tmm of Virginia for contempt of cour
Is violating court orders.
wK Ol
. _
Β· P»m< AMf mi WHhtaftoa Wttk ·
Washington. Mar 1—Rear Admira
William T. Sampson, retired, died ν
kl· hone la this cKy late Tu»·da)
afternoon. The immediate cauae o;
death was a aerare cerebral hemor
rhaga. He had been in a semi-con
scions state fer several days an«
Tuesday suffered severe cerebra
hemorrhage At the bedatde when th«
admiral breathed his last were Mrs
Sampson, Mrs. Lieutenant Chivertus
the admiral's married daughter, Ad
mirai Sampson's two young sons
Ralph and Harold Sampson, Dr. Dfx
or. the attending physician, an i
nurses aad attendants
William T. Sampson was born Ij
Palmyra. Ν. Y , Feb. ?. 1849 He wa.
educated by his own endeavors Ii
1857 he was appointed a midshlpmai
in the United States navy, graduatini
Annapcllr Hi* coadiict me me*tfr oil
j the frigate Potomac won hfm promo I
tlon to the rank of *«oond tie u ten an j
In the «UBimiT of 1Ï62 While boldtnf
thl» ootntnlMlon ho «erved on the Johr
! Adam», on lb* Patapeeo of the Nortl
j Atlantic squadron fid on the «tean
frigate Colorado, flagships of the Ku
■ ropwui squadron. On Jan 16. Ι&δβ
hi* ·Μρ entered Charleston barbor. A
sunken mine de«troved the Patapecc
Mid Simpson tu blown liKi feet It
the air The young officer was re««ied
but 70 of his men met their deaths It
the aunken Ironclad He w** promo j
, ted to lieutenant commander In 1866 I
fU at the naval acadftuy from 1 ββί
to 1871 and on the Congre»? In 1872 j
71. In 1874 h« wa* made a command
er and assigned to the Alert, and f ror
early tn 1876 to the end f>f 1S7S he wa: j
again at the naval arademy. In lfcT? !
h« *u In Oh tu a. commanding th# '
β-walara. Th« Iowa »»« first com
mande* by him and fhe San Franciwc
waa one· hi* charge H4# le<"turet
won tar hi in a great reputation an·
hi· lnrentien* placed him In the fron'
nutk He wa« chief of the bureau ol
ordaab· · from 1*83 to 1897 and
aasltted 1» the construction of the
mammoth gun factory at the WMtiln* j
too navy yard HU servie»* In th»
Spanish-American war was a» com- |
mander of the Beet, known as Ui» -
North American squadron
0*r*raar lt»l· Frw · tf U· Will
(io ·· «UHrkinrlli t* ΙΛ*·.,
Little Rock, Mar 7.—Governor Jef
I ferson Davis pardoned Andrew Thnmp
. «on, a n«*«ro, on condition that Thomp
son go to Massachusetts wtihin n«?xt
thirty days with the intention of be
coming a cltlxnn of that state Thomp
son *u convicted In Prairie county of
, asaault with intent to kill and sen
1 tenc«d to three year· In the penitent!
• ary. The governor make· the follow
in* endorsement on the application
for pardon
"Having returned from the north
•nd having heard many expression* of
sympathy by the citizens of Massa
chusetts for what they were pleased
to call the poor oppressed negro of
the south, aad desiring that they shall
have an opportunity to reform a cer
tain portion of the negro population
of our state;
"There, I. Jefferson Darts. Governor
of the state of Arkansas, by rtrtae of
the constitution and authority vested
in me by the constitution and laws oi
Arkansas, do grant unto Andrew
Thompson, a negro, a full and ires
pardon on condition that he become
within the next thirty days a citizen
of Massachusetts."
Ike RIbhII to Dm**.
El Paso. Te*., May 7.—A. H. 8cho
Held, halt brother of former Lieutenant
General SchoOeld, committed cuicldc
here by shooting himself in the mouth
with a large caliber revolver. 8cho
field was a man of family, secretary of
the Baptist church, and bookkeeper
for the Caples Luruber company. He
k',3 himself behind a large ptle of lum
ber at the lumber yard., and put a bul
let through his brain. A note ad
dressed to his wife was found beside
him, but In it he gave no cause for
taking hie own life. The coroner's
verdict was suicide. Schofleld came
here three years ago from Missouri.
Kilted Hi· Wlf·
Loaffview. Tex.. May 7.—A quarrel
between Tom Powell and his, wife,
Livey Powell, colored, which began
with their separation about a year ago,
culminated In Llvajr Powell being shot
twice and instantly killed at the home
of her cousin, Tom Jones, who tlrea at
Haderrill·. about ten mile· from here.
Ltvsy Powell was sleeping oa a pallet
on the front porch aad durta* the
night was dragged from the porcfr*aa4
' ι —
Subscribers' names «il appear M follows. Any correction* to be raad<·
should be reported et one· to the management in their offlct*. Willi*»*
building, over Will Moore (k Co b hardware store Owing to the placing
of the switch-board paraphernalia it is Impracticable juet now to publish the j
telephone numbers: but »o far a* possible and where not In confliction with j
party linee, subscribe πι will be given their old number*.
Further Information will be eheerfully given by any of our employee.
W. A. PORTER. Manager.
Adkisson. G. I*, rea. West Main at.
Adkisaon, S. D.,, rea. cor. Oldham ave. and Kaufman st.
Akin, Mrs. C. O., 133 Wyatt st.
Allen. Sim. plasterer, res. 208 Stephen st.
Alexander. J. L.. grocery store, 612 Water st.
American Express Co.. P. J. Roach, agt.. 108 W. Franklin st
Anderson. T. R., machine shops. 110 Water st.
Anderson. T. R.. res. 416 Water st.
Anderson. Ο. N'.. blacksmith and carriage repair shop. 109 Water st.
Anderson. Henry, res. Ballard Hgts.
Anderson. W. D., res. 302 Water st.
Arnold. C. Α., music store, 112 W. Main st.
Arnold, C. Α.. res. 204 Hawkins st.
Baker, Π Ν., cotton office S. Roger* st. over Brins D. G Store
Bank Sak»on, 11" Washington et.
Bartow, Τ Η., res. agi. H. & T. C. R. R., 507 Kaufman st.
Bass, V M., physician, res. Î10 Rogers st.
Bayles, T. J., res, end of Wyatt st.
Un?!»» a- Sehaater, job printers, 110 E. Franklin st.
ileal·· Mrs. Dona, rw West Jefferson st.
Beattjr, John L, res. 405 W Main at.
Bedford, W. H., restaurant. Ifi7 W. Franklin et.
B' iJford. W. H . rea, 331 Water si.
Uiîlup a Beit, meat market, 11 Main st.
Bishop, A. T.. real estate and loans office Goodwin bldg.
Bluhof, Mack, office 2d floor l Ο Ο P. bldg
Τ, Ο. E. Lodge and Club Rooms. 3d floor Citizens' Bank bldg.
Board of Trade Saloon, L. B. Howell A- Co.. props.
Boss Bakery, 115 Main st.
Boyd. W. D.. physician, ree. 210 CoHegast.
Boze E. S.. contractor and builder, res,*os» X. College fit.
H ,i> W S res. 126 Vlckery st.
Brannon. J. Α.. saloon 102 Ε Franklin st.
Briggs, Mis* Mollie. re», cor Monroe and Water fits.
Brous*. Η. Κ. physician, res. ".η·: Marvin si.
Bnmdridge. W. Α.. res 41<> N. Rogers si
Buchanan. Mrs. S. C'., res. lUt Dunn st.
Bullae d, i. H.. res. cor. Peter and Wyatt st
Caldwell & Walker, grocery store. 108 Franklin st
Campbell. J. S,. res. West Main at.
Cantrili, Ota. re». Bullard lists.
Caruthers W. Κ painter and paperhaager. res. 404 Kauiman st.
(.'entrai Texas Gro< er Co wholesale grocers. College st.
Oieeves Bros . D. G., cloth, ic millinery, F. Rogers. Mgr.. cor. S. Rogers & Jef.
Citizens National Bank, cor. Main and Rogers sts.
City Waterworks pumping station. foot of Clift st
City Hall. Mayor's offi· e. 2d floor.
City Haii. Fire Department. 1st floor City Hall.
CUy Fire Alarm. 1st floor City Hall. Call this number in < ase of fire
Clark. J. E.. res. '27 W Main st.
( lark a- Co.. Tennessee Grocery Store, 306 Washington st
Clark, J Ε . res 124 Briggs st
Ciark. W C„ grocery store. 548 E. Main st.
Ciark. Ο Ε prop. Οηι Saloon. 10» E. Jefferson st.
Cohen, Jak»· propr Dripping Springs Saloon. 103 E. Franklin st
Cooke. Dr. C. C., dental parlors. 2d floor Cerf & Dubois bldg
Cooper. Geo. Τ beer depot. 41" Washington st.
Cooper. Thos. Η res 402 Kaufman st.
Coleman. Mrs. R. J., res. 118 McMillan ave.
Complaint Operator. Ellis Co. Ind. Tel. Co.
Connaly. R, 11.. res. 30S Brown st.
Conway i,eeper Lumber Co.. yards 415 S. Rogers st.
County Attorney OfTiee. Court House.
County Poor Farm. 3la miles north Waxahat hie
Court House. Sheriff s office (C. G. Sweat».
Coon Hollow Saloon, g pea re J. D . prop.. 110 W. Franklin st.
Crocker. C. C., r«~. 424 W. Jefferson st
Cronk. F. 8., res. W. Jefferson st
Crow Brothers, shoe store. 103 Main st
Cumiç Μη». Jim. res 4t>; Ε Franklin st
Dallas Brewing Co., beer depor 41Τ Washington st.
Delton, Mrs. Delia. millinery store, 109 Washington st.
Davenport & Timmons. 11 vt ry, feed and sale stable, cor Water & College sts.
Davenport. Joan. res. 302 E. Jefferson st
Davl* 1. 8.. res. cor. W Jefferson and Monroe s*
Davis, Mr.- S A boarding house, SOS Π Main st.
Deputy, Gee \V„ prop. De ρ*. Place Saloon. 114 Franklin st
Dicky. W. B., prop. N'ew Kat> House and Saloon, 416 Washington st.
Dig**. C. H.. physician, office 554 E. Main st.
Dix'.n, Tom. City Marshall, res 114 Ennls st
Dowlitig 8. J.. bl&t kemitli and carriage repair shop, 2'» Ε Jefferson st.
Dubois Ε A . res. 214 College st.
Dunlap. Judge G Ε . res. West Main st.
Durham Dr ν Goods Co.. D. G cloth shoes, tor Washington it Franklin sts.
Eagle Ptg. Co., Daily and Weekly Eagle sad Job printers, cor. Wash. & Frank, j
Eastland. M . prop, Orienta! Drug Store, 102 Franklin sr. (down stairs.
Enger D . prop. Egger City. 307 to 315 S.jRogers st:
Ellis County Hardware Co., I'll S. Roger* st. y
EM* County Loan and Trust Co.. 208 8. Rogers st/
Eilis. Ρ H.. prop. Pete'» Place, saloon ati^ restau/ant, 104 Franklin st.
Elkin. Mrs. V.. rea 301 Ε Franklin st. f
Erwin. L, prop. Silver Dollar Saloon & GciK-ery Store. 303 S. Rogers Bt.
Erwin. L.. res. 406 N. Rogers st.
Erwin. R K., res. 404 Marvin st.
Ewell. Rev. A. E.. res. 309 Water st.
Farrier. Geo., saloon. 41? Washington st.
Farley, A. 8.. res. 308 College st.
F«ari», Β W., drugstore. 112 Rogers st.
Ferguson. Dr. W. B.. dental parlors, 8. Rogers st., 2d floor Williams bldg.
First National Bank. cor. 8 Rogers and Franklin sts.
Freeman, John, barber shop and bath rooms, 115 Washington st.
Freeman. John, residence. West Jefferson st.
Gammon, L.. res 304 College st.
Gammon. C. H., res. 107 Dunn et.
Gibaon Bros.. C. W. & W. Α., groceries and implements cor W. Main & Elm.
Gibson C. W . res. 611 W Main st.
Gibson, W. Α.. res. University ave.
Goodwin. Osee. res West Main st
Green. W. 8., res 410 N. Rogers st.
Griffen, Ε. H., res. 319 Oldham ave.
Griggs. C. J., contractor and builder res. N. Rogers and Marvin sts.
Grace, G. C., res. cor Marvin st. and Williams ave.
GutheYle, W. E., res. 206 E. Madison st.
Hamiltoa, W. J., grocery store. 209 Washington st.
Hamilton. W. J., res. Bullard Hgts.
Hancock. Wm., attorney at law. 2d floor I. O. O. F. bldg.
Harris. E.. prop. Brook Hill Saloon, 213 Washington st.
Harris, Harry, res. 400 W Main st.
Harris, J B. & Bro., props. Silver Eagle Saloon, 107 E. Franklin St.
Harris. W. N., res. 117 Montgomery st.
Harmes. W. Α., res. state agt. Great Eastern Tea & Cotfee Co., 411 Monroe St.
Hammond. W. S., res Gardner and truck grower, end William* ave
Hawkins. Ed.. res. Chief Fire Dept., 200 Hawkins st.
Herring Sparks Drug Co.. drugstore, cor. Main and Rogers st.
Herring. J. S.. res. 512 W. Main st.
Hey, J. !.. res. agent Mo. Kan. & Tex. Rv.. 322 Franklin st
Hill. G. W„ grocery store 554 E. Main st.
Hlnes. J. B., grocery store, 110 Rogers st.
Hood & Martin, drugstore. 113 Main et.
Hopson, Frank, res. 424 Water st
Houston & Texas Central R R. freight aud passenger depot Ν Rogers st.
Howell, L. B„ res. 323 W, Main st.
HoweH, W. B.. res, 515 Kauftnar. st
Howerth. Tbos.. ree. W. Main st.
Howard. J. Α., blacksmlthing and carriage repair shop, cor. Franklin aud Elm.
Hudson. Ed.. photographer, s-w. cor. S. Rogers and W. Jefferson sts., 2d floor.
Hunter. F, Α.. res. 113 Ennls et.
Hunter, J. H„ res. Ill Ennis st
I. O. O. F. Lodge, Odd Fellows bldg.. cor. Main and Washington, 2d floor.
Ivy, Rev. J. N.. res. W. Main st.
Jennings. W. C. & Co.. bottling work·. 212 Monroe st.
Joleeh & CUaaka. Emporium of Fashion. D. G„ cloth, and shoes. Cor 8. Rog
Johnson W. G„ re·. Bullard Hgts (ers and Franklin sts.
Jones. M. T. Lumber Co.. N. J. Thomas, mgr., yards 125 Kaufman at
Jones, J. Α.. physician, ree. 122 Vickery st
Kelly. C. E.. ree. 300 Kaufman st.
Kellehtr. Jim, grocery store, 212 8. Rogers st
if · * i m · 'ί ί
■ J. Α. €.. reeJiI
Kerabta. W. B„ Μ». ttl> Vktasry at,
Kepllnger L . phynleian, «Bas room* S aed I#, 2d
Kldd A. P.. grocery «tore, 214 Ε Main «t.
King <k Davie, furniture store. cor. Main and Roger
KJtiK, J. R„ furaltare store, 120 124 College st
Knights of Pythias Lodge rooms, M floor Wasabadue Bank
Lackland. R. «T.. tailor shop, 108 College at
Langsford Sl Phillips. Insurance. 208 S. Roger· at
Lankafoid. J. F. A Son, Urery, feed and sale stable. 203 S. Jackson at.
Langsford, 8. P., 810 Vlckery et.
Laughlln, Mr*. Bpttie. boarding house, cor. W. Franklin and Monroe I
Leader, The. millinery, 310 8. Rogers «t.
Leigh Brothers, grocery store. 111 Washington St.
I>eeper. H. W., res. W. Main st.
Light Pub. Co.. Dally Light, Weekly Enterprise, and Job printers. 116
Light, J. E., bicycles, repair shop and hasty messenger service, 105 Elm st*
Malcom, Will Α.. res., dealer in real estate, 110 Ennis st.
Matthews Bros., clothing, gents' furnishing and tailoring. 210 S. Rogers 0L
Mayor's Office, room 1, 2d floor City Hall.
McCall & Young, electric grist mill, 300 N\ Rogers st.
McCartney. J. L., res. 203 College st.
McClannahan. V\\, res. 504 Water st.
MeCombs, R. D., real estate and insurance, room 5. 2d floor Citizens' Bank bid.
McDuffie, W. J., res. 300 Dunn st.
Miller, J. H., res. 508 W. Main st.
Mizell Peters Κ Co.. 208 S. Rogers st.
Mizell, H. P., res. West Main st.
Moore, Will. & Co., hardware store. 20»; S. Rogers st
Moore, Wm.. res., 432 Water st.
Morton, J. E.. res. 304 Flat st.
Mosely, M. M., mule barns, west end Μ. Κ. & T. Ry. yard».
Musgrave & Company, planing mill, 205-207 Railroad av<·.
National Steam Laundry 328 College sr.
Naughton. Ed.. grocery store. 213 Washington st.
Newton. W. S.. W. Main *t.
Newton. Ο. V.. res. 507 N. Rogeis st.
Nichols, D. L· Gardener and truck grower, res. W. Water et.
Xyctim, H. V , meat market. 113 N. Rogers si.
Oldham Hardware Co.. hardware «tor' 107 Main st. '»
Oldham. Frank, ree., 327 W. Main st.
Odd Fellows, lodg" rooms. 3d floor I. O. O. F. bldg. cor. Main and Wash, gt« é
Orr. C. F., physician, res. €15 Marvin st.. cor. Kaufman.
Ownby. W. Α.. res. 319 McMillan ave.
Park. T. W. & Co.. grocery store. 102 Rogers st.
PallJet. A. H.. blacksmith and general repair shop, 410 8. Rogers et.
Patrick. J. J. & Co., First and Last Chance Saloon. 215 Ε Main st.
Patrick. M. T.. res. University ave.
Patterson. W. S.. cotton yard.
Peters. L. H., cotton gin Wvatt st.
Peters. H. N., res. 304 Vlckery st.
Phillips At Hawkins, abstract office. Court House.
Pickett, H. E.. res. cor W. Madison and Elm sts
Pickett, H. E.. Mayor's office, room 1, City Hall.
Pickett. C. P.. res. 204 Oldham ave.
Pickens, B. D., res 4"2 Water st.
Pierce, Η. Α.. res. Billiard Hgts.
Pinkston Brothers, 12^ Saloon. 104 College st.
Pittman. D. D.. contractor and builder, res. 121 Bethol st.
Porter, Miss Mai, millinery store, 310 S. Rogers st. /'
Porter. W. Α.. local manager's office.
Porter. W. Α., res. cor. W. Franklin and Elm sts.
Postal Tel. & Cable Co., 10S W. Franklin st.
Quate, Α., restaurant, 113 Washington st.
Ragland. J. H„ res. 117 Vlckery st.
Ralston. Wm. &. Co., grocery and feed store, 113 N. Rogers st.
Ray, M. B., livery, feed and sale stable, 103 N. Jackson st.
Ray, M. B., res. 118 Kaufman st.
Reed. O. D., confectionery and bakery. 117 N. Rogers st.
Rebsamen, W. F„ res. Bullard Hgts.
Robertson, Perry, attorney at law, office 2d floor Cerf & Dubois bldg.
Rodman. John, physicia . res. 112 McMillan ave.
Rogers, Frank, res. 204 Jefferson st,
Rogers Hotel, 203 E. lia' "t.
Ross Jewelry Co., cor. Mai.» .1 College st.
Salmon, J. B.. res. W. Main st.
Satchel & Co., meat market. 209 E. Main st.
Sawyer, J. W.. restaurant. 410 W. Jefferson st
Schuster. C E.. res. 307 N. Rogers st.
Sensabaugh. Rev. O. F.. res. 203 Oldham ave.
Shands. Bert., res. 414 X. Rogers st.
Sheriff Office, C. G. Sweat, Court House.
Sheriff Residence, 2<»> N. Rogers st.
Shines. Jas.. res. Bullard Hgts.
Siddons. J. C.. office, cotton, S. Rogers st., over Brin's D. G. Store.
Siddons, J. C.. res., W. Main st.
Simpson, C. W„ physician, res. 435 X. Rogers st.
Sims. Ο. B., cotton yard.
Sims, Ο. B., res. W. Main st.
Singer Sewing Machine Co., cor. College and Main sts.
SVngleton. J. W.. res. 404 W. Main st
Sliillern. J. E.. res. 310 Franklin st.
ο Kb nner λ- u-eizanaaner, :a\v onice ζα noor cerr at Uur>ois blag.
Skinner, S. P., res. Arlington Hgts. *
δΐφ-per Grain Co.. 116 X. Jackson st.
Sleeper. T. M.. rp&. 215 Ferris ave.
Su*all, A. B.. physician. office. 2d floor Citizens' Bank bldg.
Sniipll, A. Iv-fhysician. res. 511 Monroe st.
Smith, JL^firop. Smith House, 207 W. Franklin st.
Smiœr^TG.. resident inspector Ellis Co. Ind. Tel. Co., 110 Briggs St.
Smith. W. S.. 203 E. Main st.
Spalding & McCartney, furniture store. I. O. O. F. bldg., cor. Main & College,
Spalding, S. P.. res. 414 Water st.
Spalding. Frank, res. 431 W. Jefferson st.
Spears. J. D.. prop. Coon Hollow Saloon, 110 W. Franklin st,
Stacy. H. O., physician, res. 401 Williams st.
Stewart. W. A„ plumbing shop. 110 W. Main st.
Stokes. J. S., res. 509 Ε Main st.
Stone Brothers, wood yard, 401 E. Main st.
Stone Brothers, wood yard. 413 S. Rogers st.
Sweat. O. P. & R. P., physicians, office 2d floor First Nat. Bank. bldg.
Sweat, R. P., physician, res. 514 W. Main st.
Sweat, O. P., physician, res. 325 W. Main st.
Sweat. Alex., res. 430 N. Rogers st.
Synco, J. Α., wood yard, 300 E. Madison st.
Texas Mortgage Banking Co., 214 S. Rogers st.
Thompson. Mitell & Thompson. 101 E. Franklin st.
Thompson, D. G., physician, res. 319 W. Main st.
Thornhill. B. F., prop. Thornhill Thansfer. res. 418 Brown st.
Thornhill. S. H., res. 514 Kaufman st.
Tilford, R. F., res. 515 College et.
Timmons, H. D. & Son. lumber yard. 117 College st
Timruons. H. D., res. 230 Kaufman st.
Trippet. V., grocery store, 118 College st.
Trippet, V„ res. 605 Dunu st.
Virion, C. T., cotton exchange, office 2d floor Williams bldg.
Wade. J. O.. saloon, 111 College st. I
Wallace, Grizzle & Co., grocery store. 109 Main st.
Waxahachie Athletic Association.
Waxahachie Ice Works, 214 Monroe st.
Waxahachie Electric Light Co., 207 X. Rogers st.
Waxahachie Cotton Mill, Water st. Γ
Waxahachie Cotton Oil Co.. Bullard Hgts. *
Waxahachie National Bank. cor. Washington and E. Franklin sts.
Waxahachie Bottling Works, 212 Monroe St. * *
Waxahachie Feed and Fuel Co.. 126 College st.
Waxahachie Loan and Trust Co., 207 Washington st.
Waxahachie Feed Co., 132 College st.
Wear, W. C.. New Century Store. 107 Washington st.
Wells, Fargo λ- Co. Express, office, D. B. Snyder, agt„ 110 W. Main st.
West, W F. physician, res. 314 W. Main st.
Western Union Telegraph Co., Grace Clark, mgr.. 101 W. Jefferson fit.
White Brothers Cab and Transfer Co., res. 513 E. Jefferson st.
Williams & Wlmhlch, attorneys at law, 8. Rogers st.
Williams. Ed.. barber shop and bath rooms, 110 College st.
Williams. Ed.. barber, res. 114 Aiken st
Williams, Ed.. res. W. Jefferson st.
Williams. Jack. res. 301 Williams ave.
Williams. T. B.. res. W. Jefferson st.
Williams. H. J., plumbing shop, 106 College st.
Wilson, Geo. T.. grocery store. 116 Franklin st.
Wyntt, H. L., grocery store, 211 E. Main et.
Wyatt, H. L.. res. 306 E. Main et.
YeagT, Α».·*οη Β., res. 304 College et.
If by error the name of any subscriber has bees omitted from thia 1M*.
Alport same at once to management.

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