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Just Received
Strawberry Preserves—Made
of fresh fruit arid white sugar. Ab
solutely pure.
Try fit C&n of»····*·/ '
Wesson's Cooking Oil—30 cts.
perVân. B^ing. pound for pound.
twicAas economical as butter or lard,
Tastefes^c odorless, convenient and
digest iWeu
Honey in the; Comb
Fresh and sweet from the green fields
of old Uvalde. A genuine palate
tickler : Try it : For sale by
Leigh Bros. 0 Phone 54
I m pre VF meat s la Uaircrtity Ad
In company wtth Mr. R. K. Kr
wii», a r*-pr»»e*itative of thla p*|»er
vinited CnlrcriKy Addition early
thia morning Quit»· a lot of build
ing in ii'itrg on out th«-r>- and the
pl»<-e in rapidly a«»u tiling tin· j>rt>
portiona of « thrifty nuburti. Mr.
Erwiu in «reeling a t andaome two·'
{tory eight room reajdenc* on H'e*t
f'uiveraity avenue and directly
«tout!' of the univ««r»ity building.
Thi* bouii! will I» fnrni«h«d with
two double ntark chimner*, grat«n
and m«nt»l« arid a hath room.
Down near tfi»· Outrai raJlroad
Frank Oldham 1» ju*t completing a
««•at five room cottage. Λ little fur·
ther we#t on the property knawn it»
Arllajrton Height* the Barkadale*
*re enwtiritf two hand«orne home» -
to coat ahont each. Other rea
ldei*v.* are in contemplation and by
the time the unl»#raity oj»»t»« inj
Sej4*mher we runBdmtly eipect to
·.« . no |e«a than 'in or 31) go«jd bomea
«Mit there.
if roil have kidney or Madder
troutde and do not une Ko ley '· Kid
ney Cure, you will hav* only your
#ejf to blame for reaulta, a* it poai
tirely cure* all forma of kidney and
Madder diaeaaea. Hold by H. W.
Delegate· Appointed.
Tit·· fifth annual meeting of the
K<-aJ Kttate and Industrial A»*ocia
tlon will ini»^t in (îre*nvllle on June
25. The puriMio·· of this annotation
i· to mcourag·· immigration wid
capital to eon»»* to T«x»h and devel
op the varlon· renonrcea of the Mat»,
Hy r»>queat of the aaaociation Coun
ty Judge IitncMt«r ha* appointed
the following drUffktc· to represent
Kill» county In tin* convention:
Will Harper, J. A. Mulk»y, Kn
ni«, W. I) PtetK, KfrH*; W. W.
HtvkltK, .Midlothian; Ale* M»ae
ley, Italy; A Τ Bhtoop, Τ J 4'ole,
J F. W y alt, Κ P. II twkinw,
\\ Coleman, YYa\ahacl>ie.
A· invitation.
Thio paj»«r i* In receipt >·ί the fol
lowing invitation:
"Mr. and Mr«. Τ ft m Mr<>ok*
r»«que»t the honor of your pres
«Μ» at lli·· uiarrlag·- of their
Viaughter, Jewell, to Theron Kd
wara flodaon'rhuraday evening,
Jun«» 14», IWC>, at K.;*& o'clock,
<" « w b r r 1 « η d Preabyterian
church, Hillwhoro, T»-*a*. At
himic Waxahachie, T*x#i."
Sens ef Jove.
Tt»ere wili h*· a rejuvenation of the
Kott* of Jove at Dallafl on June 2»>
Headquarter» will tie eMtahliehed at
the Oriental hot··! and all member»
of ifce order are exj>eeted to attend.
The Hon· of Jove in an organisation
of tb·· electric light men
of the state.
Ten Ynar· in Hed.
K. A. Orajr, J. P., Oak ville, I»d.,
write»: "For t««i y»*ar« I wa* con
ι fined to my l«*d with dli«w* of my
kidney*. It wu *o aevere that I
eould not move part of the time. 1
eonanlted the very beet medical Mkill
avallaMe, but could get no relief un
til Foley'* Kidney Cure wa« recoin;
meude-J to nie. It ha» been a God
a«nd to me." Hold by B. W. Fearia.
Travel is Necessary
Long Distance
will §»*■#> ) <»ts much
travel ami money
Ul-L. Ml - Hl-JLUJ. «.'SlUl. .J L .
Warm Weather
ait complote «* experience and
, money can ifet together
fWorn Ζ
iocras Jewell Gasoline Stove
WW! TOOLS ! r w . ,
mtui* οΐλΑβί! Wûfin meat her work a
s — / - ■■
1™£P Refrigerators
a (food assortment in »tylea and ·1·β·. Lightning Ice
Cream Ifreeser» prepare deaert· in juat three minute·
For HEWING MACHINES at popular prlce»-$15.00
*18.00, $25.00, «35.00 and 145.00, iee T. J. STROUD
Don't fail to remember that you gwt better value for
. the *ame money in a MOON BROS.' BUOGY than
in any other. ::::::
Girl», »βτβ all oar ad*. They will all count on J^ily 4
T. J. TINGLE., [Manager
Appropriate Exercises la Mem·
ery ef His Birth.
The exercise» held yesterday un
der the auspices of the local chap
ter Daughter* of the Confederacy in
memory of the birth of Jefferson
Davis, the great Southern states
man and president of the Confeder
ate States, were attended by a fair
ly srood sited 'rowd. The program
was appropriate to the occasion and
each part was rei.dered lu a most
creditable manner.
Th* quartette by Mrs. Deeper and
Misses Bishop, Boone and Rogers
was a very pretty composition and
suti;r with much feeling.
MisH Volena Cohen, daughter of
Dr. Hyam Cohen, recited in a very
charming maimer a poem written
several years &£<> by Mrs Elliabeth
Otis Dannetly and dedicated to
Camp Sterling Price, of Dallas, at
their annual reunion at the State
Fair in lifiC.
A reading by Mrs. Osce Goodwin
was well received and "Old Ken
tucky Home" was very pleasingly
sung by Mies Boone.
M lits Minnie Sims read a charac
ter to sh«tch of Jefferson Davia and
Miss Mania Bishop rendered "Robin
Miss 1-atira Buchanan's execution
on the violin in a "Medley of South
ern demonstrated that she
is a musician of more than ordinary
Mr*. Buchanan read a very Inter
esting and instructive pa|>er on
! "What the War Meant to Children
j of that Time."
The exercise* closed with "Dixie"
I sung as a chorus by the Daughters
I and children.
Nocturnal Visitors.
Th* hum»** of W. H. Newton «mi
O. L. Adkisson in West Knd were
, visited by burglars la«t night, but in
instance they were discovered
' «rid frightened away before securing
: anything. There vrpre two of them
i end at each bouse they had suc
j eeeded in tffeeting an entrance be
I fur« being discovered. The aoctur
i nai visit· of these light fingered
^*•11 try remind· us of the need of a
' set of well trained blood hound·.
! (>oiy the other day the conirais
J «doners court of Johnson eonnty
i twusrht two dogs at a cost of i»*>
! p«fh and the citizen· of Cleburne
; regard th« invf*atm**nt a* * îtooc!
ice Cream Sapper.
The ice cream supper served last
nijrht at the honte of K. A. Du Hose
bjr the Catholic ladies was attended
by quite a larife crowd. Socially
and financially thctevent was a suc
cès*. Almut fcil was realie^d from
the «ale of cream.
Happy Time in Old Town.
"We felt very happy," writes R
N- Kevill, Old Town, Va., "when
Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly
cured our daughter of a bad case of
scald head." It delight· all who
use it for cuts, corns, burns, bruis
es, boils, ulcers, truptions. Infal
lible for Piles. Only 2.">c at Herring
Hparks Drug Co.
Virulent Cancer lured.
Startling proof of a wonderful ad
vance in medicine is given by Drug
gist G. W. Roberts of Elizabeth, W.
Va An old man there had long
Buffered with what good doctors
pronounced incurable cancer. They
believed his cas« hopeless till be
used Electric Hitters and applied
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, which
treatment completely cured him.
When Electric Bitters are used to
expel bilious, kidney and microbe
poison· st the same time this salve
exert· Ha matcbies· healing power,
blood disease·, akin ereptlati·, ul
cers and aores vanish. Bitters ."iOc,
Salve 55c at Herring-Spark· Drug
Co. — —
Al the Prayer Meetiai Services
hi Waxahachie To-Nitht.
Editor Ljoht:—
It occurs to m· that the present
in a very propitious time for the
christian people of this country to
petition the Lord of heaven and
earth for rain. We ail believe that
in a few days, without rain, the
corn crop will be practically a fail
ure. I· there no remedy? Do the
christian people of Waxahachie be
lieve that God will answer their
prayers? I believe that God's word
teaches clearly that He controls the
seasons and sends or withholds the
rains as He chooses. I believe that
His word also teaches that it is our
duty to "make our requests known
unto Him by prayer and supplica
tion, with thanks," and that Hej
will hear the prayer of faith. I will
therefore sugjrest that every christ
ian in Waxahachie who believes
that It is right to pray for rain and
that God will hear and answer the
praver of faith, attend one of the
prayermeetings tonight and make
special supplication to God for rain,
not forgetting to add, "Thy will be
done." ___ XX.
The Interurban Road.
At the adjourned meeting of the
j city council the other morning a let
ter was read from Mr. A. T. Byars,
the promoter of the interurban road,
ι stating that two surveys had been
[made to Ennis and it was hoped
the council would accept that as an
earnest of their good faith to build
the road. After some discussion of
the matter the letter was tabled,
I Another letter was received from
j Mr. Byars yesterday in which he
stated that his right of way agent
would probably reach Waxahachie
in a day or two for the purpose of
procuring the right of way from
here to Knnis. From the informa
tion contained in this letter it seems
that the promoters are in earnest
about the matter and that the road
ι will be built some time during the
I year. It is claimed that work will
I !** considerably delayed on account
of the mills and factories of the
east being behind with orders.
Id the Courts.
In the district court today the
inry in the rase of J. B. Wilson
against the M. K. 4 T. Hy. Co. of
'K-xa* returned a verdict in favor of
the plaintiff. The amount sued for
wan $10,000.
The case of G. W. Holleman
against the Western Union Tele
graph company for damages was
called thin afternoon. Holleman is
suing for #5,008 for alleged failure
to transmit a message properly.
More About the Time Card.
The Dally Light has asked the H.
A T. C. management for letter pas
senger service to Ferris, Palmer,
and other peints north of Garrett,
and believes that the company
«rill comply with the Light's re
qnest hy putting on an early morn
ing train that will make connection
with the northbound main line
Inspector Coming.
Major F. J. Badger, of San Ange
lo, assistant inspector to the adju
tant general, is expected to arrive
in the city this afternoon to inspect
the Dunlap Rifles and examine the
commissioned officers.
Committee Called.
W. A. Martin, chairman of the
committee to look after the arrange
ments for the Fraternal Union pic
nic at Bardie on July 19, has called
a meeting of hi· committee in Wax·
ahachie Hatarday afternoon.
just now are much in evidence. As the mercury
rises so does the dfmand for pure, refreshing
beverages. We have fcome&f the good/ones, more
of the better ones, anc^mapt of the b^t ones.
Celery Phosphate
just the thing to overcome the depressing effects of
the recent excessive heat—mild, stimulating, pleas
ant, and always cold : : Try it today
Herring-Sparks Drug Co,
WholeMi· ^ Ketail Dratfisli Λ Waxahachie, Texas
What's the Use
of being hot, and staying hot, when you can get one
of those pretty SUITS that are giving in our big
DISCOUNT SALE? Good Clothing, cool Clothing,
stylish Clothing, at way down prices. We want you
to look at them whether you want to buy or not. We
don't mind showing you—in fact we will be glad to
show you. Λ look ai these goods, coupled with the
low prices we are offering, will convince you that
you NEED A SUIT NOW : : :
$22.50 and $20 suits $16.00
$18.50 suits r— — $14.75
$16.50 and $15 suits $11.95
$12.50 suits— /L...— $ 8.95
$10.00 suits y $ 7.50
Special Inducements in the Way Of
Τerms and Prices
And the Largest and HAndsomest Line of
Buggies, Carriages
and Surries Φ -β
Ellis County Dirt Bought, Sold
and Exchanged.
Th»· following deeds of real estate
transfers have been filed in the
county clerk's office since our last
report :
A M Dechman to Τ Η Harbin,
part of block 27, Town Addition to
Waxahachie; $1250.
Τ J Weatherford and wife to J V
Mutz, lot in Ferris; $100.
Will A Malcom and wife to G C
Oroce, part of lot 4 in block 111,
Town Addition to Waxahachie; $150.
Mrs L Ε Andrews et al to Sam
Andrews, 210 acres on partition.
R M Perrenot to L Κ Griffith, lots
3, 4 and 5 in block 25, Palmer; $1(»6.
Κ F Sumner, trustee, to S Ρ Skin
ner, lot 14 in block 2, College Addi
tion to Milford; $200.
A L Clements to J A Odom, 11
3-10 acres of Frankey Moore sur
vey; $80.
Mrs Ν LMcKav, lots 1 and 2 in
block 20, Ferrie; $5.
Mies Katie Gee to J W Weverka,
lot (ί arid 1-4 of 7 in block 179 Funis;
Β F Sumner, trustee, to Hudson
A Buie, lot 12 in block 3 Co-liege Ad
dition to Milford; $125.
W J Dunaway to J F Dunaway,
10 acres of J Levy survey; $125.
Wr Ε Kooken and wife to J V
Mut*, 2 acres of Mason Philips sur
vey; $200.
G A Turner and wife to J V Mutt,
lots 9 and 10 in block 25, Ferris;
J A Jones and wife to G A Tur
ner, lota 9 and 10 in block 12 Midlo
thian; $800.
J Τ Bell to Ε C Meredith, lots 4
and 5 in block 82 Ennis; $1.
A Faulkner to J Τ Bell, qnit-claim
deed to lots s and 5 In block 92, lots
11, 12, 13 and 14 in block 133, Ennis;
W W Linville to Ε C Wade, 82
acr«s to Τ J Chambers eight league
grant, $2000.
Was Wasting Away.
The following letter from Robert
H. Waits, of Salem, Mo., is in
structive: "I have been troubled
with lidney diseaee for the last five
years. I lost flesh and uever felt
well and doctored with leading phy
sician!- and tried all remedies sug
gested without relief. Finally I
rie>d Foley's Kidney Cure and less
than two bottles completely cured
me aad now i am sound and well."
[Sold by B. W. Fearis.
Work ol the Committee.
The Jsoliciting committee whose
duty it is to secure signatures to
tht> 1 1-2 per cent notes for the In
ternational report that considerable
encouragement is being met with.
A committee will be out every day
this week, making a personal can
vass of the town and property hold
ers should not grow impatient as
the will be given an opportunity to
subscribe something toward the
bonus. The right of way committee
is also at work and it is reported
that options have been secured at
reasonable figures on several
pieces of property.
The M. W M. Club.
Tht> M. W. M. Club is being en
tertained this afternoon by Mrs.
Lfte Hawk in s at herhomeonHawkins
street. As this is the last meeting
of this season a large crowd is in
attendance and the afternoon is be
ing spent in a very pleasant mar -
Buy and Try a Box Tonight.
While you think of it, go buy and
try a box of Cascarets Candy Ca
thartic, ideal laxative, tonight. You'll
never regret it. Genuine tablets
stamped C. C. C. Never sold in
bulk. All druggists, 10c.
You can And economical
baying in our clothing
department. We are Bell
ing all our Bummer
t'lothiug at very low
prices :
Will take Cost for til Men'·
$18.56, $16.56 and $15 Suite
99.56 buys our $12.56 Saita
$7.95 baye oar $16.66 Seita
Our Flannel Suits and
Dress Pants are aelling
at oue-flfth off the price.
Boys' Suits at Coat
Dry Goods Comp'y

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