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■ '
THE waxahachie
L -*· A A. A A. A A A A A AAA
, ; i
Tel of ι
Wesson's Cooking Oil
tCan give it to you in
any quantity you want !
at $1 per gallon. This |
oil is twice as econom- :
ical as lard and better4*4M ·
J. B. HINES, Phone 3 \
► ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
L. Toro de la Selva Cigar
Rich in aroma Φ Superior in
quality Φ Made in Porto Rico
Τry one at
Leigh Bros. & Phone 54
If you have beauty, we taKe it:
If you have not. we maKe it.


Photographer }

k A ifk
\Yh it Is So Cool
Ae a day in #uami«»r
if you >iav* ti h find
Hsuppifef 0>W df.
liciouH Ioe Cream.
Μ rota***·!**! hv .ill to l>" th*
n«>*t, anti Wf laku ^ι»>«1 tχ<mt it
r<*jniiatiou *îi*5! int tnmugii
W| faillir·' in c-urc <nl'. m ix κ uf Uit·
lnpr>· Jimt#
g'.J "-* "" 1
I'rwet Your Kidnpynfor Ktieumat turn
fthw >·<>α an- -uH· rlH/ ItoiU
rhmimatfiw), tJj·* kidury* must t>t
ntl'-nd···! tfi at inifo *.i that tb''.r w f!T
fHminat»· tti«* urir a<*id from the
.blood. Foley'* Kidney Cyrt! is ili*1
* ui<»«t ·>β»<·υν<· r*m<>4> f'ir tfif* f>ur
Ρ<·*<· Π T. Ho|»kfitt»ôf Polar, \\i#
• ay»: "After untmcff«efuily doc
toring thr»*** \«'ar* (<>r rhwumfttlimi
w ttl» the t»"«t doctor*, ltri< ί Kyi·'*·'»
Ki ln· \ Cur< ttixl si < .r> 1 rue 1
•ratutyt *!>·■(k t'M> lijt'-'y >f ·> 1
, great mfclirim s>»î.i bj ■ i
i F^'an». *
Travel is Necessary
15Γ Γ Tilt# —
Long Distance
will κiiv(■ vet) tWQfcft
trwvt ι «ml money
* H.M iHï > -rh UN TKIJ'iRAl H
λ Τι ι,κγημμ Company.
To Be Given Iway
To any on*» who will buy pî
much as 50c worth of goods
will be given a niceaaaaa
Plain Glass Syrup
0 Pitcher &
Only one pitcher to each purchaser.
We have ip. :i number of these, and
thry go thi* y as l< ng as they last.
( ι ,-λ ; ^ ^arvStore
*>.· w
e Wm -vi^· J & ν w £>
Arrangements Being Completed
for Opening of Chantauqua.
West Knit park in still a scene of
considerable activity. A large force
of carpenter· and painters is at work
thin week, pushing the auditorium
to completion. The ceiling has i>een
completed and the roof and ex
terior of the building painted. Ac
Icording to the first plans the floor
space near the stage was to have
be«-n covered with gravel hut this
week the directors decided to have
the entire floor constructed of plank
and tliis week is now being done.
Wednesday afternoon the budding!
committee met Mr. Strickland at the I
auditorium to arrange plans fori
lighting the building.
The rear end of the old pavilion
has been converted into a dining
hall, with a cook room adjoining.
The work of clearing out the uu
(i'-rgrow t h and trimming up the t ri-es
in tjie grove across the ere*-k ha*
be«n completed, making of this a
vf>ry pretty addition to the park.
The tree* on this side have under
gone a pruning which adds much to
the beauty of the »ce,u«.
A water pipe has been laid to the
park whirl) inmiree campers an
abundance of artesian water this
summer. A large portable reeer
v.iir ha* been erected <>n thp hill
where plenty of drinkiDg water will
kept, and in tlie hank of the creek a
iartf·· box containing coil pipe lias
Iwhbn m> a{Tai)K«*l th.it there will he
«a iitiundniic of i -« water ahva\ a
fth hand,
Mrn. H. H. I)unn has had a email
oott nqt moved lutv ■' · park ujkJ io
oflt· d hi the édg<- „f tii kTow w !»· r··
«Κ<· wi. < ^ιυρ ttn·' fiiU-rtai·■> ι.··ι
fri i»ds w hlie t!ie ('hautan<i«a i> in
s·-* sdaa.
Lot» for i'-upper- i ^ η λ ι' already
been Mak>-d oil and t file ti nf> were
sent out to tlie ι ark this morning t«»
(>»· str« -hed. Peopi·' from Ktini»,
C'otsicana, UHNboru, Λν,-ιοο and^
man \ otUar near by t' *us will
caui[> there tjUf« ye-ir 'And in addi
tion to campers from a distance ι
«pilte ajximl»·r of Waxah.u-ljAe fain-J
iliee will make their home* on the
grounds during the session.
Another valuable improvements
to the park is the new fence that is
being constructed aiuund it. Thin
fence is made of red palings and it
considered one of the inoet durable
fences that can be constructed.
While improvents have been going
on at the park tbe street railway
J peonie have been making some
needed repairs on the car line which
very materially strengthens it for
handling the large crowds that will
be here next week. A great many
new ties have been pat down and
low places in the track raised. The
little park in West Main street has
also been pruned and the weeds cut
On next Tuesday night the. third
annual meeting of the Waxahachie
Chautauqua and Summer Assembly
will be formally opened by Mr.
Frank Cottern, of Cleveland, Ohio.
Mr. Cottern is director of the Chau
tauqua Extension Bureau, and with
the aid of his etereopticon will give
us some magnificent yiews, teaching
valuable lessons of the groat educa
tional movement.
Prof. Fred High, of Pittsourg, Pa.,
will be on hand four afternoons.
Mr. High is a natural humorist and
a successful entertainer.
On next Wednesday night Prof.
Chas. Lane, Georgia's famousfhum
orist, will deliver a ι ry catchy lee
tureon the "Analysis of Laughter".
Λ» a humorist and entertaining lec
turer he ranks among the best on
the American platform.
The lecture of Dr. E. Benjamin
Andrews on Thursday evening, July
2itb, at Η o'clock, on "Robert E.
Lee" promises t<> be a rare intellect
ual treat. This lecture is a schol
ary delineation of the character of
Virginia's son and the .South's idol.
This lecture will be made a special
event for Confederate veterans of
Ellis county. Dr. Andrews will
also appear Friday evening, follow
ing in a lecture on "George Wash
Dr. Andrews will he followed on
the platform by Dr. Samuel Phelps
J-UIÉtt . <Ή V*. I \NI .
inland, vf Cite *#··. l>r. l > la-id hu*
(v»:i on III'' t« ot if'· i'llaffurni twefify
years, and is an orator ami sjn'iiktr
if uational i'l jiutatinu- His» lecture
w'ilh "T'lC .-'îf 'V of Selene
Rev .TÎ AV.S>ars, familiarly "known
a.« ihi "tiifïy man,'' is cm the pro
gram f<>'' a li-ctii ι··· ι it ι ''(>riuBbl«'<rs
and their Oiire.1* Rev. Rears Is
fmm làucojti, III., but form· rl\
lived at Sh'>rinan. it. iet said that
he can out smi!«· the man in the
Thf- last attraction on tin1 program
will be tli·· appearauce of Him. Hen
ry Watti rson in ii lecture on "Vbni
,ham Lincoln". Mr, Watterson is
editor of ttii* Louisville Courier
Jotirual and is one of the brainest
editorial writers in America. This
will b" oui· of the best attractions of
the entire program and for this
event the railroads will give a spec
ial rate independent of the certifi
cate plan for the benefit of Chautau
qua vlsi tors.
Til Κ Waxahaehie Candy Kitchen
is prepared to furnish ice cream
bricks for parties and wedding· re
ceptions at $1.40 per gallon. tf
·> " Γ ill s»' « i.llllis.
The proprie -, of Ful -y's H «m y ■
tnd Tat' it·· η«·ι ad**i°ii»e lins as a |
sur·· '*ιιr»' for "consumption." The/
in nut claim i! will cur»* this dr^ad
complaint in advanced cases, but(
do positively assert tha it wiU care
in the earlier stages ami never fail.s
to give comfort and relief in th··
! worst i'us.'s. Foley's Honey and
1 far i» w ilhout doubt lie- g" att-t
Ithrè'at aiul lung remédies. Refuse
sufl&tittice».. Sold by B. W. Fenrls.
Bucked the Tiger.
Not u « a ij l.fsrt tp ujo a y>ung u » ι
v% ho clerks in a certain st<>V· d ■«' w
1 his mouth's salary and started for
hotoi . U ρηη reaching hou>« lie . ,i\ ■
|wut the statement that he had b η
touched ί>tr his roll tir a r bbe I'be
: matter was reported to t!.« t>t5>'-rs
! and a clos» investira: ion fail·· ! to
d- velup il ch w H« to the identity ol
'the «forerai*! riWer, The mur er
! \va> taken up by the grand jury
wtvere the fact developed that the
, young man had been enticed to buck
1 against the '"crap'' game wherein
j the other mail cauie out winner. Now
, the winner of the stakes must an
swer to the state to the tune of about
Saves A Woman a Life.
To have given up would havemeant
death for Mrs. Lois Craig, of Dor
chester, Mass. For years she had
endured untold misery from a severe
I lung trouble and obstinate cough.
"Often", she writes, "1 could scare
ly breathe and sometimes could not
speak. AU doctors and remedies
failed till 1 used I)r. King's N°.w
Discoverv for Consumption and was
{completely cured." Sufferers from
Coughs, Colds, Throat and Lung
trouble need this grand remedy, for
ι it never dissapoints. Cure is guar·
1 anteed by Hwrring-^nar*"» Drug Co
l'ric « ό<) · and n·*' il battle free.
Card of Thanks.
Wp this mp'h"'* of thftrrVilg
tie many friends wh > so kiudly
ministered to our daughter>and sis
ter during her long illness. Their
generous and kindly sympathies,
it uaor ministrations and words o(
cheer during her long and tedious
illness we* of much ι ι
1 «ved οι···. hmI di ί ι
h'T aftih ι ii ·.
a»U ■
I *·
Dr Uobta .1 ,r
Hatrw àA ι *<.<**»
Venice has a cafe which has beet)
open day and nicht for 150 years.
The worlds records for steamships
is 5fK) miles a day, and for sailing
vessels 325 milee.
One oat of every twenty-two Dan
ish emigrants to the United States
becomes a Mormon.
The mortality from accidents in
railway employes was reduced .'55
per cent last year by improved coup
ling devices.
A subsidized English theatre is
projected in Paris, with the object
of enabling French students to be
come familiar with the English lan
Ir» China probably more wood is
used for coffins than any other pur
pose. The coffins are made of lum
ber from four to ten inches thick.
It is not a high estimate to say that
from 8,000,000,000 to 10,000,000,000
feet of lumber are annually tints
Agents for American agricultural
I machines sold in Constantinople
last year 370 reapers and mowers,
two binders, four ral:»s and o'ne
thresher. No effort is made to sell
binders, because they are considered
too complicated for satisfactory use
by the Turkish peasants.
Route Inspecter Mere.
ι On account of the «fre.it number
I of rural mail routes being estab
j llshed all over the country the mat
ter of introducing the system in the
country surrounding Waxahachie
has been greatly delayed. Recently j
the divisions were rearranged and
more inspectors employed by the
government that the work of estab
lishing routes mightjbe greatly facil
itated. Mr. H. 11. Colclazer, route
inspector with headquarters at St.
Louis, arrived in the city last night
to make an inspection of the routes
recently arranged by Postmaster
Beaty. He and Mr. Beaty left the
city early this morning on a tour of
inspection and will continue the
work until all routes have been
gone over, which will probably re
quire about ten days. After this
matter lias been definitely settledan
examination for rural rout·· carriers
will be held. It hof>«d to ha*e J
full service in operation by Septem
ber 1.
S; DR1NK==== ||
Ping Pong Punch f
The latest in Soda Water beverages.
New, spicy, and delightful * £ & Φ
Price: 10 Cents
Herring- Snai K . a jo s,
W4β,·"1· <■—>·« λ·.. . ' . f
When the weather gets
hot and you don't feel
like spending your mo
ney for regular priced
goods, you can always
depend on us to give you
something you want and
need at prices to make
you glad. These prices
apply to special lots—
: £2.00 Rough Straw Hats
55.00 Tan Shoes now—
.35 Cent Jeans Drawers—
51.00 Negligee Shirts—
$12.50 and $10.00 Suits
Boys' Clothing at 25 per
cent discount.
Big lot new Four-in-H and
Ties just in; get one. 50c
are Standard
the World Over
J. W. McManus
J > m't } ul Γ<■ Try Τ11i.
Whfn «ver au huivst trial i.-> g<v*
>41) tn Eleetri· Riftpr» fur any froub
I · it's ι ·Η·αΐπΐιι· Ί· I f · « ι-, si {I'Tiimaeut
euro w ill suret . !> · etfeotcd. It twv
er fails t" ton· tin - oinacii, r<-^ul»t«
the kidney* and bowel»·, sriiriulate
tli^ li\cr, im i.'Or;i!i' the lien etf anil
;>urifv the W«>od. It's a w nid»rlul
toni· fur run lowu s^struj» Kbt·
tric Mit I its jwisif Îvi-Iy ι»Π1ί s Iv^flttey
and l.ivi'r rroublf>«, Ktotuuch I>w
"rji'rti, Ν ,·ι · niisn *m, Slei-|.|i
lib- liuiiiiiam, N'euraltna, »md «xprls
Mal a ι ia .Sailsfacti n: irn arantf-d
t>\ Hi-:r<:iir-Sp.irk> Dru. ('<>. Only
."><) <·· »! s.
... ■ ■ .11 I —
Come to Us
with your Wants for
Wejhave some
rare bargains
for you in each
of the above
lines a) Yours
for business,
Hardware Cc.
T. J. Tingle#^#-#Mgr.
·.' 5 MOKp
" i*:r LWr J!t. *yt
I of to- aOCU TJftlilg
• » >»g, ra*fcu*Vct * ilcjf
♦»K WO- ·
!<· nu iratite· <1, Hook·
Â<Û/eM «ΙΚϋΙ,ΙΝβ
■»*> oc Mew Vetk. 4M

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