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Nabisco's Almond Bod Bons
Long Branch Zuzu Ginger Snaps
Assorted CaKes and a number of others
Fresh Candy here now in bulh
Also Lowney's Candy in Boxes
Both Phones
9 Number 3
Try Us a Phone 54 0 E.ast Side Square
bring β· your k<»dnk work to
We Make a Specialty
of that kind of work
ami our î rl< ·-* ar< x«rtyl<'W.
-| kmc b»f« tr*i*blr<l m grrmt 4**1
• ttk a v>ri id li»« wticb ι Γϋΰικίί* οοα*Ιΐ|·*
ti-jti I t»ua4 ("ASCAKETs Ui be all γ au cl»!m
far Utfrc- *i*S axrurei] turb relict U>e Crut tr.fci
Ui*t t trtUTbMeO *oovfeer tuiu «mI wm com
t-U-vljf fiiml l «bail be oeJr too gl»ti u> re
«υβ-πΜκκΙ < 'uttnu wtwerrer the opportunity
is i»r<*ew*s " J A s*im
SMU SuejueMiia» An . It-tikdeifblft. P»
m \J^r ™* nwili ^
Ttat* OooA. l>o
Osk«1 K*v«r Stcii«a. W«*k»« of OrijMK l*s. 8te. Site,
**·*&»# fcMNMtj· rnntMy. CMtof*» *»· ï*i. t'g>
mo-to»bac . ; it.v.'v, -,u;r
Ladt<-ft and Oente clutliiiiiiflt uiii'vi,
repair**!. ('lotlilny mad·· t*»
ordt-r. 8«·π>ηι1 hand ploMiefc bought
and «old. A »har«? t»f your palron
>*#'■ eolifltiHl. J. S. Perrln, if
2I3 East Main H't.
OfRceJOver Herring-Spark·
Druff Store.
y ν
1 am prepared to treat the morphine
or opium habit; also whiskey and
tobacco, painlessly, and I take this
mean* of attracti-κ "he attention of
thU unfortunate rlao* to thi· < aey
mean· of deliverance from their
Travel is Necessary
Long Distance
will «ave you much
travel nod uionej
Henry Jolly on Trial.
Henry Jolly, the man who 1»
charged hv indictment with attemp
ting t<> assault a little yjri named
Honor» Bra*ieton, is on trial today
in the c<»oiity court. A larpe crowd
is preteot.
New suit* have been filed as fol
lows .
The Kirst National Hank of Nash
ville, Tenu., ν» J. T. Kdwards,
I \V. and Η. Τ Holland ν» H ét
T. V. By Co.,
Save» A Woman s Life.
To have irlven op won Id havemeant
death for Mm Lois Craitf, of Dor
chester, Ma»» For yearn she had
endured untold misery from a κ e ν ere
lutifr trouble ai>d obstinate cough.
"Often", she write*, "f could scare
ly breathe and sometimes coulii not
"^►eak. All doctors and remedies
failed till I u*etj Dr. Κ'ηχ·'* N«w
! Discovery for Consumption and wan
ι completely cured." Sutferers fr«mi
Coughs, Colds, Throat and Lung
trouble neeti this grand remedy, for
I it never dissapointa. Cure is guar
anteed hy Η erring-Spark s Dru*; Co
I PricefiUc and tl.OU. Trial bottle free.
Pupils oî Texas Female Seminary
Hold the Hoards.
A crowd second in size onlv to
that present Saturday night wit
nessed the recital at the Chautauqua
auditorium last night «riven by the
pupils of the Texas Female Semin
ary, of Weatherford, ai.d the audi
ence left with nothing to complain
»f in the way of entertainment,
□ood music, tfood recitations and
rood vocal solos made up the even
ing's entertainment and each num
ber was creditably rendered.
The exercises were opened by a
quartette, "I Would that My Love,"
lung by Misses Mary, Lucy and
Bessie Maker and Marcelle Eubank.
A piano solo by Miss Lucy Maker
«as w»-ll rendered. Miss Maker has
κ free and easy touch and her execu
tion on the keys was quite good.
The vocal solo of Miss Messie
Maker was pleasingly sung.
Miss Mary Baker favored the
audience with a violin solo. Her
notes were soft yet full of tone and
she handled the bow quite cleverly.
What whs clearly the hit of the
evening was the recitations by
Miss Grace Holland. She was on
the program for three numbers and
in "The Story of Joseph," from
"Helen's Mabies," afforded a
splendid opportunity for the display
of her elocutionary power.
Miss Marcelle Eubank san? two
vocal solo·. She has a deep, rich
baritone voice and she sings with
remarkable çlearness.
The violin solo by Prof. A. C.
Reichert won well merited recalls.
Prof. Reichert is director of music
in the Seminary and is a musician of
considerable ability.
That the entertainment was thor
oughly appreciated by the audience
was attested by the spontaneous ap
plause with which each number on
the program was greeted.
The rain this morning resulted in
a light attendance airain today.
The work today was devoted to a
study and discussion of topics per
taing to the Suuday school. Ad
dresses were made by. W. P. Me
lon?)·, of Wolfe City, and Dr. S. L.
Hornbeak. Mr. Malouey spoke on
the "Orsfanliation ol the Sunday
The subject of Dr. Black's lecture
this morning was the "Trial of our
Lord." This was one of the most
interesting lectures delivered by Dr.
Black at this session of the Chau
*n the afternoon the "Teachers'
Meeting," was thy subject of a very
Interesting address by Rev. B. A.
At 3:30 the Wise Orchestra enter
tained a large audience with a spec
ial musical program. A rich
treat of music had been anticipated
by the people and in this they were
not disappointed. The members of
this company of artists have been
the recipients of many enconiums
and in the entertainment this after
noon they won new laurels. We
would like to give each member of
the orchestra an individual mention
but space forbids. However, we
cannot afford to niiss an opportuni
ty for complimenting Miss Lena
Williams, of Oak Cliff, for the ^en
t>ral excellency of a recitation with
which she favored the audience.
Miss Williams is a graduate of
schools of oratory in New York and
Boston and is an elocutionist of
splendid ability. In " Γ reus and
Aurochs," from Quo Vadis she
achieved an unquestioned triumph,
and the verdict of the audience was
accentuated by absolutely spontan
eous applause.
Tonight Samuel Phelps Leland, of
Chicago wil lecture on the ".Story of
Science." Dr. Leland is one of the
leading scientists of the country and
this lecture promisee to be an intel
lectual treat. No one can afford to
miss this pportunity of hearing t lie
gifted lecturer.
The program for tomorrow, Mis
sion Day, is as follows:
9:00 a. m.—Devotional. Rev. P.
M. Fitzgerald.
10:00 a. m. — Bible Study, "The
Cross and the Tomb," \V. H. Black,
D. D.
10:00 a. m.—Junior Work, Miss
10:30 a. m.—Address, Mrs. N. A.
Lyons, Missionary to Japan.
11:00 a. m.—Mrs. R. F. Butts,
corresponding Secretary of the Syn
odicai Society, Fort Worth, presid
"Map Study of the Field," by the
field secretary, Mrs. E. W. Norris.
2:00 p. m.—Parlimentary Drill,
Mrs. J. C. Terrell, Fort Worth.
2:40 p. m.—Round Table, "Meth
0 ι s. "
3:20 p. m. — Address, Mrs. N. A.
4:00 p. m.—Sermon, E. Ci. Mc
Lean, D. D., San Antonio, Tevae.
β:00 p. m.—Evening Prayer, Rev.
X. F. Grafton.
8:00 p. m — Lecture, "Grumblers
and Their Cure." Rev. H. W.
Sears, Lincoln, 111.
Five wagon loads of Chautauqua
1 visitors arrived last night from
i Grandview.
It lias rained again.
Just as the last car was leaving
itlie grounds last night a wagon
! drawn by four horses, pulled up to
the gate. The occupants stated that
they had just arrived to attend the
Chautauqua and that three more
wagons were behind them. ι ou
can't keep "tin away.
ι A lartte party of Chautauquans vis·
jited Trinity University this morning
! the street car company furnishing
I six ears for their accomodation.
I)r. Samuel Phelps Leland arrived
this morning from Chicago to fill hie
engagement at the Chautauqua to
night, lecturing on the "Story of
Science." Dr. Leland has been ou
the lecture platform for twenty
vears and is a speaker and orator of
national reputation. He is a schol
ar of the tlrst magnitude and his
lectures are the result of studious
H. C T. C. Excursion Rates.
Austin, account State Encamp
rndut. Tickets on sale July 21 to 20
; inclusive; return limit July 31.
Rate $.">.S0.
La Porte, account Odd Fellows
picnic. Tickets on sale for 8:52 p.
m. train July 24. Fare #5.40.
Special low rates to Eureka
Springe, Ark.
Sherman, account North Texas
Baptist Association. Ticket· on
sale Aug. 3 and 4. Return limit j
Aug. 12. Fare $3.80 for round trip, i
Houston or Galveston round trip !
rate #3.75. Tickets on sale for spec
ial tram leaving Waxaliaehie at
0:07 a. m. August 7th good for re
turn leaving Galveston up to and
including train leaving Galveston
8:25 p. m. Aug. 10th, and train leav
ing Houston 10:50 p. m. Aug. Kith
Washington account Grand Army
of the Republic. Tickets on sale
Oct. 2nd and 3rd. Fare $31-30. Re
turn limit leaving Washington not
later than Oct. 14th ΙίΚΚί, with exten
sion and stop-over privileges.
A. R. Bass, of Morgantown, Ind.,
bad to get up ten or twelve times
during the nijjrlit and had severe
backache and pains in the kidneys.
Was cured by Foley's Kidney Cure.
Sold by B. \V. Fearis.
The Latest Fashion Notes.
Vandykes, whether in lace, appli
que or cut into the fabric of gowns,
are once more enjoying a full meas
ure of popular favor after a tempor
ary eclipse. This graceful garniture
is shown to great advantage upon
The material was crepe de chine of
a palp mastic shade laid in groups
of horizontal tic stitched with
C'orticelli sewing- silk in self color.
The ed>re of the skirt was bordered
with a beautiful Vandykeddesign in
ecur Venetian point, the pattern
being picked ou: wit:i rhinestone
bril i »rsts, opalescent spangles, an i
French Knots worked in pale blue
C'orticelli EE twisted embroidery
silk. The blouee was furnished
with a cape collar of the same lace
which that l ing sloping effect
at the shouldeis so desirable for the
moment. The edge was finished
with a narrow accordéon pleating of
white chiffon, sprung with a tiny
ruche. The scarf which ornaments
the vest, and the sleeve puff, were
of embroidered chiffon and lace.
The Durham Dry Goods Co. sells
C'orticelli silks.
Treat Your Kidneys for Rheumatism
When you are suffering from
rheumatism, the kidneys must be
attended to at once so that they will
eliminate the uric acid from the
blood. Foley's Kidney Cure is the
most effective remedy for this pur
pose. Κ. 'Γ. Hopkins of Polar, Wis.,
says: "xVfter unsuccessfully doc
toring three years for rheumatism
with the best doctors, I tried Foley's
Kidney Cure and it cured me. I
cannot speak too highly of this
great medicine." Sold by K. W
The city of Waxahachie has ex
panded. A portion of West End ad
dition has been taken Into the cor
porate limits. Several years ago,
some of the wealthier of that city
built nice homes out of reach of the
assessor and collector. They con
tinued to do business in town, but
their homes did nothing to help
pay city expenses. This course has
retarded the city in past years, but
those people begin to realize the
value of a good town, and they have
contributed to bring several valu
able enterprises to the place anil
now, on their own motion they have
become part ol' the town. Ennis
New .»
Oct What You Ask For!
When y< ua-k fτ Case arets Candy
Cathartic K» suie you : them.
Genuine tablets stamped C. C. C.
Never sold ia bulk. A iubstitutot is
alwavs a cheat and a frauu. Beware! '
All druggist·», :cc.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with I t>CVi. API'UCATIOXj». as they cannot
reach the wai of ie disease catarrh >« a blood
or constitutioun! d. »-e. and in order to cure it
yon iru>i take .ι«■ rnai remedies Hal -(aiarrh
Cure Is taken Internally and acts directly on the
blood and mucous -urfaces. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is not aijuaek medi-ine. It was prescribed
by ont of the b<physicians in this country for
year», and Is a reg ι la r prescription It is com
posed ο( ibebeal ionics known, combined with
the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the
mueous surfaces. The perfect combination of
the two Ingredients t* what produces such won
derful results In curing Catarrh.
bend for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY Jt CO., Props., Toledo, υ.
6oid by DroKiists 75c
Hall's family Pills are the best.
Give the Cow «Chance
To increase hfn milk by using
chopped cottonseed with wheat and
bran, $1.25 y/ft sack delivered. Pure
wheat chops, $1.50.
100 D. H. Thompson.
Need More Help.
Often the over-taxed organs of di
gestion cry out for help bv Dyspep
sia's pains. Nausea, Dixxiness,
Headaches, liver complaints, bowel
disorders. Huch troubles call for
prompt use of Dr. King's New Life
Pills. l'hey are geutle, thorough
and guaranteed to cure. 25cΛ at
Herring-Sparkt Drag Co. c ~ —
R.ainy Day
is just as good with us
as the bright day selling.
The reason is simple
enough. We have rainy
day goods, lots of them
— Umbrellas — good,
strong, Umbrellas—the
kind that turn the rain
and do not fade, $1.00 up
Rubber Nothing but !
r ~ ~ λ . the very
G ° ° d s best in this
class of goods is allowed
in this store of ours—
Rubber Shoes, Rubber
Boots, Rubber Coats,
Mackintoshes and Slick
ers. Then, too, we have
the Rubber Hats; in fact,
everything to keep you
drv on a rainv day:::
dfldttkuQ Bwâ
(JifftAtJïllÈ (Mute
People's Delight
Lawn and Porch
Comfort Chair
J. W. McManus
Come to Us
with your Wants for
We have some
rare bargains
for you in each
of [the above
lines û Yours
for business,
Hardware Co.
T. J. Tingle^^#.#Mgr.
a:rests falling hair.
Cures Dandruff, Brittle
Hair, Itching and all
scalp troubles. Fully
guarnteed to cura or
your money back.
"Coke Paod ruff Core Is
quick, effective, harm)*»·.
"S. J. Hutchinaon, M. D.,
"Kited Hjœe, Wllb
Judjf*!* of award» et Par.»» Ex
position aekn"»l«j|re Coke
Dandruff Cure to be the only
Senuiiie reniody Don't accept
aauwroua mutation*.
Demand c*k*
A. R. BREMER CO., Chicago.
Lather Your Head with
Coke Shampoo
& -Toilet Soap
For sale by B. W. Fearia. Mi
is a positive grief to 'mosquitoes. It turns the
tables on the "pesky" things, brings peace,
quietude, and restful sleep to a troubled household.
Mosquito-Git is better to drive away mosquitoes
than pennyroyal. Take our word for it. It is the
best thing you ever used to drive them away, It is
cheaper, lasts longer and more positive than aqy
thing we have ever seen. Try it. If it doesn't
drive them away throw the bottle at them and come
back here the next morning and get your 25 cents.
Herring-SparKs Drug Co.
Wholesale 4 Ketail Draffists
North Side Square
φ φ
f Durham's S

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