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II All
Ladies' Two Fifty Ox
fords go for cash at
fitted before buying. We
don't exchange.
Crow Bros.,
ύ 3 e ci & 3
Foot- Fitters
Bronchitis for Twenty Year·.
Mm. Minerva Smith, of Danville,
111., write·: "I had bronchitis for
, twenty year· and never got relief
I until I used Foley'· Honey and Tar
. which it» a sure cure." Sold by B.
\V. Feari*.
THE Waxahachie Candy Kitchen
! is prepared to furnish ice cream
bricks for parties and wedding re
ceptions at *1.40 per irallon. tf
Two Bottles Cured Him.
"I was troubled with kidney com
plaint for about two years," writes
A. H. Davis, of Mt. Sterling, la.,
"but two bottles of Foley's Honey
and Tar effected a permanent cure."
Sold by B. VV. Fearis.
Weather Indications.
Tonight and Thursday Scattered
Thunder Showers.
S. E. SHELILTO. Observer.
If a Man Lie to You.
α.:ί say some other salve, .int
ment, lotion, oil or alleged healer is
as good as Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
j tell him thirty years' of marvelous
! cures of Piles, Burns, Boils, Corns,
! Felons, Ulcers, Cuts, Scalds, Bruis
I hs and Skin Eruptions prove it's
ι the b^st and cheapest. 25c at Her
! ring-Sparks Drug Co.
A Cemented People.
The Chaatauqua is rapidly draw
ing to a close and notwithstanding
the fact that the people have suf
fered many inconveniences and dis
comforts on account ef the weat her
the slightest complaint vhas not
been heard. Everything has been
quiet and harmohious and despite
the continued rains which kept the
grounds in a sloppy condition the
campers were a good natured, jolly
set. On account of the bad cond'.
tiou of the roads there has been
practically no attendance from the
country surrounding Waxahachie
anil as a consequence gate receipts
have been rather light, but it is
gratifying te» know that they have
been sufficient to meet all expenses.
We have heard many farmers ex
press their regret at not being able
to get here with their families.
Considering: the limited facilities
for accommodating the people the
street car company iias done ex
tremely well in furnishing transpor
t ition to and from the grounds.
On account of the rains the track
has been in bad shape and the
heavy crowds hauled Saturday
uight and Sunday caused the rail»
to spread in a number of places.
Some delay was thus caused, but
everything is now in good running
order and the crowds are being ffir
ly|well|cared for.
Texas State Fair.
On the morning of |July 20, our
grounds were visited by a fire which
swept away Exposition Building
and Music Hall, the Poultry De
partment and several smaller build
ings, including the Green House,
and which withered a large part of
the trees, shrubbery and'flowers,
entailing a loss of $100,000.00.
But we are glad to be able to an
nounce that heavy as the loss is,
late in the season as it came, il
will in no wise interfere with the
Fi:ir, which, as previously an
nounced, will open on the 27 of Sep
tember and will continue until (he
12th of October and be fuller in each
of its departments and bigger and
better in its entirety than ever be
fore. The morniug after the fire we
put to work large forces of men
clearing away the debris preparato
ry to putting up modern buildings
modeled after those at Buffalo and
On account of the fire we will not
loose a single one of our exhibits or
attractions, nor shall we be com
pelled to turn any away for lack of
W. H. Gahton, Pres.
A Hobby, Not a Horse.
At a rancorous political meeting
Representative Sibley, of Pennsyl
vania, who} had been elected once
on the Democratic side and the next
time on the Republican ticket for
the same district, was fiercely re
proached for changing: his politics.
■ "You peopleJJwhο «tick to the
tenet of lti to 1," replied Sibley
when it came his turn to speak,
"remind me of a man I once saw in
a lunatic asylum. He was capering
through the hall astride of a broom
stick. 'Ah, ha,' I|said to him think
ing to be pleasant, Ί see you are
having a fine ride on' a horse.'
'This isn't a horse," he replied.
'Isn't a horse?' said I. 'Then what
is it?' 'It's a hobby,' he replied.
'If it was a horse I could >ret off.' "
—Everybody's Magazine.
Death of Walter Herndon.
Death has again claimed one of
the bright young men of our city.
At 1:30 o'clock this afternoon the
dread summons came to Mr. Walter,
Herndon and he answi red the last
roll call on earth. His death oc
curred at his home on Briggs street,
wiiere he lived with his mother and
sister. Mr. Herndon was a most
exemplary young man, faithful,
honest, true to himself and to every
trust reposed in him. For quite a
time he has been connected with the
ι lumber yard of H. D. Timmons Λ
Son, and was held in high regard by
jiiis employers. He was about
twenty-three years of ayre and had a
promising future before him. He
was a member of the Baptist church
and a consecraU-d christian. The
funeral services will occur at three
o'clock tomorrow afternoo from the
First Baptist church. To the grief
stricken mother, sister aud brothers
the Light extends sincerest sym
THE Waxahachie Candy Kitchen
is perpared to furnish ice cream
bricks for parties and wedding re
ceptions at 11.40 per gallon. tf
A. R. Bass, Of Morgantown, Ind.,
had to get up ten or twelve times
during the night and had severe
backache and pains in the kidneys.
Was cured by Foley's Kidney Cure.
Sold by B. W. Fearls.
Old Papers
at 25c per hundred... j
Don't Fall To Try Thie .
When ever an honest trta! te fifi v
<»n to Electric Bitters lor any troub
le lt'«r<»oommeudedfor,aoermanent
cure trill surely be etfectec. It nev
er full* to tone th* stomach, regulate
the kidney* (ind bowel·, stimulate
the liver, invigorate the nerves and
purify the blood, ifs a wonderful
tonic for run-down systems. Elec
tric Hitters positively cures Kidney
and Liver Troubles, Stomach Dis
orders, Nervousness. Sleeplessness,
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, and expels
Malaria. Satisfaction guaranteed
bv Herring-Sparks Drug Co. Only
50 cents.
No False Claims
The proprietors of Foley's Honey
and Tar do not advertise this as a
sure cure for "consumption." They
do not claim It will cure this dr»-ad
complaint in advanced cases, but
do positively assert that it will cure
in tli" earlier sta^s and never fails
1 to irive comfort and relief In the
worst cases. Foley's Honey and
Tar is without doubt the greatest
throat and luntr remedies. Refuse
substitutes. S<»ld by B. \V. Fearis.
No trouslcto answer Questions
OtN'L Passu an ο Ticks r Aocmt
Dallas TCI*»
To Ε astern ïCe sort s
L'i*v rate summer circuit to
Mich!ΐί.·>η, Canada, St. Ι.ί» re·.,?*
Region, Atlantic Coast; iai: .»nd
lak··, «>r nil rail.
To Chicago Πι rough fir*; class
el·· jifis and train servie,· in Chi
cago from Austin and other Texas
cities vfa the Μ. Κ. Α 'Γ. road, the
Hati' ii'al gateway and th< iiuriing
ton Route.
10,000 lak«*s; score β ot the coolest
and best summer localities in the
country; frequent perlons of low ex
cursion tours, such as #12.50 Kansas
City to St. Paul and Minneapolis.
The Burlington is the old reliable
ami esta'dished line to the northern
Twin Cities.
"The Burlinjfton Northern Pacific
Express now leaves Kansas City a
6:10 p. in., making direct counecj
tions with the early e\ ening trait s
into Kansas City. Thi* i« the
only through train from the South
to tiie Northwest territory* in con
nection with the Northern Pacific
road. Connecting train from Denver
at night ioiaing thin Northwest
train at Alliance. Nebraska
Describe your trip to your nearest
ticket agent or to the undersigned,
and let us advise you the least cost
and mail vou publications fre<·.
I.. \V. \VAKELEY, General Pan' -
enger Agent, St. I^ouis, Mo.
C \V AN DREWS, Τ Ρ A . :{00
ι Scollard Hide*., Dallas, Tex.
( M. LEVEY, General M ana
St. Louis, Mo.
Let ua get you tip a dummy, make
you an eatimate, or give vou an idea
of the coat, and what a little money
will secure. Our Job department la
conducted excluaire of the newa·
paper, and your ordwa get correct
and proper attention.
Enterprise Job Office
Phon· 148
A Clear Proof
We show you the advantage good
iub printing haa over the ordinary
;ind by giving you the beat in —
Quality, Character
Are You IV.ea.dy
With Your Hot
W eather Clothes?
Or do you need our help? We never did so
well for the heat-driven man before in the
matter of cool and smart-looking Clothes.
The natural result follows—we never sold so
many hot-weather Clothes as now. The cool
breezes find easy entrance through these
airv Flannels and Wool Crashes*a0aaa
Wool Crash and Flannel Coats aucl Trooeem
from ..
$5.50" $8.50
Men's Linen Crash Outing Trousers, the Coolest Τγ"1Ι»<·γ»»·'Π1
from - — fl.UO to fJ.jO
All kinds of thin Coat», Mack Alpaca
front .. ..i -—....
$1.50 ·* $5.00
I'nlined Hitia atui Mack Serire Coats $2,50 - $7.50
We May Be Underadvertlsed, bul Undersold—NEVER
Jolesch Ô
Emporium of
<t/l£r AA To California
«Ρ"3·"ντ and Φ Return
"Sap" and "Sunset Route"
Account "f ili»· Hiennlat Mating Κ ». Ijf fit «
of Pythies, on «al*· Alignât 2ml to
lOtii lncltifci> ··, it'iod until ttoptetnoer 30th t··
return. Stopover allow<*rt, ami return trip
max lie mtdf rla a divcrir route. Low rat*·
to Portland, Oregon, on «am* dat*··, and
through tipper* t" California anil Mexico
without chang»· : : : : !
For folder·, tHu»tratfv! liters;urt\ iK*h*dul<î«,
nil particular», ft extern, writ·· : : ;
R. E. GEORGE. D. P. Α.. fA. V. MART!*.*
Sunset Route, Waco. City Pass. Aft.. S. A C A. P. R'y
Sap" Texas Coast Resorts
Hunmwr Excursion TU k<*!« (it» day limit
on »al»· dally t<> Corona Chriatl ami R<»<*k·
port. Hat·» from waxahachl* to Htb»r
Corpue ( l>ri»ti or Horkj">rt i* #13. Applt to
your local tlckct v«nt or writ* :
E. J. MARTIN, G. P. Α. φ φ San Antonio, Te»'
5alt Lake City, One Fare,
Aug. 7,8, 9. Limit Sept. 30
ian Francisco. $45, Aug.
to 10, Limit, Sept, 30
One Fare Plus $2.00
Colorado Michigan Wisconsin
Minnesota New York
Pennsylvania Resorts
Limit, October 31
Through Sleepers to Denver and Chicago.
Colorado books sent free
W. H. FIRTH. G. P. Α., Fort Worth, Texas
I· iV G.
S e χ a s ' Greatest Railroad
International Ο Great North'n
See Our Agents or «Write:
tod Vie· Pr··. Λ bee. Ugt.
Geo. F»«S- * Tkt. A|t
us i ι»
The Conscience Behind the Druggist
Sot things w · »ell \ · ,π·,ν t > h« right, because you can see for
y·'u '■ s·-11'. Km 111«*ι ·· .r·· - >:ne tl inert for which vou have to depend
a ly on the conscience of your druggist— PRKSCRI F' l'IOXS, tor
ins! tLi'f. They sh >ui,t not he even a little wrong. There should
he ι thin.; in them hut what the doctor prescribes. It is the con
si i- m·» of the drutr-'i-· t: at helps to makes your doctor's preeerip
titiri' 'ffctive or inetf·· *ti ve. Do we deserve vnur confidence?
Hood ύ Martin ÎÎïÎÏÏlT"?;
Have Your-Tire Set Cold
on the Brooks Ti;e Setter. Sets them cold,
new or old. Work guaranteed. For prices see
114 West Franhlin St. J. A. Howard
Here it Is==
TaKe It
"We will help you to own a home,
and y>u won t be indebted to us,
either. \V u will provide Uie property
sud sell it ou terms you can afford,
and you will be happy
Our Way Is Easy
You yet your house at once, pay the
rent t<> yourself, and soon it is vours
Reail th<· following list and he
convinced :
A good business lot, 45x100
feet, near the square, a fine
piece of property, at a bargain.
^ good 3-roora house with large
1ck\ situated on Kaufman street,
near railroad. Price . .$1250
One good ·>-room house in East
Kud witn fair outside improve
ments, large lot, "200x400 feet, and
near car line with fine cistern.
A good place in East End with
4 acres or land, very good im
provements and a very desirable
location. Here is a tine bargain.
One 4-roora house on Brown
st., lot 100x200 feet, east front,
on corner. Price.. ^SUO
One new. modern 5-room house
situated on Brown st, with good
outside improvements, large lot
with >*ast front. 1 can sell you
this place for less than the im
provements cost.
On Main street I have a splen
did ii-room hou>e, good location
on car line, lot 100x500 feet.
Price . #1800
One nice il-roomhouse on Main
st., large lot, Wx.i'iO, on car line,
good locality.
A 4-rooin house with hall, on
Jefferson st,, Bear Chautauqua
grounds, lot 100x200, nice shade
trees, a bargain, easy terms.
A good lot 200x400 feet, situated
on Arlington Heights, near I rin
Ity University, on car line and
has east front.
Two acres of land with very
good improvements, 2 good cis
terns, a fine location on Arling
ton Heights. Price low. Must
sell quick.
Several nice h>ts in Trinity
University addition for sale
No trouble to answer questions or
show property. Don't fail to see
me if you are in the market for any
thing in the real estate line.
Very truly yours,
SbmIb* stamped C C C. Hever sold in bulk.
Beware of tb« dealer who tries to sell
"something jest as good "
• ♦
φ ♦
« ♦
Mr. A. J. Thompson has returned
to Hillsboro.
Miss Howell of Dallas is visiting
Miss Minnie Kate Shelton.
Miss Sue Ward of Versailles, Κν.,
is visiting- Mrs. Dona Beal*.
Η. M. Bishop has gone on a busi
ness trip to Deport, Lamar county
Mrs. Clint Cummins of Ennis was
here today to attend the Chautauqua.
M ss Genie Hardin of Terrell and
Miss Will McCue Of Oak Cliff are
the guests of the Misses Quaite.
Hon. Κ. M. Love, of Austin
paaeed througli the city this morn
ing enroute to tiie Reunion at Dal
Mr. and Mrs. W. 1'. Malonev of
Wolfe City, who have been attend
ing the Cliautauqua, returned home
this morning.
Miss Bessie Claire Hefley, who
lias been the guest of Miss Nettie
Lee Pickett, left this morning for
her home at Cameron.
Mr. F. R. Wallace and daughter,
Miss Sallie, of Johnson, Station,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. D. Maho
ney and attending the Chautauqua.
Mr. T. M. Holland, of the firm of
ι J . S. Campbell & Co., left this morn
ing fo:· New York, where he goes to
buy fall and winter goods for his
Prof. Jacob Sehreiner came in
from Fort Worth this morning to at
tend the Chautauqua. He will ren
der a violin solo at the auditorium
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Timmons of
Mexia, who have been visiting rela
tives in the city and attending the
Chautauqua, returned home this
■ low Are Your Ikldneya f
Dr Hobbs Sparatrus PUlscure all kidney IUb. San*
Ole free Add. bierling Kem©dyCu«, Chicago or Ν Y
Gone to (he Reunion.
The annual reunion of the Texas
division Γ. C. V. is now in session
at Dallas, (^uite a number went
from Waxahaehie this morning to
be in attendance, in the party wore
J M. Patterson, Wm Schuster, and
Col. M. W. McKnight, delegates
from Camp Winnie Davis; Miss
Dora Patterson, sponsor for the
camp, and her maids of honor, Miss
es Alice Gibson and Jimmie Davis,
I and Miss Pearl Stephenson, sponsor
for the fourth Texas brigade.
Tried and Found True.
I have just reqehVd the great
French Dry Procésy for cleaning
ladies and gents ctfithing. It re
stores color and kefVs out moths.—
R. Perrin, at Weam New Century
store. / (I
Give the Cow-a Chance
To increase herimillf by using
chopped cotton seedlwilfi wheat and
bran, $1.20 per sack«tigered. Pure
wheat chops, $1.50.
100 D. H. Thompson.
Old papers at this office at 25 cent·
per hundred. Thick paper cheap. (

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