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and easy buying from
counter of Men's Four
and Five Dollar Oxfords
A counter of Men's Four
and Five Dollar Oxfords
that we are selling for
! Crow Bros., !
a a û'Yhcû 0 ύ
Foot=Fitters I
Foley'· Kidney Core
Will cere Bright'· Disease.
Will care Diabetes.
Will care Stone Id the Bladder.
Will cure Kidney and Bladder Dis
eases. Sold by B. W. Fearla.
To Eastern R.esorts
Low rate summer circuit tours to
Michigan, Canada, St. Lawrence
Region, Atlantic Coast; rail and
lake, or all rail.
To Chicago Through first class
I sleepers ana train serrice to Chi
cago from Austin and other Texas
cities via the Μ. Κ. A T. road, the
Hannibal gateway and the Burling
ton Route.
10,000 lakes; scores ot the coolest
and best summer localities in the
country; frequent perions of low ex
cursion tours, such as $12.50 Kansas
City to St. Paul and Minneapolis.
The Burlington is the old reliable
and established line to the northern
Twin Cities.
"The Burlington Northern Pacific
Express now leaves Kansas City a
0:10 p. m., making direct connect
tions with the early evening trains
into Kansas City. This is the
only through train from the South
to the Northwest territory in con
nection with the Northern Pacific
road. Connecting train from Denver
at night joining this Northwest
train at Alliance, Nebraska.
Describe your trip to your nearest
ticket agent or to the undersigned,
and let us advise you the least cost
and mail you publications free.
L. W. WAKELEY, General Pass
enger Agent, St. Louis, Mo.
C. \Y. ANDREWS, T. P. A.,30!)j
Scollard Rldg., Dallas, T< x.
C. M. LEVEY, General Mana
St. Louis, Mo.
The Conscience Behind the Druggist
Some things wi' sell you know to 1»· right, because you can see for
yourself. Hut there are somethings for which you have to depend
wholly on t he conscience of your druggist — PRE SCR 1I'TIONS, tor
instance. They should not he even a little wrong. There should
Vie nothing in them but what the doctor prescribes. It is the con
science of the druggist that helps to makes your doctor's prescrip
tions effective or ineffective. Do we deserve your confidence?
Prescription Druggists
Hood <S Martin
P HON Ε NO. 3 4 J
BESIDES the dangers and dis
figurements of Blood Dis
eases, the Burning and Itch
ing Skin Eruptions are am >ng
the most acute t rturrs. The
strongest sy: nis ■ .on collapse
nnder such aj< >nie-..
Γ) r> ¥> I.ippn!.·.n's Great
Γ · 1 · 1 · Rem 1I3 is a safe
and certain cure for
every Skin Disease, v»:i.-.Uer tor
turing, disfiguring, hi:f iliating,
itching, burning, bleeding, scaly,
pimply or blotchy η fact, from
pimples to the in st distressing
ecz mas and every humor of the
blc, 1, whether simple, scrofulous
<rr hereditary.
Γ. ρ YJ F·... i "es t he blood,
1 , 1 , χ , builds up the weak
» - and debilitated,
gives stren;, h to weakened
uerves, e::pc :1s diseases, and in
sures health and hnppinc ss where
sickness and despair once shut
lut the light of life.
Sold by all D.uggists. $1 a
bottle; six bottles, $.5.
5ole Prop-l«?tors.
Lippman Block, SA\ ANNAÎ1, OA.
Only $25.00 to
HE Southern Pacific has again opened the
doors to cheap travel from Texas points to
California. During the months of September and
October, one way second-class tickets wiif be on
sale from all main/line points on the HoOston &
Texas Central Railroad and Southern Pacific at a
rate of $25.00, except from stations east i>f Hous
ton, from which points rate is i«ade by adding
local fare to Houston rat*>, and freni Êalveeton,
where the rate will be $20.40 :: rf :: ::
"These tickets give stop-overs at California
points, and offer a splendid means of making a
trip to California at lower rates than ever. Con
sult your local ticket agent, or write for literature
and other information :: :: :: :: ::
a. P. Α Τ. Α.
A. G. P. A
Bring Your Job Printing tc
the Enterprise Office.
115 & 117 College Street.
Τ. J. Cole wa« in Dallas today.
E. P. Hawkins wu hi Dallas to- j
Rev. 8. J. Frank» was in the city
today from Corsie^na.
Mrs. Harrison Mcintosh is visit-1
ing relatives at C»oper.
Rev. A. J. Rutherford was here j
this morning from Ennis.
J. F. .Strickland was a business |
visitoi to Hillsboro today.
J. W. Rassett, editor of the Palm
er Rustler, was in the city this
Mrs. W. T. Hunt left this morn
ii.g for Dublin to spend a few days J
with friends.
Deputy Sheriff Joe Minnick ν ent
to Fort Worth this morning on offi
cial business.
Miss Rosa Wells, of Piano, is
visiting Mrs. W. E. McKnight on
Jefferson street.
Miss Mai Paine left last evening
for Stephenville to spend a few
weeks with friends.
Miss Lizzie Tierney went to Fu
nis tins morning to visit the family
of lier brol"»*r, Matt Tierney.
Miss Berta Hines went to Britton j
last evening for Stephenville to ;
spend a few days with friend·.
AV. M. Jones of Dallas spent yes
terday and last niaht in the city :
with Attorney J. C. Lumpkine.
Rev. Mr. Franks, pastor of the'
Methodist protectant church at Cor
sicaria, is here visiting relatives.
Miss Pearl Sweatt of Dublin, who
has been visiting relatives here for j
several weeks, left this morning for
T. H. Brooks retu-aed to Waxa
hachie this morning to work on ti e
round bale gin at that place.—Ennis
Mesdames Κ. P. Talley and R. E.
Prince, of Corsicana, are visiting
their daughter and sister, Mrs. W.
P. Hood.
J. A. Jenkins left this morning
for Corsicana where tie goes to ac
cept a position with the Oil City
Music House.
Mrs. It. J. Welborn arrived yes
terday evening fro.·) Beaumont to
visit i)er parents. Mr. and Mrs. A.
M. DeJarnette.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss of Fort
Worth, who have been visiting their
daughter Mrs. Henry Anderson, re
turned home today.
D. Egsrer and son, Sam, left this
morning over the Κ at y for New
York where they go to buy their
fall and winter goods.
K. L. Leonard, the Memphis mule
buy· r, who has been in the city
several days, left last evening on a
business trip to San Francisco.
('apt. and Mrs. W. H. (letzeri
daner, Miss Mary Browning, Mrs.
Bett, Prof. F. H. Smith, and Miss
Edna Dunlap, of Italy, left Monday
evening over the Central for a pleas
ure] trip through tin West. They
go direct from Waxahachie to San
Francisco, th< nee to Portland, Ore.,
Seattle, Wash., and to Yellowstone
Park, Salt Lake, I tali, and Denver.
"F»r*ii yf*r» I wan a victim »Γ<Ι*ν
pcp-i a m its w<.r*i form. I could oat nothing
but milk toast, ami ul times my gu>niach would
not re lu in anil even that. Last March I
tH'trun taking <°AHL'AKKTS and Rince thrn I
bave steadily Improved, until I am as well as I
ever was la my life."
Davlo II. Mt'BPHY, Newurk. O.
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Gond. Do
9ood, Never Sicken, Weaken or Grij/e, 10c, £>c, 50c.
Sterile* ruaptut, fkt«arm lottr»), Sm fork. 311
ΑΙΑ Τ ft fill* Hold and guaranteed by all dru*·
VVU-IU-DmI# KiaU to CTMK Tobacco Habit.
'Α Λ
Office Over Herring-Spafks
Drug Store.
y y
1 am prepared to treat th# morphlm
or opium habit; also whiskey anc
tobacco, painlessly, an/ 1 take thil
means or attracting tly attention o:
this unfortunate clajfe to this easj
means of deiiverai#e from thefi
Shatters ATI Records.
Twice in hospital, F. A. Gulledge
Verbena, Ala., paid a vast sum t<
doctors to cure a severe case ο
piles causing 24 tumors. When al
failed, Kuckien's Arnica $alvf sooi
cured him. Subdues Ioflagnation
conquers acbea, kills pfdns. Bee
salve in the world. 25c tL-fterring
Sparks Drug Co.
Eunt» New».
Th» Sullivan v». Sullivan habeas
eorp·· cm· eoBtlea«d over a few
day· ago to b» beard before J edge
Dillard her· today is on trial tht»
eveatag the justice court room.
Judge XMUard eam« over from Kauf
ma» today and Ε. P. Kimble ie
hare acting as clerk of the court.
J. B. Bis land represents the moth
er of the child and W. H. Fear· ia
attorney for the father.
The eaae ia to decide temporarily
which Khali have custody of the
child, pending further court proceed
The ease attract· much attention.
The court room was crowded. After
the testimony was in the case was
submitted without argumeut. The
court awarded temporary custody
of the child to the mother.
Foley'· Kidney Cure is a medicine
free from poisons and will cure any
case of kidney disease that is not
beyond the reach of medicine. Sold
by B. VV. Fearis.

Genuine stamped C C C. Never sold in bulk.
Beware οi the dealer who tries to sell
"something just as (rood "
Just Look at Her.
Whence cnmc that sprightly step,
faultless skin, rich, rosy complex
ion, smiling fa -e. Shf feels good,
she iccls good. Here's lier secret.
She ,it ·ι» Dr. King's New Life Pill*.
Π .-suit il' < r ratis ,>rth », digestion j
(rood, no heauauhes, u° chance for
"blues.'* Try them yourself. Only I
at Hcrring-Hparke Prug Co,
Parson's Brigade Reunion.
The annual reunion of the surviv
ing members of Parson's Brigade
will he held ut Knnls tomorrow and
next (lav. The Funis people have
made arrangements to entertain
these veteran· in a royal manner
and a pleasant meeting is looked
forward to. («en. W. H. Parsons is
expected to he present from Kansas
This famous brigade was formed
about September, 1862, and was
composed of the Twelfth Texas,
Nineteenth Texas, Twenty-first
Texas, Morgan's Texas Battalion,
and Pratt's Battery. Five compa
nies of Ellis county cavalry com
posed the twelfth Texas, and they
were as good soldiers as ever
mounted a horse.
Qui -k Belief for Astlima Sul/eter· }|
Foley's Honey and Tar af'ord* im*
mediate relief to asthma ·■ ufterers in
th· worst states and if taken in time
will effect a cure. Sold by It. \V.
Ruhscribem are respectfully re
quested to notify the husim»sH office,
tel( j)hon« 14*. of any failure to re
ceive pajwrs on same evening of
I publication. This is the only meant·
by which we may know you are not
receiving you paper regular and an
! immediate notification will be ap
j predated.
Foley's Kidney Cure will enr·· all
diseases arising "from disordered kid·
j ney's or bladder. Sold by H. W.
; Fearis.
"I haddialMites In its wurst form,"
writes Marion Lee of Dunreath, Ind.
"1 tried eight physicians without re
lief. Only three bottles of Foley's
Kidney Cure made me a w 11 man.
Sold by it, W. Feari*.


Stall fed steers . . f>-6
Fat heifer# . . 1.50-2.75
Fat cows . . . 1.50-2.75
Light . . · . y ;m
Medium and heavy . .
Oood fat hen* \ No denW.
Gond fat Τ omn j
Chickens, dozkn—
(Choice fryers . . 3.00
Prime frvere . . 1.50-2.00
Fat hen* . . . 2.00-2.40
Good demand at . . 12-15
(iood demand at . . 25
Hay, ton— *
Choice nriirte . . 9.00
Haied Wheat / /. $10.00
Alfalfa . / . 15.00
No. 2 70
Oath 40-4;;
Old Papers
at 25c per hundred.
R. D. McCombs
Fire, L#fe, Accident, Tornado
<«>d Ftfkte Uldss
Waxahachie : Texas
Office over Citizen·' National Bank
of Values
10c to 50c Wash >J^
Fabrics, per yd. · ^
Magic word thatcom
——__ mands attention when
ever it js put in print by this house—remnants of
washable fabrics of every good/Sort, including—
12^0 to lâr Lawns
15e to 45c Linens
1.2%c to 25c Dimities
12c to 25c Oinghains
12c to 35c Madras
Ί All at/( ''
J a yKrd I 4,v f
;©c to ftOc Grenadine·
40c to 50c Mousseline
12 to 25c Chamhray·
ancy Linens
This trreat lot of short piee*e,l«ft from the season's selling, and
including many piece* sufficient for children's summer dresse·,
ν» ill fx. placed on sale tomorrow morning on the opening or tne
store at 8 o'clock sharp- Buy as few or as many as you like
hut we must ask you to take the whole piece of any you select
Jolesch 6 ChasKa
Emporium ο f Fashion
Sellers of Refiab^ê Merchandise
Another -β Thru Φ Train
J TO - — --
Kool Φ Kolorado
Begrkiniag July 1» w* *h*ll have l*ur thru trains to Colorado
each day. ' f
One will leave Fori Worth î»i a. in,, the other 11:10 j.. m,
after the arrival of all eieitiny odfriecthin*.
For gaeat* who wish t·» retire early, a sleeping car will t*·
ready each evening at ίί o'clock.
Hot h train·· *iil 1»· run thru to Denver. Far h will carry thru
eoaehee and 8leeplBg*oars, and meal# will be »«r>«d, *« rout*, in
cafe dining-car»
Tho tliln doublée th»· thru train service t* Colorado from this
territory, there la still "ONLY ONK KOAIV*'which is»* any at nil.
We have also the only direct Colorado 3in#'; make the beat time,
and haul very nearly everybody who g«>n/. And, u«$ng oar line,
Passenger Department φφφφφ fori Worlh, Texas
Ν. B. -The rate, I ram all Ί ■ xaa pointa, fa one far»· plu* two
dollar» f<»r the round trip, stood, r* tertilsii, till October «·ί'*ΐ, ou »ab
all euuimer, every dav. Ticket» r«»ut»d over <>ur line have more
atop-over pHvilijf»"a than anv other road eau ο tier t..o.
Two CRf WO" Smos ere
cfsâme value âs one tag from
I Round trip tickcts on sale daily
— at mti or — m
I Good for return umtil octobcr 31 sr 1902
6000 FOR RfeTImW ***"«. wviwi

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