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We have whole Mixed
Spices with 12 different j
Kinds of Spices. All ;
Kinds whole and pulver- \
ized Spices in bulK |
an<|/cartons I
J. B. HINES, ί

Thirst Making Weather This
and you know tijat when y'j*( com· her»· you jcet th«
l"-*t >oda Watei* that'*
Try u* when \ i:· t thirsty and let >1»· con- (2
νi; ·.·! t! t' th»?^'s hi't "■ . ji| ».··· iii tt · I ■ ;«utiful φ
city of Waxahachie wh< re you cm· u'< ! Soda that is A
8<>da, and that place is
by a
Except Loss
To Those
Accept Them
f Fok Thkkk Vkam-W« btvt> b«M»n making
piftUK* for th«» people of Elite County.
Dt kjn<» Themk Thhkk Vkauh—The art of
making photographs ^la* Increased about 3Γ» per
cent. Yet we have not increased our prices one
In | hrkk YKA>u* - We have photographed over
l«,«*^.eople, and hav ··· >ΐ1τ<η «atlsfartion in ri> arty
#r<jry ïn*tanc< We have investigated every com
plaint Vroafht to our attention and made work
over fol those dissatisfied.
In TiImkk Yiyrai»— Ten other phototrraphers
have t>e. mIu ikfhusin··** in Waxahaehie in coni
j«>tition with us, promi*tu>r the public a» good
work for le*« money, and have failed in every
iualancc to make ifood.
Tb'se fact# of HW OBD should satisfy any un
prejudiced mind of the fairness of our business
policy. When you ha\<· work done by us, you
get it as cheap as skill an 1 the best material can
be combined in producing it.
Hei·!·»!: t'.-r that a KKCOKD is better than a
V>romiw« ·
Hudson, Photographer
Shatter» ai» Ktcordi.
Twice to boij'it«l. K. A. CJulIedge,
Vert·»'»»*, Ala , paid » ν»M «uni to
doctors Ui ctim a tnveN »-a*e of
piles, causing 24 tumors. When all
Tailed, ItiU'kl' ii'H Arnica Salve ioud
cured him. Subdues Infirmai loi;,
conquer* aches, kill» pains. Best
»alv·· iii the world. 35c at H'>rritijf
tSpark» Drug Co.
Geaoiae stamped C C C. Never sold In balk.
Bet» sir m the dealer who tries to sell
••«oesethiqf jest as jwd."
Prosperous Year Agriculturally.
Harvest is OB in earnest In the
Northwest, aud has progressed m>
far that It is possible to estimate
the result of the big crop. In the
Dakotas ami Minnesota lh<' conser
vative estimate is placed at 17s,(**!,
00(1 (bushels of wheat, 100,000,000
boshets of out» and 871)00,000 buwh
els of corn. These epop*, together
with othe-r products, not including
live stock, will brin#.' the fariuers
over $300,000,000. TÎiis is a trreat
showing for these states, bjK* about
all the other agricutturaT states w'll
line up the same wây, and so, taken
all In all, it will be a very prosper
ous year agriculturally Drovers
A Physician Healed.
Dr. Cleo, Κ wing, a practicing phy
sician of Smith's Grove, Ky., for
over thirty years, writes his person
al experience with Foley's Kidney
Cure: "For years I had been great
ly hot tiered with kidney and bl adder
trouble and enlargedprostratf gland.
1 used everything known tolhe pro
fession without relief, until/ I com
menced the use of Foley's >Kidney
Cure. After taking three boHJes I
was entirely relieved and cure3. I
prescribe it now dally in my prac
tice and heartily recommend Its us*
to all physicians for such troubles.
X have prescribed it in hundreds of
cases with perfect success." Bold
by B. W. Fearis.
Travel is Necessary
Long Distance
will *a\ <■ you much
travel and mojiey
a TEUCfHOSK Company.
Clamor for Pensions.
ι That is a surprising aunounee
I ment indeed which Peusion Commis
sioner Ware makes, that from five
volunteer regiments in the fighting
before Santiago, with a record of
three killt-iV arid thirteen wounded,
have coine y judication» for more
than Hundred pensions. In
part this is duX^ no doubt, to the
J prevalence of malfttial fever in the
camp; in greater part, probably, it
is the fruitage of the industrious
activity of the pension agent.—-Pro
vidence Journal.
Educate Your Bowels.
Your bowels can be trained as well
i as your muscle# or your brain. Cas
j carets Candy Cathartic train your
] bowels to do right, (lenuine tablets
stamped C. C. C. Never sold ία
i bulk. All druggists, toe.
Look Pleasant, Please.
Photographer C. C. Harlan, of
Eaton, O., can do so now, though
for years he couldn't, because he
suffered untold agony from the
worst form of indigestion. All phy
sicians and medicines failed to help
him kill he taed Electric Bitters,
whicfc worked" such wonders for hitr
that le declares they are a godeend
to sttaertum from Dyej>epeia and
stomach-^troubles. Unrivaled for
disea&es of the 8tomacb, Liver and
Kidney·, they build up and give
new lire to the whole system. Try
them. Only 50c. Guaranteed by
Herring-Sparks Drug Co.
Locoal Option Contest to be De·
cided August 30th.
The regular quarierly session of
the commissioners court convened
this morning. The forenoon was
devoted to road matters and immed
iately upon assembling for the after
noon session a petition was sub
mitted to the court asking that a
local option election for the county
be granted. The petition was pre
sented by Judge M, B. Templeton,
who in a few remarks, to recommend
to the court ti<at Saturday, August
.BJ, be set as the date for the elec
tion. Mr.J. F. Strickland, in be
half of the anti-prohibitionists,
made « short talk in which he in
si-ted that the maximum date al
lowed under the iaw be fixed by the
court for the election. Commis
sioner Lancaster moved that the
petition be granted and that the
election be held on August ,'J0. Ov
erall seconded the motion and by a
unanimous vote the request was
Th<· petition contained ί'.&ί signa
tures, every voting box in the coun
ty, with one or two exceptions hefng
represented. The petition from the
Ferris box was the largest in the
With this action of the court the
campaign was formally opened, and 1
that it will be a lively one can
not ho gainsaid, it will be Titan
against Titan. What will be the re
sult cann t now be determined. An
agressive fight will be made by j
both sides.
have no votes to spare.
The prohibitionists have opened
headquarters In the second floor
of the Odd Fellows building from
which place County Chairman Ros
ser will direct the campaign. The
headquarter· for the an tie have been
located In the second floor of the
Texas Mortgage Hank In w company
with Mr, J. F. Strickland in charge
of the campaign. Both Hide# will
have an abundance of oratory in the
county f< r the next fifteen days. In
addition to speech making the coun
ty will l»e flooded with all sorts of
Roll of Honor.
We arc fn receipt of a copy of the
•'Roll of Honor" of the National
Hunk h of the United States, which
is a table prepared by "The Νι·«
York Financier" from the statement
made to the Comptroller of the Cur
rency , the date chosen being· Sep
teinber, the statements made then
being published in a large volume
by the Government. To secure a
place on the Roll of Honor a hank
must show surplus and undivided
profits equal to or in excess of its
capital stock. A hank's numerical
order on the Roll is based on the
percentage of surplus and profits to
We note with pleasure that the
Citizen* National Hank of Waxa
bachie is represented in the list,
being the 344th bank inthe National
system, the liOth in Texas and the
1st in this city. The citizens of
Waxahachie and vicinity are proud
of this institution, it*, progress and
high stan ling throughout the United
Foley 's Kidney Cure is a medicine
free from poisons and will cure i#i;y
case of kidney disease that is not
beyond the reach of medicine. Sold
by R. W. Fearis.
ΓΗΕ Waxahachie Candy Kitchen
is prepared to furnish ice cream
bricks for parties and wedding re
ceptlous at 11.40 per gallon. tf
Old papers at this office at 25 cents
per hundred. Thick paper cheap.
Jim Leech was here today from
Buford McWbfrter is visiting at
John Pruitt and wife spent Sun
day In Dallas.
Dr. U. M. Gilder of Erin is was in
the city today.
B. A. Barnes of Beckville was In
the city today.
E. S. Boz<- and wife are visiting
at Van Alstyne.
J. C. Rimmel of Midlothian was
in the city today.
Hon. Barry Miller of Dallas was
in the city today.
J. K. Mayhew and wife have re
turned from Sherman.
Rev, Β. M. Taylor of Minera
Wells was in the city today.
Mies Alice Veasey has returned
from a visit to Cleburne.
Chester Matthews leaves tonight
for Avoca, Jones county.
Mrs. Chas Anderson and children
have returned from Houston.
Constable \V. P. Dunaway of Mid
lothian was in the city today.
Constable W. A. Hodge was in
Pluto today on official business.
Mr. and Mrs. Marx Schneider of
Italy sj>i>nt yesterday in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D Adkisson and
Miss Emma Davisjv is\ted in Dallas
D. A. Hasklns and wife of St.
Louis were registered at the Rogers
hotel today.
Editor 'Γ. J. Middleton, of the
Mirror, returned last night from
San Antonio.
Miss Nettie Lee Pickett and her
iiuest, Miss Eason, of Dallas spent
the day at Boyce.
Caetleberry Rose of Hillsboro
spent Sunday and last night in the
city with relatives.
Alonzo and Ed Moseley went to
Ennls this morning in the interest
of the Winona 31 ills,
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Newton and
Miss Prude 8uiith returned from
Galveston last evening.
Rev. L. C. Kirkes arrived home
this morning from South McAlister
where he preached last night.
H. A. Van Gordon, a telegraph
lineman tor the Houston and Texas
Central, was in the city today.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Keller and
Miss Lizzie Tierney returned yes
terday evening from Galveston.
Mrs. Jack Me M ans and daughters
Misses Nellie and Maisel, spent
Sunday with friends near Forreston.
Miss Clara McDonald, a member
of the county clerks office force, has
gone to San Antonio to see a sick
John I). Cunningham and family
of Coreicana, who have been visit
ing relatives in and near the city
returned home today.
Mrs. Q. C. Sweatt and children,
Master Eddie and Mise Debbie have
gone to Hot Springs and Malvern,
Ark., to visit relatives.
\V. S. Smith, proprietor of the
Rogers hotel, returned last night
from Gainsville. He reports the
condition of his wife as being very
much improved.
THE NVaxahachie Candy Kitchen
is prepared to furnish ioe cream
bricks for parties and wedding re
ceptions at $1.40 per gallon. tf
Republicans Will Meet in Waxa
hachie August 26.
Waxahachie, Tex., Aug. 11, 19»>'J.
To the Republicans of Ellis County
By order of the Stai·· and Countj
Executive Committees, a delegati
convention is called to meet at
Waxahachie, lVxas, on Tuesday,
August 2ti, at 10 a. ui. for tli<
purpose of ^election of iïeiegat<.-s· to
represent HUis CoutJ\ in the State
Convention!at Forf Worth, Texas,
on SepteooM^i fcu/liW2, delegates to
the Congresfcffuial and Senatorial
Conventions tor our districts at
such time as they may b<j called,
the election of a countj chairman
and secretary for the next two years
and to transact such other business
as may be presented. Preparatory
to said County Convention you are
requested to meet at your respec
tive justice offices on August 16,
1902 at 10 a. m. and select del agates
to said county convention.
Upon the basis adopted by the
County Executive Committe each
justice precinct is entitled to the
following delegates to said County
Convention, No. 1, U; No. 2, 4; No.
3, 8; No. 4, 4; No. 5, 3; No. <i, 3·
No. 7, 2; No. 8, 3.
Very respectfully,
Simon Davie,
Attest: C. E. C. R. E. C
Henry Smith, Sec. Protein.
Good Soaps
The more good soap you use this kind of weather,
the better you feel. It keeps the pores open, the
skin clean and the b0dy cooler. We offer the
largest assortment oL· the purest and best Toilet
Soaps, the most desirable in hardness, odor and
consistency^ Throé bars in a box for 25 Cents.
Of course, webfandle all well known toilet, bath
and medicinarSoaps at the usual prices. Bring us
your soap wants.
Herring-Sparks Drug Co.
Wholesale 6 Hetftil Druftgists
North Side Sqatrc
00 A SALE OF 0 0
Men's * Clothing.
JN which the value of a dollar
I is almost doubled. We have
for the last two weeks been
talking to you of special val
ues in the different lines of
goods in this big: clothing
store, but as the season ad
vances and the time for open
ing up tbe fall goods grows
near, It behooves us to piake
us in readiness for the big
stock corning—part of which is
now on the road. The prices
we have given you in the past
are simply "not in it" with
the the prices we offer today.
We must have the room in
every department. A careful
study of the values offered
here and a look at the goods
will be all that's necessary to/
make a buyer of you. Thurf»·
are the prices tliat will>ffelp
you to decide in favyr of a
new suit:
14.7*> tfet a nt suiter ι at
was i and 22.50
12..*>0 gets a^i^^iuit that
***hs ... 13.50
9.75 gets any suit that
was 10. 50
s.Sfi κ<· ts any suit that
was 15.(X) and 12..70
.-,.05 g' ts any suit that
was .. ..... S 50 and 10.00
Not so many left of any one
style, but we can give you a
fit in something to please,
blacks and winter weights ex
Hot Weather
There's nothing nicer than a
light Serge or Sicillian Coat
or Coat and Vest. We have
them here, either round or
square cut, while they last
you can have your pick of the
9.00 Coats & Vests for 5.75
7.51) " " " " 4.75
6.00 " " " " 3.05
5.00 ■' " " " 3.35
We want you to know these
«roods, to know these prices,
to know our way of doing bus
iness, and will appreciate a
call whether you buy or not.
y <
Low Cut Shoes
A few pairs
left cither
Your choic
A COOL BODY can not be
easier obtained than by wear
ing one of these
Negligee Shirts
that we are offering at such
tempting prices. Eagle, Mon
arch and Wilson Bros. Shirts,
1.00, 1.25 and 1.50 values, fast
colors and pretty patterns,
during this sale they are yours
for 05e.
]Boy's Suits
It's a good time to bring the
boys. Knee pant Suits in all
the popular styles and si«e«
3 to 35 years.
7.50 Suits for 4.75
0.00 and 6.50 Suits 3.05
3.50 and 4.00 Suits 3.50
3.00 Suits for 2.25
Men's Low Cut
The first cut of! the season.
The very best thiriK in Vici
Kiii.'Patent Vici and Velour
Calf in those celebrated Stacy
Adams A Co. and Packard <k
Field make, any size, any
width, any tor that you could
ask for you will find in this
shoe stock of ours.
high or low cut.
while they last
Straw Hats.
All the very best makes in
cluding the Knox in any shape
or style, either rough or plain
3.50 Hats go for 1.75
3.00 Hats go for 1.50
2.50 Hats go for 1.25
2.00 Hats go for 1.00
1.50 Hats ko for .75
1.00 Hats ko for .50
Might as well keep your head
cool, the price is so little.
"M c M A Ν U S '
You us»·
Interest You
in Stvle and Price.
Come to Us
with your Wants for
We have some
rare bargains
for you in each
of the above
lines û Yours
for business,
Hardware Co.
T. J. Tingle·#Mgr
■■■ π " - - m
Julia A Hillyer
Teacher of Piano
Pupil of Emil Leibling and
W. H. Sherwood :: ::
Studio Γ ρ- ♦ Fall Term be
lVm,ïd<^· * * gin β Monday,
Store : : : j : Sept. 1, 1902
Ladies and Gents dotb'ngcleaned,
preBaed, repaired. ClotliiuK made to
order. Second han^.*»h)fLee bought
and eold. Λ |>ι·ΐ~ΓιιΓ your patron
age solicited. J. 8. Perrln, tf
213 East Main S't.

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