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At tl*# Frine «»f ^«rrrrlo*.
WofliAft <wi her ***f to in c*aft«l
by pfrvmiîImi «hw> pstn «,n«i trnnr.
JgOt'T r |ΜΓ*>ι»»:ί(* U« r m* differ a; m#» in ftiMwx*·»
ftn<î in Um dark a* to the true t jin*
ra«4 hrr b«w «1.
Mtithrr * ir ·ντιΊ tw elector**» j- art* at
Itt4c, and -*>«· Sa# n< ^ 3"f a»» v »
U twtomu Aoct*»*» **i.i )*♦/ m*1f»vty i* fwutWI-r-'·.
fttxmUuriW) τ fh»· r««n<4i . t li e
lirra^t ·*»<!<« '■ »vr> rfeeatr!-ewi. tfhr**·. «Hons pt« sr
MiK f, Will iMbk i ' r ·<» . n.j. ripr» I» r
η I· ft eiwer ; .
t u r bed.
Mother's Friend
t> ft Lfrilrtiiw^ ftr ti for MtHtud ««t *.·^ jr. It V* }
odori*·* *rs<| * r»./f ■■*;»■ w«v?■■*-*- % prrtty
It «r<>> ■ fro - 4 ' - Ka·:it »< t'ra
wM"_r<#wr# of rrte,u.; ϊτ -· « .·■ ftp» #ft»MMry· to th*· s**t
ί r*. ■' t '.. ί Ι*»Ί<· · t ■ A l Ά 'Milf#
«Stout to I*·* λ .* »... · ; „,·'· n«#4 **&4 ·''^·V 1» ft
d'n* Ami (wr f î ,00 «*· wre tirte fsrii » * hi»4·
hrth *«n«4 c
Swurt wrtHwiy itwlk i{ »t <»*; *ί»4 Ht-tîthr
NlN<fN» »f* UiNt mv',1 of l»«<r I·*· «J Mtûw/ ·
F rtfnd,
(Kf fetwk 'Vf sikr τ Kt *,*}*· mail««4 frv·. AU
wcemfi ihoeki |f.
Atlanta, ga
What Is So Cool
A· t d*jr »n summer
ιί you h**e at tunri
• supply of our o«*.
iieioue Jc· Cream
Thi# I* C0tiC#*Swd by all to he lb»
bfil, and »c tak· .rood · 4Γ»· tl<at it*
reputation «hall not »<itf»>r tnroujrh
any failur·· in rare or finenea* of lb*
vr W .1. Β It , > i.ur I Jfrswsy!
Vee t-%t$ 1* reit4 ef φ» ψ farm nf ΙοΙηκχ*» «*»«*
Mill JT» be «MttS# arr 'j «***Mtir, tu 1 ··
lifr ·»! *%**- ufctag HO-TO BAC
i*A\ m*lf« «**<»& β**η rutmg Μ*#* Γ·*'ΐ· Ι
t·· Î*mtni· ts» t»« «Uf* Chft Β Ο Ο,Ο Ο h
All dr«g$p-i*. Çwr* mMmttm**·*···- Κ *-4
M ««»1 *iÎMvk* IIKV! , |
h RM tllV CU»» 4. *;* N«% Y «ri. 4.*?
H. 4 T. Excursion Raies.
Kiirt Wortli account I · sa* stai»
l'opulUt Convention. Tlck»t ► on!
Wal«· Aiigr. 1 Itti and ΙΛΙι Return |
lin.it Aujf. I4th. Far»· 11.70. Round
!rfj> ticket· »r«« oil *al»· t>» St. I.otii·
Kanaa* City mid Hannibal at fol
lovtnit r«t*i: St. Lnui* f.M<* <5; Hari
tilbut, Kan*»» <'!!>, t'J·
Return limit Oct. ;îl*t l'«n2
i'oraloaua. Account Central T··*.
NfgTO fiir. Tick»!· on *#le Aug.
anil to 2f»ih. United tor return
Aujf. Jiitb, atH 40 for round trip.
liatnphl·, Tenn.. ticket» on kale
up to Sept. 3Wh. Return limit Oct.
31*t. f!9.70 f«r round trip.
Γ Durango, M< *(·'■■ I <.«··» «ί -··<!·
during- th* fuonth of Aui'iint at the
rate of fE>,40 for round tlrip. I hi*
i* a iiotfd autnmer rwaort and tick
et* have good limit· and etop over
privilège* returning.
Winahoro Te*a* account Reunion
Hood*, Oranberry and Ector's ltri
gade. Ticket* on »al« Auk· 12th and
lAh. Return limit Aug Kith. Kane
♦5 55 for rouud trip.
Special low rate* to Kureks*
Spring·, Ark.
Wuahington account iirand Army
'>f the Republic. Ticket* on sale
Oct. Jhtd and 3rd. Fare fcil Re
turn limit leavintr Washington not
later than Oct. Hth 1902. with exten
•ion and «top-over privilege»
Sommer Vacations
Should be arranged for with the
*iew of securing a maximum ot
pleasure and diversion. This caf
f>e doue by the exercise of judgmenn
fn selecting the route you use. The
Houston and Texas Central is
•oiling round trip summer excur
sion tickets to pointe in the north,
*asl and southeast. Through stan
dard Pullman sleepers to Colorado
pointe, as well as to summer excur
sion pointa reached via Houston,
Huuset Haute and New Orleans.
Try Cloudcroft, WOO feet above
pea level, in the heart of the Sacra
$i»nto mountains, tt's delightfully
• >ol. For literature and rat··, write
9- L. Bobbin·, T. J. Anderson,
ΙΟ. P. A T. Α., A. G P. Α.,
1 Houston, Texas.
1 Weather Indications.
Ifclght and Wednesday generally
». K. SHEL1LT0, Ofcwerrer.
\ I : I ■
' ' ■ "■ JL. - -
see of M
Judge Holmes Made vn Aswocwte
Justice on Sopreee Bench.
Ollw VfiMI H«'m -* In a S·» of Ike
Let* Anther suri I* at Prw»t
fkief intirr of I be Suprême
('•an ·Γ Mt>wckiwlt«.
Oyster Pay. N. Y„ Auk 12-Presi
dent Roosevelt has appointed Hon
Oliver Wendell Holmes, turn and name
Mike of the la»e Dr. Holme*. th< p©"l.
chief justice of the supreme court of
Massachusetts, to be an associate jus
tice of the supreme court of the 1'nited
State»., vice Justice Cray, resigned.
The resignation of lu ' ce Gray was
due to 111 ht-a'.h. Sevrai months aeo i
tie suffered a stroke of apopiexy.
which some time later was followed
by another. II· has not appeared on
the bench ilnce he was stricken the
ηr-=t tlm«. H»s advanced aee 74 years
—(old against hi·* recovery with ser -
ous ?or<e. Kealizing that h« probably
sever would be abl« attain to aasrnne
the p!jn which he so long had filled
with distinguished ability and honor,
he decided a short time ago to tender
bis resignation to th·» president With
the «-xcept on of Justice Harlan he
bas served on the bench of the United
State* supreme court longer than any
of h'» present colleagu«s He was a»
pointed an assoc a'e justice bv Presf
dent Arthur on fw*c |f> 18*1 his ser
*ice extending therefore through a
period of nearly twnty-one year*
Judge Holmes, whom th* president;
bas selected a· Justice fîraj's success i
or is one of the most distinguished
lawyers and jurists of Massachusetts
H s tarer on the bench, particularly as
chl»f Jiistic»· of the Massaihu«etts su
preme court, ha* attracted wide atten
tion Like Justice Cray, be is a native
of Massachusetts
*l»'rh ·Ι 4ndv«> Η«Ιηι«Μ.
Boston, Aug 12 Judge Mo!met. who
ha# been honored by an appointment
to the United S;ate# »uprem<* court
betwh. wan born In Boston March S.
1S41. and graduated from Harvard Cni
venlty in IKtil He *erve«l in the Twen
tletb Manna*-bu»?tta regiment in ih*
Civil war, rising to the rjnk of ll*-i
t»nart colon*·!. I.*ter he served a*
»idf to Brigs lier General H <î Wright,
commanding the first division, sixth
corp·» In 1 w»t i-mlxr 1#*5 he tweame a
Sa· stud· ot in the offirc of Ρ M Morse
and graduated fr»m Harvard law
«• hot»! in isee He was admitted to
the SuRaik liar So 1H7. and afterward
began art;v# practice of law with hi»:
only brother. Edward Ja< k»on Holm*·
On l>ei em!>er $. 1M2, Governor Ixsng
appoint»*! him an associate Justice of
the supr««Be Judicial court of Massa
chusetts *«d on July 2*. the late
Go ν cr not Wuh-ot; appointed h rn chief
just ice
Judg·· Holm*·, in addition to hi* etn !
l««nce tn taw natter* h.n* arhieved
promt ne:x e as a *rii< r and lecturer on ;
legal oubj·- is, upon which in many in
•t»n< · he is a rwroc used authority. At j
Harvard wnlveraity h·· taught consti- j
tut ion*) iaw in 1S7W and 1871 and was
univers ty i-'tuter on Jurisprudence in
1871 and IKÎ2 He received the degree
of U« 1» from Vale end Harvard in
WW> On Jun»· 17 IS7?. Chief Justice
Holm·*· mariied Mis* Fanny l>i*wcll,
dfURhter of Kpea Sargent Ditvtli ot
Η#··Ι Η|»|·« W h h un Am
fort Smith Ark Aug 12 Monroe
PertM » Cherok >»· |nd a» Sa at d«-ath't
door on account of a wound Inflicted
at a church three rolieu north of Sal
Usa» I Τ Three white rue η w«r. to
get her at the church ground, hut not
taking part tn the rvic«-~ Th*r<* was
wUsky around all got drunk and got
Into a dispute over a trifling matter *
A fight resulted and one of thp wh t# j
men grabbed an a* and buried its <dg> .
In Porter'» face It M doubtful if he j
r«o* r». fM Kuykendaî! and John;
Thomas have Is en am··; !·■<!.
Hot I Worm In tannin
Bonham. Tex., Aug. 12.-—Tbe on·4'
theme for dia^tiKsion amont lartm-r
uow is the boll worm. Reports are
coming in from every l'art of Panam j
county of tbe depredation of tbe worm, j
Son»· crops that two week κ ago were,
tmI harmed are now destroyed Some |
field», however, are but little damaged
It le a «aie estimate, judging from tb« '
volume of reports, that the cotton crof
■n Fannin county Is damaged 50 pet'
eeet. !
«· _____________
Thro· Wunion Shot
Louisville, Aug 12.—James p. Cook,
a carpenter, shot Mrs. Louisa Jones
and Mrs Mary Sberline of 1842 Eighth
street and Mrs. Francis Raener of 1835
Eighth street. Mrs. Raener was the
only one who was seriously wounded,
the bullet striking ber In tbe back.
She Is 65 years of age and her condi
tion Is critical. Cook says family trou
bles are responsible for his act.
Aim Ml m H»e* Wir.
Psrla, Tex.. Aug. 12.—A war of races,
caused by a flght between a white boy
aad a negro on the depot platform,
was narrowly averted at Hugo, I. Τ
Sunday night. Two hundred men ap
peared on the streets armed with Win
chesters, shotguns and revolvers, but
there was no bloodshed. The whit·
citlsea· are talking of forming a vigi
lance committee.
Killing >1 S»k«|M.
Muskogee, I. T.. Aug. IS.—Jim Raines
came in free McLaln, ftften miles east
of tills place, and surrendered to the
federal authorities, staling that he had
killed Dan Smith.
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Strikers Said to Be Tbreateniag
Farmers in Catawa&sia VaHejr.
Mdirni giving Surpla* F—4 le the
W»r« and (bildre· ef Striker». |
Biltlf Between Deputies
h4 the Striker».
Shenandoah, Aug. 12.—Complaint
has been made to brigade headquarters
that strikers were foraging in the rich
agricultural district of the Catawassia
valley, which spread» its broad and
fertile length along the other side of
the mountains north of this city. The
life of one farmer has been threatened
because he attempted to protect his
property, and the raids have reached
sin h serious proportions that th" farm
ers are preparing to take some con
certed action to stop furth'-r depreda
tions. The complaint» reach'd head
quarters Moncav. a:id it is not unlikely
that the < avalry will be sent into the
distri· t. Farmers are drawing peti
tions asking for protection.
Soldiers in camp are daily feeding
several hundred women and children.
They come there saying they are hun
gry, and as there is more than enough
food in the camp to supply the wants
of the men. the officers permit the sol
diers to give something to the needy
applicants. The number that came
la>t wet-k was small, but it is increas
ing daily. Some of the women and
all of the children come to the camp
in their bare feet. Many of them bring
baskets to carry the food home. It
is a common sight to see some of the
women arid children take scraps from
the leavings of the soldiers. Colonel
HofTman of the Eighth regiment, was
asked if all these persons were for
eigners, and he replied that a good
many belonged to the English-speak
ing classes
The <>ffl< ials of the Mine Workers'
union deny there is any actual want.
They maintain the local unions are
well able to take tare of all classes of
0·ρα0Μ tod fttrtfc·*»· Π|ΗΙ.
Scranton. Pa. Aug 12.—A lively
battle occurred Monday night between
deputies an<1 strikers at Throop an
isolated mining village, si* miles
north of here. Scores of shots were
exf hanged but as far as is known no
olit- was hit. The one colliery In the
Tillage is operated by the Peacoast
Coal company, Last Tuesday the
washery was starts under the pro
tection of armed deputies There has
been some stone throwing at the dep
uties j.nd clubbing of workmen On
several occasions the deputies dis
charged their guns to frighten away
the hoys who pelted the washery with
slingshots. The four deputies guard
ing the companies pumping station
located on the river bank were driven
to cover by a volley of shots from the
other shore. They returned the tire
and silenced the attack When dark
ness fell the attack on the pump
house was renewed The company an
tifipated it and had a big force of
deputies on hand The firing lasted
an hour.
*1 ·**«| ul« «*· (nnvry < h*rb«n
Lake Charles, I-a., Aug 12—Mrs.
Elauson Clark, llivng south of the
city, was bitten on the ankle by a mds
quito a week ago and was inoculated
with < barbon from the bite. Her 1 if^
was in danger for several days, but she
is recovering. Some of her husband's
stock died of charbon and it is sup
ptwsed the insect carried the inflamma
tion from ihf animals. Charbon has
also appeared within a mile of town,
a horse belonging to Captain Fitzen
rtit< t dying of ;h" diseas».
Voting I lty«i«»nrt ^hIcuIm
Muskogee, ! T., Auk 12.—Dr. M F
Vance, a young physician at Cbeeotah,
twenty miles tuiuth of this place, com
mitted suicide 1») blowing om his
I, ains with a revolver He- was 27
>·« ars old and had a good practice and
h good busir.e^ beside*. . No cause
can be assigned. He went into the
kitchen before daylight and lay down
on the floor and then fired the shot.
It went through his head and on
through the floor He bad a young
' "» rf
CorjMiwi WMhetl Awft$\
Madison N. J . Aug 12.—A cloudburst
Sunday night caused devastation In
Hillside cemetery. About seventy-five
caskets were uncovered by the rushing
waters and many of them were swept
from the graves. Coffins were found
strewn about In all directions. Some
of the bodies were found a mile from
the cemetery and It is believed that
others were washed into the Passaic
river. Forty bodies bave been recov
ered. _ p. χ
t.*rf>y Surf
Vinita, 1. T.. Aug. 12.—News has
reached here of the death of Leroy
Starr, commonly known as "Buck"
Starr, of Stil!well, 1. Τ Leroy was
the last of a family of eleven children
—six boys and five girls. The cause
of death was sunstroke. Leroy Starr
vas 79 years old when he died, and
was an excellent type of the old gen
eration and lived in the old Indian
■tyle to the last.
RivolQlionbu Cut. its* C*ht*,
Washington, Aug. 1Î.—Minister
Bowen has cabled the state department
from Caracas that the revolutionists
have cut the cable at Barcelona.
Minister Bowen says the cable was
cut Immediately after the receipt of
the message stating the revolutionist*
were entering the city.
" — —
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intestines, pancreatin is added to dig< st fats and starches.
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all of these digestanu. At first thought it swms proper to abstain
from foods not easily digested; but reflection shows us that
while this affords relief by giving the weakened organs lose to
do, It only makes them weaker by giving them less nourishment.
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