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Graceful Women
A U*tf· for perf' "l f gtir* I» Ιγ«ίμιϊ·
iltl# fr un A l<m- « I thr Wiiuliful.
"1 f «ri» > >f îh* heikjf mpe, vioîct <*r roM »r*
%* ; *·· ι* I» tht i ve-j Λ M brmith
thfi ar«*. end wiiii# t ■-.«· « I r* arts bri'f
»n<f w·# can on; ν » - · !■ m f *r a »i ty, Γ <?
bwÉufiluî w<:i«vi*n. |rf* "Λ th« * rsnure ».f L>-r fm
gr»n*-« to «* »ft* ρ*τπ> tn^rt ' ■*>*>■■ ir\g. 1 he n* »« t,
p. ; r. · ■ . y-vli* çyf in r *·: i'd
ami ' ■ * *««f't frs» r-*nce of ft <·»·
Wom*iJ safÉt^ï» I » t.' ♦· <- ·' -'··» - : 'ίΓ?ν. Va tf AJ-fl
: ■ '· ■ ' ■ ·;:··'
fth« »* tniiifJiU * *· 'if « <> ■ : « · . etM,U)b(i#X ί
ffUOtl **><i »:> ¥'4·'·Γ·- , - - ->i trrïiî: :·
Female Regulata
tra MMÉflÉhM ' !|Ituw «RM» in wr>r» -· ■
aid of t ' ■ ( ·».'·· · ■ ■ - :. t - τ -■ *
Sna»^·* ' -- ·· !
·#*·*.. It t* Ν · ! \a ·· ' '» · «*■·' ; . : ' ·· « W. h
tMnf jmi c>.<-atin# fh« iir-.e.., -t »!Uf
tmmrmm* ·<H*# -» ■·-m tj tftdeall I >Λ
tAu· 4«c-«Vi^· ■
t»rp «M W ".it
lejVry U Ie»
! '>· '»¥f I ·, *"i' ' r ' »« l ή -· ' ·' *·';** y ft-, Îi.t/'l J
On* tmtiM ««j Womw ; · «·»:} fr··» !
Thc Braoficld regulator Co i
►♦♦♦♦·♦ »♦♦♦♦* »·♦**' <
Do You Want ?
"Th»·»»· ar« tt>e want·· <>( mortal
ro«t."· John tiiilncjr
ν err de*irat>!»* room w/th hoard by
applying at 310 VV Franklin St ti
, .·· ··-# ψ- if ... «"(·"·
FOR KAI/K H ou »f h old Chrnitnr*,
almost otnr. Apply at
LONT On« blark that will
weijfh 135 or 140 jHjrfuiiffc ttitrhcll
Hroa. J*i
TWO FBKKH ftiilaft eo«* for *af
See Ed William#»' ft)
Mr* C. J. iiring*· tf
... ... ,»» £>, ι ..M-.1,1·'·.ι · ·—
FOU HAÏ.Κ Mv r«i>idenc« near
th·* MeCartliey κΙι<· Apply fo Fan
nie Wrijrht, Wasanachie, *t · ►*<
FOU KALK Mv r*>»IÎÉ^i»e·- on Old
httn Avenue. Dr. J A Orarev. tf
-. ■ - —r—
FOU RENT- *)n*S ro«|i Ifou·* 405
Woit Main itrwl. Al| nee»*ar>
out buildings. City watffr. Apply to
Ed Oldham. tf
50 men wanted m»-iv who «·»».
deposit or #1(X) fi)r security.
Address p. O. Ko* Iff.'. Waxahaohie,
Tuu. ftp.
WF sell Hewing Mat-hifit»» at popu
lar prior*, from 115 t<> t&U/ wu*·
hachie Hard warn Co. / tf
&*ranteed, 313 Etit Mart in Ate.,
-2 rings. Mr·. M»Si« Lay. 96
WE HAVE- Just rffreived machin
ery with which w# can «» your
wood at horn«. $|6ne Bros. tf
FOR BALK M./residence/aid
acre of land at a bargain, grin Jlrown
street. Apply to J. 8. Pift-itf. 85
- t~7 ■
LADIKB—Mr*. C. J. Or**» will he
pleased to show you her Munples of
fall «tilts. tf
Ladie· and Oents clothingclpanfd,
pressed, repaired. (3etbio| made te
order. Second hand cloth»'· bought
and sold. A share of jour patron
age solicited- J. 8. Perrin, tf
213 Kaet MaJu 8 t.
Luck in Thirteen.
By «ending 13 mile· Win. Spire y,
of Walton Furnace, Vt., uot a bo*
of Bucklen's Arnica Halve, that
wholly cured a horrible Fever Sore
ou hi» leg. Nothing else could.
Positively cure· Bruise·, Felon·,
Ulcere, Eruption·, Boil·, Bunm,
Corn* and Pile·. Only 25c. Guar
anteed by Herring-Spark· Drug Co.
Weather Indication·.
Tonight and Thursday fair, colder
θ. E. 8HKLLITC). Observer.
He Could Hardly Oet Up.
P. H. Duffy of Ashley, 111., write·,
"This is to certify tnat I have
taken two bottles of Foley's Kidney
Cure and it has helped more th*n
any other medicine. I tried many
advertised remedies, but none of
them gave me any relief. My drug
gist recommended Foley's Kidney
Cure and it baa eared me. Before
commencing its use I was in ench a
ahape that I oonid hardly get up
when once down." Sold by B. W.
EejinWiean* Carry Hew York State
by Ten Thousand.
Cratfr New York («arc Him Larger
T»te Tfc-n Wax Antfeipated, bat
He L«*l in Other Districts.
Other State Flection*,
New York, Nov. 5.—In spite of a
phenomenally largo vole in New York
and Kings county for Bird S. Coler,
Democrat, the returns .show the re
election of Benjamin B. Odell, Republi
can. to the governorship of New York
state by about 10,000. Coler's plurality
In Ores ter New York eiceeded 115.0 (0,
a surplus of ΜΘ0 above the claim
made by Charles F. Murphy, leader of
Tammany Hall, but even that large
vote was not suffi oient to overcome the
Republican major if If* from up the
• fate. Odell's vote m the country dis
tricts was lighter than two years ago.
but Coler's was also lower than
Stani hfleld's in the seme year. Γη New
York city Color's plurality was approxi
mately 117,500, made up as follows:
New York county, 83.000; KiKngs
county. 2β.ΐΜΉ), Queens, 5500 and
Richmond. 2800.
Oyster Bay, where President Roose
velt's country homo is situated, was
carried by Coler, his plurality being
131. Two years ago Odell's plurality
was 512. The Republican state ticket
!n full is as follows:
Governor Hen jam in Π Odell.
Lieutenant Governor— Frank W. Hig
! gins.
Secretary of Stat»·—John F Ο Rrica.
Comptroller N'ait;an L Miller
ΤWMMHirer—John Q. Wick»»·!
Attorn#*· («muerai H. Β Cotnan.
8t*t* Engineer—f-idward A. Bond.
of Court of Appuie Wo E.
Figure* frotn the ι-on* r ess s ο na I dis
trict* in the state gave tre delegation
of tw«Jtf Republicans and *evt»rit»*en
Ι»βιιλι ruin TU»· pr<«twnt figures are
J2 Republicans and 12 I>efnoi-r*ts. Full
return* indicated that Judge Gray.
Democratic < an rira te for Judge of the
court of appr-ai* ran tunnwlMi ahead
of h h» ticket
The Démocrate made gains lo the
•tat· legislature, but (be gain» were
not sufficient to endanger tbe Repub
lic*» bold on the aeat in the United
Slate* senate, now bel4 by Thomas C.
Thia election followed a campaign
which. In spite of strong effort» by the
poWUcal leader* on both «Idea, wa* re
marktMii for the lack ot interest taken
by the public
latitMMi I· lUfKlbllcMMk
Indianapolis, Nov 5.—Indiana went
Republican by from ίί,ΟΟβ to 40.000
The rongreaalonai delegation remain»
the name with nine Republicans and
four Démocrate. The legislature will
be about 26 oa joint bllot and Sena
tor Fairbanks' re-eiectioo ta aaeured
Ohio R«*|>abllr«*ii.
Columbus. ().. Not S.—-Chairman
Dtck of the Republican Statu commu
te*· gave out a statement claiming a
plurality of over 100,000 oil the state
ticket and a«venteen of the twenty-one
Ohio congressmen and possibly elgh
M »*»««-h m m» ttV Vote,
Boston, Nov. δ.—Returns from the
entire «tate of Maaeachuaetta for gov
ernor Batea. Republican. 195. #61;
G-aatoa. Dtnux-rat. 158.483. Repub
lican plurality. 37.479.
H#pob)lrftvi» C«frf Couiipcliiut.
New Haven. Conn . Npv 5—Con
nectlcut elected the full Republican
ticket for atate officera aa<4 all the five
Bevebttran candidat** for congres m
MIodhmC· I· K<iiaMlr«i,
81 Paul, Not 5.—Che entire Re
publican tieteet haa been elected In
Mineaota by a plurality d certain!}
over 20.000.
All Itaaimrill.
Little Rock. Nov. 6.—All the Decno
evatlc Dominer for coagreea In Arkan
sas are elected.
Hnlldljr UMuxintlc,
Jwokmn, Mtaa., Not. 5.—AU the
Dmnuattc nominee* for rooinu la
MtatMtgpi are elected.
■«>iM>wim Carif New J——y.
Τ»«ο^ Ν. J.. Nov. i—It· Eepub
«Τ «M liuiiliii II br hMTy mMjmMtm.
Iter· n»»n On·. Million Y M am W*M
■'filled la PftRMylvuitK,
Philadelphia. Nov. 5.—Tueeday for
the first time in the history of the
statie more than one million *otee were
cast fn an election. Samuel W. Penny
barker, Republican. was elected gov
ernor by an estimated plurality of
175.000 and the Republican ticket was
generally successful in the various
counties. Democrats elected two and
possibly three of the 32 congressmen.
The legislature will tx- more strongly
Peptiblfcau than cv*r M-fore with th"
'· I
eiception of 1897 session, and it is cer
tain that Boie* Penrose will succeed
himself in the United States sente.
Kstimates for over half of the coun
ties in Pennsylvania outside of Phila
delphia arid Allegheny counties show
(tains for the Democrats. These gain*
an· offset however by heayy Repub
lican gains in Philadelphia and Pitts
The RepubiU an loss in the anthra
cite region was not a^ heavy as had
been anticipated
%.*t < *«·♦-··-1 » » id Hat»· · " I #*«-1 ·*«! All
t h*· i rmjirfMinfM,
Austin. Nov 5.—Returns up to X
o'clock this enuring account for a total
of 63.MS votes cast on the proposed
constitutional amendment This is. un
doubtedly. more than one fifth of the
total vote polled on this proposition,
and while, of course, it is far from
complete. It is i*erfectly trustworthy
as showing the results of the vote
on that proposition. Of these 63.848
votes. 44.309 were cast for the amend
ment and 19.539 against it, making a
majority for the amendment of 24.770.
This would indicate a majority for
the amendment In excess of 75.000
over the whole state.
1 'f?hrdmv.cB vbg vgk vbgkbgkqg
Returns from the Fifteenth district,
which seemed to be the only one of
which there ha* been any doubt, are
far from complete, being from but
twelve towns These towns give (îar
■er ITS# Soott 1119
In the Ninth district which wae ateo
contested. twenty-four towns fire Bur
gee* 4434 and Burrow· 2600
No total has been kept of the rote
for gorernor, but the readlag of the
returns from the various preelnt* will
•bow that Democratic sentiment In
Texas baa In no wise diminished.
The total* of the returns in the va
rious districts, both for congressmen
and OB the proposed amendment, are
First District—For amendment 2941.
against 1563. Congress, Sheppard 4112,
Hurley 883.
Third District—For amendment 2773.
against 1128. Congress, Kuesell 4201,
Rhodes 121, Yates 98.
Fourth District—For amendment
4904, against 2177. Congress, Flan jell
4981, Gray 1916.
Sixth District—For amendment 3262.
against 796. Congres· Field 2721
Eleventh Dtatrie»—For amendment
K386, Agaiust 1042. For «ongtesa, Hen
ry 1784, Wnrst 191, Harris 32.
Twelfth 1M Mr let—>V>r amendmnst
8(3. againwt 644 For «ongress, OiMee
pie 4401. Ore·η well 820.
Thirteenth Dkstri·*— For amend
ment 3373, against 1467. For congress.
Stephens 3531. Hector 397.
Sixteenth District— For amendment
3312, agaiust 3536 For congress.
SaWtto 4617. Hunt 400.
K«-»nl'« *" HriKik lye.
Brooklyn, Nov. 5—For governor,
ootapiete return·» from the S28 elec
tion districts in th· bosough of Brook
lyn gave Odell, S3.WS: Co 1er, 109.806
Stanctofieid's pleraHty in 1900 was
*W6; Coler's plurality le 20,904
Da· Mutates. Nov β.—Jutàge BirOe
•D. MBÉMttd i nplMS of Speaker
tor m—rm by nearly 4000 majority.
TH* tttdk uttou*. Hommr, Ait fh»«r·
able to Dtmrnta.
j New York. Nov. 6.—Congress la in
doubt, with Indications slightly In fa
vor of the Démocrate having s bare
working majority.
There are many exceedingly close
districts, especially In the rural dis
trlcts of the middle west and the trans
Mississippi states. It appears that the
Démocrates have certainly elected 178
members, the Republicans 185. with
twenty-three districts exceedingly
! close, but In almost every instance in
, dicating that the Democrats have car
ried them,
by Pup fi 1 m r i of#-.
Albany, Nov. 5.—The question of ac
cepting $165.000 from Andrew Carnegie
for the erection of a library building
In this city was put to a popular vote
today and defeated by an overwhelm
ing majority.
Republic an Claim Seoth I>akota.
Sioux Falls, S D.. Nov. 5—At the
headquarters >f the Republican state
I central committee it is claimed the Re
publican ticket Is elected by 1700 ma
hfUwar·* In
Wilmington, Del., Nov. 5.—The com
plexion of the next Delaware general
assembly is in doubt
Mi«*ouri IHMrmtmtic,
St. Louis. Nov. 5.—The state went
Democratic by at least 30.000. St.
Louis will give the Democrats at least
15.000 majority.
TV· Knff<liin{ly Lively Bout· Were In
dulged in »t Neuilly, f"ranee.
Paris, Nov. 5.—The duel between the
Count de Dion and H. Girault Richard
of I*e Petite Republique occurred at
Neuilly at 11 o'clock and lasted an
hour. A crowd of 150 persons, includ
ing journalists and photographers,
were present. Ten exceedingly lively
bouts were fought. During the third
bout Girault Richard claimed to have
touched the count, but the seconds did
not allow the claim, which was repeat
ed in the sixth. De Dion opened the
tenth t>out by fiercely attacking, the
point of his sword touching Richard
on the Inner side of the right forearm,
causing a slight wound. The seconds
Immediately stopped the encounter. No
reconciliation occurred, the partici
pants leaving the field without the us
ual formalities,
ι* Y at e* \>ry III.
Springfield, 111.. Nov. 5.—The condi
tion oof Governor Yates is considered
very alarming He was in a delirious
condition Tuesday, and his tempera
ture was 104 degrees. He is a very
sick man.
Bofh !..-κ» Crit Off·.
Dallas, No\ 5.—Thomas McNabb,
a resident of this city, was run over by
a switch engine on the Central rail
way at the Commerce street crossing.
Both legs were cut off Death ensued
in 15 minutes
Μμ·Ι·» h litpo^ltory.
San Angelo, Tex Nov 5.—The First
National bank of San Angelo has just
been designated as a depository for
United States funds in the amount of
New York. Nov. ».—After being
asleep two weeks, Nellie Corcoran of
this city has awakened.
4 BualoMii Man of Boston Arreefed Ae
rn»e<l of Killing t I^mJt
Boston. Nov. 5—Allen C. Mason, a
prominent clubman of this city, a
Harvard graduate and manager of the
piano establishment of Mason & Ham
lin. was arrested here on suspicion of
being connected with the murder of
Miss Clara M Morten, in Waverly
last Saturday night. It is «too suspect
ed that Mason is responsible for vari
ous murders and murderous assaults
committed during the last few weeks
In Cambridge and vicinity. Mason Is
39 years of age. .His arrest was mads
at his home. 39 Newbury street, this
city, by state officers. It is said by the
police that Mason has been Insane,
and at one time he was an inmate of
the McLean asylum at Waverly, from
which he was released about a year
KiKlmond Jelled.
Dublin, Nov. 5.—Mr. Redmond was
arrested on his arrival at Kingstowa
and taken to Kllmainhatn jail. Mr.
Redmond several months ago made η
speech at Wexfbrd said to be incen
Signed With New York Otab.
New York, Nov. 5.—Oeo. DaTi·.
once eaptahi manager ot the New York
baaeball club, who played with the
Chicago club of the American league
tkla year, 1b announced to have algned
with the New York National luucu·
May HUt Wwhin«t«i.
New York. Not 6.—Job η B. Jockeon,
tke new minister %D Qrentes, Roumaaia
and Servi*, probata*/ will rleit V*mb
In κ to η before taking up We work at
Athene, aaya a London diapatrh to the
^V»m>a<xl In Hi|[bt Ank.
Parle, Nor. 5.—In a dael betweeu
Count de Dion, preoldeat of the Auto
mobile dub and a prumioent »βο»<ί
man, and M Oerault lUcbaid. af the
Petite République. tke hkCtor was
wounded la the right aw.
MePhereon, Km., Mot. I.
year-old γ!·>ι«Μ·γ of
•uteMad near bar·. Lor·
Treuurer of the Brooklyn Eut Lad Art Club.
larities are gener
ally the U'£?inning
of a woman S trou
bles. With the vitality at a
low ebb, the blood weak
ened, the digestion disor
dered, she goes about pale
faced, hollow-eyed and nag
gard, a piteous contrast to
the bloom in ? health of
her former self. But over
1,000.000 women have found
health again by taking Wine of Cardai.
As a regulator of the menstrual periods
Wine of Cardui has never beenknown
to fail. It has seldom failed to restore
perfect health, even in the most persis
tent and aggravated case of weakness.
Miss Ida M. Snyder, of No. 535 Ber
gen Street, Brooklyn. Ν. Y., has used
Wine of Cardui and she says it helped
her into a new life. Health to Miss
Snyder is worth a great deal. She is
an attractive young woman with intel
lectual attainments and she occupies
the position of Treasurer of the Brook
lyn East End Art Club. This position
marks her as a person of intellect, cul
ture and refinement and it speaks highly
of the respect and trust her fellow
women have in her. She writes:
"If women would pay more attention
to their health we wovJd
have more happy wive»,
mothers and caugnterr., and
if they would use more intel
ligence in the matter of medi
cines , observing results, they
would find that the doctors'
prescriptions do not perform
the many cures they are given
credit for.
"In consulting with my
druggist he advised McRlree's
Wine of Cardui and Thed
ford's Black-Draught, and so I took it
and have every reason to thank him for
a new life opened up to me with restored
health, and it only took three months to
cure me."
You may 'secare the same relief an
Miss Snyder, if you take Wine of ( ardui
as she took it. Tbedford's Black
I'raught is the companion medicine of
Wine of Cardui and it is a liver and
bowel regulator whi( h assists greatly
in effecting a cure. If you take the-··
medicines according to directions, th»
relief and cure is simple. Some cases
are cured quickly and others take longer
because the disease has ran longer.
Remember how Miss Snyder took Wine
of Cardui and has health. The same
medicines are offered you to-day.
A million suffering women
have found relief in
Wine of Cardui.
Rock Island
- >,-& *
Rate to
(via El Reno)
Daily Limit 30 Days
Good for Stop-over
A New Country All the Way
Trains now running
to Graham, Texas, 26
miles west of JacKs·
boro. Leave Fort
Worth 8:30 a. m. daily,
except Sunday Φ Φ Φ
One Fare Plus $2 to
and Return
November 29, 30 and
December 1
W. H. FIRTH, G. P. d Τ. Α.. Fort Worth, Tex,
y ΤΓ ΤΓ^ β To our friends and customer we
1^1 ■ ■ I I ■ ψ wish to state that we propose
1 JL JL V/ JL·/ · making a change in our way of
doing business, and on Nov. 1
will adopt a strictly cash system.
But we will always be pleased to see our friends at our old stand, where
we will sell you wood, coal and feed as cheap as anyone in town. By
the adoption of the cash system we save the expense of a bookkeeper
and collector, which raturallv reduces the price of fuel and feed to von
Only $25.00 to
THE Southern Pacific has again opened Hie
doors to cheap travel from Texas points to
California. During the months of September and
October, one way second-class tickets will be on
sale from all main line points on the Houston &
Texas Central Railroad and Southern Pacific at a
rate of $25.00, except from stations east of Hous
ton, from which points rate is made by adding
local fare to Houston rate, and from Galveston,
where the rate will be $26.45 :: :: :: ::
'ÏTheee tickets give stop-overs at California
points, and offer a splendid means of making a
trip to California at lower rates than ever. Con
sult your local ticket agent, orjwrite for literature
and other information : : : : : : : : : :
G. P. A T. A. A. G P A
Genuine Edison 16»Candle
Power Lamps 25 Cents
Or 4 for$l Φ Single Lamp 30c each
No charges made for fusing where we furnish the lamp. Parties
who have meters and are using off-brand or inferior lamps will find
an increase in their bills. Parties using lamps on flat rate, where
their efficiency^!· not up to standard, will be charged 10 per cent
extra. Truly yours,
Waxahachie Electric Light Company
Will Ralston & Company
will appreciate your orders tor anything in
the line of Groceries and Feedstuffs....
Free delivery 5tore on Rogers street
Buy Your Groceries
Member Grocer· and Botoher· Association
Telephone 10 118 College Street

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