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Al tl»· Prkt til fkuffrrlof.
Mother's Friend
«*»î5 fm r*Vr- ». f -jy. It i*
* r ' «î* .··. » -.«· .«·!>'* pr«rtiy
wn .■ ' <5 ir-.'j-f i-a \>f · : »ιΐί<Ί«ΐ if Ih·
-fy r,+·.· >-*.** r y to ttï« *W
ν eft ,r,«-T . Αίί *om<WI
- ·*-,»>?■*. ?-.-ηΛ oWiy t»· *
fi-i *1 m*t■.if·* tht ιwrinup child·
f *»<* w»f<AÎu«r: «mi h**itiry
β»/ U»« «si
"M f h+rHtMxi** fir#», AH
*fc<U*;kf fca** it.
I Ww
L by ! ·
'' f «ni j'tv Λ ut» rauMNl
·.■ * ·* « η j i,_ aiWS terror.
,,n, .·:·<> >>*..*■ r nrli mW»»v
in l:*« ti^ik *» t t;r« true cau*»—
tttMK y,
ta *
»« pr«*«cmE
rrjfî««rî »f< th*
Ihfmifkut w+e
r*~ti «nidi»
Atuanta, GA
Do You Want ?
*γ<· tti»· wtuti of mortal
mto- '-inho linlncj· Adam*
LOST—On*· bobiailrd ψ°Ψι fithoiif
>»r riartlv rut, w.-itfktf «bout l<*t
pound*, {ifturn to Buy ΗΑν. ν
WANTED —To buy α MWfond ! .Ai.d
office d«»»k. J. V I'umb*. ivH
DON'T Fall to ord*<r a jfftilfetι of
{hat pur* Apple t'id«r it/J K.
Η in*» '. /
LOST -On· black »tn>»t, *<^hlnir
•bout SUfl pound·. L»avf taforma
lion at thl« SHj>
1*1 KK niRN Ctio|>*, \ff> -tti Chop»,
K»r Corn and Oat* mum ai! kι: Ικ -·ί
f-H«d at >ΐ«·»·|·»·Γ (Wti Company.
r«l«phM· «» vf»(ir ipWh. Old pt on#>
SO, uew phone 73. If
A BARREL t»f ne·* ril|t>^ ι can*·
•yrup on tap at J. H, Hu.*f ' v>
IF vor want to « arm this
winter bay th*· t^rai/t I '«in
pany'* Fancy \lcAI»-»t«n φ-d < <>i
ΟΓΜΟ Lump Coii. N«*a allots»· 7,'»,
-Id phone Ml. * tl
WANTF.D Wlo· <4(U »l one»·
at N*w OrUt Mill tf
TWO OENT1 FMFN-Uan if.-t
ver* de»ir»bl·* room with h<«»rd by
applying at 310 W. Frank Mr: j#t. if
FOR SALE Hoowhold furniture,
almo*t new. Apply at Él.j* office.
y / dliHT
TWO FRKSH milch fur **1*.
See Ed williamw. V 80
■nV'Yv-yM····;··:»»*··»'!'*·■' — » ■·■■·. m··**- ··--... '"φ'*·· -"»··»■!
FOR RAINY DAY ( «i^TS , n·»·
Mr* C. J. OrlffK*· ί tf
FOR HALE Mv re-id'-n»* /m
ham Avenu*. I»r, J A. <^raeev/tf
FOR RENT < hn· U Γ"·>ΐιι Ijoii/.· Kl-">
W«#t Mat» All iijF -nary
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Kd Oldham. ' tf
ΓΛ MEN WANTED Μ 4η »h.> can
deposit #Λ0 or fid) fof ftecprity.
Addrcse P. Ο. Ho χ He», W*rxatia«-hû\
WE aeli Sfwiiifr MtM'Nn«· at popu
lar prie»*·», from #!,"· to tjft). Wax»·
hachie Hardware Co. tf
DRESSAI AK1NG ;» at J * f a e t i ο η
KUarant^ed, 313 Eaut \Mftrvin Av».,
"JW-2 riu>re. Mr*. Lay. !Ki
" ■ 1 —■ ■· ■ —\-f—■1 " ■ I
WK HAVE -Ju*t receVi"<*U machin
ery with which we fan saw your
wood At home. Ston£ R/os. tf
LADIES-Mr». t\ J, prig*· will be
pleaaed to show you Mer sample» of
fall ftuita. tf
Cures Consumption,Coughs,
Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Pne union ia,H ay F ever, Pieu
LaGrippe, Hoarseness,
Bore Throat, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
Sr.·**: ratie State Committee Has
Issued a Statement,
fkejr Are of the Opinion That ft Will
Be Materially Hednced, <1*1 m
Illegal Ball"S * Were Test
and Claim Frauds.
New York. Nov. 7 —Chairman Frank
Campbell of the Democratic state
committee. Secretary John A. Mason
anil Elliott IMnforth were la confer
ence here Thursday evening Mr.
Campbell, after the consultation was
over, issued the following platement
of the position of the state committee
upon the résulta of the elec*ion :
"After having carefully examined
the returns gathered by John A Ma
•on. secretary of the Democratic state
committee, as filed In the several
county clerks' offices in the different
counties of the state. It appears on
the face of the returns that Mr Odeil
ha* a plurality of 9122 These figures
do not include, in some of the coun
ties. the vote ca*t by the Greater New
York Democracy ticket, which ha* on
It th<> najne of Bird S. Coler for gov
ernor Tbe»<> will materially reduce
this apparent plurality
■•\Ve claim the election. by a cafe
majority, of John Cuaneen a» attorney
general and the re-eiectlon of John
Clinton Gra> of the court of appeals.
"We have reliable information that
defective ballot* were cast, and In
certain districts where the returns
w>re strongly Hepubllcan the ballots
wi re burned by the Inspectors Imme
diately after 'hey were counted, which
Is a direct violation of the law, as
they should be kept sis months by the
proper official* before they should be
destroyed Th»*ee fa< t* and all others
will be thoroughly investigated by
representative* of the party, who will
appear before to·· canvassing boards
In all the count!· * of the state on next
Tuesday to se»* that an honest count
is had. and uétii that time the actual
result cannot be stated "
Mr Campbell would add nothing to
th·· above statement. The disman
tltng of the state headquarters fol
lowed soon after the issuance of the
■taie meat
I Tammiar Haït*· I Ihf· ftrrl|i{rnt of
m I#ti*T f tu*t < ni
I Ne* York. Nov 7—Bird S Coler,
the recent l*em<xratic candidate for
governor, ha#i sent a letter of thanke
to Cfearl«w Κ Murphy, leader of Tara
many Hail The letter follows
My Dear Sir- Accept my sincere
thanks for the effort put forth by the
1 Tammany flail organisation· and for
the splendid results achieved I shall
always feel that the interesta of the
I party are fully protected in the hands
ι of an orh:/a tien (hat :* at th*» ρ.->·*
j «et time k-eptng in such cloe·· touch
! with the nends of the community and
it* varied Interests
Again thankig and conicratuiattnK
! you upon the magnificence of the tri
j ûtisph achieved lait Tut-day. I remain,
vry reepectfiniy BIRlJ S CO I. BR
Τ h ψ Poll Τϋΐ I« (h«f T*·
t«» On*· \ * .
Austin. Nov. 7 - Twenty five coun
tir* report on the rate for governor.
These returns show a total of 2$, 188
for Lanham. 7040 for Burkitt. 1212 for
Malleti. 294 for Carroll. 49 for Frc«»
man and 25 for Rmall
Only In the Thirteenth and Sla
teenth diatrlct· has a sufficient nurn
ber of counties reported complete re
turns to Justify the printing of a table
The counties so reporting In the Thir
teenth show a total of 1590 vote· for
Stephen* and 94 fer Rector, while
those In the Sixteenth give a total of
&0SH for Smith and 419 for Hunt,
Th» vote on the amendment as far
as heard frou; is For, 11.4»!".. a^ainat.
I »rh l'itrli ta OkUlioii > %«*rri· II II»*
Κifrtwl lh«- ilf,
Guthrie, Ok la. Nov. 7. there is s
(Utter Htm; ,«le for the election in Ok
lahoma of a debvate to congress The
r«sult le sr. i in dot) I-t. with (he com
plete return» from the west and wouth
w « st couutlt s jet to be r«*?ivt*d. The
Républicain cla:m M»*îuire's election
by Ιβββ ami the I*>mocrats claim the
election of t · - by Η Oft Return»
come in very gtowljr. Both parties
concede the Oklahoma senate to the
Républicains by one majority, while
both claim the house, the Republicans
by two ami the Democrats by four.
County Tlikrt Klrrleil.
Santa Fe, Ν M.. Nov. 7.—The Re
publican county tickets were elected
In ait but bU counties in New Meil
co. The territorial legislature will be
made up as follows: council it. possi
bly 12 Republican» and possibly 1
Democrat, house 21 Republicans, 3
democrats. >
Ijedjr Hr.Klfrlml,
Dearer Nov. 7.—Revised returns
chow that one candidate on the Den»
ocratic state ticket was successful,
Mrs. Helen Grenfelt being re-elected
superintendent of public Instruction
by a pluraiity of 2400.
I'tah Lr(til»lur« Republican.
Salt l^ake City. Nov. 7 —Practically
complete returns from every county In
the state "how larger pluralities for
tbe Republican candidates than were
Indicated by earlier returns. The
legislature to Republican on Joint bal
R«pn>iiu-1MU Μ*ψ» Ιατ* Two Cmtgrmm·
mm tm CmUtnrmim.
Sao Francisco. Nov. 7.—Latest elec
tion return» Indicate the success of
Dr. Pardee, Republican candidate for
governor, by a plurality of about 3500.
His opponent. F. Κ Lane, stated he
would contest It. The count of the
vote for congressional nominees so
far completed indicates Ave Republi
cans, two Labor Union Democrats an !
one straight Democrat to represent
California in the lower house of con
gress. With Ie· holdover senators ami
8hortrid.ee, the Republicans have 33
out of 4*> members of the senate. With
58 Republicans In the assembly the
party will have on joint ballot for elec
tion of United »tates senate 81 mem
bers out of a total of 120.
Λ U»liu Matter»
Austin. Nov. 6.—A serious collision
of two freight trains occurred on the
International and Great Northern
about one mile from here. Fireman
and engineer narrowly escaped death
The accident was caused by the explo
sion of an oil box on one of the en
The trains were going in opposite
directions when the explosion occurred
and the engine < rashed into cars of
the other train, wre· king several cars
and badly demolishing one engine.
About fifty yards of rraek were torn
up. Fireman and engineer were only
slightly injured.
Str«am of 1.*%}·
New York. Nov. 7.—Dispatches from
Chiclayo announce that the captain
and officers of the steamship Maipo
de< lare. says a Herald dispatch from
Lima. Peru, that on the night of Nov.
1. shortly after leaving Chimate, they
saw what apparently was a stream of
la%a Bow from a peak in the Cordlleras
toward the plain Acrording to the
latitude and longitude given the val
cano evidently is near the town of Re
cuay The vessel's trip northward en
abled th< ship's company to witness
the erlptlon for twenty minutes, and
then other mountains closed the view
M»fv% InvtUtl»ii« t«> IHuf.
New York. Nov. 7.—Colonial Se<re
tary Chamberlain is overwhelmed with
invitations to farewell dinners and lun
i heons, but Η begging o?î. « allies the
Lo&don correspondent of the Tribune,
under the plea of havlug work in prep
aration for bis Journey and mission to
South Africa Always a persistent and
«>»temati> worker, he is calling upon
the ;jerl<a! force in the colonial office
for pr ; e information respecting the
long eerlo of African questions, so
that he can be ready to discuss every
matter br< ight to bis attention
bn Mtit! (tlrl IM# Τhri.
Omaha. Nov. 6.— Rev William C.
Rabe. pastor of the German Baptist
church, an ! Miss Augusta Rush, a
youcri lady living In that neighborhood
were found dead here in the vestibule
in the rear of the church auditorium
The two bodies were locked in em
brace and the gas jets turned on. but
not burning. Rev Rabe was ii"> years
of age and a prominent minister.
Half» » 1 muiUt l.lti- In Hntfmlo.
Buffalo. Ν Y Nov 7—The Rev
W C Rabe won and a young lady
were found dead in a church at Orna
ha. Neb , «as a minister in this city
for 21 years. .Mrs Kat>e and her 13
year old son are now in this city. Mr.
Rabe was born In Germany He stud
led for the ministry at the German
Baptist Theological seminary In
Talk of ( uiilMt.
New York Nov 7 The defeat of
Coier for governor In » he face of the
unprecedented Democratic majority in
Greater New York is not accented with
(food grace by the Democratic leaders
All sorts of fraud up the state are
charged. and threats of a contest are
rif»- and yellow titrait were scattered
broadcast Wednesday announcing that
Coier had been elected
Mriiotr· («rrlut («iiaHlau,
K! Reno, Okla Nov 6 —The entire
Democratic ticket was elected in Ca
nadlun county by majorities of from
100 to âtK! McGuire, however, car
ri«! Ei Keno by iîtH» and the county by
!<><> majority
Ltirij:^ Plnreiitv for i'tmh#rd.
KtnMi* City. Mo., Nov. β.—Nearly
complete returns from the Kifth con
gressional district give Congressman
Cowherd a plurality of8029.
Iloorwjwi»'»* Mother
Oweneboro. Ky , Nov. 7.— Mrs. Sar
ah 8. Moorman died here. She was
84 years of age Her hushand and two
eons were Confederate soldier». Adj1
Gen Mnornu of New Orleans, is her
Or. I*»ren* Op«mtee.
San Francis*o, Nov 7.— With about
100 doctors of San Francisco and some
2·Κ> Htudents and trained nurses close
iy watching his movement». Dr Adolf
Lorenz of Viena, appeared in the lec
ture hall of th<· attilliated colleges of
the Cnlversitv of California and suc
cessfully performed, without the use
of the knife, his celebrated operation
for the cure of the congenial hip dis
ease, treating two little 4-year-old
boys without charge After the oper
at Ions Dr. Lorenz successfully treated
a case of double club feet for a child
δ months old.
rt I int»r wwt,
WIHeoastad, Curaeoa. Nov. 7.—-The
report of a great victory over the In
surgents spread by the government
of Venezuela was incorrect. The
priests refused to rlug the l><*lls of the
ehurchee In celebration of the alleged
defeat of the M a toe forcée and the
police wçj-e compelled to ring them
The revolutionary army simply with
drew from San Mateo and on Pridav
last passed through Villa de Cura, go
inf towards Cua. which commands the
road to Los Teques. where 2000 re το
lutlonists are now engaging a govern
meat force which protected the execu
tive of Venesuela whose whereabouts
are cow unknown.
ΜΙ*μη»·ι Wtfp Hmy TkM
DM KM Wall tfc* P«hM,
Kenr York, No*. 7.—Tb· greatest
•en sat Ion fn the second trial of Ro
land Β Mollneux. charged with the
murder of Mrs. Adams, rame late
Thursday, when Mre. Hanna Stephen
eon, the wife of a Brooklyn policeman,
was called Jo the stand by the defense
and testified positively that Molinenx
was not the man who mailed the now
famous poison package at the general
poetofflce on the evening of Dec. 23,
18S)8. Then the witness partly identi
fied Harry Cornish, who was asked to
stand up in court as the man whom
she saw standing In front of her In the
line at the postoffice and holding in his
hand a package addressed to "Mr.
Harry Cornish. Knickerbocker." That
was all she saw. Her identification of
Cornish was not positive. She said he
looked very much like the man, but he
hesitated before replying affirmatively
when asked if she did not think he
was the man.
The witness' account of her move
ments on the evening of Dec. 23 and
her reasons for not appearing at the
first trial were given in detail.
The prosecution on cross examina
tion brought out the fact that Mrs
Stephenson had suffered from attacks
of nervous prostration within the last
two years and had carefully read the
details of the former trial. The ques- j
tions of the assistant attorney tended
to show that an effort would be made ]
to prove insanity or delusion under
hysteria. It is also probable that an
effort will be made to prove an alibi
for Cornish.
Other witnesses were handwriting
experts,who all testified that Molineux
did not write the address an the j
poison package.
Th* Xriiiltrrft M ill K»-coovroe »f <rran- j
«m I b«* I 4t h lui.
Philadelphia. Nov. 7.—The anthra
cite commissioners finished th^ir work
In good physical condition and sepa
rated in the best of spirits. They
have gained much experience in the
regions visited and during the interim
they will look over the statistics
which some of them have in their pos
The commissioners will meet again
at Scranton on Nov. 14. when the hear
itsg of the miners' side* of the case
will be b«gun. After they have con
cluded their case the operators will
make their defense, after which the
mine workers will probably be again
heard in rebuttal. From Scranton it
and th^n go to Philadelphia and New
Potts ville and sit there for a few days,
and then go to hiladelphia and New
York. The commissioners have no
idea when they will be able to make
their decision
Between now and Nov. H, Recorder
Wright will be Kept busy, preparing
for the real work of the commission.
He has a large amount of correspon
dence and other work to dispose of
which will take tip nearly all his time
until Friday of next week. He will
probably receive the answers of the
coal companies to the statement of the
miners case which President Mitchell
of the Miners- union has filed with the
Cbi< κχΐ) Men (iivcii a Wurm
VVehimif at lhiiU«.
Dallas. Not Τ \<<*©mpanied by a
committee of the Dallas Commercial
club, the party of Chi( agoans who are
now touring the southwest arrived in
Dalla» Thursday afternoon via the
Houston and Texas Central railway.
Immediately upon their arrival the
visitors and the accompanying com
mlttee, now reinforced by a consider
able sphering of business and profes
sional men who ha! gathered to greet
them at the union depot, boarded two
new cars of the Rapid Transit railway,
aad guided by A K. Honta and Ε. T.
Moore of the street railway systems,
were taken over the whole city and
its many points of interest and value
pointed out.
At the Commercial club rooms a
number of speec hes were made.
(iifHlitt %·*'(! of ih*· Initiai» Territory I*
KiIiu hIi«m«t) Fjm Hit U*h.
Washington, Nov. 7.—The annual re
port of J. C -orgs Wright, Ι'.,ι t I
States Indian Inspector of the Indian
Territory, says thaï the greatest need
of the Territory now is educational fa
cilities for citizens. The report calls
attention to the need fo.' some legis
lation reijuiriug deeds, mortgages, etc.,
to be recorded and re. inmienda against
preservation of game. According to
the report the complicated condition
of affairs in the Indian territory will
necessarily continue until ahe present
work of allowing lands and disposing
of town lots is completed and the vari
ous trilxil governments with their
laws are extinguished.
TrouW* Ffûrwl.
Paris, Tex., Nov. 7.—Parties who
came in from Tus4tahoma report that
serious trouble in threatened at the
Choctaw capita!
When Governor Green McCurtain
was called to Washington three or
four days ago he left six light horse
men to guard the building Adherents
of the Hunter factien have been en
tering Tuskahoma sine»! Sunday and
large numbers were there Thursday.
Ex-Governor Dukes was among the
Prom Football
Paris, Tex , Nov 7 —Homer John
son, a well known young man of Parle,
who died Tuesday night, was report
ed to have died of typhoid fever. His
parents are convinced tbat be died
from internal Injuries received while
playing a practice game of football.
Homeseekers *
Rate to
(via Ei Reeo) 3
$13.40 :
Daily Limit Days
Good for Step-over
A N^w Country All the Way
Trains now running
to Graham, Texas, 26
miles west of JacKs
boro. Leave Fort
Worth 8:30 a. m. daily,
except Sunday Φ Φ Φ
One Fare Plus $2 to
and Return
November 29, 30 and
December 1
W. H. FIRTH, G. P. ô Τ. Α.. Fort Worth, Texf
Only $25.00 to
THE Southern Pacific has again opened the
doors to cheap travel from Texas points to
California. During the months of September and
October, one way second-class tickets will he on
salf from all main line points on the Houston A
Texas Central Railroad and Southern Pacific at a
rate of ££>.00, except from stations east of Hous
ton, from which points rate is made by adding
local fare to Houston rate, and from Galveston,
where the rate will be $26.40 :: :: :: ::
rThese tickets give stop-overs at California
points, and offer a splendid means of making a
trip to California at lower rates than ever. Con
sult your local ticket agent, or write for literature
and other information :: :: :: :: ::
G. P. A T. A.
A. G P. A
Genuine Edison 16=Candle
Power Lamps 25 Cents
Or 4 for $1 Φ Single Lamp 30c each
No charges made for facing where we furnish the laim>. Parties
who have meters and are using off-brand or inferior lamps will find
an increase In their bills. Parties using lamps on flat rate, where
their efficiency is not up to standard, will be charged 10 per cent
extra. Truly yours,

Waxahachie Electric Light Company $
Is the Popular Carrier#
MaKing the Quickest Time
Between North and
South Texas
Rock Ballast Track. Oil Burning Locomotives No Smoke,
Dust or Cinders.
Effective November l.">th, connecting at Houston with S..ns
Limited and Pacific" Coast Express to San Antonio, El Pas
Los Angeles, San Francisco and for New Orleans and the Ε a
Passenger Traffic Manager Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agt.
T. J. ANDERSON, A. G. P. and T. A.
Take the "SAP"
tSan Antonio and Aransas Pass)
===— "Sunset F^oute"
Cor California, Mexico, and |<)rejr«>n.
Reclining Chair Care, and a Through Sleeper
from Waco to San Antonio & Mexico City
Excursion Sleepers from Waco to San Fran
cisco each Wednesday and Friday. Rate
per berth in these Sleepers about one-half
the rate in the Standard Sleeper : :
For Cheap Hates to California, Illustrated
Literature, Reliable Information and ail
Particulars, Write : :
LE- « il1 —j—i-.".!-1-;" "ί-. ι ~-i-- ' '
ill te KM ι Pi il il
Pass. Ait. S. A. 4 A. P. RY.
R. E. GEORGE, ___
D. P. A. "Sunset Route"
Waco, Texas

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