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The Thief...
··· of Beauty
I· C*r»lored bf Brvde^Ufi R^falMor
Thouumdi of yoMWf w«n«i are awaking to
the fact that inherit*?*! comUr>«.* haa been «to ten
away and in«le**1 of «lowing cheeks,bright eye*
mrai r,tti H,th brow*, tike t-U-iaie wrinkiee^f pain
have taken the p4»<r«of theae former charms.
The*# are the warning (Mliitftl Weafc.twed
and e a haunted In the owwmng, nn life, no gmhi
tion to enter ap«»n tbe4f farmer tlfluaii·, irrit
able, riwt ι!ίνΓί··;^Λβτ*1, dull h«-*«iai <re·, general
<Jim> ited feeuMii. -ni*h* », f er-t, p<w>r
drc-iiatJrvn "VirW é*\* »» pain*. AM these
armi*toma imlu air deramte<i and **^al»rne<J *>*■
«•ans., Shattered ner\e* ar<5 eahaimei.! energie*
ΙηίΪΛ^τ the weake«e*l c«»*»<iilk»n of lh« female
organe ** aarely a* nir^t fallow# day. Na*e
ytwr^eif fr*>tr F«oft terrifie re»· ι îv. redeem y«>;r
youth by Utk
Female Regulator
The iwwt #rre«*r:>r -ff, : π> igc rating, men
at mal regular*** ft* the wtrtM.
ft re!»e*-ea painf prt;rfo*e men
rr^nrntrnafv·; . in flam ma·
vaifir·». titaç>d*crrr*e*ii. mrmhr*n»fi
' -j ék< He ■», </ trier .a.
vv.ii ->ett ν »»f Wan ar· the
Xht*.r> !»wttb
»>. «> r book. ferinrt Ileal!
. ♦*} frr+*
Thc B«al>fizld Regulator Co.
φ ♦♦♦♦♦■» »»*«·«

The Way to
A «m-ce»*fiil man one· *aid thi* f«>
hi* motto: "Kariy to bed, c^fy to
ri*», huatle lik»- thunder ft·
* ertiae."
I ad
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Ι.Ί Mouruf il. Old'phMif jîWr. :»4
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hall, city water S#»«r f>r. H Ο.
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Morgan 8*ys Ttiat Horfy lia- a ?o»
ÛÙcà HWkaH.» <H»,
Alibimi Krnitttr i« * Sewh Favor· |
in^ stat> hniMl Itiil Assert» tlie
Trust* Will Bp Kept Back
l'util Tw l.*te.
Washington. Feb. II.—The statehood |
hill again came up In th« sénats Tues
«lay, and Mr Morgan of Alabama spoke
on it for more than tbre·· hours and
a half He seid the senate had bepn
Hiked Into a peaceful political block
"Scarcely a ripple has appeared," be
said, "to agitat»· anytwly, but the
blockade has been going or», the time
of the senate is being wasted and It is
keeping us from engaging in the dis
cussion of a real topi, that is looming]
up behind this matter the trusts that
have afflicted thf people of the coin
He sai.l the trusts have been kept j
back and they will re· kept l>a< k until
It is too late (o have any discussion
regarding them, and he said We
will }>·· forced to accept a proposition
that has conic to u* from the hous»,
possibly without amendment and wlih
out thi opportunity of explaining our |
views against it."
The whole world knew that the trmt
bill was no mor« than "a much pool
tire to be put ou t.ie people to alle
viate pain."
The object was not to defeat the ad
mission of the territories as states,
but something else li^s behind It, for
which there is no excuse He then
continued his remarks in support of
the statehood bill
Mr Ka*lins" resolution regarding
courtmartlal < «-> - in the Philippine?
was -eferred to the committee on
Philippines and final vote on the con
ference report on the department of
commerce bill, presented by Mr Han·
na was deferred In order that It might
ir ι» « ι u inj
The conference report on the army
general staff till! was presented by Mr
Cockrel! and a*r»■«*»! to
When th«· Diitrk't of Columbia bill
wa* taken up (he art!·'!)>1ni'-nt to the
me*juir·· wan agreed to but th' bills
was allowed to go over and the par
tfal > onferen.-e report on to*1 measure
for a union stati· η In th»· District of
* olumbia man prf ••♦■nt'-d by Mr. Tallin
r> r and acepte.1
Mr, MK!timu gave notice that he
would rail up the eight hour bill next
Thursday and Mr Quay although he
«aid h«* sympathized with the effort
to eectire the speedy parage of the
Mil to antanunlae It until a day I» fixed
f ir a vote on that measure
OhUh>im« Mini 1*rr»forlr* On#.
\rlioH» HHfl V»>m V|ri»r«i \nwthfr.
Washington. Ffh 11 --The R«-publi
iran senatorial advo«au·* of a com
promw statehiwwl Idll have prepare!
thetr roe««ure for the admission of
two *tj»t« >· Ok 'ah· ma and Indian Ter
rttory i-ompriftlng one - tat· and Ari
eona and N«*w Mexico th»· other They
will brin* it before the committee on
territories at the flrlt opportunity but
are bolding t back be< ause of the op
IM^iUtlun o{ th·· Democratic senators
and «Un Im»< ause some of the Repub
Mean supporter* of the statehood bill
are not entirely reconciled to the con
I 'Utlon Ther·· is renewed talk of pre**
itijs the omnibus hill ax an amendment
to the a-rii ultural appropriation b II
and »h·· advocate# of that course con
I tend that th··»· bave pledRe* of sup
! port tr im a majority of the senate
v^oiii u ι ηπς ι
Philippin# *h<I \ r»»# *irl*ti Otir%
tioit« Wrr# |)|«i u«*r>|
Washington. Feb 11 President
Rooaevett and hi* cabinet »ργ» in
session fur n«*arly an hour and a half
Tuesday. but at the conclusion of 'he
meeting It *'»* stated that while some
matters of Important e were under
coraideiat on. no dérisions regarding
them had been reached
Both toe president and the mem
ber* of the cabinet it is said, express
#d themselves as reasonably well sat
Isfled with the situation In congress
as to anti trust législation
Secretary Root brought again to ih«<
cabinet's attention the necessity for
leic.âlatiou regarding the < urrency of
the Philippine islands
As viewed by the administration the
necessity for both fltian< isl and other
remedial legislation tus the Philip
pines is very urgent. Indeed if some
thing of th'· kind be not accomplished
soon there Is apprehension that anoth
er rebellion may develope Consider
ation also was given to the status of
the Veneiuelan question It Is the be
lief of the president and cabinet that
Minister Buwen as Vem-iuela's repre
sentative will conclude with the al
lies satisfactory protocols in a few
I Itnluik Convention
Oklahoma City. Okla . Feb U.-The
ninth annual convention of tbe Ok
lahoma Livestock association began
here Tuesday Mayor Jonea and Près
Ident Heyman of the chamber of com
merce trade addreesea of welcome and
M Waldi'ii responded Following
fleeted Qeorge W Carr.
Jieorge W. Cro*ell
ia J. Gerlach,
Hon. Wood·
• parade
τι*, or th.
»h» «»βΐΒίΐ*ι·'*ι*<η·ββ
Hamilton. Bermuda, Feb. li—By C·**
prompt action of Engineer Nelson, who
had the Mariana's buîlrtead» broken
through, »he malle and the passengers'
light baggago was taken out and
brought in the last boats to tb© Gladte
tea. which landed the passengers, crew,
mails and baggage here. Jos. H. Crofut
of Hartford. Conn., one of the pai
eengers, was interviewed by the Asso
ciated Press correspondent. He said:
"I w>« '.v my buuk when the shock
of the steamer's stranding woke me.
i at once hurried out and rushed on
deck being the first passenger to reach
It. The others streamed up from 3·
low immediately af,orward There was
no confusion among the officers or th®
passengers. The crew, however, who
were mostly foreigners, became dis
orderly at first, but discipline was soon
restored finding that the center of
the ship was firmly fixed between the
rocks and that there was no immediate
danger of her breaking up, the passen
gers gained confidence hater we saw
tb» Oladlsfen approaching. Sne lay to
about a mil»· off, not being able to
romp nearer on account of the heavy
s«»a At about 11 o'clock one of the
Medina's boats was lowered, but be
fore anyone could pet into It. it was
smash»··! to bits. The other ships boat*
n-ari; t Κ 11 η lautt ,>Vi. i ..-UK V,· ♦ , ·
The passengers were attached to rope«,
the women first of all and lowered into
the life l>oats If was a dangerous
journey to the Gladisfen The boats'
crew had to pull through the heavy
seas, but no mNhup occurred, and we
all safely eml>arKe.j on the Gladisfen.
Kr-«ult «» » Hi^Mndr mltindiaii
Washington. Feb 11 —Owing to the
illness of t^e I'ritlsh ambassador, Mr
Bo wen called a? the embassy Tuesday
and personally signified his approval of
the agreement to the ambassador lie
then presented his formal note of ac
ceptance and It has l>een cabled to
the lyondou foreign office. It appear
that the Insertion in the German pro
tocol of the provlaion for advance pay
ment of the original $340.0<K) demanded
of president ("astro in the German ul
timatum wee the result of a m I sunder
standing on the part of the German for
eign officials relative to certain steps in
the negotiations here. Through the
activity of the German minister.
Baron Speck von Sternberg, this point
is being cleared up
Acr#ple«l Uy flow«ji
Washington. I) C.. Feb. 11.— Mr
Bowed has formally accepted great
Britain's protocol framed to secure a
reference of the Venezuelan dispute
to The Magn>> arbitration tribunal tie
carried his note of acceptance to the
British embays.'· Tuesday and person
ally presented It to Ambassador Her
bert He expressed the oj> mon 'ha*
it wan a document of a high order
from a diplomatic point of view.
V» New lurti. ulfv
lyondon. Feb 11.—The officials of
the German embassy here say that no
new difficulties regarding the Vene
ruela settlement have sritten so far a'
Germany is concerned They add that
what Is now under discussion only con
sists of the German and Italian conten
tions regarding the claims admitted by
Ven«*uela prior to the present dis
turbance to be valid and which, it if
contended it would be absurd to sub
mit to The Hague court of arbitra
Trenton. Ν J. Feb 11 Application
was made in the court of chancery for
the appointment of a receiver for the
Indian Territory Illuminating Oil com
pany, and also for an injunction re
straining the company. Elisabeth M
Bate*.administrate* of Francis M
Ur»f .*.1 t!.--. «I
business Vpptli atlon also was made
for an ord^r compelling them to dis
close what stock has been Issued by
the company, what are its assets and
liabilities: wha> profits It has made
and to whom 'hey have been paid
l»e« M*tMt e«l »»* m Cyrlonr
Paris Feb. 11—The Governor of
the Frernh dependencies in the south
Picitc has cabled to the colonial of
flee that a cyclone has devastated 'he
Tua Motu group of Island* formic* *
dependency of the French possession
of Tahiti Society islands The κ >v
ernor addf that he la proceeding to
the relief of 'he sufferers
N«»t AffVrfrtl
Auckland. Ν Ζ Feb 11—Neither
the Friendly Islands nor the Cook Is
lands experienced any effects from
the tidal waves which caused heavy
lose of life in the Society Islands Jan
IHiterlr Complain*
Vienna, Feb 11.— A dispatch from
Munit h published here says the former
crown princes* of Saxony haa wrlt'^n
to an intimate friend, a member of the
Bavarian royal family, bitterly com
plaining of the Irreconcilable spirit
shown by der and her husband's fam
lly. The princess la reported as say
ing In her letter that she dismissed
G iron definitely and went to the Hyon
sanitarium of her own accord Sh»
now deeply repents her flight and de
clares sh" Is unable to long endure
the condition of a prisoner.
Dot·-Kate Ktviin'· Hill
Washington. Feb 11— Delegate Flynn
of Oklahoma Introduced a bill provid
ing for the appointment of a public
land committee to report on condi
tions and matters generally affecting
the public domain, together with the
present methods of acquiring title and
possession of publx lands
Hmt SUui|m *tol*u
Pilot Point. Tern., Feb. 11—The post
office here was burglarized auJ 1300
Id cash and flMQ worth of stamps
Austin, Feb. 11 — Mr. HryaB's «.
quarantine bill, tbt- principal fea^
of whi' h 1» tile provision for an "'apt
season" during th« months of Deceit.
eeœber and January, <*aje hefor»
the houso Tuesday, and it brought on
the iifely discussion which had been
in anticipation ever since the introduc
tion of the measure.
The a.I/orates of the measure woe
flm blood in the tabling of an amend
ment offered by Mr. Sanford of Mav
erick County, the effect of which
amendment, if adopted, was to say
that there should be no open season.
The bill makes penal the act of
knowingly stopping livestock that have
crossed the quarantine line after in
spection. and to provide an open sea
Eon from Nov. 15 to jiu. 15 of »acb
year. The rule was suspended requir
ing bills carrying appropriations to be
considered by the house as a com
mittee of the whole. It went over
Mr. Seaburv, on behalf of Robert D
Cutherell of Portsmouth. Va.. pre
sented Speaker Neff with a gavel out
of a piece of wood, from part of which
the steering wheels of the battleship
Texas had been carved.
Speaker Neff accepted the gavel in
th<> name of Texas, at the same time
paying a neat tribute to the sons of
Texas who have made the name of th"
state glorious on many battlefields, and
to the sons of Virginia, foremost in
American history.
Senator Hale moved that the senate
rescind its action in defeating th··
house concurrent resolution providing
for the appointment of a joint com
mittee to visit the San .laeinto battle
l field and report on the advisability
of making i· a public park. Carried.
Senate devoted nearly all of Tuesday
to ibis question
Hu< h Λ(Τι·( Iftl l»v l{«*ffrforf Mar!·? to
III* Father »t («pilai.
Austin. Feb. 11.—General F D
Grant paid an official visit to Gover
nor I.anham Tuesday. He was accom
panied by hi? personal stff The gov
ernor thanked the general for hi? visit
end promised to soon return It. A
Joint legislative committee escorted
the party to the house, where Hon
Ferg Kyle, who was dressed in Con
federate gray, made an elegant ad
dress. introducing General Grant.
Oapt Kyle prefaced his introduction
with statement* relative to General U.
S. Orant. father of the distinguished
visitor, recalling his act of kindness
In permitting the Confederates to re
tain their horses, as they would be
needed on the farms He referred to
the "illustrous son." his record to the
Philippines and the fact that he Is an
American soldier, all of which drew
forth prolonged a;>plause.
General Grant was visibly affected
and M&i ?d that he had not come pre
pare*! to make a speech; that the
pleasure of meeting the legislature
was unexpected He regrette*! he was
not an orator, saying "For if 1 was.
my feelings would make you an elo
quent β peed»."
From the house General Grant, was
taken to the Senate, where he was in
troduced as "Major General Grant."
which brought a smile to his face, and
lu· thanked the senate with Its con
firming power for his promotion from
a brigadier general. The general ex
pressed his thanks in a few words
after which he met the senators and
From the capitol the officers were
taken to the club and thence to the ex
ecutive mansion where M r -i I.anham.
was holding her regular weekly recep
! Loul.imii \r«* l h u η « ί ;*f «* 11 uxl Tin tr \ r+
Kfan iif fiMiiiMct·
Montr-r-pry. Λ!» . Feb 11 -An Ad
rertiser d! ptt< h f.om S ma ' ay«
The coed I (ton of tte Ala' an-a river '« ;
steadily growing more dangerous an<( !
is th<- sonrr-e of alarm At «even,
o'clock Tuesday nom ng the river
had reached a staç of thirty nine feet
at the public bridge and was rising
The lowlands along the riv»»r are in
undated and it is feared the stream
will oversow its banks and cause
great damage to property.
Krputird l»«-t l*r»tio«i nt \VMr I· >ot Tet |
Panama Feb 11—No confirmation ι
has been received here regarding th* !
reported declaration of war by Otiata :
malt against Salvador and Honduras
It 1& well known that Guatemala open
ly sympathies with Senor Bonilla
president-elect of Honduras, but it is
believed that the present critical sit
uation in Guatamala will not allow the
government to render Senor Bonilla
any substantial aid.
Salvador and Nicaragua are protect
ing their respective countries. War j
preparations are reported to be pro
ceeding in Guatamala. where a restric
tion has been established over outgo
ing cablegrams.
Umk Inland to Kxtend
Guthrie. Okla, Feb. 11.—The Rock
Island will extend Ita line of road pro
jecting from Enid to Billings Okla.
to a connection with the Santa Fe at
Tonkawa. It will necessitate the
bringing of the Arkansas rivet near
Tonkawa The extension will begin
Immediately This will make four
cross lines owned jointly by the Santa
Fe and Rock Island in Oklahoma from
Fnld to Newkirk. Κ ngfisher to Guth
rie. Chlckasha to P&uls Valley and
Waurika to Ardmore.
lOar Ont Hâte
Dallas, Feb. 11.—A 1-cent rate will
be given from all Texas point? to the
Confederate reunion at New Orleans
τ ; ,. ' .
have at
• I
e Hv
$3.00 WE ■.
And deliver to your nearest
^ Y « » r *
Upon receiptor (3— caeh or n«r»y f.idfi hmiffj · ' < »
teed or money refundf-^. Ref* r j < n t< .· ι j 1 ; i-l· « ι
merchant. Eetahlishm ii 1»)
H« Λ ΡΛ Wtwi·»}· !··»·· !■»«»«
• ΟΓδίΠΠ C2 X-/0· ; Fort Worth Texas
Absolutely fresh and Cheap
as can be bought in the city
I >liiuibi ny;
The Right Kind
At the Right Price
Β u ii It 1 e y
The Plumber Φ Phone 84
With Kllis County Haniwar»-* C'o. Waxahachi*
Hard Sense.
It takes keen common sense,
added to superior judgment and
experience, to be superintendent of
a railroad. Such a man never re·
commends anything that he has not
himself subjected to crucial test.
A prominent railroad superintend
ent, living at Savannah, Ga., in
which city he was born, says he
feels better than he ever did, and
he had the worst case of dyspepsia
on record. He had no appetite, and
the little he ate disagreed with him,
causing him to vomit often. He.
had pains in the head, breast and
stomach, but after using three bot
tles of P. P. P. he felt like a new
man. He says that he feels that he
could live forever if he could always
get P. P. P. His name will be given
on application to Lipprnan Lrothers, the
proprietors of this great remedy.
Dyspepsia in all its forms is promptly
and permanently cured by P. P. P. General
Debility and lack of energy give place to vim and ambition t h rough
the use of P. P. P. Blood Poison and all its incidental and hereditary
ills are eradicated by P. P. P. Rheumatism is conquered and banished
by P. P. P., as are also Catarrh and Malaria. P. P. P. is a purely vege
table compound, which has steadily grown in favor fei years.
LIPPMAN BROTHERS, "«'YffiSfiS, Savannah, Ga.
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will appreciate your orders tor an>thinj: "
the line of Groceries end Feed stuffs·.
Free delivery Store on College > -ee
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♦ Ropers Street, and will keep on hand at all tiun-s j «» ι ty txi ». <■ · , |
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« llvered at reasonable prices. 1 earnestly det*lT« λ κ!.are of V»i 4
Ο patronage of tlie citizen** of Waxahacbie. . 1 will timi vi.u ι u I t* Ψ
\ a a a a J. H. GREGORY J
i ♦

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