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FebUfcbed Every Day Except 8un
iay by Th® Light Pubjubhing Co.
CL W. Kent Business Manager
W. A. Ownby City Editor
Catered at the Waxahachie Post
•fflci as matter of the second class
Offices of Publication, 115 and 117
Oollege St. Both phones No. 148
▲11 obituary notices, resolutions of
raepect, etc., containing όϋ words or
liti will be published free of charge,
hat a rate of le a word will be
tlUtryed for all exceediug jO words.
Advertiser· are requested to hand
in copy for paure ads. the day before
they are to appear. It takes time
to set a page ad., hence the request.
All changes for small ads. should
be handed in before noon.
A rate of 2c a line will be charged
for all notices of church entertain
ments charging an admission fee.
One Month $ Λ0
Six M onths, in Advance. ...... 2 73
One Year, in Advance it 00

Fer Mayor:
W. J. F. Rohb
Fer Alderman Ward No J:
Fer Aldernian Ward 2:
8. P. La Nuts* ukd
For Alderman Ward 3:
W J . Mi'Dl FHK.
Μ Κ. Λ T., North Bound.
Leaves-. 7 15 a m '
Lnvh HI (*> a to ;
Leave? 10 UH ρ α
South Bound.
Leasee Η 23 a n>
Lut» 6:5H ρ os
Leaves Κ Ιβ ρ m
H Λ T. C.. West Bound.1
Wo 4S leaves fc 24 am
Mo. 46 armes 10Λ) am—Does no( run »es; Waia :
So. 47 arrives 4 45 pœ— Does not run west Waxa
So. 58 mixed ι leaves 8 i*> am -Daily except s-un.
Mo. il leaves 7 Ο pm
Kast Bound.
So. 46 leaves 7 :5G am—starts from Waxabactie
Se. 42 leasee 10 % am
SO in leaves 8:<)6 pat—Starts from Waxabacbls j
Ho. 54 (mixed ι leaves 4 46 ι» — Iiailj exceptSuc
9* 44 leaves ο 30 υ α.
Fewest Number Recorded in One
Day foi· Several Years.
Yesterday was divorce day iu the
district eourt and only four decrees
annulling marital ties were granted
by the court. This was the fewest
number recorded on the docket in
one day for seve-al years. The de
crees granted are as follows:
W. T. Gresseth vs. C. Green Gres
Ο. T. Layman vs. Belle Layman.
Pearl Williams vs. VV. M. Wil
Susie Green vs. John Green, alias
John Howie.
Other cases disposed of by the
court are as follows:
Nancy Junes vs. Wiley Jones,
dismissed at plaintiff's cost.
Peoples National Bank vs. G. A.
Coulson et al, dismissed.
Mary A. Green vs. J. A. Tate et
«1, dismU?ed.
F. C. Twiggs vs. Γ>. Mahonev,
City of Waxahachie vs. Scott
Patrrek et al, dismissed at plamtitl's
Emma AIcDoniel vs. (5. S. Mc- ;
Doniel, dismissed because of death
of plaintiff
W. Avers *-t ai \ s. Κ;.ni» Na
tiunal Hank, suit on notes: jitdg
meut in favor of plaintiffs.
Will A. Malcolm vs. J. It. Scott
et al, suit fur debt arid foreclosure j
ut vendors lein; judgment fur plain
tiff by default in the sum of
K. <'. Vickery vs. I). T. McAn- j
uaily et al, suit on nwte; judgment
iu favor of plaintiff fur $1065, the
full amount of the note, interest >
from its date, attorneys fees and all
costs iu the cas»-. Tne note ma
tured about six years agu.
Leroy Wright v». M. K. <k T. Rv.
Co., of Texas, suit fur damages;
dismissed for want of pros»-Mit ion.
F. K. Timmins vs. ti. H. Mm
berry et al, trespass ι<· try title;
judgment iu favor of plaintiff. Irij
απ* case the plaintiff brought »wi
to recover possession of Ι*·ι house,
eortier Washington and Mitdisou.
streets, then occupied by tfie defend- ι
ants. All costs in the case were 1
awarded against defendants.
"1 can strongly recommend Her-1
bine as a medicine ot remarkable ef-.
fk-acy for indigestion, loss of appe
tite, sour taste In the mouth, palpi
tation, headache, drowsiness *ft«-r
hi* it < with distressing mental ie
preckiuns and low spirits. H^rbioe
must l>« · unique preparation fur
such ease* as mine, for a few doses
entirely r.-inovwd luv complaint. 1
wonder at p-uple going on suffering
or spending their monev on worth
ctl tiring», when Her bin· is procur
■able, aiid is so cheap.'* ."4k- a bottle,
at Hood A Martin'·.
Deeds Filed for Record in Couoty
Clerk's Office.
Robert Roberts and wife to
Liocoln Perish bank, lots in
Ennis; consideration $ 420 00
Smith Land and Improve
ment company to J. V. Wood
A Bro., lot ir Maypearl; con
sideration 100 00
J. H. Shofner and wife to
Henry Borders, 17 acres of
George [Carpenter and 1. H.
Harris surveys; consider
ation 058 75
John Wardlow and wife to
C. E. Lee, 46X acres of W.
W. Tilley and J. A Pen η
surveys; consideration 460 001
J. M. Chapman and L. L.
Sessions to Will A. Malcolm
103 acres of the A. de la
Garza survey; consideration 1540 00
Midlothian Lumber com
pany to the Midlothian Grain
and Lumber company, lot in
Midlothian, consideration... 500 00
W. W. Majors and wife to
George A. Turner, lot in
Ennis; consideration 300 00
J. Raldridge to J. A. Mul
key, lot in Ennis; considera
tion 22Γ» 00 j
J. Α. Mulkey to W. G.
Avers, lot in Ennis; con
sideration ,» 57."» 00 j
(Λ ('. Ralph and wife to \V.
(ί. Ayprs, lot in Ennis; con
sideration WOO OU '
i _ **
\V L. Rogers, ol Waxahachie, is
here today shipping his household*
foods to that place. Mr. Rogers is
now with Wear's Npw Century
store. —Ennis News.
rherelsmore ι atarrii In this section of the
ountry than all other dl-t-ases put together, r.nd
until the la-t few .wars was supposed to be in
curable. Kur a great many doctors pronounced
it a local disease, and pre-cribed local remidles,
and by constantly failing tocure with local treat
ment, pronounced it incurable. Science ha* pro*
en catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and
therefore requires constitutional treatment.
Hail's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by Κ J
Cheney Λ Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the only constitu
tiooal cure on the market, it Is taken internally
m doses from 10 drop* to a teaspoonful. It acts
directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Tbe\ offer one hundred dollars for
any case it falls tocure. Send for circulars and
Address. F. .1 C HKNKY A CO., Toledo, ϋ .
Sold by Druggists, '.6c,
Hall's Family Pills are the best
Hooey Ια Lggs.
Henry Curry, who lives about
seven miles southwest of Wasa
bachie, was ir^town yesterday with
a big box of eggs, which he sold
readily for 25c a dozen. Mr. Curry
said he had been selling from 7 to
11 dozen eggs every week for a
year or more. He has sold none
for less than I.jc a dozen, and
is now getting 2T>c for them.
Mr. Curry said that he had
10*J acres in wheat, and the indica
tions were good for a big crop. He
says a large acreage was sown in
his section of the county.
Κ scaped an Awful Fate.
Mr. H. Haggins, of Melbourne,
Fla., writes, "My doctor told me ι
had Consumption and nothing could
be done for me. J was given up to
die. The offer of a free trial bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, induced me to try it.
Results were startling. 1 am now
on the road to recovery and owe all
to Dr. King's New Discovery. It
surely saved my life." This great
cure is guaranteed fur all throat and
lung diaeases by Herring-Sparks
Drug Co., Druggists. Price .<0c A
$1.0<j. Trial Hottles free.
At the Opera House.
A large audience saw "'Side
Tracked'' at the opera huus·- last
night. ' Side tracked'' is a play
without a plot, and is almost de
void of any point of real merit, but
ia the hands of capable people it
might be given a fairly good pre
Better Than (ίο! !.
" 1 was troubled fur several years
with chronic indigestion and ner
vous debility," writes K. J. (ir^*n,
of Lancaster, Ν. H. -'N<> remedy
helped me until I began using Elec
tric flitters, which did me more good
than all the medicines I ever used.
Ί hey have also k»pt my wife in ex
cellent health for years. She says
Electric Hitters are just splendid
tor female troubles; that they ar·· a
grand tonic and invlgorator for
weak, run down women. No other
medicine can take its place in our
family,*' Try them. Only Γιθ<·. Sat
isfaction guaranteed by Herrins
Sparks Drug Co.
urucers ana DulcBrrs, Attention:
All iiM-uibers of /he Retail «irocers
and ItulrlieM association are re·
itue»ied to aameiiible at K. P. club
r-Miui I lui rsduyat 2 p. in.
.1. H H ink», Président.
Hkhhkht Kim hkm, Secretary.
Nearly Forfeits Hi* Life.
Λ runaway almost ending fatally,
*tarte<1 a h «rrible ulcer on the le^
it J K. Orner, Franklin Ο rove ill.
For four years it defied all doctors
snd all remedies. Hut Buckien's
Arnica Salve had no trouble to cure
l in». Kqually good for Burns,
Bruises, Skiu KruptiSim and Plies.
£> at liarriug Spark* Drujf tîo.'s
Dniii Store.
Ple»nv "f rubl%*r# that fit the shoe
at I'row Bros. < 'otf
Foley's Honey and Tar cures tbe
r jufb caused by attack of Is >;ripj>«J
It beais tbe leiurs. tS. W. Fearrls.
Tti· Jury lu lit· Λ (mender CaM Failed
, ladianape'is. Feb .—After btlag
out forty-eight hours the Jurv in the
case of Dr. J. C Alexander failed to
reach an agreement, and was dis
charged at 10 o'clock Sunday morn
Jng On the final ballots the vote
Btood 8 to 4 for acquittal. The attor
neys for the state have not decided
what they will do
There were several serious Alterca
tions during the consideration of the
evidence in the jury room, which
came very nearly resulting in blows
The principal disagreement was be
tween attorneys James Ε White and
Robert F Ligenfelter and the cause
of the personal feelings in the matter
was a result of the wives of the jurors
being permitted to visit them on Sun
day Feb 7 On that day Bailiff Men
denhall permitted Mesdames White.
Brown, Daves. Theisting and Llngen
felter to visit their husbands and talk
to them in the presence of the bailiff
During the course of the trial Mr
White acted as spokesman for the ju
ry when it was necessary to commun
icate with the court Mrs White and
Mrs Lingenfelter had conversed con
cerning the trial before they saw their
husbands and when they went to visit
th>* jurors Mrs Lingenfelter. it is
claimed, told her husband that Mrs
White had told hyx that Mr White
would tie foreman of the jury ami tha*
he had been a warm personal friend
of prosec utor Ruckelshaus. After th·
jury resumed deliberation of the case
Mr. Lingenfelter accused Mr White of
having «orne into the case with his|
in nd prejudiced against the defendant
and told of the conversation with his!
wife Hot words ensued and the mat j
ter almost resulted in blows before the'
interference of others stopped it. Lat
er in th· day Mr White engaged in a!
heated argument with jurors Brown |
and Theising. who were in favor of
acquittal, and was attacked w ith !
heart failure
The perplexing question in the ι
minds of the jurors, they say. was j
whether Dr Alexander had guilty
knowledge? <if the fact that the body |
of Rose Neidlinger had been unlawful :
day. Feb 7 On that day Bailiff Men |
> «a r I ν HI I of Ibe Frtvelfru Λ ···<*♦■ I# H*%#
Tuk«*n Their heparturf.
Cara< as. Feb -Since 8 o'clock
Saturday morn.ng the Venezuelans
were awaiting the official intimatioo
that blockade has been raised They
knew that the blockade was to be
raised but no notification came during
all that day Sunday morning the
British man-of war Tribune was still
at I.a Guayra enforcing the blo< kade
and preventing the fishermen from
leaving the harbor At '.· 30 Sunday
morning the government inquired of
the Cnlted States legation whether It
had received any advices and receiv
ed a reply in the negative The gov
ernment was puzzled until 11 o'clock,
when the news reached Caracas that
the captain of the Trlbuue had noli
fled the authorities at l.a Guayra that
the blockade was ra sed At ζ o'clock
in the afternoon the Tribune left for
The news received from all the Ven
ezuelan port* except Coro and Hlgue
rote. is that flit foreign warships have
sailed a«a> The government imme
diately on receiving t'le news that the
blockade had been raised took mill
tarv measures and sent troops In all
directions to ( t ush the revolution,
without giving the rebels a moment'l·
Thrrr \r»· I igtil of Them.
Washington. Feb Minister Bow
in expects to begin the preparation
of the protocols with the representa
tives of the utiallled powers for the
settlement of the claims of the clti
zens of those nations who have suffer
ed as a result of the troubles in Ven
ezuela. There are eight of these
claimant nations including the Unit
ed States The drawing up of the
tocol with this government will be the
first undertaken Solicitor Penfield of
the state department will represent
the I': ·t» i States in these negotia
tioos »itli Mr Bo*en
Xfllletns'ad Curacao. Feb. . ■—
There is "rtu! rejoicing anions a!l
< lass· ι hen at the end of the Vene
zuelan Mo« ade A number of steam
ers are load ;ig for the «am· destina
tion. A great amount of eoffee la
awaiting fansportation from Venezue
la to the t r it. d States No one at)
parentIy i- .ore glau at the raising of
'he blot !>. — t'. an those on board th··
blocka ··.' , a lrun
Γ<ΙΙΙι·ΙΙΜΜ !«T H|· '
I.a Gntrv;a Feb <» The raising '>f
the bloc)ι le ha- made the populo·
wild with J «ν t'ommander of ih·
British sbiyi Tribune seut forwatd u
lice to the -bote ,
lntrrr«>«t Ιι· I f ·»( ) % vt μ··Ι .
Ric hmond Va. Feb —Tb« funera
of the Kev Dr J L M Curry, ex-iiiiu ,
liter to Spain, and general agent of the
Peabodv a Ί Slater funds tool» place
Sundsv from Klchinond college chape'
The Rev U C A Bitting of Moud·
Morris. Ν I.a former Richmond pa«
tor. conduct*! the services. which were
very si m ι ie Interment took place in
Hollywood (emetery. Vmong those
present wer·» J Plerpont Morgan. I' ev
ident Ca»«att. of îhe Pennsylvania rail
road. Robe- C Ogden who Is promt
tient in the 3ou:!iern educational move
ment and several trustee·» of the two
fund ι
Λ if.(inNHlWDllkr llawl.
Vienna Feb. An hdHch«tss Fllza
betb. the mother of former (.Juee-i Re
gent Marli. ('hri t'ana of Spain died
l»....l.,· »f Mal.I Mank*l.
Loudoo. Feb 1#·-Field Marabal Sir '
Jehu Stmibwa· U dead ,

Β. <Τ, C. Excursion Kate·.
Dalle·—Grand Lodge I. O. O. F.
of Texas. Tickets on aale March
1st and 2nd. Pare $1.30. Return
limit March 6th, 1903.
San Antonio—Convention Wood
men of the Workl. Ticket· on sale
March 8th and 0th. Return limit
March 15th. Fare 98.40.
Galveston—Scottish Rite Reunion,
etc. Tiekets on aale March 7th and
8th. Return limit- leaving Galves
ton March 13th. Fare #0.60.
Dallas—Account the Banda Ro*a
Coucerts. Tickets nn a&ie March
9th, 10th and 11th- Round trip fare
El Paeo—Accolint Cattle Raiser·
Convention. Tickets on sale March
7th. Sttj and 9th. Return limit leav
ing £1 Paso not later than March
15th. l'are via Houston 119.00, via
Fort Worth $15.95. Exienalon priv
ilege to parties wishing to take ad
vantage aide trip excursions into
T. H. Barrow, Ag't.
Mr. \V. W. Prickett, Smithfleld,
Ills., writes, Sept. 10th, 1901: "1
had been suffering several years
with a cancer on my face,, which
îave me great annoyance and un
bearable itching. I was using Bal
lard's Snow Liniment for a sore
leg. and through an accident, I !
rubbed some ot the liniment on thej
cancer, and it gave me almost in
stant relief, 1 decided to continue to '
use the liniment on tiie cancer. In i
ft short time the cancer came !
r>ut, my face healed up and there i*
not the alightest scar left. I have
implicit faith in the merits <>f this
preparation, and it cannot be too
highly recommended." 2.V, 50c and
£1.00. For sal·· bv Hood A Martin.
Crop and Chattle Mortgages now
in stock. Orders filled for any quan
tity desired. Also bill of salebook*
for stockmen. The Enterprise.
Foley's Honey and Tar is best for
croup and whooping cough, con
tains no opiates, and cures qulcklv.
Careful mothers keep it in thi
house. Sold by B. W. Fearis.
Wbttt >ou *aoi a Not*·. Package. or anything àt
imrrd to anj ^art of th* ni). call 6*. «- tber pboue
Souilttiif square. >eit l>wor to>aw »er » Kr·!'· t

C.N. Anderson
ia now reulv to repair and put your
buggy and carriage in a h ape for the
coming spring. Rubt.er tir· work a
DO YOU contemplate building a
house, or having your old one ;
repaired aoon? If ao, I ahall he !
glad to figur* with you.
Hello, No. 78
New or Old fhonea
Contractor A Builder. Witxahachie
SUKCjbUN : :
At fonde Moaley'a
YVaxahachie : Texaa
DeWitt Is th· name to look for %hen
you ro to buy Witch H«el Sâlve.
DeWitt » W>tch Hazel Saiv· is th·
original and only fenmre In fact
De Witt* lithe only Witch Hazel Sai*·
that Is m«do from the ur»a<lufte rated
AU «àeis arc nr.·'rju\j-t'se ml
umaaa. cheap vd s/jrv Iris — «·»■
■Ua««ruu LeW.it · ((not Sat*»
Is a spediic for Pt-es; firm. B:.edtti»
I'.chinf and Protrudf»* Plie» AiaoCvts
Bum. Bruises. Sitalis Lacerations.
Conation Β Ίί. Carbuncle», faemi
Tettrr.Siit Rheum, and *11 other Sk,η
Bold by H. W. Kt*ari·.
PK1P AM k.l> Br
E.C. DeWitt £ Co., Chicag·
President of th« SkakMptarikA Club, Kiiwm City.
r* 1 ■" ■>" 1 1 ■ 1 IIKI ■■ f*mm X
"Your booklet came to my
home like a message of health
when I had suffered wkh
hcadacbe, backache and bear*
tag-down pains. I was weak,
nervous and hysterical and
bad not coosulted any doctor,
thinking ft would p«· away
in time, but instead 1 found
that the pain· hirmnfd and
were more frequent. I de
cided to try 17mc of Catdui
»nd in ρ short time was much
improved. It seemed to act like a charm.
1 kept up the treatment and the result
was most satMactney. words fail to ex
press my gratitude for the suffering that
is now saved me- I am in fine health,
physically and mentally. I can only say
'thank you', but them is muck more in
my heart for you."
JEARIÎÎG-DOWÎÎ pains art the
worst that women know. 11
you are sufRring from this trou
Lie you need not be uncertain
about it. The pains in the abdomen
and la< k that feel as if heavy weights
were pulling down on the nerves of the
stomarh are "bearing-down pains".
my on
nervoustension. Thai
soon begin to fire way under
the «train. Yoajperhapa jnap
at any anomal disturbance,
or langh or weep, hysteri
cally, at ne apparent cane.
That is what Miss Far Lee,
608>i North Seventh Street,
Kansas City, JTsrisaa, was
coming to when she naeoad
herself bytaking Wise ci
Cardai. Th» Wine sale
I her a strong, healthy wornta
again, as it haa made a million other
women strong and healthy. By induc
ing regalar menstruation the entire
system is relieved of the terrible wasting
drains. The ligaments which hold th·
womb in place are strengthened by a
healthy flow and that organ is returned
to its normal position. Returniag
health is the result. This is what
Wine of Cardni has done for thousands
of the best women in America.
If yon need adrioe write The Indies'
Advisory Department, The Chatta
nooga Medicine Company, Chattanooga, '
[Tenn., describing all your symptoms
freely, and a letter of advice will be
hat headache which nearly drives vou | «eat 7°"· Secure a $1.00 bottle of Wine
distracted now is causesl by the terrible | of Cardai from your druggist to-day.
They nyy not be particularly severe at
present but thev are growing worse.
A million suffering women
have found relief in
Wine of Ctrdai.
V * T*V "· r*
■ "Vr
I. 6 G. N.
International Ci Great Northern ♦
-—— X
Popular Φ Progressive I
Superior Passenger Service
Through the Heart of Texas
Constantly Building
Enlarging and
Our Agent· i\k» |>lr*»ur*> in κΙΠυρ tocipl*t* information «taut
t rm fiicjr and arrai>friDK nU^per r«-»«*r\ atiun·
isd Vie# IT·» At»*» *rf t>r>. l>âH A T»| i(t
α α α α α - _
Take the "SAP"
S&n Antonio and Aransas Pass'
ttPd "Sunset R.oute"
» ur « altforni*. Μ··*»<·«>, and (luc n ¥ :**
H**«*lti·xik t'hair fare, and a»Tht«>uvh Sl»-ej.«-r
from W»... to !**ti At·t«>»»!*· A Mexico I'll»
l· xt-uraiou Hleeper» from Waco t<> Sen hran
riaro eaeh WcdnrMliy and Friday. Kat··
l » r Ικ-rth In tli···»· Sleeper· about one-half
Hi·· rat·· tn the Htatidard Hleej.tr
J ur t I.· ii|· Hat·-» to California, lilu»trat«-d
Literature, Heliahle Information mut nil
i'tirtlrulur», Writ·
Pass. Atl.S. A. C A. P. R'Y. D. P. A. "Sunset Route'
• Waco. Texas


I have recently purrhai.nl trie J. l>. Stone Wood Ν ;»rd on N>utl|
Ki^fm Street, and will k·· [. οι. hand a* all tin ea plenty of .-ood,
dr> Stow Wood, < ord W'..od, i-tc., which «III In· aolfl and de
livered at reaaonahle prlçe» I earnestly dealre κ ► liai* of the
patronage of tl.e rttlx«n· of Waxahat'hie I «ill treat you ri^ht
is 1ι Pi. 11 in
Ask for It,
AsK your groceryman for our FRESH
MEAL, made at the New Grist Mill.
Every sack guaranteed to be fresh or
will refund your money Φ Phone us for,
prices on Feed Stuff Φ Both phon
Sr !>.<■ - »■*···
ι phon^
J. T.

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