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wî'î&îk . J.A
120 Pounds of Creamery
Butter Reed. This Morning
Parksdale Farm Creamery Butter, per lb 30c
Meadow Gold Creamery Butter, per lb 35c
Tht· Batter is freab and pure, fnd it &a fine as can be made
Both Phones
Number 3
The Beginning of a
New Month
Maybe jrou are not «atlafled with jrout^frooer; maybe the «nod·
you are getting do not come up to/our expectation»; maybe
tbe price· yon are paying do notarfitfrou; maybe jrou would
like to change your grooer HHow U our name and telephone
number. You know oa. Hire tt« a trial. Our atock la flrat
olaaa ind our price· are juat about the proper caper.
LEIGH BROS., Phone 54
The Magnolia Flour
Has Arrived..^
Order a s&ch and nave good
biscuits again 000
Jim Kelleher
Τ· Euii ·γ Aif County
Prompt, perfect Mrtte». AJU I in··
metafile circuit. Lortif WiUnct
Rutin*·· Ph»n· Μ 00 « month
R«id«nM Phon# 92.00 a mouth
No party tin··.
EIHa C·. lod*p«ad«al
Telcph«at Company.
Chocolate Bonbons·
fimUMricu Ciil| Kittta
The Opera House.
lu tit· presentation lut night of
" M out* Crhisto" the Krtunt-Tijr·
lor company amply made up for all
shert comings of the uight befor*.
In spite of the drttsiing rain that
b*iran falling just about night a large
audience *ai present and their ap
preciation of the play «a· mani
fested by liberal applause. The play
*u an Interesting one from begin
ning to end. It la a very strong
drama and Mr. Taylor I· admirably
fltted for the role of Edmond
Dante·, tbe Count of Monte Crlsto.
Ml·· Eleanor Franklin,aa Mercedes,
«U superb. In the stronger lines
in the fourth and Oftb acts she vas
exceptionally good. Tbe other
members of the cast did their full
share in making the evening a most
enjoyable oue. Nothing more than
vas given could bave be«u desired
for tbe scenery and costuming.
The bill for this evening vill be
"Jonathan Judd, Jr.," a very pretty
society event.
Ho H «reel and Pleasing In Taste, ι
Mrs. C. Peterson. tFA Lake 81 ,
Topeka, Kan., speak lug of Ballard's
Horeboand Syrup, says; "It has
never failed to give entire satisfac
tion, and of all cough remedies, it is
my favorite, and I mast confess to
my many friends that H will do, and
haa done, ν h at Is claimed for it—to
spoediiy care a cough or a cold ; and
It Is so sveet and so pleasing in
taste.'* &c, Mc and tl.OU bottles at
Hoods A Martin's.
T· Cornier Ν. M. and P. N.
Waxahachle Chapter No. 73 vill
meet at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon,
March t>, to eonfer M. M. and P. M
degree·. At 7:30 p. m. light re
freshments vill be served, after
vhich tbe M. E. and B. A. degrees
vill be conferred. All companions
are earnestly requested to be pres
ent. Visiting companions are moat
cordially Invited io attend.
W. I/. ACHKK, H. P.
Try tbe "»inf«/o®e· for needles
far all machin^ Phone 117 3. tf
Educational Weeks to be Ob
served this Month.
The Texas Federatian of Women'·
Club» haa set apart the first and
Mcond week· in March to be ob
served throughout the state as Edu- .
cational weeks.
In compliance with the sngges
tion of the President of Federation,
the Waxahachie Shakespeare club
voted to observe the first week in
March. This is being done by vis
iting the city public schools, not as
critics, but as friends and co-work
ers, and making a study of some of
the topics sugested by the Federa
tion. Topics with which every pa
triotic cltisen should acquaint him
or her self.
In response to a call from the
president, the club met Wednesday
afternoon, March 4, for the discuss
ion of these subjects. After the
club was called to order Prof. W.
L. Acker and County Superintend
ent E. D. Criddie, who were present
by invitation of me club, gave most
interesting and instructive talks
upon "The School Fund of Texas,"
"Condition of Local Schools," and
"Bural Schools,""The New Move
metis in Karal Schools" respect - i
Mrs. 8. P. Skinner, chairman of I
committee to visit schools, read re-1
port of committee, In which the j
present management and progress)
of city schools were highly com-1
mended, but the crowded, unaani-j
tary condition of rooms greatly de
plored. Mr·. W. L. Harding, a
member of aauie committee, read
an Interesting paper urging the cry
ing need of m»re end better build- j
inga. The result of the meeting wu 1
an awakened enthuaiaam on the part
of membera, and the paaaing of a
reaolulion to preaent a petition to
the city council for uieaaurea which
will afford relief to the preaent
condition of affaira in the public
It la the «arueat wlah of the club
that every mother, with children |n
the public school, might aign this
petition, but owing to the condition
lof sidewalks and atreeta, thia wa«
deemed im|>oaslble, au it waa decid
ed to aend the petition aimply in the
I name of the dob.
Cor·· Sciatic Kheumatiam.
Mr·. Λ. Κ Simpson, ΛΟβ Craig
St., Knoxville, Tenn., write·, June
10th, ISMW: "1 have been trying the
baths of Hot Springs, Ark., for sci
atic rheumatism, but 1 vet more re
lief from Mallard's Snow Liniment
than any medicine or anything I
have tried. Kudosed find postoffice
order for $1.00. Send me a larue
bottle by Southern Expreaa." Sold
by Hood A Martin.
March β—The Le Roy Hypnotic
Co., at opera house.
March 16. — Entertainment at
Trinity university for benefit of
athletic association.
April 2—Imperial Hell Ringera at
Trinity University.
April 12 — Eaater Sunday.
April 18—Dr. D. F. Kox, at Trin
ity University.
Μ κ*. C. W. Simi**w\,
Cor. Secy. 8ha re Club.
We have plenty
chinea for rent ο
Singer ma
le. Phone
Jury in the District Court Dis'
missed for the Week,
Practically no business of any im
portance lias been transacted in the
district court this week. On ac
count of the continued rains and the
(earful condition of the county roads
it is almost impossible for witness
es in the more important civil suits
to get to Waxahachie. The jury for
this week was called into court this
morning and dismissed for the week.
All cases set for this week were
either passed over or continued
until· next term of court.
In the county court yesterday af
ternoon a young mail named Woods,
who was on trial on the cnarge of
carrying a pistol, was found not
guilty. . s
Attachments' /ir all machines .->t
Singer office, jptione 117-3. tf
La gm>p* cough· yield quickly to
il<e wonderful curative qualities of
Foley's Honey and Tar. There is
nothing floe "just as good." Sold
by H. W. hearii.
that nearly every one has
a Telephone when you
conside! our rates of 51
to $2 a month for resi
dences and $1.50 to 53 a
month for business
houses : : : : :
Won't you let us
Plac# one for You?
Call the manager; he will tend
a solicitor fur your contract
The Southweitern
Telegraph and Telephone
5 Reasons Why 5
You Should Trade at HER.R.ING'5
1. Best equipped Prescription department in Ellis
2. All Prescriptions compoiindjiJ by a thoroughly
qualified pharmacist.
3. Largest and most varied stock of Chemicals and
Patent Medicines.
4. Quality—best quality—a quality that makes this
Drug Store the safest and best.
5. The most economical place to do your trading.
We invite you to make headquarters at our store and
assure you that we will endeavor to make trading
The Herring Drug Company
Il WbeleMie ( Retail ftratfist· * North Side Sqetre
Pita for Economical Schools.
Mb. Editor:
I see in the Light β "Petition to
the city conncil to order an elec
tion to cee whether or not the city
would float enough bonds to build
ward academies of modern date and
make, and to displace the Park
building as an academy."
It would take near *<0,000 or $40,
000 to build these several academies
of modern date; it would take three
or four times as many teachers as
at present to run these schools;
their salaries must come from some
where, they cannot live on poetry,
romance and air. We have a rail
road debt of something near $40,
000, of which wo are reminded every
year by our tax receipt. To place
these schools on a modern basis, it
would take in the neighborhood of
$40,000 or 900,000, and together with
the railroad debt would be to ask
the city of Waxahachie to assume a
debt of $<>0,000 or 170,(ιΪΛ, at least,
and not a dollar in the city treas
ury. Now in consideration of a fail
ure of crops last year and the out
look not bright for a crop this year,
and the extreme scarcity of money
circulating in the city, I think this
petition ought to be indefinitely
postponed; for when farmers fail to
make crops, towns and cities fail to
have money; for the reason that
farming is the basis of all prosper
ity. When it fails everything else
fails. I am in favor of schools, but
prudence, judgment, economy aud
common sense ought to be the rul
ing thought in the creation and
maintenance of all schools. While]
1 favor schools, I equally oppose
bankrupt towns or cities.
I will offer a suggestion or a sub
stitute, if rou please. Let an expert
examine the Park school building,
point out its deficiencies of safety,
ι and its needs of accommodation for
pupils, and cost of the same, then
let an approximate estimate be made j
of the cost to put every sidewalk for
pvptv till nil
which would aid every pedestrian
also) in good shape, leading to this
grand central building with its beau
tiful 10 acre campus; then I will ad
vocate for the city to assume bonds
enough to consummate the ends of
this suggestion or substitute; then
you would have a building and side
walks that would add beauty, at
traction and splendor to any city,
and a standing monument for the
cause of education.
City Fathers, this petition before
you calls upon the tax payers of
this city to confront a grave ques
tion, viz : to assume a debt of thou
sands of dollars, and not a cent of
money to meet it. City Fathers,
"Think twice before . you speak
once." PaBLTA. _
$100 Reward $100.
The reader» of !bl« paper will be pleaded to
learn tbat there I* at lea*t one dreaded d· «-aie
that tf>eee« ha.* hxen able tc curf In all II»
•tajee, and that I* Catarrh. Hall » Cjtarrk lure
la tbe oclj poouive cure known to the B>cdc-I
fraierait? Catarrh being a eonntltuilooal ilm
ease, recuire» a constitutional treatment. Hal'"»
C«larr1i Cure ι» taken iniernallj, aci η < J rec ν
upon the b'ood and mucou» »urra. ■» of the »>»
tee. therein denirojm* the foundation of me
dneaae, and jjmna the patient Hrep.jtu h) uui'd
laf up tbe eoo»'Hutloo and a«"«letin* nature m
domf It» work. Tbe proprietor* ha\e »o tnncB
faith ia lia curative power», ι hat thej ofer One
Bundled Dollar· for any ea e thai It tail» to
Mr·. beod for Ιι«ι ot tmimonlal».
lûdrr-v ¥ J. CM ΚΝΚΪ Λ OU , Toledo, Ο.
Sold by l>rux^ist». Tic
Ball's Fas j Pill» are tbe be»t.
Reversed and Remanded.
In the court of criminal appeal·
at Dalla· yesterday the tax· of
John Kee· was reversed and re
manded. Keet wa· convicted in the
district court here on a charge of
aggravated assault and fined $2T>.
He is alleged to have taken part in
the aeaautt made on T. L. Bentiy
by Ed Durrett at Osro several
month· ago
A Severe Cold For Three Month·.
The following letter from A. J.
Nushuam, of Ratesville, Ind., tells
it· own story. "I suffered three
month· with a »ev«re cold ' A drug
gist prepared me some medicine, and
a physician prescribed for w. yet I
' did not improve. 1 then tried Foley'·
Hooey and Tar, and eight doses
cured me" Refuse substitutes.
Hold by 1$. \V Kearis.
Brann'a Daughter Married.
At Waco Tuesday night Miss
Orace Branu, daughter of the late
W. C. Brann, was united in mar
riage to Mr. M. W. Cornelius. Sec
retary W. M. Lewis, of the Young
Men'· Christian Asaociatl »n of
Waco, performed the ceremony.
Raw or Inflamed Long·
Yield rapidly to the wonderful
curative and h-altug qualities of
Foley's Honey and Tar. It pre
vent· pneumonia and consumption
from a hard settled cold on the
iunga. Hold by R. W. Fearis.
The new woolens for
spring are here. You are
invited to come and look
them over. It may be a
little early to order, but
not too soon to see the
styles and know about
them. Folks who know
what thev want will find
it here, those who don't
know what they want
come here because they
know that we KNOW
what they want. Artis
tic artisans cut the clothes
and trained tailors make
them. This is a strong
combination to go against
to the/man who wants
an ide;^uit : : : :
Mr. Jo Brown, our
cutter, will be gla.d
to show U through
'TtffikiJîuâ CIctfctû.
for Fine, Reliable
Texas Midland Railroad.
A strictly up-to-date line.
"Nothing too good for it# pat
Κ levant coaches, splendid diuiuer
cars, Serving meals a la carte al
reasonable prices, and first-clas·
cuisine, all go to make a journey
over the road a pleasure long to be
Close connections made at junc
tion points to and from all points.
Full information regarding rate·,
time cards, Pullman reservation·,
etc., will be cheerfully furnished by
by any agent of the Midland or the
undersigned on application.
F. B. McKay, G. V Α.,
Terrell, Texas.
Crop and Chattie Mortgages now
in stock. Orders filled for any quan
tity desired. Also bill of sale book·
for stockmen. The Enterprise.
If you buy medicine at Oriental
Drug 8tore, yon get it right. They
sell John R. Dickey's Old Reliable
Eye Water, because it is an hone·!
medicine d'.Miw®
Ill II
The Krause
Taylor Big
C O/tn ρ a η y
^^^resentm# the Popular
In HU Own Successful l'lay
In the Charming American
"MIMI « JR."
Popular Prices; U>, 'ώ, Jô A 50c
Grand Family Matinee, Sat*
unity Afterneea at 2:10
Secure Your Heats Early. . . .
Nov on Bale at Fear is'

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