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th· Want Cou mk it working
SB rtiht along. Daily Lihht
Waxt Anvr.HTiHKMKWTB work
MB all th· time, building business
for th· wlae advertiser. If
you want to rant roar house or sell
Anything, um a Want Advkrtimf:·
mkkt. The Want Cou mn I· read
byjnearly all the people of Wax»·
FOR plain sowing L^ee Mr·.
211 Weet Main street.
MRS. ». K. 8HELLITO ha·
opened a dressmaking parlor at the
home of Mrs. Ous K*mble, where
she would be gla«i te have tier,
friends rail. Ail kfc^* of
executed neatly ai d afruratolv. Λ
full lin· of sanipl·· dress goods and J
trimmings from Harris, of Dalla»,;
is earri»<l for ladies to makr· »··!»·<·-j
tk»ns from.
ROR RENT—Two d4eUW houses
on Rriggs street. Oui/ 7-r%*)m and ,
one 5-room. H. L. Wyatw tf
DRE Mr». C. J Origin* for ladies
suit· made to order. Τ tf
RHINO IT HACK Last Saturday
•»m· one took from th» »Id«"walk in
front of John C. Oib^>i^ r«a!dencej
• bundle contain u>k ψ t>«»y's suit.
Will th*· party kind!> return» asm»·
to C. W. Oibeon. / It
1 1 —■ ■* j
l.ADIEA-Mrs. C-JT Orlggs will
ht pleaaed to «how f· n her santplos
of spring suits. tf
TIME OK YEAR to bav» jr.urKew
lug Machine Thoroughly Cleaned.'
to «ave wear on macfiiriery as wril
sa youraeif Hrok«ri parts dupli
cated. Arthur Mark^ 's Oun and
Rieyele Bhop. Iml4p t
FOR REXT-Nk··!? furnlah·*!
i<»a, «ce»»
«ία (tut.·
Aîtou*. I 91
jr»*T KF< KIVF.D -Tb**ar/ lat*at
Una*» lo wriat hui, tr0tn 25c αρ. ;
Alao th« l»t*at to (•••Ufc, (II»» u· t
lo"i; If jroo do you'll »4>uy. W#»r'·
Ν«r CVntury titor» U
A. J. MOHELEY, «felo-arnan for
"Wlnon·" Mill· full »«>en»l*<aa h<>
•Iwy fend undrr*«i(. old 'phou* IC
Jl'HT RECEIVED TkrcrrliiMi
thing· In wriat ha*·*, ft«c> i"* «p.
Alao tha l»t*at In b+lpi (H*·- u· "fej
look; if you do yon U bov. Wur'· !
l'culiiry Sl»r«. j tf
FOR HAI.E « » s. ♦ type
writer, on* typ» "w/iw d»»k —eero- !
j araUvrlv !)··« jp><y<i» Will β·Ι11
chwp tot mh. Êh»· « Hilhwr. Hard
vmOtnpuy tf
J t'8T RECRIV KÛ TOMrary tfelaat
thtrxr· In wriat ι·*λ, 1τ·»ιη iV up ;
Alio tb· lal«-»t Iti Oiv* u* a:
look; If you do yotifl buy. Wc*r'·
X«w Century Htora. . if
WE WILL IfeLL ^r*;l p«p«r at
iiftlf prie* until *ol<| ^ut. Α larR«
and wf-il **aort*d <tV"k to !
from. Tb« Oidlftm (Itrdvir·· ('n. tf
A LA KO Κ HTtK'H ot afwlnfr ma- J
chlb· n»«-di*·, oil, 0*Ί(·, fetid «II
kind of aowlriir infe^tn»*· "itrat· al
*»u on hfetid at Am»l«^· Mualr
Hior*. / tf
FOR CUT FLOWElJjf »'hI trr».»-n
'fouie plfenta ··♦ MraaWlrd F<>rrwat,
4'Jt M our·»· at. Old |<Αοο· 1_'4; new ι
'phooa JOB. M !
_ ) A I
LADIES" «vu OEKJ* Clothing
Clofenad. Ropfelrad. tfi»· work
m town. Low<*at prér»*·. 2irt Ka»t ;
M»ln at. J. 8 P«rrln. /
W* atlU have « fln« <rfWtion of
fruit tr«w», berry plaut/ An* roara,
•Mr. Fhon· ua yoaf Aratit·. C. L. ·
ΚΜ| V tf
Making Y our
You can't fin*· η atandiuif In
th· bnaiuvaa world uni··· you α·«
Ui»in«aa printing. WV w«tcb lb·
idMi ud atoek pat Into printing ·<>
that yon get UiobMt. Th· eoet nod
th· vain· nrt each na trill giv· yon
pleaaar· in aaing moi paying for th·
work you g*t from a».
Enterprise Job Office
' ΤΒΐΚτ '
Called to triter at Moon Thoredaj
by Mr. Frye.
fv»tj4Ui af Thee Eater m Thelf
Ten· tf Blx Tears, Aaoaf The·) |
Bel at the Maeh Dlscasee*
H»~i ef rtah.
Washington, March β.—The Ualted
State· seaate at noon Thursday met
la special muIoo called by the pre·
Ident It waa an interring event. a·
such aeeaions do not usually occur ex
cept when a prealdent of the United
States la inducted Into office. at the be
ginning of each new oongresa, and tbtf
waa the flrat eeaalon of the senate ot
the Fifty-eighth eongreaa The oatb
m administered to twenty-alx sena
tor·. who take office for six years.
The senate being a continuous body
Its officer? bold until their successor»
are chosen, so promptly at noon the
body was called to order by President
pro tun Krye. The scene was a bril
liant one and not unlike tbe opening
of every session of congress The gal
leries were ailed at an party hour ami
In the family and reserved galleries
were friend* and relatives of the new
senators. The desks of the new sen
ators t*>uld be distinguished by the
wealth of flowers which had been pro
vide.! Th«· la\ mhnru of the admirers
was shown by the fact that desks and
even chairs in some Instance· were
completely burled under huge floral
(»inrp mau ur-a.iUfui wcjueii».
After the Invocation Mr Bennett,
the secretary of the senate, read the
proclamation of the president ««'nveu-1
ing the senate In extra session
Tbe names of the newly elected sen
ators wer# called alphabetically, and
each was escorted to the desk by his
colleague As soon as the namea wer«|
called there was applause in the gal
lerles That given to Mr. Gorman wa*
especially noticeable. I
it ta the ' ustooa to rebuke appause in
the galleries, but Mr Frye. the pee·!
dent pro te» overlooked the demon
"The chair." said he, "Is especially
lenient to tiie galleries ?tiI* morning."
and then he received a round of ap
pi au se
Messrs Spooner and Allison receiv
ed generous applsuae as tbey were es
e*>rte<i to the ri«»«k
Mr Smoot of t'tah subscribed to the
oath with an emphatic l <Wi *ir> ot»
jnctUiti was made to hi» taking the
Mr Cannon a speech in the bouse of
represented*1»» Wednesday morning In
presenting the conference report on
the general drfi<-incy bill in which he
(barged that the «enate conféré*· had
resorted to Vglsiatl* blackmail and at
tacked tb· rules of the senate formed
the sub)e«t of some fervid remarks by
Mr Tillman and by tbe senate confer
ee> Hale. Allison and Teller
The senate at 3 IS adjourned until
1 ftMt) e( MaU
Kr.rui Trip ml |urn»«r.
Wa*blog<<>o. Marth β. — Lieutenant
Oeneral Mile· liai a king talk with
Secretary Hay »tk:>at t!i* general's re
c«-nt trip around the world. In the
<v>ur*»· of that tour General Mil*·· ha I
o· ' salon to visit many I'nlted State»
«•ml··»*.··» ami it-nation» moreover, he
hail an opportunity during hi* ctay
in ('b ut to take do·»· not·· of the alt
uatkin In that country, a subject of
pM tjllar interest to Secretary Hay
just now
Aa for the strictly military no'es
during bis e*t ended tour. General
Mile· has Included them In a «perlai
report to the president through the
secretary "I WBr " ·■ BO' known yet
Whether ft Will be deemed politic to
make tbe report public In consequence
of Ita (tearing on Internationa! mill
tary condition*
ProUil'fi! V%'·»#· lh« Iα Ha«» »
% *»l# ·♦*» ·!*·» >«»Hiltt4(U»it,
Wash ngton I) C , March β - The
president* *ent the follow leg homlcs
tlons to tbe senate
William D Crura, collector of ens·
torn·, district of Charleston Β C..
Page Morris. t'nlted States dl*trict
Judge district of Minnesota; William
M Byrne. 1'nlted Stale* attorney d »
trtct of I >·· I a * a re. William A. I»ay.
District of Columbia and Milton l>.
I'u.-tly Minnesota. aa»n>iant attorney
general; Samuel I' Wilson, post max
te ι at Macon Mo
The nomination of Cram was report
ed adversely by the senate committee
of tbe Klfty-aeventh («ingress His
re nomination w.II be referred to the
•am* committee, but owing to change*
la tbe personnel of tbe committee the
president expect* a favorable report
on It.
It l« under stood to be the yreai
dent'· Intention not to eierclae »pe<
lal inflneace u> se-ure favorable ac
tion on the nomination. In tbe event
o( ita rejection by tbe aenate it la un
likely that tbe appointment will be
renewed It la simply the desire of
the president to bave a vote of tbe
aenate on the nomination. He fklnka
tbe appointee ·.* entitled to that.
Umn te K*tct Cwltlv.
Ardmore. I. T.. March ·.—The In
dlan police passed through Ardmor*
en route to Hewitt, where tbey go tu
evict a number of cattle because th«
owner haa mused to pay the tribal
tas. The police have instructions not
to accept the las from the stockman
owalac the cattle, hut to re more them
from the nai.on.
ι —-——
Bill Tmmm BUI Apyrvpriatlna t U>f
Abm»« fer TM FvryoM.
Austin, March ·.—The house passée
ttw sénat· Mil appropriating flSO.OOC
(or the purchase of timber lands neat
Rusk and the erection of a Mi^-toe
iron furnac· at the penitentiary at that
Both branches of the législature
Thursday pat the finishing touche «
a lot of material that has been In
course of preparation.
The following bills were finally pass
•d sad will now go to the governor.
Bill appropriating {150,000 to cob
tlnue and enlarge the iron Industry at
Rusk penitentiary.
Bill authorizing employment of ι
bookkeeper at Confederate home.
Bill for extermination of prairie (
dogs (This bill was amended by tb#
house and probably will go to confer !
ence )
Child labor bill Senate passed it
naantmousiy. |
Bill prohibiting the working of train
men more than sixteen hours
Bill providing a state board to ex
amine iawyers.
Bili authorizing the purcnase of th<*
8t. Louis Southwestern Railway com
pany of the Texas and Louisiana rail
way passai the senate.
The governor signed the following
House bill making appropriations
for deficiencies in the appropriation*
heretofore made for the support of
the state government.
House bill providing for extension
of the corporate limite of any town or
village Incorporated for free school
Μ·η Ar« to Hold PUf*# t'ntii
Tlvn« of Filing
Austin. March 6.—A resolution was
Introduced several days ago and has
pitsiMru iu both uOll»·"» rrïâilus tO tîir
defective manner in which land la be
ing filed on throughout many counties
of western Texas. It was stated that
a riotous condition existed at many
places, where homeseekertt were belg
prevened by force from filing on lands.
Mr Miller wired the sheriff o* bis coun
ty to find out how things were going
In Howard county. The answer was
all is quiet.
Representative Miller said in connec
tion with the iand matteis that many
rich people are employing big. strong
men to stand at the door of the filing
office. holding their place until the tim··
of Sling "Some of these men get $10
a day," continued Mr. Miller, "for hold-j
tng a place at the door, and their board
la thrown In. Speculators are hiring
men to hold places at the door and
they expect to sell that pla<e later on
for a bonus. Some places have been
held since the Bret of September.
»·■< MmIIi·! ml (k· liraMl lixljr ml (Mil
Γ «11·** I· B» Tktr».
Dall·*. March β—The κ rand lodge
of the Independent Order o( Odd Pel
low* adjourned Thursday afternoon
It la declared that tt goes into the
history of the fraternity of Texas ax
having seen by far the beet attended
and largest meeting ever held.
The ne*t grand lodge will be held
at Sherman, the contest over the
place betng somewhat spirited Hep
rewentatlve* from Fort Worth, lieau
mont and Sherman each presented the
claims of their respective cities, and
after some discussion It «as Anally
awarded to the last named town.
The mileage and per diem commit
J tee was buty paying the daims of rep
r «tentatives It la estimated that
I about was paid out to grand
lodge representatives for this purpose
and about f£(KK> to members of the
Kebekah assembly.
l'»i>tBK>ri ΑγτΙψψ.
El Paso. March 6 —After being snow
bound 100 hours in drifts sixteen feet
is depth near Santa Rosa. Ν. M . three
Roc k Island passenger trains were res
cued and the half famished passenger»
were brought to the city There were
nearly tw passengers on the trains,
men. worn·!) and children. and their
suffering waa so intense that the situa
tion finally became desperate.
rrait ud Trnrl (ira«»rt.
Nacogdoches. Tex . March β—The
ι East Texas Fruit and Truck union was
organised with the following officers
! J. B. HulT Palestine. president; J W.
Waltmat;. Jewett. νi< e president, Sam
Η Dixon. Houaton. seiretary-treasur
er Next meeting will b«< held the first
Tuesday In September at Palestine
Resolution was adopted urging appro
priation foi St Louis fair exhibit.
four Nogro#· ΚI II# J.
Jacksonville. Tex. March < — Reporta
of a shooting state that tour negroes
were killed and eight seriously wound
ed In a crap game Thursday on the
Texaa and New Orleans railroad, some
twenty mile· east of thla place Sever
al of the wounded are not expected to
Thirteen C«n W r»<-kod
Temple, Tax.. March β.—A bad wreck
•ccurrwd to a Santa Pe freight train
la charge of Conductor Esnm near Kll
leen. on the San Angalo branch, at 1
o'clock Thursday morning Thirteen
eara of tie· left the track and piled up
ta the ditch.
ItokM ml l*rf« ■«·■».
Marshall. Tex.. March t.— John R
M alone, a merchant of thla ctty, was
"touched" aa he waa boarding the
weetbound Tet.aa and Pacific paaaen
rer train by plckpocketa. who got
$nw in New York exchange, and $30
la currency
Fort Uwlh fal Hwt Skew.
Port Worth. March «.—The seventh
annual fat stock show opened with
splendid exhibits and a good atten
dance. The afeow in being held under
covering at the new itecl yard·
g|||>u TWn VMMb Nn. CtJm m4
T*kN Hte ft·» Life.
Henderson, Κ y., March β.—Allen
Melton, a well-to-do fanner, who Wed
nesday night fatally wounded his step
daughter and shot Mrs. John Culver,
committed suicide Thursday In a
barn when he found the building sur
rounded by bloodhounds which had
been sent in pursuit of him. Melton
Wednesday night went te the home of
John Culver, where his step-daughter,
Mary Melton, sixteen years old, was
spending the night. Culver was sway
from the house. Melton entered and,
seeing hie step-daughter, drew a re
volver and flred two shots at her Mrs.
Culver ran into the room and Melton
flred, the ball passing through her
longs. He went to home of Dr. I.at·
ta. two miles away, where he remained
all night. Early Thursdsy morning he
went home and Morganfleld's blood
hounds trailed him to a barn When
he heard them coming he swallowed a
large amount of parin green and then
shot himself through the head, falling
dead Two weeks ago. It is said, he
tried to hang his divorced wife, and
it is believed he returned to Union to
kill his wife, and this is thought to be
the reason he did not commit suicide
when he shot the girl.
Slain by Hi· St«p»on.
El Reno. Okla., March Λ—J. B. !
Floyd of Canadian county, was shot !
and killed by his step son, E. A. Put- !
nam.during a family quarrel.
Pro«l<lM CioM Medal· fop the Mother* of
I.srg« I'amilliHi,
Harrisburg, Pa, March 6.—Mr
Bluml« of Canton county, the father
of eleven children. Introduced In the ;
house a bill to "subsidize large rami· i
lies and to provide for gold medals '
for mothers of large families."
The bill provides prlxes ranging
from $10 and a medal to cost 110 to
$50. and a fifty-dollar gold medal to
mothers of families ranging from nine
to 15 children. The seventh son or
daughter born within the state shall
be educated at an expense to the state
not to exceed $500. The act shall not
apply to any woman who bas been
totally divorced or separated from her
O» Eirmlinf Ik· Bomvr I prUinf I*
l>r(»dx) H InBlMit I
Vlctorit. B. C., March β — According
to a dispatch received from Pekin. an
outbreak and <arnival of murder, <ex
Cieditg the boxer ootbreak. is regard
ed by many a* imminent. Correspond
ent· of Chinese paper· at Pekin are
■ending columns telling of the duplicity
Of the empreee dowager and of the
threatened outbreak. A Shanghai pa
per says that while the ptuprem dow
ager I· issuing edicts commanding re
forms on keetern lines and pretending
to initiate reform, she is secretly send
ing instructions to viceroy· and gov
ernor· prohibiting the introduction of
foreign methods in their jurisdiction
Over >»lo.
Guthrie. Okla . March 6.—The Okla !
homa senate passed over the gover
nor'· veto the bill repealing the oil in i
•pection laws of the territory. The
vifte wan 10 to 2. Senators Alexander
■ ml Web·ter \oting with the governor I
and Senator Mathews being absent.
U atfrworU Contract I .et»
South McAleater, I Τ . March β.— ,
The contract for the entire water
work* system of this city, including a .
mile and a quarter of sewer, was let
for I122.HM· The plant 1· to be com
pleted by October 1.
Corb^tt and Jeffrlr·· Mgn
I Baltimore. March 6—James J. Cor
bettt and Billy Delaney for James J
( Jeffrie·, met ami signed articles for a
flght for the heavyweight champion
! ship o! the world. It was agreed that
. the conteet take pla^e In California in
' July or August. under the au·
j piece· of the athletic cliib offering the
largest puree. The men are to spar
twenty round· to a decision, the win
ner to receive 75 per cent of the purse.
ι the loaer to take 25 per cent.
1 τ
Child lturtt*<l to lirait».
Hlco. Tex . March «—The Uttle
child of Mr and Mr» Bovd living near
Duffau, was burned to death The
child caught fire playing in some
ashe· that bad been thrown out.
<>i»ru lu Visitor*
Fort Worth, March 6.—The new
parking planta were open to visitors
for the Brat time Thursday and many
inspected them
Killed Him mkI CrtHmlnl IUmI;
i City of Mexico, March 6.—The char
coal burner· on the Son a Hacienda,
having a disagreement with their fore
man, Joan Guillermo killed him and
cremated the body. Their method «ai
rather original as they proposed mak
injc a barbecue. The body was placed
in a pit and a hot Are built over it
1 and kept going for ten days. The
men have not been arrested, having
, fled.
Referred to I'oBimtt I».
Washington, aMrt h β—The bu»l
aeaa of the executive session of the
•eaate Thursday constated in referr
ing all the treaties before the senate
to the committee on foreign relations
aa<! la referring the nominations sent
la to the committee which will pa«s
upon them
Uh llnlk TkarMui
Mazatian M ex. March C—There
««re one plague death Thursday
Bai Jo·*, Costa Mica. March
Vary Kev. Carlo· M I'lloa, bishop
afcect of San Jam, la 4m4.
Om Minute Coufh Cure gives relief in
M minute, because it kills the microbe
which tickiee the mucous membrane, caus
tag the cough, end et the seme time cleers
the phlegm, draws out the inflammation
end heal· end soothes the effected perte.
One Minute Coufh Cure strengthens
and te e bt
wards off pneumonia
end never failing cure in ali curable
of Coughs,
Cor ttttla (tri w
a aoddaa «ad tyijfctretadk of croup. 1 aSefchr
aad pn
a bottle ο< OakJfinrte Couth Cor· nd gava
bar three 4om half m hour «put. The croup was
«ceedily reoorsred. 1
i«h Curi
pnlM One Minuta Oaueh Cura too much «1er
what It has dona in our Uraitr — A L. Spsfford, PW
mztsr, Chaster. M'eh.
Sold by B. W. Fearie.
■ρ· — «M· M.
, If lu» wpviy th·
■AftVBL, accept no
Mbtf. tmi Mitd aump for H
juetnuad bocfc ■■■»!. H glw
foil partirai*?· fceà (Hrurtknm tn
#ahtf»ki* 10 ladfe·. MAKfBL €*·.,
Βlt>e.Room fiODTiM» New Yoa
Your Soil Cleaned * Pressed for $1.0
Yoar rants Cleaned 4c Pressed for .4·
Yonr Faut· Sponged * Pressed for .11
Rotas UcMimTs Misfit Parte,
Middle »f eeatMBM· Wsntbackl·.
Devenport ù Patton
Up-to-date Ripe and Teams. . 1 c-arTi J/
Attention to Bearding Horses
Also have at our stable one of the Latest Electric .
Horse Clipping Machines.
Phone No. 2
$3.00 WE PAY THE FREIGHT $3.00
And deliver to your nearest express office 4 full quart bottles of
the celebrated : :
Γροη receipt of cash or money order. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded. Refer you to any bank or
merchant. Established in 1881
ΗΤΊ . _ ., .Ί JT. _ Wholesale Liquor Dealers
• ΟΓληΠ Ο) V_/0· . Forte Worth Texas
Absolutely I? resh and Cheap
as can be bought in the city
What is this Man Good For?
He is a nrrvoot wreck. Hi· life la
a burden to himself, and hie preaeace
a dread to hia family and friend·
Hia Irritability is ruining
hie bnaineaa, and hia con
•tantly increaaing miaariea,
real and imaginary, art
driving nim into the
gTave. This unhap
py man ia only one o'
a million in America
ΙΓ there were no re
lief for their con
dition they might in
deed pray for death
Bnt Nervousness an«
it· morbid h or r ore
are vanishing before
the marveloua work
of advanced science
CLippman'e Great Remedy") overcomes at once the acute symptom· of
•very form of Nervous Dfiangeaent, and soon makes the patient robnet
and ambitious. P. P. P. is the best combination of green root· and
barks that was ever put together for the cure of Weakness, General
Debility and Nervousnew. It is a good tonic and the beat Blood Purifier
in the world. P. P. P. is Nature's specific for Rheumatism, Dyspepsia,
Catarrh, Malir·^ andafl forms of Blood Poison and Scrofula, whether
ia adulta or ch-.iiTfr.
P. P. P. is s,olc by all druggists —fi a bottle ; six bottles, $y l
Lippnian Brothers, mKv»ua. Savannah, a*.
He might be—MUCH!
Will tfaiston & Company
w ilTappreciate λ our order* tor anything in
the[line of Groceries and Feedstuff*,
Free delivery Store on College «tree
Homeseekers Φ
$25.00 ÇJll> California
CommeueiiiKiKebruary 13th. Connection witfa Touriat
Care. UratKkit bwMrjr. Ltivv Fort Worti 9:J0
p. ui. on the hudiuniMt train from TVxa*
Direct Line to
Chlcagq/Kansas City, Omaha, Denver
Des Moines, Wichita, Lincoln,
Saint Paul and Minneapolis
Beat Meals W.,H. Fifth, G. P. ifT. Α.,
On Wheels '·* worth, T«M

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