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few pairs ladies $2.50 straps
we now have on sale for
they are worth $2,50 but the
scarcity causes the fast mov
ing price to go on them
The Foot-Fitters.
$20 China Dinner Set
Owing to the loss of the ticket entitled
to our $20 Dinner Set to have been
awarded March 1, we have decided to
give you another opportunity at it.
Commencing today we will give a tick
et to every person over 15 years of
age calling at our store, award to be
made ------
Don't lose your tickets. We cannot be responsible for tliem.
East Side Square, Waxahacl i^, Texa>
C.N. Anderson
is now readv t<> repair and put your
buggy and carriage in shape f<»r the
coming spring Rubber tire work r.
5uk< ji;ON : :
At Conde Moslev's
W&xahachie Ί fxas
An :»d. in tii«» Daily Light want
bolmun will hring the desired result.
A JSure Tiling.
it is said thai nothing is sure ex
cept death and taxes, hut thai is
not altogether true. Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption is
3 sure cure for all lung and throat
troubles. Thousands can testify to
that. Mrs. C H. VanMetre, <»f
Shephi-rdtnwn, W Va., says, "I
hail a severe case of Bronchitis and
for a year tried everything I heard
of, but got no rul ·ί. One bottle of
Dr. King's New Discovery then
cured uie absolutely." It's infalli
ble for Croup, Whooping Cough,
Grip, Pneumonia and Consumption.
Try it. It's kriiarantwed by Herrinif
Drug Co., Druggists. Trial bottles
"rce. K*g. sir.es Γ»0<·, $1.00.
Weather Forecast.
Tonight and Wednesday partly
cloudy to cloudy weather and prob
ably scattered showers.
Η Alkkkl* Dknmson,
Something Practical.
In cannot bp said of those w· ο
take a business course iti Τ y 1er Col
lege that they will have it all to
learn over airain when they go into
actual business. Ιί^ττ:ϊ?9Ι . ,Rim
Students learn to d«> by doing,
there what they must afterwards do
in the actual busines-. atTairs of life. ;
They actually transact every item
of business that goes on their books. !
The knowledge of business they
get is worth mure t · an a knowledge
of how to keep its books.
The school is said have the larg- '
e«t :»tteiidance and the most exten
sive business offices to be found in
the South. It has also exclusi e
right fur the famous Hvrne Short
hand m Texas. We believe it will
j>ay any of our youη g people whn
may wish t<> utilize the spring and
summer months in preparing to !
earn better wages in the fall to ι
write Tyler College at Tyler, Texas, j
tor free catalogue and full particu
There is something s<· iniensely
practical about everything there
that it cannot but command the re
spect of intelligence.
We have often thought something
akin to this would be grand in con
nection with the public schools
May H)—Commencement exercises
begin at Trinity ('Diversity.
June 5 —Commencement exercise*
begin at I'ark High School.
J une tj—Special road tax election
for Ellis county.
June lti.—Three days' session of
the North Texas Medical Associa
tion in this city.
July Ten day's session of the
Waxahachie CI autauqaa «' .1 Sum
mer Assembly.
Snap-shots at the news

Brougham. 49
Brougham. 49
If you have a friend visiting you
phone the Daily Light.
The doctors must have good time
when they meet here in June.
The new Brougham meets all
trains. Phone 49. Conde Mosley. 50
Judge Ο. E. Dunlap went to Cle
burne this morning on a business
Nine only, different patterns
Foulards to close at 25 cents per
i yard, VV. A. Lanning. 45
Mrs. Μ. 'Γ. Knight, who was re
ported seriously ill last week, is
ι slowly improving.
The condition of Major G. J.
j t'enn, who has been sick several
weeks, continues to improve.
Phone for 49 and the new rubber
tired Brougham will get you. Conde
Mosley. 49
Swell rigs at all times. New bug
gies, horses and harness. Phone 4!i
! Conde Mosley. 49
Yours f « j r (|Uiek service. New
j rubber tired Brougham to ride in.
Phone» 4'.«. Conde Mosley. 4'.i
Did you ever ride in an easy rid
! ίηκ carriage·' Phone for the new
I rubber tir«d Brouidian,. Conde j
! Mosley. 49 |
Why w.ilk, when riding is so
cheap in a ι:ί* Rubber Tired
Broughan . Phone 4(». l'uml· Mn*·
ley. Γ4)
It di»p» ni t cost you any more to
rid»· in th^ new Brougham than
the oldest carriage in town, no phone
me yourorders. C'onde Mosley. ~Ai
Tlie new rubber tired Brougham
makes a specialty of afternoon and 1
evening· receptions, balls, weddings,
as v\ ■ 11 as ;t!l train « alls. I'hones 49
if you are expecting a visitor'
phone me and I will see that they
ar·' brought t·· your home m one of |
the nicest ι arriages in the state, j
Conde Moule). 4'.*
Are you going awa> this morning,
this < ven; :ig, tonight tomorrow or ι
next week? If so phone 4'.' for the 1
new rubber t r" Brougham. Conde I
Mo-ley 49 j
Ν ni»- only, different style patterns,
l'onze.· silk, beautiful colore, we
wish t>. close at Η» rents i*r yard.
Call early to get fir·»! selection. \V.
A. Lanuing. 40 ι
The first train ott the Η Λ T. C.
from t ne new dep«»t, of mornings, Is
the t> "J4 westbound. We n>eet it.
Phone lor the new Brougham. Conde
Mosley. 50
Loyal Musgravn, son of Mr.
M. Musgrave, is rejmrted to be in
very poor health at Hhreveport, La.
His mother will leave with him for
Florida as soon as the young man is
able to travel.
The White Transfer Company this
morning received from the factory a
handsome baggage delivery wagon.
The addition of this wagon to their
service givns this company excel
lait facilites for baggage.
The W. (J. Turner ijuartet return
ed from Fort Worth this morning
where tw<· or three days were pleas
antly spent at the home of Mr.
Turner. Last night Mr. Turner
gave a barbecue complimentary to
the young ladies.
— ♦>··♦»·
Attorney J. T. (Jill was Id Dallas
Sheriff Minnlck was at Enni* to
Hon. W. H. Fears was in Ennis
J. M. Cumbv spent yesterday in
Miss Mary Yeager was here today
from Italy.
Alonzo Mosely went to Dallas
this morning.
Mrs Jack Davis of Temple was in
the city today.
Deputy Sheriff Forbes was in the
j Milford country today.
Hon. T. B. Williams was a pas
senger to Dallas this morning.
Mrs. T. J. Files and Mrs. Walker
of Files were in the city today.
Judge M. R. Templeton left this
morning for Mineral wells where he
will remain a few days.
Miss Lucy French, who lias been
visiting lier sister, Mrs. J. W. Talk
ington, returned today to Waxa
hai'hie. —Funis New».
Mrs. T. A. Hunter and little son,
Hyde, returned last evening from
Kaufman where she was called two
weeks ago on account of the illness
oilier sister, Mrs Kate Phillips.
She reports her sister improving
That's what our
H M Headache
an* for, t<> mak·- yon
forfeit your headache.
They du it, too,quicker
ιhuii any headache tab
let that we know any
thing about. Th*>y cur·*
the ache and leave no
hurt. : : : : : :
Price 10c and 25c
Bo! h Phone» So $4
1>«*ιαβ4Β Gannot οβ Oared
b) loci: application» a- :m; cannot ou» ih«
oiseased port kid of the rar Th»r» >♦ o«lj oo·
»») to cure and that I» bj ree»tiIut!or
a! rented ··■ Ix-afrir-· κ eumij Oj an ir.r*m*d
coédition ut 1 be nucout Imir,^ of lb» K»:u> an
Tub· *b« t hi* tub* get» mflaainl jrou ha»* »
rnirh f|Ç «n.irtf* or l·»» r » pd ·» h*·
it it tôt 'tali ti jm J .'Mfita 'tm It ;f| Hi t.a
m ib« )·(*»*!.«« ru m lud c.ti trd tblt
let» rartorad to ·»# normal co-.xM' cr. bitrie*
«III b» de«irr;jd for#<er nine run outof l«i ar«
caused t>j catarrh, wbicb i« nothing but ao In
Γ»m*t) contluton of tb« muctioa· »t*rface*
v»e mil give '>ne If un.! red l»oli»r» for anj raw
of de*fit>'~» "-au-ed b> catarrh - tbat can not b»
et,r« j b) Hall > Catarrh ( ur* far circular*
fr«e ► J. CHKMTY * CO . TeMo. U
M b) I>ruggt»tt. TV
Hall'· fasti) ftlUaralha beat
Veterans to Meet.
Kvery member of Wiunie 1>»τί»
Camp, No. 10», Γ. V. V., i» hereby
notified t<> attend our next meeting,
June l«t. Hueineas of Importance,
election of delegate» atid eponaor to
state reunion at Sherman in July
and report of delegat»-· to New dr·
lean· r· union. Hy order.
Attest O. A. Klnley.
H. M. Khodu·, Captain.
A Neat Compli ment.
A few month· back the Photog
rapher»' Association of Texas were
called upon to send a collection of
fcix picture* a» a representative of
work executed by the Texan pho
tographer κ. Mr. Kd Hudson was
selected as one of the number to
send a picture. They were forward
ed a few weeks airo to Milwaukee,
Wis., where they were judged by
the executive committee of the
state association of Wisconsin.
Yesterday Mr. Hudson received a
diploma which speaks for Itself in
ttie following extract
To Whom It May ( ourern This
is to certify that the executive com
mittee hat carefully examined the
photographs submitted by Mr. Kd
Hudson of Waxahachie, Texas, and
finds them of sufficient excellence
and artistic merit to be accepted
and hung in the art gallery, and
the Maine shall form a part of the
exhibit of the seventh annual con
vention of this association.
Married al Waco.
A. Ludlow of this city was last
night united in marriage to Miss
Ella Hardy at Waco. The ceremo
uy occurred at the Morrow street
Methodist church. Mr. Ludlow
has bought cotton In Waxahachie
several season· and la quite a pop
ular young man. Mis· Hardy is a
member of one of Waco's most
prominent families and la a very
charming young woman.
Triomphant Over Female Diseases!
Home Treatment with the Famous Prescrip
tion has Brought Happiness and Health
to Hosts of Suffering Women.
Intelligent and thoughtful women
are now using the beet and most re
liable of all spring medicines, Paine
Celery Compound, and are getting
back nervous vigor, pure blood,
bodily strength, and a ruddy and
clear complexion. The women of
our land who silently suffer from
female irregularities and dangerous
ills, and who spend fully half their
time in misery, will And in Paine'·
Celery Compound possesses pecu
liar powers for the strengthening of
the female organism. It brares the
nervous system, makes strong the
weak ma Ml Μ s» r.ery imp· rtMiit
organ. Victims of suppressed, pro
fuse or painful mensturation, lue
horrhoea, chlorosis, uterine infta
mation and other alimente common
with females, are quickly cured of
theae trouble* and annoyance·, are
made rigorous and active, and re
joice iu permanent health. Mrs. M.
A. Mrtrris, Tilton, Ark., write* for
woolen as follows: —
"I was afflicted with the whites
and irregular menstruation, %nd
tried several doctors, but found no
relief. A lady friend of mine ad
vised mt· to try Paine'» Celery Com
pound. I useti two bottles of vour
trreat medicine, and J am now a
sound woman, and ifive your won
lierfn! rj.tiitJil.r ell the... Cf.ert'JL _ I Wj f I
forever praise Paine's Celery Com
pound, it did m«* so much tjo<>d.·'
Jim Dumps provided for his heirs
That "Force" might he forever theirs.
"I can't do better with my wealth,"
He said, "than to Insure them health,
Clear brain, good muscle, nerve and vim I
And 'Force' gives these," quoth "Sunny Jim.'
Tb· Kofci.'-lo-Her»· C«nal
mattes good health
an heirloom.
S**4t, crUp flak·* of ckttl and malt.
A Dy»p*p<lo Ne Longer.
"A Rentlrman llrtn* In thin fill**»·, I A Wataon, ww ft tcr?at
•uffcrpr froul tbdtgecttou. He pur< !r<m> uin a [άοΜλ*? of
'Funxt' two or thr·* month* ago and ηω continu·*! umu« ' f -r< e
<*v -r moc··, ao<1 tua not ha l ιti»- al.trhtert eytuj>! nu of tbn ii.iw*aae
•lure. Joiira Hoop."
Will F^alston <5 Comp'y j
Will appreciate your or
ders for anything in the
line of Groceries, Feed
stuffs, etc. : :
Free Delivery Store on College St j
Chronic Invalids.
VVbea th« hvfr it torpid the rnttr» [K* blood *·
• «irultitl po'tja thru ot e> ! Sa( Ira ι ot Ltvct 11'.·
•u4 Τβ* at Ρ(Π«ιι «ft the oulj TmiA<ni ibu |ix«
th« 1 >«r juK ih« right tou<b and »tana Naiur» »
rork il» lb* right onnorr Th* Pit', totn Krt ibt
liver, lb« Pellet· loot th* lyttrm
itmpl· and BocKltl Τ rwm
4L Complete Treatment
»5*»Jf»»i ■»
IBL 6 G. N.ffl
International 6 Great Northern ♦
: Popular Φ Progressive
Superior Passenger Service
Through the Heart of Texas
Constantly Building
Enlarging and
Our Ait«n(t talt*· pleasure tii fdvlui oonipiet* information «bout
trav*linjr and arraiiiçluK elo®p*r reservation·
^Od Vice h»t 'Mer tins, t'tk Λ Tit ift
TaKe the "SAP"
San Antonio and Aransas Pass)
"d "Sunset Route"
Cor California, Mexico, and 'Oregon. Free
Hwlinniif Chair Car»,·*■<! » Through 81««i»«r
from W»c<· to Han λτΗοιιΙο A Mexico City
Kxt-ureion 81eep«r· from WVo to San Fran
cisco fact) Wednesday and Friday. Kate
per t>erth iu Lheae Bleepera nbont one-half
the rat* iu the Standard 81e*|>«r : : :
For Cheap Kate· to California, Illustrated
Literature, Keliable Information ami ail
Particular·, Write
Pats/Aft. SJA.'< A. P. Π. (0. P. A. "SaoiellHl*"
Wice, Texas
/ „

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