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tried Tryphosa yet? If you haven't, you (·
have missed one of the best goodies ever. è)
Tryphosa Jelly is a dainty, delicious des- é)
sert, literally made in a moment. It comes ·)
in many flavors and a great variety of ways.
Ask for the booklet, Dainty Desserts
at our store—it will tell you all about Try
phosa and its many preparations.
Can we send you a package in your next
order? .....
J. Β. H I Ν Ε, Si
Golden Gate Coffees
you get your money's worth
both in quality and quantity.
Leigh Brothers
Mosley's way ot attend
ing to all minor details
of the Cab ind Transfer
work is attracting wide
spread attention. All
vou need to do is phone
him your want- and it \
attended to promptly
and properly — perfectly
eliminating you from .ill
further bother. .
Phones 49
At a meeting of the school board
yesterday it was decided, In Tiew o(
the crowded coéditions likely to
obtain at the Park building, to allow
transféra to be made from that dis
trict to Wast Knd school until fur
ther notice. Any one living east of
Haw kin· street desiring to send to
Weet Knd building should see me at
once Vet y respectfully.
Walteh Acmk, Hapt
Î Pulpit and Pew J
♦ ♦
Ht. Pai ι/λ Β>ίμ4'οιάι..
Kev. \N. I>. Christian, Priest in
irbarg··, will hold service in Ht.
Paul'· Eplicopil church tomorrow
at li a. m. and 8 p. m. The Lord'*
»upp«T will be administered ία the
1 morning. Hunday school at 'J: iO a
m All cordially inviud.
Cm KiMTiA.N C'ii t m m .
You are moit cordially Invited lo
attend on ρ or all of the following
services tomorrow at the Main
StreetChrlstian church: Pre a· Ling
at li a. m. and 7: )U p. m. Hunday
school (i JO a. m. Christian En
deavor meeting U:J0 p. in. The sub
ject of morning itrmon will he
"When the .'rflOO were fed" and at
the evening hour, "The Hjly Spirit
and HI- Work "
Chalmers McPhersoa, Pastor.
Fikmt Pkkhmytkkian Chituh
Hunday school 0:46 a. m. J'reach
ing at 11 a. m. and 7:IM) p. in.
J.N. Jvy, Pallor.
Mkthoiiiht I'HI RI H.
•J:.*) a. in., Hunday school. 11 a.
111., pleaching hy Pastor. 4:;i0p. m.,
Junior League. 0:4j p. m., Senior
League. 7:4.*» p. m.t preaching by
Pastor. Let all of the members try
and be present. All have a cordial
welcome to these services. Miss
Kuby Blake will sing at the II
o'clock service.
We will sell you a machine on
such terms that when you have
paid for it you can't miss themoney.
Phone us. The Singer Office. tf
Fort Worth's New Morning Paper
to Receive Associated
Press News.
New York, N. Y,, Sept. 17.—For
the first time since the saspension
of the Fort Worth Gazette in 1)07,
Fort Worth is to have a full Alio
elated Pre*» and Leased Wire ser
vice. The directors of the Asso
ciated Press today elected to mem
bership Clarence Ousley. editor of
the Record, which is to succeed the
Register. The service will start
with the first issue of the Record
about October 1st, and will be iden
tical with the service going to the
Daiias News, the Houston Post and
Han Antonio Express.
Fort Worth's fight for the fran
chise has been interesting and some
times dramatic since Mr. Ousley be
gan the campaign last May. and the
happy culmination today has
brought him the congratulations of
all the newspaper people here, few
of whom believed he could win
without paying a large sum. The
situation was complicated with a
plausible appearance of vested rights
in the franchise by other parties,
and much credit is due to President
N'oyes, and Secretary Stone for the
patience and skill they have em
ployed in handling the matter.
With the full Associated Press
service and a joint service in com
bination with the Houston Post, the
people of North Texas may be as
sured that the Record will meet the
highest expectations.
The above is a copy of a special
which appeared in the Fort Worth
Register yesterday morning and
will be read with no small decree of
[interest here where Mr. Ousley
numbers his friends by the score.
This is the first scoop scored by the
Record a id the indefatigable w<>rk
of Mr. Ousley to secure the full As
sociated Press news service is cer
; lainly to be commended. As is well
known to newspaper readers the
Dallas News has held the franchise
for the Associated Press morning
news servie· over Fort Worth since
the suspension "f the Gazette in
1SU7, which fact has been a great
handicap to a morning newspaper in
Fort Worth, but n<m that this has
been rennved the Panther City will
have a metropolitan newspaper that
will not only be a credit to the state. !
but to the entire South.
Many designs In cut glass. Joe
A. Harris, the jeweler. 1
The Flinch Club.
The Flinch Club spent a most
[ "
pleasant afternoon yesterday with
Misses Eloise and I.aura McClellaiJ
at their pretty suburban home in
I nlversity addition. In the series
of games Miss Annie Kennedy cap
i lured the souvenir, a copy of Curtis'
"Potaphor Papers." The consola
tion, a teething riag with an appro
priate inscription, fell to Margaret
F.rwin. Mrs. Arch Thompson and
Miss Maud McClellan assisted the
hostess in serving an ice course be
fore taking leave.
The latest thing for ladles is the
dairger fob Joe A. Harris, the jew
, eler. It
Dr. Tabor Sends Letter to the
Health Officers.
Following i" » copy of a circular
letter mailed this week by State
Health Officer Tabor to every coun
ty aod city health officer in Texas:
On account of yellow fever exist
ing in several places in Mexico, in
cities near Texas, and wishing to
prejent its introduction into this
state, I request that you take up at
once with the proper authorities the
matter of sanitation in your commu
nities. I « specially urge that means
be adopted for the destruction of
mosquitoes, as these insects are
now known to be distributors of yel
low fever. The expense required
for the total extermination of mos
quitoes would be very small, and
the means very simple.
The free use of kerosene oil in
tanks, cisterns and pools of stag
nant water, or in sewers will effect
the destruction of these insects.
The oil should be used twice a week.
An ounce of refined oil put into a
cistern will destroy all wiggletails
and mosquitoes, and will not affect
the water. Crude oil could be used
in other place.
In addition to these methods fur
the destruction of mosquitoes, other
measures shouM be adopted for the
purpose of putting your cities and
town* in thorough sanitary condi
tion b> a (feneral cleaning up and
burning of all trash and refuse mat
ter and free use of disinfectants
such a* lime, carbolic acid, bichlor
ide of mercury and ashe». This
should be don»· for the prevention of
other diseases as well as yellow
As yelk w fever is near us, having
made its appearance <>u the border,
I respectfully request that this be
given your prompt attention and
that you take the matter up with
the proper authorities, and secure
also the eo-operati m of all your
Prompt and vigorous action may
prevent a disastrous epidemic.
Please impress upon your officials
the necessity of clothing you ;
with proper authority ana giving
you financial assistance to put these
measures into immediate effect.
The delav of a day may prove dis
Karnestly soliciting the prompt
co-operation of every health official
in the state, 1 remain,
Oeorge R. Tabor,
Si .it e H eal t ί 1 ι
St»·riiti.r silver »«' irt «.list s»'t>,
t>«*lt I'll:·· :tnd ; ;»! pins, nil new .1»
signs Joe A. Harris, the jeweler.
A Busy Day.
Κ very day is a busy day it. Warn
hachie just now, but business todav
appeared to be better than usual.
All day long the public square and
streets were thronged with cottoU
wagons and the buyers were kept on
the move the gp-ater part of the
day. Τ lie receipts today were the
heaviest of the Reason and the
price paid ranged from 10 to 1U'4
rents per pound. The business
houses were crowded with custom
ers and trad·' in most all lin»-s was*
it is rank and foolish to attempt
to remove sallowness or greasiness
of the skin by the use of cosmetics,
or "local" treatment, as advocated
by the "beauty doctors." The ouly |
safe and sure way that a woman
can improve her complexion is by
purifying and enriching the blood,
which can only be accomplished by
keeping th»· liv · r 1 · althv and ac «
tive. The liver is the seat of dis
ease and blood pollution. Green's '·
August Flower acts directly on the
liver, cleanses and enriches the
blood, purities the complexion. It
alao cures constipation, biliousness
nervousness, and induces refreshing
sleep. A single bottle of August
Flower has been known to cute the
most pronounced and distressing
case· of dvspetisia and indigestion.
New trial size bottle, lii cents; reg
ular sise, 75 cents. At all druggists.
For sale by B. W. Fearis. oaw a
If you kuow a pretty hand un
which you would like to see the
sparkle of a handsome diamond
ring come to see us. We can sup
ply one that will please and the
price will be moderate. Joe A. Har
ris, the jeweler. It
I will open a privât· school the
flrot Monday in OctoDer. Those
wishing to patroutxe will see in· aa
1 with onir a limited number. Will
begin a night school at the saint
time. T. B. ('riddle. It d-wj
Eighteenth Annual Entertain
ment—Sept. 26 to Oct. 11.
The Eighteenth Annnall Enter
tainment of the Texas State Kail
wilJ be formally opened at nine
o'clock a id., Sept. 2»>, l!M£j, by hie
Excellency S. \V. T. Lan h am, the
Governor of Texas, who will deliver
the address of welcome in the mu
sic hali on the grounds. The fol
lowing days have been selected and
set apart by business and benefici
ary societies for their annual con
ventions and general outings of
pleasure with their respective mem
bers. They are as follows:
Saturday, September 20.—Chil
dren's Day. All children under 12
years old admitted free on this day.
Sunday, September 27.—Sacred
Concerts. Grand Fre·· Parades on
the Grounds.
Monday, September l.sth. — Baby
Show Day.
Tuesday, September Wood
men of the World's Day. W. C. T.
U. Day.
Wednesday, September JO. Far
mers' Day — address by ex-Gov,
Jas. S. Hogg. G. A. R. Day.
Thursday, October 1. Dallas
Friday, October '2.--Educational
Day. All schools in bodies admit
ted at half price on this day. Con
federate day.
Saturday, October :s Traveling
Men β Day. the great evangelists of
Commerce aud Civilization. Also
Educational Day All schools ad
mitted at half price on this day.
Sunday, October 4. Sacred con
certs free grand parade on the
Monday, October f> Klk'e Day.
Tuesday. October li. Colored Peo
ples Day. Opening with a chorus
of .iuu colored children in Music
Hall, under leadership of Pro*. N
W. Harllee.
Wednesday, October 7. V. M.
C. A. Day. The State Athletic
Meet. Knights of Pythias Day.
ι Thursday, October sth.- Grocer»
Friday, October *. I Diversity of
Texas Day. Foot Bail in the Has·
Hall Park grounds.
Saturday, October !U. Red Men'*
Sunday, October 11 Closing Dar .
Sacred concerts, and Grand Free
Parade on the Grounds.
A Woman Hung
Around her husband's neck and
plead with him to take hie last win
ter's clothes and have them cleaned
and pressed.
Where too? Miller A Perrin's, of
course. Deputy old stand, south
sid·· square. Both phones .">!). 4b
Weather Forecast.
To-night and Sunday fair. Warm
er to-night.
friday, max VI, mtn. 4Λ.
I) Lonqhkkkk,
Needles for every machine in the»
world at the Singer ortlce. tf
That's the kind we are
selling. Another big lot
came this morning .
Clothing that will look
well, will tit you well
and will wear well. . . .
Prices from 510.00 on
up to 520.00. Don't buy
till you see us
With Ellie County ι Phone
Η ardware Company \ No. 8
W esson CooKing Oil
The î inest product ot
the refiners' art ... .
Will Ralston 6 Comp'y
Will appreciate your or
ders for anything in the
line of Groceries, Feed
stuffs, etc. :
Free Delivery Store on College St
Take the "SAP"
San Antonio and Aransas Pass)
«nd "Sunset R.oute'
Cor ('alifortiMexico, and Oregon Free
Reciimng Chair Car», and a Throatrh Sleeper
from Waco t<> San Antonio A Mexico City
Excursion Sleeper» from Waro to San Fran
cisco each Wednesday and Friday. Halt
per berth In theae Sleeper· about one-half
the rate in the Standard Sleeper : : :
For Cheap Haie* to California, IlluMtraled
Literature, Reliable Information and ail
Particular·», Write : : : : :
Pies. Aft.'SJA. C A. P. B Y. D. P. A. "Sunset Boute '
W«co. Tex··
and School
that day. . .
Remember we are anx
ious to supply you with
your school needs
School Books,
School Tablets,
School Pencils,
School Baskets,
Book Straps, etc.
We're Publisher's Agents
for school books and are
authorized to make ex
changes for old books. .
Come to us for school
L Drug
forJKiue, Reliable

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