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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, December 02, 1903, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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by tKat là*·*1 » *adu «Hf ..ση· ·1τ'»1 <m.
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WAN I Κ ι» α ι u>< >r ./w ι» »t
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W.4S <Μ· * worn··.. \4 ii-j t'»i·
w> (k ml ATS W»t»r *trr«-<L
ΚΚβΙΟΚΚ( Κ fwr 1-wi - * K<- ·
S AI Κ t>h KK V / ·. e« .
r«!oai hoe»··, rt%trt&. «l'y ·»
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i»i» vrO*r· tut Ll^nt'F· »tp H·'
Η mi kit. Η ι 1«W,
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L a Ι>IΚ 0 «i«u init' )>1^w ■ >#»»*·*
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w· ri lit «lu»* 1 ut»n t n(t< M
Ρ»»#·η é Hon •«oth »id· >'
A i «•.«■•r· iv»
'llki'Uà" .Mill· lull ·*»ι* 1»»· ♦ ·
%»»ry Miéuiti)»*·»', old ι >*—*.» ltw
- - -
*al« fcv pw-iDhjnU' ï
Pi HpJ<' Η»»*ο«.μ*ηι»τι
I'M·· vf*r Μ<·1··«·'· r>rii|: «Un
./ C. IjJHRKirsS,
Ai t-A w
ftVf t f ·« gt9l Cil Xtltekt» lu» k
feutl· <·1··ά·0 «ui1 Pra***« VI ·#
•nu Hponfftri »nd l'r····*) .'0
f*ela ( l(«9»d fend Pr»M«J W
ffebtfe KpoBt*J fend PrMawd Ii>
fhoii· u» kud wf> will (ijiui feud g»
τ our work fend ri«li*«r U ! r»f
Refis Lacklani's Misfit Parlor
ΙΙΜΙ(·ΙκΜΙΙι«4«ΉΜΐ· «tiUklM
Nothing has ever equalled it
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. King's
New Discovery
A Perfect For All Throat an<l
Cure: l.ung Troubles.
Mim| fcack If» rxl«. TnalSatUw ('··.
D e 1 ic i o its
Ice Cream;
Ipe Cream
Fresh Home
Made Candy
Chocolate and '
Fresh box Candy
WeMmiceR CaNv Kitcher
Patk*t»c ÎiKMkat taring f'onffntion
*t Rayon «'My,
Tkey Kntelop the l.aa' Sar*i*«r ·( !
the ι onferferate ('ikiut a« He
Started to Speak Willi the
l.o»t Carve Keener.
H j®or Γι» ".—The buug^vteja of
the <To::f*'#i"rd' y ινη» * »! «>rred lo
thf» < l*y for »h»!r ann'ial ailhe: ni by
City Herretary Brjrm K»v»rel report»
| w«t» γ»ίΊ The ror.\entior wan tail
ed to ' rit· by Mr» I V Κ B'.ar.dln.
pre»ldrnt of 0·.>η M R therts <hap
! ter.
When Juile. n>-.ir^ri tame on the
• tac» to dHlver » π addreea Ihe ladl'*
from Ihe slde« of It:* «la*»
a !<>r.r < '01.federate flag and
• ratified t around him. revering him
from h* a to foot Hurrah* were
heard for a Biomer.t (hen »'ih« »urh
»« < orrie from the merful h»art. were
heurd and leur* outaed dowt every
< h· e*. The mm» melte<| ihe »lroin»«t
h»./rt !>·Ι ΙιλrrJHer< h tef· *'re ne»n in
every hind «■ lh" entile audience
trembled *wth emotion It w.i» a rno
rrieiit that v»lll r>*»« tx· fortulltfi and
» ρ -ι ■ ih.it ι» «Miacted In few
1 The j>re««'r»'e of the lower of Tela»
« otinrtlimi jt *j<h gathering» a* III I a
Πμ ..(! iwjre |h,«n arv mere κι. la' end.
he de<-1are>| [i w a· Ih»- «ah.e «pirtt
of tortnr d· iy ahlih mark· J the
j*irt<on ir· '.he gT'at lOnltl· » taken l»y
»oulh»rn »ou>en It dr. l«te^ tl e(r
•J-eertnlfiation lo ie»'U' ih» name* of
Ihe hero».» from the , alumriy
Irtu efilrii leirtml hletorluna and the
er eti le· of the no'Jth hart ·I 'a ho"11 » ΙΙτ
·' ·»!ηjit e«i |o plr.r.re ibeni
&f*tjr Annual Cawtmwnieatîan
Α» Mala at iWttt
W Λ O I ir ' Tl - Stït» e ;fct a· -
» r «ι j ta» t»imi
Κ « ! Ι»» i(r ·.' Ma^oii* »Γ'·» art ■*«*·*
λ ι lei I '"t.*) «a' '«ο· f .ll«t»"*Jt · .
Mm:* - ■ re Μ · β ««4
Τ ■ * * »re r I !jf I»* · »··-» *, n · *4
<J S», retain *►.·.·. »
le' hl» ai » ■ ·
are til rr »- » ■*·»*»»
étale ·!(· ' ' *
'e-« m' ! he « J. e
m entf aaé a - *
|« Bf>» I » » »
ΦI *
· * ι
(•fan V y .
h» *a>· ·· ·
: line· I, · t · .
apor· ι · » ψ" ' · »
lit uf I · · a · - -
ll>*t ι ■«' r «' I' · . . _
aft e'ev'ik») '
W I I l^'IW ·>
nrl <· >« ·>'» · .· »'tt
faxrt > itii * ^ »· ι «ι
V· a h (r| » Κ e Λ
Τ·«/ Τ«ι) !>e. * "»'· ι' mti a4»
>ι-u WihiIi ·»>: ·-- ftav trare anaaa.Jlt·
·#··<< ·t»*a ea I "wr ^rf »a · I
OltK»l |>rrM»a .· e nan ha-fJi ato
trU^» »tu «ra» » -t M ui,<|e· I. M«
W ϋ M Ml a··»») e ψ toi» η·' ν ai fca*i>
a«n»'»heji4·· «■ ■· »f ti.· «^iwaitaai
«»»; i» ir a 4>ueer»> » · »o>* ' sr** Th»
r«t^ei· ·»' 'tf< I ear· a>r4 a pe^te·
». r»
;km city
at 0> C-aditaa
P'u«< In Η··>4· ·♦ Τ»ι RacOktra
• "V «*·< !»n. ? I"iu»n>-ta· <t1ID -ul
I*.»· whUh h»ga·. (tol'ilt( 'h· tf
.)A'aia >de· 1>η*ι» ih» » ?-tl»4nd
fujah III ·ι><1 l>>f *»h Η··! ta
Ν»» Taik ■ n*n III «g» «nil « hltlt
he\» t*»»t ι 4p)<1'· »( τ»«» η» . a »
I)·»» · pmuio M> ρ mlmli a'»il Κ
Ik· fartarwl ■ null· l»Wu f η®»·»«· κι «f
kit tba ywpwn . ·*ΙΓ·"»1 hi Itno » 11
Κι·η CHr. II!
Thl· ι·» ii whirl) f»und»«« I··
»«ι· »go b> D®» '» ha· ■ (M>t<iiUUon
at i»\»f I··#· I» th» general h»« f i'iar
tfi· fa: l*o»> ie> . bur. I and la aald
te r*t>r*wiit an Hfnlliiif .»f f.-aaaa

I'redaci. k k! III«unt i-aaltlet i»f tu»
Chicago N'attofial b.itik nnd Albert Γ)
Currton .· tau partner of ι'ot.g r eeainan
H»'jtelle ttri" ι«|>θ)>ΐ!ιΙ·ιΙ ι» ι-lvfra of
Ilia piOJ>eil> Theli ΙιηηιΙκ nar»· fl*»d
.·( IIHiMp h\ Jndg» Knhliitit iif ihe
Culled Hlat»a diairlii .«all * It ad»
Ilia H>i«iii>tin»rii >»k the petition of aev
ml it editor ·
Muat Stop Exhibiting
<*hlra(u Jw- Th· iwfitbtitl if
rnir of th» r«r bun bandit· lui >>-»n
on »*hlbltloh In ι Inn·· n · · nut for
da»» .\la»or H'arrWuit *rotr
!o (lir iiroprlptor »nd |<>M him Iha* In
In *h»· Intel i «t of lei «m in n»hi|i
ih- 'ihibllloti ahiiul I alt ιι·
niofv w> a a Ih* lirulli of Ι'Ί' II»·
T>fl»i oil added l«i th» ofT»n·»
Hard Faught F19M
IWWon LV»< : After One of the
haul»·! fought . iiiii» t* «»»n tn thia
> IT \ In re<-enl ye:im Marx in Huit of
tiUlivMIr khii given thv J>i-l*lon ov»r
Kfd Carter of Hi>»tkl)'n In a fifteen
round lieul al th» Criterion Athletic
club Th» Itthl » h atopp*<l by Kef
eree Ituckley within one minute of th»
time limit and wh-n tartar »a« nmrlj
• lit
Five Inthat In Alli|h(niti
Pumber'und MJ Dn . ï Th r» ara
flie Ini h<-a ttf «now In th» Λ: >gh< nl«*«
at Klkln. Va Vik'at d MJ n I Swi
ar»»t# Vu. Th · ·ιι p-rnt i · ι» ■· »«»·
tan d-irrv»-V ala>\ ·· i-rfl
Snflw in Mitiittippi
Ja< kton. Mi»« 1 >» Ζ Ηιιο» f II
her* TueaUay «turning breakm* the
record for thl* mat· at thl· t·umi
ut Mi* year.
Alabama Sen· ter Introduce a Tw· Pm·
iiiMfli t· Can·) MKtef.
Wnehintten. Dec. 2.—8em>tor Mor
gan introduced β iweWkm In the· «en
ate authorizing Ihe committee on in
teroceuni·· canal· to Inveetigate the
pert to hat> tn»n taken hy the
transcontinental railroad» In tbf- ieth
mlan canal matter and sl#o to Inquire
Into the plan* of the lnfro<*ank· canal
eommivsten. The preamble of Senator
Morgan'* flrst resolution called atten
tion to assertion* In publie Journal»
"representing public opinion and «.·*·
ercising leading Influence in »he great
political partie* of the I'nlted states"
that trans-contlnental railroad < om
pai.·-» h*\e <»ppo*ed th» public po!icy
and bw· of ihe United State# in re
aped to th» ratification of it- Hiy
Herran treaty.
Tfce second r-solu'ior. pro*. .1* * for
reference* to lh·· commit t·»» on inter
oc»anl< «anal* of the plan* for gov
ernment of the < anal adopted by the
iBtfroceanl' ' anal < onitniasioti and for
a review of th·* account* and plan* of
the inmml*«ion. It a*k* 'h<* lomratt
te»· to decide bet*e»n ihe plon* for a
«anal #ubmltl»d in reference to both
the l*at:atn;i and Nicaragua·! route#
In th»· preamble Senator Morgan di
re·!· at tent on ' ο the expenditui e« of
the iMbmlan · aiml >ommls>lon u|> to
the date of it* rtnal report to th»- pres
ident *# »tated in a repott from the
secret, rv if »r:il» dated January 10.
Sector Morgan th»n Im ;ud«« i.t hi#
resolution th» two plan» for < malt,
together with estimate· for tue >«.->lar
te* and < oinp< n*,itIon of «ffl· »r* and
emplove· and for animal# ve*#«ds and
othe· ngCMnary equipment Th» re
port that tlj Wl remain# <»f
the »un.« appropriated for ihe canal
eurva\ »·
Pro*'#ion ·► mad* In the r'solution
that lh» ommltte» on Interoceaoic
'anal# «-xamitie and report on all mat
l»f( refen-ed to in the repoil and alao
on the fol|o»li^ question*
1 Whether t»>e plan of governutent
aiK* sdiolriiftration of an l*thnilan <a
nat a# «et foith in ihe »-omml#«ioii#
plan r. ·!« *ud -<-o/v>o>. al »nd
**>ili adoption and in <k«l r»"i»e«*t·. j
If any t should be »(n*t»<1efi And to
•pott *iicfc a t»ian for the <vn»id»ra
'lui of ihe seriate a« will In 'h» 9pm
1 oc «·Γ ι tie ««ronnitt·* t·» »rt«e eafe and
·' <·η·'^ιΙ· a' ι
th-\ ■* 'I l'qy » «nrl ie· t
jaj· ■ » -.fn ' '« wi oijir In order '
>·» »· ·η'ι·*ι t*>e ava' .ne f α a'int>
fo .η i«lhn mi . ,i *1 e■l'ie· on the .
'"a Ç* ■·.« »iî th» \uaragii mulr to
tt aV* λ forth»· irvev < f »ith»r or I
b« h u »« <nd ■:,· approxin aS* j
#o»f nf * ι h survey* Including ih» *i*»
rtf ' j# or *<ir\r*Y« ,»retof re rι il·* 1
hv «η» l'a Γ Λ tu k ' * I laf I ι omtr '.«·♦<-■
~ It·» lh» lomoiliee in«jiiire and ί
t»h .t ».h>—h»·· an< »ïu*ndiiure» ha\e 1
κ»», η al» fot ijr Οι 'He l««hi« a n . a
' « « ο'κη laiTit e t made lt« final ι
<Ί.< Γ M» |>r»*t tent en Nevemh·!
'♦ 1··! . tri *f »vH,h »*t)et>d»tur»# bav* :
H»ek η »·· I' «««rtaln aod refaifl the !
>'·■,,φ it. - ' .iJ «hen «r»d bt «n-m» :
4Iioiimi · ##i|.« » et» " a«S»
*»sl'taki« ta Ja#i
W»ai t»g*ue f »er R«pieheulall> e
H· κ .t»«t -r Indiana 'nt>odu»>4 a h !i '
It· ι tie ho^#e "1»dir..' ?ie L%tne>* ej
H<i» er. law » valuable 'a the Jafrai>»*r
Τβ Λλ tweti't β» Hawaii.
**»·>. cgleii lie# ? T>e pieaideut
•ent <· tA· * eti ■ * a the net (nation of
A I '' 'i ·« at re<a « e*
• DtaCffY ΗΕΑΜίΜβ
Cr>«4 Rap.da M Up by tha *·π
id'tnâl Αιρ«χt *1 tha Cast
• •and RajHrt» Mi. h l>-t ? With
lb· »i>tlr» 1'itv «tir··*! *· n*v*r l>«f<»»·
In HA bv !h· r»»'tat eii of »*
t'ttt Aeaii.e» SnUhiirT to hi» Ι·ΜΙ- I
IMM at lb· brtbTf hearlt·· υ Γ Xrai»
Λ·(,ι»Ι·ι Κ Mil» the "ΧΜ ml nation of an.
•lb· ·Τ (Ιι· ιι ·η ·ιι·*Ι·<1 a* lh· r»·
• ■ill of S*'»bai%· »oi»f«iwMV» Md·!"
niati f»*i»a.gter ··« to-gun In police I
W'l 1 ►»wr,»T I» · Iwug··! »llh itav· i
«ι Γ».*ν·Λ ■ |li· 111 lb·· ftOMi s.il»hur«r
ι η »ιρι«·;< b' I ji.· Muhic*» water
<l*al ut tli· «uni U Ha'iikiir< we» th·
Hi·! » * I : ; ·** If· t*«.iH»<t (bat he gave j
r»»pogiet tOiri a I about «he um» lira· '
he <ll«1 lb· otbei· be I.ad bribe!
I told him b· mild lu» tl »·· Mill· J
h »H\ «aid Kalahurjr. '.««it I »«■
pla'· ■ ·«! Ivo» I » jι·ι·.I hlni to »ui>port
•ur μι upualtIon It» agi»ed »i»d later
»· »ι.ι·γ»<1 hit· an ·|Γ»·ηι·ιι( l»r win, h
h· ■»*« t« it ·|\» Γιο», |ϊ β*!* 'β »"..»·♦ ι
It ι » <'·ι bond·
Raymattar In the Army Suddenly Εκ
pirea Near Chicago
«'ti i«|u I»· Γ M tor < harlea Κ ,
ΚιΙΗοιιιη· -pa» m«i«ter of lh·· |κ·μ<ιΊ
Hir-ni or l).ikota iin-H on ι train a» li
no»led « "It I ·*■· 14- li . I !>·» —τι \er\ il
itn<i «.»» on h .» w .i > to hi· home in
'"oUinitHiK <· Major KlIlwuiV eia<i
u.· t <·■ I fiutn U'roi I* >int in luiiii and
wa* rtft>-tilne yeara «il Ί H* wu»
lr«H»utér of th· I'lilllipfnn· i>lanii* I
trh.l·* lh»* « m ·τ r iitaiy β»·- J
er b t ■ r η t ιι 1 s ί « « ·
Large Land Oaal
t^t.· ChiirlM, I..i !>·<■ 1 — The Sa
bine T' <in <unt|unv of Jtff.-i«en (OUR·
ty. Trial loaed « ιΙ·μΙ * 11It the Klrby
l_*arpentor ι ompiiii foi n|t\> ird of ϊ·,
MK> ncrea of UnJ III · 'aKaaleu pariah,
ρβν lag thert-foi !«'» ιΐ7.4ϊ
Hook Sworn In
Kaiiaa* I'ity. De Ζ William C.
Hook of t.-avei north w i« sworn h«-r·
η th· I'ulteil Xt-ilf* circuit court at
in ut Judgp of lh·· Kmht Judicial >Jia
trtct »u< < eettmg Juil*«· Htnr)· raid
» ell of l.ittl»· Ku. k. Atk
TerfitOry Firm A»»ign«.
Λ lit tara. I. Τ υ.· Ζ -· IV Ht-nry
A Sou. lending ittwn hanta at Hugo and
f'.ogh ι hltlo. made an assiKiiment for
ill.· UenHIt of Ih'-tT < reditort Their
tlabllillaa a ι |.'·ι ·*·« and their anaeta I
about ISO olio t* <> Shu'.! of llogn la |
at»i*n·· R*n«i»r Hro*. P «1U· la th* j
la:|['»l rflltor.
Governor <»f Louisiana Will iVmteiie
Lawmaker of Stat*
If PrvpMMl Lefitlallte Shell Β^,Ε··
•et'ri Ott·· Free T«*a*
'.el it# P»r«»iltr«l I» Fa
ter I'fllrai Slitr.
New Orleai s. IV 2 A *p»<-iat ses
sion of the T»ui*iana legislature will
% ill lie held during th* month of D»·
[tmbw to pa** legislation. which It is
hoped will keep the boil we·vil out of
Governor Heard mad· the ai noun·'·
menf of his intention to the boll weevil
convention Tue*da> He usid he was
fully alive to the danger·" of the threat
ened invasion of the »»»vi| an·) that he
had h0«-ti assure! that the state would
have th" hearty ro-«ji»ration of the
agricultural department at Washington
In the -fit>rt to keep the p»«t out of the
The boll weevil convrntioi listened
to .»d<ft *■> «ei hv a number of planters
mer« hant* anil oil men ai d n!so h"ard
Vic» President Miller of th» Anbubon
a «so· lation on th« relatio.i of hlrds to
the tnill weevil Th· lonvention deiid
ed to a«k for the enactment of law*
for th'· preservation of th» birds of the
*tate as an aid in the destru· tion of th·
The on\ »ntion determined on a per
manent organisation to be known as
the Louisiana lio.i Weevil association
with Charles Hchuler nr president, five
vice presidents and a witetan The
head· ·>Γ !he η»iwx iatior> » II h» λ itb the
agricultural depaitm· nt at Lia ton
FVIMslri| an »d<J»'^w« liv Vr Ο S
fltatiivan of Alexandria of the mi τηΓΙ*'
tiitere*· In tepelllng the weevil. II was
anrwvtMM'-d that the l>OUiSiai)M mill had
•ireadv agreed not !«♦ import cotton
«'«I from Tela*
The ifjfort of the legislature COH3
mute# w^il< h was unanimous!* mJopted
provide* that it afoal t*e ?» ade a criene
piinlahah e by t>e,w\y rtr-» a>U imp* <qn
ment foi mn mi> »«■ eiit ■ t « nt i»jeu
Mat· 01 f~der»l en'o i < ..gl«t to b-ing
Into I lie «tate or h»\e ti tu· j- .
a lining ho'l weevil t» ; * "at
l»e pro h .11 ■ - t *■.· ,,
the staie of »· \ >i,i „ ».r
farm ptodn m (r< ψ
weev » e*i»r · w . f .
till· ale tt>»r it ha
rSi ftmin*^ itn ι .ψ „ .
eieatinj » #»f. .
pie lot \ i... . r · .
1st tone (οι ι ,- ι -
«'•lit roi n> e* J #
pes ι at : *
l*lui te ν ν , . »
fî/v*#· '· te
effort* ta |--ie „ ·, „
eïaflli » re 11 ·. ,
GHA8TL* -·
Firga" %«nt C«n« » '» Γ.Ι
I»aU by Ε' ι »ra M»><
T»et<vei "lie. ? »<j i « ■ «τ·· -·»ι
flh· ir«r. y Κ» I ■ »« · - ' «ι» "V«Pu
t Me ;h» fui)·· ; κ -· e *ι«ρρ*4
ateji.il a taaman P..ge·
•"ie eiaj V»» I: <J vou the ·»ι
gn ·Γ « tua* *li« *4 ibfim'N Γιβιη *
Tellui -Λ* aotne tut*- <[<i Hi* **' * *111 ι
fo; Ό » « ι. ti titan hi* h*«4it If Vu* ft «"rid» '
w ;■ ι>ι t m *ee II ι τι ι again In any mher η a ν .
but ·''* "" · " aetid h>m >o ι h»i» g't
<· flo une thing W» ,.nly <*»ut vnu 1
ie niibOmii the troop* fio-n Tellui i<J» !
at «Hie If VOU don'l )IHI wilt level'e
lit» tux in a few day* Woii'Jl try ·«
(I· «I >i* fer II I· i.ot η the power of a
(Iii n<l4l«r lo do il S L>."
A nkviHfaiii wno examined ι»»» tinge*
prM xnrii »i| It I be ting hi *ei fr»ni the
right hand and kind It »»· evident·)
t ul "ff ahot tty before tlie leiet wa*
mailed tleneral UeM turned the letter
over in ihe |K>*ii»fTli e triapertor» w b·
will endeavor m traie it* autho'' It I*
getertHIt be|ie\ed al the < aplta1 that
the matter «a* mtei ded .<* a tma»
T«i Man Laat Their L'vaa and Saw
•rai Othara Ar« Injured
Kit iiMngh.iii: Ala lie Sti fXpln
•ion at Klat Top mine worked bv * it
ronvul·, a hour twent\-A\e mtle« fr.ir
thl* i l'v. reaulted In the death of tw *»
men nod the injury of eight On* of
the Injure·] may die The rauie nf the
exploeiot i* unknown Mine tnape, tor
Culverbouat· uri III. exp'oatoti «a* ii ie
to the ι »γΙ!κ>«γι»ιι of th·· powder In ι
who »** pl'icing powder -hot* for lh··
night ahift in the atorehou»" The f t
that the |x>nder «» »torr<l in a
worked-out heading averted a mora
dreadful cataatrophe
■ ■
Mitaeuri Inatitution Entered and ÛM
aiderabla Caah Taken.
Mentphia. I>ec » A *pecla! to the
Commercial-Appeal from Cruth>-i«\ lie.
Mo, »aya The Hank of Haytt at
Maytl. »i* milea w eat of here. wa*
robbed about 4 ο dock of between {,'.υΟΟ
and Ι15.00Λ The v.iulta were blown
ope^ ι with niiro glycerine .md the
bulldin part ν wrecked. The robbery'
wa» di*<O\eie.i alto'ii daylight. i>ut no
trace of the «afe I·tow-era couUl be
f our id The ex.i t amount *e< ured by.
the rolit>er« will not le» ki iwn ontr the
arrival of Insurance adjuster*.
W dew of Dcugla»» D«»a
V shlrgl on. I»*··. ; Helen l»oui,i.ta·
the m idow of the late Frederick U- ij
la*« the well know·· om-u <1î i '
age.t at χ t y - five years Mht* wa* the
aecond wife of Frederick Douglas· and
wa» a white womat Khe wa* a native '
of i»umove X T.
|HKE£ ARE &6t$?
sickly women be
tween the ign of
«5 and 66, bat there «re
▼cry lew invalida over 65
end SO yean of age. The
change of life coming to
a woman near her forty
foartli year, either make·
her an invalid or gives
her a new lease on life. Those who
meet this change in ill health tel
dom live ten years afterward, while
a woman who lays aside the active
duties of womanhood in health sel
dom fails to live on in happiness,
years after she has passed 60. This
is truly a critical time.
Mrs. !>aura S. Webb, of Toledo, j
Ohio, recognizes the change of life j
aj a dangerous period and she also
has faith in Wine of Cardai. She 1
write· :
"Αι I aaô always bete troubled mon
or less at the menstrual period, I dreaded
month, so !
for three
menstruate with .
1 shall take it off ax
«etil I have passed the <
dread it aaw, as I am turc thai ^
Vine of Cardai will be of peat bA ■
at this time-"
Wine of Cardui is the remedy to
re-inforce a woman against the shod
that comes with the change of life
It re-establiilies heakhv function»
after years of suffering. In doni£
this it has saved thousands of snf
ferers just in time. Do not irait
until suffering is n;*on you. Thor
ough preparations should be made
in advance. Begin the Wine of
Cardui treatment today.
A million suffering «τυι:»·η
hare found relief in
Wine of Cardui.
Will R^alston 6 Comp#y ί
Will appreciate your or
ders for anything in the
line of Groceries, Feed
stuffs, etc. : : : if
Free DeliTery Store on College St
îe ΤΓ - *
Send $4
ιChartres# If- ( l/fr
Albert Schuit4:
ι -ρ*** ι·Γ» πιυπ.
Iβ ...,
■ soky Γ/Υι Street
LIT. r ■·' ' Dallas.
. r » " llfii"
u __
1 til· Hi - - Ici * ,·' f nicy ("Ht i v#lj (ill η rant*·" 1 !<· b*> ·»· fT«x»d ·· Ίι* beet WXt
better tf.aii h«iv w|,i«k»y «ϊη th«« inaik<n Ht th* prie*» : : : ι: ■ s- >
in iuirixiiwr· iM* l>ra»d into Imntci aud t<< «•nc-oureK^ its u#« i·*
Utidltli··! pjrjM··*»» «« will tbip ii> y<m inytlum, Λ 1.1. CH AitOKf
f'RF.I'A ili, ι· u' ·«!! quart* lit ·«·<·«»*, uniii«rkMi iwkn^», "H r««c«lp< of
(tj It 11 t a· *■· vi an»«-»<J, ratjru «t .<ur nàji*ii»« an«i will raftind FOWT
u, "W χ ll|( : : : :
1210 Main St., ft. Worth, Texas 248
»♦♦♦♦♦ - -· » «
Nt'W Furniture .«nd Second-H and Furniture
tu Ji» W«»»r «rble »nd Kill· County : — J w , ( ; ν dis
» ιΊΐΓ «it«-nii-.i t» - 1er» that 1 cnrry in stork * r«n |·' t,·r«.- « I fltut un
11·.» · ί III* >» ■·· »»|t4 , »-<.·. · Λΐιτ» 0*)ΜΤ·'*ιΙ»-Π, r'' ", ... I .
\ll II,«I I mk It I! α tua- o> II
é . .. - — .
*11 «».·· I aak 1, · r·» ·'' ">* »·Μ f "»i
, *" OUI am υ 1 >tt rnaJe t>)
aee l;t y .,ir>fl<
«·«··· 'ΐι>ΐιί·|ι ν< β «ΙΜμιΙ· ΟηιιΜί,ΤοΜι,Ο.
»th. ·Λ All kl „£*»r4luU' '
ur<> Is t*Kfn lnt»rnallT aetlrg
; 0 and mic - - rla v '.tie
rr i»Ul« sold D> all l>ru<
1 ar<»
» beat
The Southwestern
Telegraph and Telephone
The λ Blue
.ompson Resigns.
Thompson two «r three
ender^d Ιιίβ reaiicn&tion a*
(•I'-rkh-, ·»·1111 »*-·»··>»" and ;tt
Hc>"uutaut in the comp
depaitmeut at Austin, to
position of traveling
r the M. F. F.xlme Corn
..ix. The place made
-eeu'iiatieu ·>i Mr.
teni filled by the
Miss Ruth I jove,
late Comptroller
T8on and family
axaharhie where
T>f 'u· W- . .
onr lampl** ant. catalog*. SY^TF M"
With Kllia County I Phoua~
Hardware Company \ Ν ■»· 8
im* rr:■ , - -u
■rie ν - want is
this is when
most needed.
days like
,.i " Cab is
U }»
Phones 49

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