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„ w ant to put our shoes
on. they'll be matched
Crow Bros
Tlv Shoers À
15 cent!
Connections to Ennis, Boyce, Gar
rett, Ik*. Palmer, Trumbull
and Ferris.
i*roiiM>t,- p^riect servie**. All lines
metallic circuit. Lonv: Distance
Bn snA'tfe Bhode .·.·.< .. .$.'1.00 a month
ResGlehtè Phone.... >2.00 a month
No party lines.
Ellis Co. Independent
Teiephen* Company.

'···· —- · ( »
Γ L. Barnett, a prominent
Iphyens^ia of Midlothian, was iu the
' eitv yesterday.
Mrs. R. M. Shaw and little son,
of Oklahoma City, left for home last
night. Mrs. Shaw came down to
a'.tend the funeral of her eon Clif
ford Haweg. who was killed in the
IΚaty wreck near Korreston re
I cently.
Weather Forecast.
Tonight and Thursday increasing
cloudiness; warmer.
Μ ( π da y max. f>7, min. 23.
C. D. Longskkkk.
The influence of climatic condi
t ons in the cure of consumption is
very much overdrawn. The poor
patient, and the rich patient, too,
can do much better at home by prop
er attention to food digestion, and
a regular use of German Syrup.
Free expectoration in the morning
is made certain by German Svrup,
eu is a good night's rest and the
absence of that weakening cough
and debilitating night sweat. Rest
less nights and the exhaustion
due to coughing, the greatest dan
ger and dread of the consumptive,
can be, prevented or stopped by
taking German Syrup liberally and
regularly. Should you be able to
go to a warmer ciime, you will find
that of the thousands of consump
tives there, the few who are bene
fited and regain strength are those
who use German Syrup. Trial box
ties, 2T»c; regular size, 7">c. it. W.
Fearis. κ
j Lay by
a part of your earnings
regularly and you will
have a partner that
kill work for ν <u dav
|d ni„rht. . .
earn 4 per
rcent a year at this bank
'compounded s^mi-an
nually. .......
Ν " / '
wilh»pen an ac
count Villi us
Western Bank 4 Trust Co
Waxahachie, Texas
I »»»···*»«♦*«♦*♦♦♦♦♦»««·»<
I Yes
There are other
drug stores than
It is always well
to get the very
best you can for
your money. . .
Not come or send
to us the next
time you want
something in drug
store goods? We
have it, if it's to
be had, and we
guarantee it he the
best. Ihe num
ber of people who
like our ' way is
growing each day.
Botb i'hones - · - No 94
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
t ♦ = * .
♦ ♦ 1
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ »*»»*« *
Κ Τ Pettitt of Dalla* in in the1
city for the week tuning pianos.
Cotton sold at 11 cent» per pound
on the streets in Waxahachie yes
terday. I
Deputy SberitT Purvis of Fort
Worth w.is here yesterday to bring ,
attached witnesses in the Buss Clark
All members <>f the Hasket R&lli
Club are requested to be at the Park I
school campus Thursday afternoon
at 4 o'clock.
Η. 'Γ. Pettitt of Dallas is fiere tills
wni-k working pianos for his regular
customers. Anv one iiu#-dio|{_ him
may phone Arnold's Music Store
this week. 1U
No, Marie, the dust aud smoke
you see oju the streets is not madehy
■the rush of the flre engine to a Are.
it is matte by the wagons of Kills
county farmers hauling 11-cent cot-1
ton to market.
Prayer meeting at the Methodist
church tonight from 7 p. m*. to S p.
in, I-et everybody who possibly
can attend this midweek service.
You lined its influence and it needs
you. Kail not to come.
The repair twork on the College
street section of the street car line
Is progressing at a satisfactory rate.
The Central track has been crossed ι
and in a few more days the connec
tion wrl be made at the bank cor
Deputy Sheriff \V. H. Forbes left;
last night for (ruinesville after a
negro who was arrested there yes
terday ou a charge of burglary. It
is claimed that the negro stole a
wati-h and several dollars in money
from some negro cotton pickets near ,
Waxahachie a frw wni-ks ag"
Revolution imminent.
A sure s,gn of approaching revolt
aud serious trouble in your system
is nervousness, sleeplessness, or
stomach upsets. Electric Hitters
ill <|ulckly dismember the trouble
some causes. It never fails to tone
the stomach, regulate the Liver,
aud clarify the blood Run down
systems benefit particularly and ail
the usual attending aches vanish I
under its searching and thorough !
effectiveness. Electric Hitters is ;
only Mie. and that is returned if it ]
don't give perfect satisfaction.
Guaranteed by Thomas <Sc Moore,
At the Opera House.
A falrlv good sized audience was
well pleased with the perform
ance given at the opera house last
night by the Hoyt people. The off
ering was "Trapped by Treachery,"
[it play in which thrilliuK iiu iJeuts
abound. Mr. Jewell Keily was up
fo his usual standard of good work
.nd Miss Laura Winston Is fast,
'Inning friends on her Tislt to the
faxahachle opera house. The
ier members of t&e company han·!
their parts in a capable man- '
\r. The bill for this eYenJng is
'he Power of Money."
\ kidney or bladder trouble can
Clivays be cured by using Foley'·
idney Care »a time. Hold bv H.
Council Orders Them to Discon
tinue Business on Streets.
At a meeting of the city council
the merchants of the city presented
a petition asking the enforcement of
Article 1, Chapter 4*>, which forbids
the use of the public square, streets
and alleys by street vendors for the
sale of their wares. The petition
of the merchants was granted. This
act of the council means that the
vendors of apples, bananas, spec
tacles and other wares must vacate
their stands <>n the streets and pub
lic square. It is understood that
the action of the council will be con
tested. Some of the vendors who
were most affected bv the order
have engaged counsel and will take
the matter into court.
On motion the city marshal was
instructed to post signs on the
brides within the city limits pro
hibiting fast driving across same.
The mayor was instructed to in
vite the Daughters of the Confeder
acy to hold their next nnnual con
vention here.
Salaries of all elective officers
were fixed for the next year. The
mayor's salary was raised from $23
to $50 per month and the salaries of
the alderman, city marshal and city
secretary «ere left as they are at
A resolution was pasied instruct
ing property owners on Water street
and Kast l'niverelty avenue to con
struct sidewalks in front of their
The city marshal was instructed
to request the trustees of the Ma
sonic temple to fix the sidewalk on
Hie north side of the biitldiUK.
After hearing the reports of of
ficers and committees and allowing
the· accounts for the month the coun
cil adjourned.
Coughs, Colds and Constipation. I
hew people realise when takintr i
medicines other than Foley's Honey j
and Tar, that they contain opiates '
Which i»trj coii»tl|.»til)< bf-wid»-» lm· ι
in? unsafe, particularly for children
Foley's Honev and Tar contains no ,
opiate·, is sai* aud Mire and will!
not constipate. Sold by B. W.
Fearis. I
Given Two Years.
Levi Baunders tins morning en
tered a plea of guilty m the district
court t«< h charge of horse theft and
vu jiiveu a tf-rrn «»f twj y· in iu
the penitentiary.
The ras* of the state against Jim
Head, char**d with tali· swearing,
wm called this afternoon and dis
missed. * ,·»<·.
The motion for a new trial in t!i«*
Maj; Love cane Was overruled
In the case of Steve Hook# ν».
Ν. Η. Rankin a potion . fyr a new
trial was overruled.
C Ήΐκΐιίηκ Hpell Caused l>*ath.
"Harry Diickwell, aired i'i yt-ar»,
shocked to death '-arly, ye# tar J ay
morning at his home, in tb«* pres
ence of his wife and child. He con
tracted a alight cold λ few days mo
atid paid hut little attention to' ft.
Yesterday morning tie wm se(#»d
with u lit of cuugblng which contin
ued for some time. Hi» wife s«*nt
for a physician but before h* could
arrive, another confrhing «pell i-anie
on and Dtt«kwpU died from suffoca
tion.—&t. Louis (ilober I'euiot-rat,
l>«c. 1, iilOl. Itallard's Horehound
Syrup w>uid îiavH *s\ed him. -*>c,
jUc and il I'M at Ho«»d and Martins.
Fur bale
■ Ham husbel* corn an^ loA ton* al
f.ilï » hay. Kor prie** addre»s
Κ. I». Kparkuian,
dlt-«4» ^ 1 Hrittdl, T«iai.
A Frightened Ηογιρ,
Running iik>· mad down tt,.· meet
■ luiitptηrc the occupant·, or a hun
dred other acci "lents, *r»· every day
occurrences It behoove· »<\t.ry
body to hiivf a reliable βί»1ν<· handy
and there'· none η* xood an Muck
lei.'s Arnica >jlve. Kurin, (Jut*,
dores, Kczema and Pile·, dittapneai
quickly under li> noothlDg effect.
a· Thomas A Moore's drug
• tore.
In the County Court.
The following are the latent pleas
of guilty in the county court:
Oeorge Oriiiotii, abusive lan
guage: fined $.'>.UU.
H. H. Wilcox, disturbing the
peace ; fined $ό W).
Will Mudd, assault; fined $."> UU.
George Perkins, cairyiuK knucks,
fined HT-'.'..
New suit· filed a· follows:
Gilbert Hughe· >*. C. Κ Hfij
•Ion· et al, conversion.
Grandvtew Milling Company \ ·.
Γ. H. Skipper, debt.
J. K. Simmon· et al ν·. Μ. Κ. A
T. Κ. Κ Co. of Texas, damages.
c. K. Giddlngs v*. M. K. A T. R.
K. Co. of Texas, damages.
J. W. tilinmons ν·. T. H. Skipper,
A Costly Mistake.
Blunders are aometimek very ex
pensive. Occasionally life Itself is
the price of a mistake, but vou'll
never be wrong If you take Dr.
King's New Life Pills for Dy»pe»ia,
Olssiness, Headache, Liver or How
el troubles. They are gentle yet
thorough. '2Tie, at Thomas A Moure'·
drug store.
I: Do Y ou Belong
" * to any Certain «
Groceryman? !>
buV goods t;
Γ rial
>f December win mil
I'oti'i Mà for e rf>ait
pafd by itecember
|"n to an attorney
A. P. Kidd. 07
brin* the il«»n«d
- my,'
>.· . .
man? If
Λ1 . Λ *v 'for \-our
□··<■* Out .tV ;e where
We are now doting o' ,r C\t\r
•«>ck of grocerlea at ar*»
apot eaah only. W· w
bu»iuea· a· aoon a· al
Will Rnuid —
Cet! tod Feed S*Γ
Telephone the Sle«per ^
for fancy lump McAlitta.
all kind* of fead «tutfa.
to an.r part of the city.
1 15
1 10
....... 95
Cloeiog Oat ·( Γ
We are closing ο»
•took of groceriea »t
•pot caal) only. V
buaine·· h* soon ι
tf W i
are manv grades
A lester Coal, but
Best is the. }
. oatmeal
Jllon rib Son
W ol Gxikintf Oil. Lard, etc
At th:· ««Mot
h -"· ■ *
f '' package
me syrup for
ne your order in, and
» ver Γ-~ Λ
I"■ ί in Dallas
ίΚ iiO per ton.
pait of th«
we pire you
—- !
and you can pay
Goods delivered to any
\\i> '
II fo,

Ini mi
• . (
>f f one price to all Î
a »?hone, No 126
tod j
dim. R
for many
favorite |
and 91 UU at
SJVes you \1onev
'ui'SSST·.· ·
There is ev ery advantage in miking irr^
mediate selections of Christmas gifts,
into the last few days must necessarily
be crowded all the tremendous holiday
buying which is not already done. Those
who wish to avoid the inevitable confu
sion of the busy last two weeks before
Christmas should take advantage of the
present leisure days—when you can take
your own time about looking over our
immense dtsplay of Christmas offerings.
We h.ive a rare selection of new crea
tions in Brooches from the moderately
priced to the most elaborate
Make your selection now. We'll store
them and deliver when and where you
North Side Square on the Corner
Opposite Hotel
Cheap Buggies 4 Surreys
H.i\in4 rented out tht* st <re r<>om which
we h n e been usin,: as a Carnage Re
pository. we ire cramped t<>r room. . . .
For the Next 30 Days
♦ We witi sâvé you bia mbfley < »n anything ♦
♦ in tjie ^ · ' Un . ♦
our eleg'an* line. No trouble t<> show «
" . good-. * !
Ellis County H'd'w Co.:
φφφφφφφφφ φφφφφφφφ
φ Great Closing Out φ
φ Millinery Sale! I
Φ 1 φ
φ φ
.η. Begins SATURDAY DEC 5th
tvery Hat goes at a great Sac- ™
φ rlfice. (φ
φ _ φ
("φ East Side Square A
φφφφφφφφ φφφφφφφφφ
Wood, Wood
Cord Wood. BIooks, Stove Wood.
Good, Dry,.Seasoi( Timber, delivered
to any part of thur city.
C«»r<lwo<>d, d»U*#r*d Η·2>
Cor»)wood, delivered . a.75
Tel*j>bom ui your ord«?r»y
ΡΕ.ΤΕΛ8· GIN. t-ast End
We are not going out of Business
and will appreciate your patronage.
Try us. Φ Satisfaction guaranteed

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