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The waxahachie Daily light
I Only a Few More Days ·»
> To make Vour fruit cake for Xmas. He
member we have the wry best Citron,
Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Figs, Dates,
English Walnuts, Almonds, Mince Meat,
/§ and all the other ingredients ind >pice .
g vou will need. Jc
;&··■····· A

r I
The Spice of Life
is larvly made up of Stood things
to »Mt. Theee ttiiuir*· must t><»
Μ'Λίοη» I with the SI'IUKS "I
«•ounnerce. Our stock of Ρ»>ρρ«·Γ,
Muetard, S»»:»·, Oil·, Salads,
atηκ*, mueint* of th·*
b«"«i and pure*! iroed» obtainable.
All tir» *fi-iir<y! from reliable
dealer» < )ur Wrucri»·* k'ive sat
isfaction tu nil who u»»>
Your ordnr* will b« a;>prw ι at»-d.
*· J Phone 54
Heating and CooK Stoves
Airtight, Plain Oui, Fancy Oaks and
Franklin's, tul! line Bucks ami Excelsior
Cook St' ve^
Anti Rust Tinware, WW J rdan
> Carver and Butcher Knives, Fine line
winter lap robes
D. B, McCALL, ΛΛrttinj^er.
« Sisk's
: Grammars
♦ and
»·«·»·» »*1
Present ;
Could *nut be more ap
propriate than ι ladies or
We have a very fine ltne
of both ■ . .
Our Silverware is /fso ot
the latent 4esigr
NUB l H i
West Side Square j
; Ta* Collector Bratcher Sells
; $3000 Worth of Receipts.

' I l.ast tlûBdâT was the busi«*»l day
' Tas Collector Bratcher tut· had this
► ,
1 yaat He has had bl||Woollotttoa·
[ton ;» sin/le day, hut the amount of
'llMMlpU sold Monday va» lb· larg
. eel 0< tl.i* yf»r, amounting (· about
I 1 ' · d»'in .ι: I for r*■ »· ι ; ta
'. betcan Mli| iu the BOntt| and the
, collector atid til· force w««r»· kept in
I a MA until the )l>ltl( bMl in the
1 irntu. rhere wa« BOt ail hour
I '
ι during the day tt :«t the ortlce w:*»
I not crowded ilHNl to mNflovilf.
' t>urime itn· day poU tax re
i ι ··.,·;- i*».ii*d. Ί hi* i- ··
' ;r> ι>· » il •••τ luMif I ui ■ ι· 1;»>
this imtnu Λ· a rut»· tli·- smaller
loan· in the «■ >uaty arc making η
ϊ»·-11·-r >l.u«rnii; tu th·· payment ->f
| il.·· poil tax t ft an the larger |la<·»·»
In proportion t<· the number of
I vot«-s m·! at tii» lust (feutrai elec
J léoa 1*aim«*r i> atill in the l^ad.
> In fact the number of receipt» is
ι ·. t · : ■> t ! ■ · .lire ι ■ I \ ι1 x · ' -
J the numb»-r of votes cast for all fl>n
I didates for |·*Μ>Μ last year. ( ρ
> t. M : ι Ι.ι ν . »-tpt* ' »· 1 Ι·»··-:» 1·
t •u'-d, a# compared with J»J», vitte·.
I Oui of sl*i vote· cut at the (our
> W axahachie boxen last year oui ν
[ 1£ r«c«l| U have beeu issued At
J' Kunl> J-i.'· receipt· have been «old,
t a· compared with itti votes. The
ijpayno'ht· of the jh>n hy (Map and
ί I India voter· I· iu excess ef the
J ν · · t · β I Ί.· 1 l:»«t yai
ι Manager of Farm Hésitas.
I J. V. Brown, who for the past
I fourteen year» has been manager of
! ! the OeUendaner farm· m Kill·
> ι county, lia· resigued for the pur
II poee of devoting Ml attention bo hi·
I ! personal affair·. Mr. Brown is
> I building a reaidetice at Rav, where
I be aud hi· brother, κ J Brown, are
I engaged in business, and will move
> there a» soon a* the house ι* finish
! ed. Mr. Brown while auperintend·
I ing Capt. (Jetiendaner'· farm· ha·
I accumulated considerable property
ι which demands hi· attention He
: own· Λιϋ acre· of good laud lu the
I Γ lunty and m the future will devote
hi· time to looking after this and
! hi· mercantile interest· at Bay. He
is a splendid husiuvss man, a good
manager, and It was with reluctance
1 thai (.apt tietxendaner parte») with
I him.
A Bit Collection of Rare and
Beautiful Flowers
Almost everybody, when they take
time to think about it, love and ad
mire the beautiful in art and na
ture, but some of us of Adam's race
havf not the cultivated tiste to ap
preciate these beauties. 1 car»· not
how rough fir uncouth *p may be
the pretty flowr·· the good Master
has adorned this earth with appeal
to lie all alike, and 'he wild Indian
must have stopped ids chase in
T» xas before the white man invaded
it, to admire the fl'.weis that dot m
profusely tins goodly land.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gardner are
adepts 111 the culture of flowers, and
Tuesday afternoon we visited their
bot house recently erected near the
Chautauqua park where we beheld
rt « ρ « η», of hewilderintr beauty and
fragrance. This structure is made
of glas» and is sixteen by seventy
five feet, making a largp and com
modious room which is now filled to
overflowing with suet, rare plants
and flowers as carnations, callas,
geraniums, hyacinths, pansies,
roses and others too nutnetous to
mention. In this grand and beauti
ful collection there are ni« re than
one thousand plants and flower·
which are green ηιιΊ flourishing in
s; it· of the reo· tit freexes. A young
man can here procure baskets of
rare scented t! >wers l· r his sweet
heart to use it, ijeci >rat ion s for en
tertainmeuts. etc. Mr. an i Mrs.
(tardtiT have estahlisl · d an etiter
pri»e which will fill a long felt waat
iq \\ axahachie, and they de», rve a
liberal patronage at the hands ·»f
our citizens. When w<- arrive.| at
this, now the prettleit s,>'it in tf f
city. M rs. Oardtier was preparin -* a
*>·- an 11 f u 1 wre»t to h» placed > ti the
bter of Mr ( irnun, the lather of
Mr- Κ. Γ Hawkins. The citizens
of tiie town generally should appre
ciate a place like this where they
can go and secure a loving token
for their departed relatives and
trends ISNecKNrK.
The Daughters Meet.
Phe I'nlted Daughters <>f the C'ou
federaoy m«t with Mr». Henry An
derson yeaterday.
Α» especial tenture of Use meeting
w*t* a report from the delegates to
the »tate convention. It anuounc^d
the convention ν acceptance of the
chapter'· Invitation to meet in Wax
ahachie next vear.
At thi* meeting, tie last on·· of
the year, a renolutlou was pitted
reducing the yearly due* to fifty
«•ent§ per capita and another expr··»·
ini: the chapter'· deep appreciation
of the L»aily Lljfht and the courtetie·
it had extended during the ; .«si
Τ tie cha;>t»-r w ι» then tr»»at" 1 to η
mult ■■ xo»-l!fnt re<·nation by >1 >^*
Kale Tenipl»-lou and dainty refr· »
ni»! tM neived toy the host·»»* com
pleted a iii"»t ·> aM·* .»ft· rr. ·
Closing Out a: Cost.
We «ri rioting out m >-nti
»t ick of grocer!*- A! actual imvI : :
n;mi cast · »« 11 ν. Vf will retire fr··
huMui'in a* mull H» otork Ih «old
It \/ill KaUt'in A I
The Normal heat of the Body
Il « 4» P RrUin this tt mil oc αϊ
brat and '.Vre will t* little daJJiti«Γρη. .
ru ι.- ι■·-»(!> cuU». («U.'ih ο^Λ'»t »:
luuc tinublr Kmv wira «a<l offelmla:
tbc <utd<-st dJTt with· t ι u ν
ie<. by wtAjuijE â pcifeil Jfft.ui U.l l iiu.t
Frost King oyrrost Queen
Chaafois Vest
TbeM (arn^t« in mad· to k«"P out
tb« n<u od*. «ad rrtaia the utuu,
ke*l e« the Ivdy Ttery protect the dirai.
fc»t* «ad thiuat Perfect fittioc — ou
'irltble aad helphil Will Uat lèverai
juxai. Ρ nee is 00 eact
Elected President of Big New ι
York Banking Concern.
The dispatches from New ork
today announced the election of
John \V. Castles, president of the
Hebersiia Banking and Trust Co. of
New (Orleans, as president of the
Guarantee Trust Co., of tha: city. !
Tt m company is an adjunct of and j
principally owned by the Mutual
Lile Insurance Co., arid acts a*
the fiduciary a ire η t of the bi^ life ι
As a news item the above is of no J
more* than ordinary inteiest. Men
are elected to responsible positions ;
iu the world of finance every day.
Interest in this ι a*»- lies in the fact;
that. Mr. <'astles i* «η Ellis county I
raised boy. With his father he liv-j
ed :» ϋ *· ϊ>; ! r ,)f \'**£Γα 4,Q ?!'♦' <»|H
Hansom plare near this city, fol· ,
lowing the «'very day routine of a ;
farmer boy. He is a nephew of Dr.
J C. Fears, of this citv. After the i
death of his mother his father mar- !
ried a sister of the late Jud*« Fer
ris, so that by blood and marriage
he is still closely connected with
Kills county.
In his early manhood Mr. Castles ,
located in W i -u in the drug busi
ness. I.aier he sold his drug busi
ness and engaged in bank :ig at
Waco, tiev.-ral years a^o he was
elected president of the Hibernia
It l ikin/ IP i I met C-> , of N't w Or
lem «. at « salary >f and re
m:o*e 1 to tt at cltv.
His new position wiil make him a ·
resident of New York, and i ι safe
t«> say the salary is much larger
than that received In New Orleans
Without doubt Mr. ( inties is the
highest salaried man e\ · r sent out
from F.llis county.
flow s f hi».'
v> » 3!»cr une Hundred Dollar» Ke* aril Tor auj
o' ' *:arrn [tat cannot b« currd b) Hah's
. atarrn ι ur·
Kl I'llKMT Λ CO.. Prop·' Toledo, Ο
We. tl·* undersigned, hate known Κ J Cheney ι
forme a-: fixe je»r·. and bel e\e him perfect!)
unora· e in ail bu»ine<* transaction* ani! fioan
- allj atto earrj out an) obi ;<a:ion made b>
their f.rnt
West * Truai. Wnolesaie Toledo, Ο
Waider k -nna . Marvin.Η boli-··»· e I»ruitt,st»,
roi«d'i, ilbio.
Ha!. » < atarr t ur* κ taaen Internallj actm*
Jirectlj upon :ne bloud and mucou· -uriac» , the
«>»ieiu t'r;ix>, 7be. uerbottle Sold b} a! I>ro*
«1 ■·;- Te-· ■ on s - rrre
< Kills are the be«t
Weather Forecast.
I'onight and Thursday fair warm
• r tonight.
C. D. Losumkhkk,
< )t>eervHr.
(.' >ughing 6pellCau«ed Death.
"Harry Duck» 11, aged J.'» year·,
chocked t>> (If it! early yesterday
morning at his home, in the pres
■ nee of hi* witt· and child. He con
tr;i ted a slight fold ;» fe»· day# a^ >
m it paid t>ut little attention to it
Yesterday morning h' was »eizfci
wtt' it fit of oonghlii£ which coi'tin
iif<i f« r some tun»· His wife *··γ!
••■r ι physician but before he coukl
«•ι»*- . iiiother coushing spell rami
Ι· »n ! I)uc«*rll died from -ntT·»«.·:»
'.Ion Louis Uh be-Dstn «crat,
l> > !, .'01 ilallard's Horel util
S\r [ι would hi*·* « i\ t-d him .
>1 .'.d »! IMI ι»! HooJ and Martin»
Notice is hereby }{lven tl at the
sums of money net opposite to the
tollowing lot» to-wit :
Lota No·· 1 and 2 in b^ck No. .
Wctt K«.d addition yd the city of
Waxa'iachie. I'exair, the »um ol
ily.Ki; part of th^rAlfr«*d Polk --ur
vcy at fnterto'ulfoti of (Hand avenue
and Houst^T a d Îe\a» Central
railroad mil) of f'.i l.'JO, has been
»esess«-Jrthereon by the city council
for thi cost of a sidewalk construc- ,
ted by the cttv, and paynieut of said
amounts is hereby demanded within
thirty day» from date hereof. This
December 'J, l'JU3.
Cunt Si ai.dim.,
City Tax Assessor and Collector,
Waxahachie, Texas. —!
Heport From the Reform School.
J. O. Oluck, superintendent, Pru
nytowu, \V. Va., writes: "After
trying all other advertised cough
medicines we have decided to use
holey'· Honey and Tar exclusively
in the West Virginia ReformBcbool.
1 find it tbe un>*t effective and ab
solutely harmless." Bold by it. \V.
be aria.
Performance Postpooed.
Tbe Ht. Loaia(T) Dramatic Co. ar
rived In tbe city this moruiuK to
SU an engagement at the opera
houae tonight, but on account of
part of their baggage and some mu·
•leal instruments falhn* to arrive
the performance has been postpon
ed until tomorrow uight.
Thi· ahow will, no doubt, "catch"
a large(?) erc.wd
The Mens's \ Boys
•/Christmas Store*/
The store where selecting a suita
present for Father, Brother, Son
\ or Sweetheart is made easy, when.·
-■>. Rood sensible serviceable presents
;*κ; * can be be bought with the assurance
-fy '£ that the eualitv will be right
/ '-■%%
Christmas Stock m . r n·
^asi getting in shape. :
f? Christmas Suits
• ν.Λ>·
f 'T%. menfolks. Extra large sales early
Ψ in the season has made tilling in a
> i r; necessity at this store this season,
i — :4.u 4-u -I. i fkr. ♦
5 4$ ; V% 111 ' llK" dpplUJ^Il Ml
M I mas we greet you with a complete
H stock. Suits at 10.00 or 25.00, or
φ « i any between prices. Suit- in coi
Λ\ors, novelties or staples. Suits for
«Mr dress in blacks or blues, unfinished
dr worsteds, granite, serges or tibet>,
Tk- 'l matters not as to color or
price the quality, the tit and the
make-up will be correct. : : :
λ ry* f . t-Ti
- >
Christmas Overcoats
buch < )ver
coat -elling
this store lias never done and is a consequence we
have had to keep 'em coming—new ones just received
and new ones on the road. In lonjs and medium
longs, wide an»1 well padded shoulders, - -m ■■ 11! m
belt hacks, all' ι ne popular styles, 10.00 to 2S.OO. . . .
BoVS ^'ew 'ot 'ust re,--''v~
r, ^. ed and we can make
Lnnstmas the bov look and
° Christmas. best ot
makes, 4.00, 5.00, ()/X) and 7.50 a
suit. : y? ;
BOVS y'thing, >uld please
n - . Λ he bo\ more tor
Uvercoats Christmas than a
/ nice warm Oxer
coat. We have overcoats for boys
made just like the mens, 5 00, 6.00,
7.50 and up to 12.50: ages 5 to 15.
Christmas {,r πκ'π ,η^
q, ν t mens ana boy
OuOGS >h e st« »ck like this
to select from whether for business or
dress we have the shoes that are best in lit, best in
quality and most moderately puced: menssho s 2.50,
3.50. 5.0*» and '>.00; b"\^ shoes 1.50 to 3.50
an unbecoming hat. We have hats,
sott οι derbys, to -uit all s >rts and conditions of men,
2.5( ), 5.00, 4.( Χ ι and 5.00. : : · :
e expect to supply a good many of
.. , lt the nicer Christmas Umbrellas that
umbrellas ν
>t<»ck lust received especially suited
tor Chn>tmas presents, 2.50 to 12.501 κ 11.
P1, nd styles. 1.50 to 2.50 a
blippers air. All si/es. : :
Christmas Ties. Christmas Handkerchiefs,
Christmas Suspenders, Mufflers. Gloves,
Shirts, Collars. Etc., all reads- now
cyHuOfiûl·-ci β te à 0^\
MlkJuiâ Clctfatti CiduW.
tiaviuii widely »Μη·
tributed iiitereat· wiU And an
able afc«i»t«ut iu Mr<
Long DtitdiM Telephone
Try it
The Southwestern
Telegraph and Telephone
Old papers for sale at
25c per hundred, here
forJFiue, Reliable
Dec. ω--Farmer* Institut·.
December J4 Entfrtaiticuent by
faculty »n< 41· of Triait/ l'ni
»»nlty \

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