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At Mm Fit·· of tiaflhrtag.
> thtrw m War
J M (IW ht u liUnWw. Sin
ι 4octar, ami her axxiaety I* aru»ect*<!.
t iMllntlM over the tt|M at the
Κaaitbor·the·Μμ»μι, throtftwl era«■
_a, WÛ1 HÙ) t*ar le I>w 16» MW o<
e—tano· hi · MMrfel saood u4 r«t undw
IhM. _______________
Mother's Friend
kitliih·—*. —4 tor mtwruti «Μ only. It la
^<er1«r« and >IU eat Main ««mb'i pretty
■Km. It would Imm ta abanafal if Iha
lanliia of mail m y am n*>«wary to the aec
reeefai iaaee el haaithy ckU4rer>. All wynw
atrnt ta feat «m* mutltar· Med aa«4 «ml y to a
dru Mam and tua ll-iW Mti>n tha i>Ua thW
Urth fi ally
laaW Mother! r antldealK**. and Withy
newer are tfca Hall of Ua aae e< Mot bar'a
Oe lot "Mntherfceod" aiHrit free. ΛΑ
■ mm rl ahcmWl ïsa*e H.
* Atuikta, G*. *
Α. -A ^ .A. AA AAA A A
* ^ V
FOR »AI.K -Old new»p*p*r· at the
Daily I.igM t.ffic*. t(
f » > r rent.
WASTED —T»r*«· m»n «rtth »*iron
and t*»m in t *ul C*>»1 Wo«·
harht# If· Work* 'B«
>K HALF. <»«« «mail Iron ·<»?·.
- tf ·<> (1 *t one*. J. H. Hlklt*r
FJIMh· 23B. ;&
WANTED Von to know that |XUO
p*r rr>rd wtli buy 3D cord·
woori on th· ground bv etmntUtrf, 01
$3 30 d»li«*r»«i <^ulek acceptance.
D. H Thonpiou. 41
V<>« lo know tbw w»
jratiutrt# Οι**» M iAl*it«r
ο card ττο«κ1, if you
jfiwy* worth '.ihuis» »·
(■ort wood d#itr«red t«»
i· cttr at prie#» rent?·
to |T> j»t»f cord, it»·
..ν<· i> cubic |#M f.»r
tah&chi* Ire Wore·
tt«wljr psjwr
>j»lv t" VV, L Wi»«,
(·.'*, it
oiolh*· n( lb#
rpfietr, dy* and
,r πι«-β·«π» A!·
kl 'Suti.MC γ μ11·λ«1
" for and 4< S? > < , «Γκκκι* à
'fjà %-J» - _
KOH KEN I Me<e. Uri· Ireni room
two blOfki frein »'iuar#; flr*> and
^l«ctrie Ittftil Saitublo tor men and
wife or l«r« ΐίβΜβηηι. Corner of
Water Md ΚI us ·{ re# l·. tf
t .
J. c. lumpkUss,
NWtif Off* o««l l Hftck
tm mm «o>««» Evory fnàwilïi
tm **· )ui M )ww ti vork M»
r * hcutt.
D elic i ous
Ice Cream
m *%*!
%· · ·
Ice Cream
\ Freeh Home·
\Made Candy
(S hoc ο late and
" Fresh box Candy
Gretl-Ameritya Candv Kitehei
NotBing ha» «^er equalled it
Νothiajg can ay^t surpass it.
Dr. King s
New Discevery
A Perfect For AH Throat aw^l
Care : Leaf Trouble»,
IMM. TfMir
1 "
Stands b.T (he Γο.μικό Assamed by
ν . ^ ΈΓ "
the Admiimtratios.
Massarfcnsetti Senator Sejr· See*»«lo*
M Viewed bf Southern State·
Ourla* Clrll War Sot a
Parallel Case.
Washington. Jan. «.—Practically tfc·
entire session of the senate Tuesday
«U devoted to a speech by Mr. Lod|t
on the s'.uatlcn on ika Isthmus of
Panama. He discussed the question
of the right of the president to retog
nlî« the independence of a new nation, j
and concluded that tuch a prerogative
pertains exclusively to the off.ce of the
chief executive. He also conteniez
that there bad been a general expec
tation of a" uprising In Panama In
case of the f tllur· of the Hsy-Herran
treaty, and declared that the presi
dent could not ha*· done less than In
form hlmseir of the prospect.
Mr. t^odf argued lhat our Interven
tion In Panama l»ad been only In th·
Interest of peace an<1 contended that
(he preil'Jmt had not gone α «tep be
yond »ha» I he proprieties railed for.
The conclusion of ι-,# speech were le
veled to the present asp*ct of the
question, and in that connection he re ;
ferred to !h·· *pee<-hes made st (he j
Democratic b.»n«ju»t In New York ta«t
Mr. I.odg·· rr!tlcl»e<j th» presidential
a-Jmlnlmtrai ion of Mr. f'lev«land sav
ing he did nul think anything < ould t>«
"happier for the fi"P«Jbllciiis than to
have the Iiem'H ruts nominate the last
Ί fW
Hwmu» ι* κ. *
»!.»»·»«·>»< ML < · < IK'il J or·····»
1 It': ' - '■ ' ;■ * · Η
pt it t foittl l>t' ' *V ' ίί f h# i ■ · I ' ■ ■' .!'·■> I:
dJ«ltH>e <*'· >! t I» »> '
If o >( <J < ι! *··ΐ .| ρ n : : \n*t > ΐ . i ' ί ι ι 1 t*>'i I T>
•WW «Ή» *"*f ' « |>^i···." »ΐ»-4 ι · ? ---i
h **i t»» t#*"i* » t>»»
In ri>« jrin* tt>» <ρι|»ι« ι !·*1 «· ' I
!*'i! itm.l · ï't * r Γ' <:1 i Ϊ** ttï" tf " »*" » I |(T
fj·»s11»·■♦*·* iHét r»vnii»*î m ty t»
r« <»f ni*·*! * *'n · 'ftjtn "f '"vlf-ι··' Î
»*'*;. t -if — r ! ί . ι ! -»
Illj ΐι-*ίη m» tttKoil* "J η»ΜΪΓί*ίι·
Μ» ">ηΙί"ηι1»Ί thit *wb m < '
• < .u w1 I «il Iî* j <». m -■ \) t- 1 ..■« |*rwv*. 1 vr
' »-»r
Mr. 1>«I.···' its·"!» "ply to th<»»·· «ho
f»rirst» ni» ί ih.it 'h*· f«« ft th.>t 'h» t*p;t«t
S" Vλ· hvi th«· *..·..
| tfe* MHiilwrii Mat»* tn th» «tvil m .«
.1 ·.1.11 * ·*·■·? !trv from r :V;r
»nv nation urM· h ha·» com» Into »«i*t
«►ne* thiiMKh «. . ,i* h^« I'-nnim·
ThM erguffi·-! ! he (Imhw) unworthy.
Wtnt te th· Ce»"»*»itt«» ftn PottofKrM
»nd Po»tro*d«,
Washington. Jan 6 ~Th» r**oiut!ott«
by Mr Ha»» » D#îb V(t) pro
vMtn* for an tnvf *tltr*tu»n of r*rt«!··.
m*t*t«»r>iii in th# Url*:ow r
port r»fli**,t!n* on th» mMnhcrnhtp <,r
th* tutim*. « n» r»f»rr».J to the >rw ·
mitttr· on μοβίίΛΐ.# and poetroeia en
motion of Mr Γ»>η· of N'*w ïorti. t.i»
Bm/untf itmurr
Lottery Bill Paated.
Havana. Jen (—The houne μ<ιΜ»Ι
the nation·! lottery bill b* »·.*·· f
KîS t© II The mea*ure wllî now rj to
I Vreotder.t l'aima,
Lan J <>ΙΪΙ<·«· a» Tt*homlr>i<>. I. T.. ίι#·
bum reopened.
0hrt*4>»n church at LtdenU, Tn
was deahtoyed by fire.
t'jitle thieves are ««Id to be rr*·
merou* ai'Mss the Rte Grande.
F H. I^rrtman will be.ome preai
dent of the l^ion Pacific railroad
Hon. J Ο Mi< holeon. a member »f
• he Trx.i* irgtt^ture, died nudleniy
at !<aredo. »
β 7. Hamrd. %n ex-army ofn< er.
h *.i been at Minneapolis,
chantai utth bleama
Over 49.9M m»n hn- rnunitil work
In iron and ateel mille V Pitt «bit rv dti
trtct the past «wo w«eli*
General mercantile eto*e of 8. D.
Davl* burned at i:rm; · Ttx . Lo«*
ÎÏ»*». WltJ* JÏÎ.W tr.iur
Marvin Hurt of l.ou - Kv . and
Oeonre Gardner of !.<>-. «II. M · «« .
bflïfl fifteen rourt I» to '»·»■ »*d
Frank and J*»hr. mir. .· -tesii
broker». »er» arreet I at ' * «9
charted with using the niai!» » til
•«mt te defraud
ItMl(natkm of nearly «very p»M
ter oondu-tor ««* the Meai^an Ν %'
railroad bet were Laredo ant It»
Me*t<o ha· been «lied fer.
Mit· hell Gray, a oromlnenl ettiirn '
Dalla· and pioneer, te «eat. Darin* the
i\elvi( war he wae a member ef the fa·
Imu· John J. Good hat ter y.
ε in TSXAS.
r island ta
ertJ&'ewy. ··■"· 1
Orteana. Jan. «-—Whin John
Alexander Dow!· arrived hm «a Sat
urday tt «ru learned thai Λ» South
ern Pacific people had full charge "f
him, and It w».« «ported that hi· <t**
UnnUon was Matagorda island n«ar
Ara&M» Pas·, Ter., which. It I» «aid.
h· I & tended to pu reft a.»· If tt shtmd
prove desirable for the establishment
of Ma colony. Dowle came in private
car Ko. ft» of the San Antonio ar.d
Ara r. M a Pas» road, which waa In charge
of A»*t«tam Genera) Passenger Ag^nt
Georga F. Lupton of that road. Mr.
Lupton trmv»le«l eooth with Dowle, end
General Paesenger Anderson of the
Southern Pacific arranged the itinerary
to the Inland. It waa wndersteed h-»re
than Agent Lupton had teen rent to
Chicago by the Southern Pactflc Wth
hla private itr to bring the prophet
comfortably to Texas, and It wa.« said
that Dowie might abandon til* adver
tised trip to Australia if Matagorda
Island should" prove desirable for the
Matagorda I standi comnprlnes nom»
M.000 acres of fertile Tand. and li one
of the aeveral Islands lying In th» g'itf
Ju*t beyond Aransas Pa*» Dont» ta
reported to have complained that Zlon
'Ity is too ne-ar civilization, wl'h t ! ι e
result that hie peopl» and ftls »m»r·
pris»· h» ν» been subjected tn Intolera
ble annoyance*. He Is said to have
egprwwei a d*?1re to refound the <l(v
In a le** populous *ectlr»n of thf h»rr:s.
t ile re nrwï Matagorda, because of th«
Urtar.d . naracter. was described to Mrn
•a an ideal location, wher» be would
be absolutely free from ouWd' Inier
fererj* >· The Southern lJ<t<-ift» people
becam»· Interested io th projet fnrrr»
a belief ih.it the establishment of the
Dowle Industrie* In Te*as would b#
largely beneficial to th» Intermit!· of
the road
Wbll* her* Πο»Ι» d»rline4 to sjv-.ik
I" » ir«-r; «> r;i I way of tilt up,
*îm -1 jr rmMi «v«a fiwû«* I Γϊ H ^î» »"■*
oret ht» pmtp»' i)vi vlflt to Mata·
Citiien* of Alba Do No» Wish Convict
Labor U»ed !n Mme»
Aitiu T»x Jan. C—t'nsb!» <o h iv·
H'h»r I Ι! π: î η ι ; - "f t h··
Τ!»*:»« l/enit* «iΠ<î <111 Ml lut y <-,r 'h··
>Ui· «inhorlllm r»vok* tbe antract
in w»ik •■<11+ · om < ι* h»r» « It/.-n**
m*>«"nwt jri* n-)« h»; ! «ι «h» M-thn'JIst
Rp!»<-«ï|».*l 'bur h. at whl'-b about ΪΊΟ
ν *r» i!r»*"r » Τ h» p»irpo**l
via ι ο ·5» t-rniirx» tjr '»n Mom* mo'ï«» of
m lion ihat «o'jll ifi'l i'·· thoce in au
thority "» r»move the rti■ v1 u from th*
A -rnri ut»· wa* <tp|yV.nte<t to 1' ift
resolution·» iii'l report thin to *»ι'·'λ»γ
m»* tin it
Th» < <>λ1 company h ι.» r«Hv«l *ixty
oc ην! m
Uni»n Veteran» Say H H« Ignored
Thorn For "Renegade Democrats "
Auxtln. Jtn β—Joseph Mo» »r pont
Oranrl Armjr of th- R»publl<· «Ίορ'<··1
»< orln* I*re»l1ent H'm.-·»
vrtt f «r M« it'ltud* towar-1 l'nlori \- ·
ernr.e. rwiïnjf that h" »»» t(norlng
them for r"t ι*κ·«<1«* It«m(» rais
Interest I» Paid
A'JMln Jiri Κ Th» ontroil^r 1r*w
• warrant of IT» .'*; nu» h*lriif i<> p.'1 .
th<» *j r.u t.t.est on th» publt Ί- t>t
Lad"y Run Over by · Train
Win· «Ι>·ιγο, 1>* lin C Μη Γ η
λ!» · «·>πη.ιη *lf» «.f * ' Ιί "iortri : < ne
of thw ιtvl m«>^t prom'ri'-rit fun
file* 'if WlnnibOto, wan run ov«r by ν
tacking fr- tfht train on a *w*1t· h ι
front of III*· <i<>-i>ot an4 her bnHv l.rti
bly mingl'l Sh«~ died In about l*fi -
ty tnJnut· * »ft»r the a -ddent.
Beaten by T«o Wime*
Sherr·. it. T"« . Ian. 2«. — A voting
man η ade an tintivttal complaint to the
pollen «ΐΛΐιηκ that without provo'.i
I tlor» two women whom h· pursed on
j Walnut stre-rt turneil upon hlin and
1 rave him ι kfv»r· heatlni? Thn ι,ι.ιι «
tould not Πr.· 1 t>!+5 women.
Sue» tHe Sheriff
San Antonio. Jan t- — H. J. Market!
who was thct bv I>cputy Sheriff Hint
during the rp•■.Tit etr»*t lar «strike. h(.>
mierl Sheriff "1 t>in aM ht< t>on<l-mn
ί for 11x090 ilferriaic»·» for the action of
1 ht· iîepaly. Th.» t · amount of i <r·,
J as* «suit* ifatnit '.tie sheriff and his
ι bwyinmen growinK out of the strike
' mow asir>-sra.tr $50.000
Seriou» Wreck Occur» on the Rock Is
land Road Near TopeWa.
! Toi-ek*. Kan. Jan. 6 R<« k Island
gmsstng ΐτ iTzin Ν ν 2 îû!!!uvu v* ·*ϊι t
freight train five mi!· < west of 'i'··;· »
ka at 1 <Vi lot k Wednesday morning
Report» from there »ay tha' many
pereone are raught In the «r' k<«e
The general superintendent*· cfti ·.· im
porta «h· wretk a* very «rrtou». Train
ι Ν ο». 3 I· the Kl Pas» Mexico ant <'«l
! tfornla expre*.». leaving} Kansas City
at ·:4ft a. m. Knglneer» Reardon uni
Benjamin were killed Over a dox< π
pe.eeer.ger» ere fataî'y hurt.
Thirty· Five Are Guarding American
Embaaay at That City.
Seoul. Jan. t. V deta. hment of thlr
tr-Γϊ» marine· from th» l'nll«<)
eteamer Vlckatiurg. now 1/lng at fhe
mulpo, arrived here a guard for the
Amerk-ar» legation. The United State*
transport Seapharlo la alio at Ohentu!·
po whirr Kuida, Japan ant Ore »·
Britain have « Il one man of war
Quiet prevail· here, but the patac· I·
heavily guarded hy »ho Korean army
Valuable Cargo,
ltd Franciero. Jan. ·.—'The «Vcidelit
«I end Oriental liner «'optic ha· brought
"· of tlM moot valuable cargoes 'bal
"•fJMH her·. It included ISU b-»leo
' *Λ valued about ll.tM.0M. beeidoe
*111 m Japanese yen valued at It,·
,»ΜΙ1 ; :
.tftra fsy Japan
ill* .«if Sire Looks at Hir Différ
ences With Russia.
Sfcovld Affairs Cootina· aa Tbtf Art
at th· Present Γ!®» Manchn·
rla and fellow Sea Part*
Will Ht ClSterf.
New Tork. Jan. I—Th· Asaoc1a'«i
Preaa haa been furnished wltn :i"·
following statement of th· Japont-s»
vl«w of Ita preaent contention with
Russia by one wtvo la In constant com
munication with Toklo, and wh'.'t
knowledge of Japanese eîTalr» and In
timacy with prominent JsLpa.nc.se. gl.es
weight to hla opinion:
"Negotiation· between Russia » >d
Japan have reached a critical st..g>·.
aJth*»uett an amlcW» adjustment !*
•till possible. Russia's reply to <he
Japanese latest repr»»»miation«» v,
decide the Issue. While neither govern
ment ha* taken the public Into Its > η
fldetKe. It ts rot dtffii ult to iurm -«
the general tenor of the views « hi r.
the Japan. -e (overnrr· nt would ex
press Something In the nature of m
agreement between the governments
whereby th»y bind themsel\efr to r**p* ι
Independence ari<i terntotial Integii.y,
both of Chin* and Korea, would nat
urally come (IrsU Such an agreement
probably ^vould Include also mtltnijl
recognition of the ape< laJ Interests of
ICustla In Manchuria and Japan in Ko
rea. coupler with un agreement bas>-d
οι» the principle of equality of all ι .
t lofts ;tt regards commercial oppo:
tunnies In Iheae countries that neither
;.fC i^i ïy nite'n interfere witn
the corniii<-r.'iaj rights of the other a< -
Qiiltef by treaty with China or Korea
In a word. It ts probably the fact that
Japan na* asked t*> more of Russia
than "n Urination by International
cotnfi.il· of declaration» repeatedly and
Umqiil>o .illy made by Kus.'la herself
re card* tig 'he u rrsel fl s h nature of 1er
ΓηοΙ1\<.« with ».. \.f »
; Ku.-*iu 9 reply evidently has been »
•urprlse and at disappointment to Ja
ppait It !» n*»w generally understood
that Ru'sla lias refused n, dlrus» ll··*
«Kutllon tn M-anchurla. and he* pr
posed oinoi hi n#f In t h e nature of Λ neu
tral zun·· In northern Kore-a on the
east an<l l'nj; Vins un the west. It is
difficult lo |*rcHc how Japan <Ό<ιΙ f
ij ν kn«(it this proposal. To con
sent tο th» lrwl»fin!ie prolongation · t
Russca t dav upon the borders >.f K.
re*. end to the Jim'r·'!/ition of n- l\
one-third of the 1,liter"» terril·
would tu? a fata) menace to the lid"
pendente of Korea. Rhl.-h Japan muM
def»iid at alt cost as Ό the » ,f»tv f
the | en Insula. wh h is the outp· »t ··»
her lines of defuse, ·- I nd Ispen-,tl>l>
to Japjtri'· own re·.· ».» »η·1 security
So. alsa, »u» r«p:<rda Korea it ta now
known that the Joint efTorts of <ir- '
Britain. th«» tînlte<! States ari«i Japan
to open the Yalu tn foreign ■ omm· » "
at ter^e were on the eve of «ί<
* hen the Russian ·> i-'iratlnn of V >T
gampho bl«'k«l the puns. 'Π ■ - ·«>. uni
KlmtUr event.·» In Korea and Man tf'iri ι
Justify the .·<j>preh*n#lon thai If i*/f-·!·<-.
kr» permitted to pr<> "«-d untnterrupt -
fcdly. a larçe part of the ihor»·* 1 -f the
Yellow sen. not to mention the lnt«r
rl··» ■ ζ Ma·, hurl t. ·ν ί ι··» lored ·ο the
Commerce f the rlnlj/-i r ιγΙΊ 1/ Is
of vtt.il Irnjxirtan e to J it η th.it tt. -
Should not Ιι«ρρ··η. ο ι : ■ 1 ■ t ■ plain tl.it
the final l«*u» ;· ;<end» solely upon
Russia's wllltntfTl* - ι· ogntze this
fa L"
Thirty-Five Per Cent of Chicago The- j
at res Can Hardly Reopen.
Ohha**>, Jai». t·.—Ήχ- spi-rlal com
mittee ι nmpont of members of the
city fouiidl to Investigate the condi
lion «tf ι he local theotre*» and to re
port upor. what alterations are r fefs
rarv to make them conform to th«
building ordinances heUl It» first inei-i
Inc Tuesday.
According to the statement, of A1
rtertnan Krlestadt, one of the mem!>-"«
ty-flve r>eT cent of th« theatres vt i!
reopen their doors. Strict adheren<
to the building laws would requlr»
that fwy ore of the playhou·** >n
the city be of fireproof corvetru<ti<.i
and this w ou Id require the demolition
and rebuilding of the majority of th ■
Attorney* ogf the fire department
causal the arrest of four employe- f
the Fuller Construction company 1 ι·
vld J or. m a masonry foreman mi
AngQe McKay. Otto lifusch and <»hn
Klnestnn. Irnn
Union Labor Commission.
Chicago. J411. t — HreaWsnt \V O.
Bchardt of the Chicago Ffderv
tlton of Labor will name cciti i u
• Ion of union tabor ι "présentai U ■ m re
port on thf· Iroquois theater fire. Union*
8eeK to pr:ve 'nccmpilent non-'.r r ·,
stage «mplores caused the blaze. Par
ticular str»«s la pi't by labor leadet*
on the 1 harges of tin management of
th· Iroquois refused to employ high
•Âîânô* itir-it it· ildtlùîe Sltt |e I f MJ ΠΙ «
Thty Ar· Reported Have Been Dis
covered by Dawes Commission.
Muskogee^ I Ts Jan. 6.-—It I » r -port
ed that the Daw«« commission di*re*
ored some gigantic land frauds, and or,
Uits account 'he Cherokee land ofli »
was closed until an Investigation roulil
ke had by S·· retary Hitchcock.
Inf«rmati»n Guarded
Washington. Jan. t. —I.antr anil rare·
fui considérât Ian wa· given to the sit
uatlvn In the far east Tuesday by the
j.resMeiit and his cabinet. This gov
ernment has been keeping In <i.>*e
touch With the progress of events In
the orient through diplomatie chan
nel·. but the Information receive 1 is
nasi careful I* guarded.
ι *> >~v f
ΙγΑ^γΛ r ^ r'JVr'i* J* »*.>>
Vn/y 4V·*^ 4 m^Tf-* WT* â "•^/r i4»
♦","*» * .#· -< · »"__"^■>■#»·- "<» *.#» ·*»--#>■ -V<» «·■»·►- .A,
♦"_-*···<► -<»s' — ·· "· —* *· — · » — · » - »
. " ■ ': V "'.ν· Λ· *■.
■ 4. 4 ■■'"*'· · * "*** » '"W "' * W* » «/ι ; -%* î
i. * à -««ί . i '«■* · i 7 i '*%# '' * ^tw ^ « ·»»!* i ~%at £
~ I ** i '*"* * ' !J* *" "* ' * - ■"* ·*— '· ■ *■ ■-·· »--'* #· -4
Γί^ tr * f"- tffir »(— >/—· !/— ·
■■■ ' "
Λ\ *n i
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And in many cases Special Rule
Blanks to be purchased. We have
recently added to our capacity to meet
your wants and are adding more new
material each week.
We are fully prepared to care for your
printing wants and in making up your
order for 1904, remember : : : :
The Shop that Guarantees Satisfaction
» *♦♦♦♦♦ ·««««« « » ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦
Provident Savings Life Assurance Society ofk New York
Organized in 1875.
Six Years' Progress
Income Doubled. Assets Trebled
Reserves Quadrupled^
Excess of Income over Disbursements
Increased Τ enfold.
Begin the New Year by taking a policy on your life If you ar# ♦
out of a job or want to change your occupation, -ee us. . ♦
We need a few good men.
Strickland, Harbin é Stephenson
General Agents for North Texas
Dill PicKles, Sour Pickles
Sweet Mangoes at
• ·îSîSSif ··· · ·
—1904 —
H.6T.C. R. R. J
Has the best Passenger Service in the South
S λ Trains Dailv Each way· makin^d|- S
2 Ο 1 rdlllo lidliy rect connection with all 2
J: lines for North, East and West 2
Through Pullman Sleepers to
Wacoand «
St Louis
§ Kansas Ciiy
Kor full Information and rat»», ο.11 »■ »WT°WnHFBTV <·
M. L. ROBBINS, Houston *'■; P,.. 1
y j> A_ Texas A· "· ' Λ

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