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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, January 22, 1904, Image 3

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TWO thousand dollar· to let for
os· year at 10 per cent with approv
ed security. 8m Dally Light. tf
FOR HALE—Six boga and one
mare. Apply to A. La··well. 53
WANTED—Yon to know that I
•till bar· a line collection of «trône
open gronnd ro»e·. C. L Kidd. 52
FOB BALE—New Centary and
Denemore typewriter. J. B. blatter.
Phone 22B. tf
ÎOR SALE—500 bushels fine teed
oat·. Bee B. 8. Bvnum. 52
^KfANTED—10UU geese and ducks at
once. M. M. Mosley, Waxahachie,
Texas. 88
FÔB BALK Good buggy horse.
Will trade for feed or wood. Frank
Oldbam. 54
J. T. WILLIAMS A CO. will from
now on exchange flour with the
farmer» for their wheat and corn
and grind their corn into meal, and
continue to buy your corn and wheat
and pay the highest market price
for aatne. Ask your groceryman
for a sack of Cotton White Flour
when you want the best. Every
sack guaranteed to satisfy. ft
FOB HALE Choice North Texan
prairie hay, hales averake t<7 pounds,
deliver»*! to any part of the city at
<5 cents r»*r bale. This is excellent
bay. Ρ hone Waxahachie , Ice
Work·. 53
WASTED—A itirl at the Greek
American Candy Kitchen. tf
WANTED You to knuw th*t w·
oave corn, corn chops, oats, bran,
cotton seed meal and hay. Phone
your orders to Sleeper Grain Co. tf
WANTKD Kvery man In Wajta
hachie lo buy a n:ad<? tait
trom α· at f! .00 per w««k. Corne
atid Jet aa take your mtwsr· todav
Lackland'* M..fit Parlor. 71
KOR RKST Corner brick now oc
cupied by Daily Liirht cotnpoaincr
root». Apply to Anton Yaager. tf
WAItTBD—- Your clothe· at tbe
Paalorlum. ('lean, repair, dye and
make cloth»· to yoar raeaaure. Al
to ladies' tailoring Clothe· called
for aud delivered. R Pkkrj ?» Λ tkjx.
I Œ» gmCilIlMI KlleMllItU
AU line·
)inii«cti«ai to Ε η ai*. Korea. Gar·
ratt, Ika. Palmer, Trutnbali
aad Ferri*.
TroBipt, perfect aernce
lie circuit. Lunst
laineaa Phone 13.(W a month
lUUsc* Phun· KIM* month
|o part ν line·.
ji. Independent
lïeiephen· Company.
For Salt, Rent or Trade.
to »ee fcitii or phone hi·. Who '
A. Hynco What for" For Wood
for Charcoal, or if you want to rent
olne-roetu boarding bou»e, or tf
futt want t > he. mule·, tjor·»· or
re·, or if y»u have a cow tobreed
(e ha» two flue Jeraey bull· or if
rant to bur a hou·» and lot, he
all of the above for »aie, trade
rent See him. H· will treat
riirtit. Thank· to tb· garteral
iblic for their [ait patron air· and
Ivor·. Wltb be«t wish*» for a
>«{>«rou« Νew Year,
1 ant yoar·,
Phoo· 9»
New Phone 114
e Sell Feed
At th· following price·
roR cahh only
per battiel k
ι, p«r ba«b*l litt
Γ, per b*l», J6e, 3 for 1 tH)
ι, per sack 1 15
>u Med om«1, [>«r êmek ! ->
coup·, per «wk 1 D
un Jsi-tion Si,, ... le·»» I
^rder· *t,\ t'rippet'· alure.
piston Bros
Kree Delivery
¥* '"I'HjlWI
. HrnkL I «.«h»·
U. Hkldvlu. luperlulMilwl
>* wurk·, tiimlUburc, Wl»,.
Ί li»»e tried ui«uy kiud· wl
t>ut h»»e never reeeived
uulU I weed HftUeid a
rut for rh«uuu»ii»ut eua
Uihm b««4 Uiuiu«mfc
I, lite Ml J 11 * baille |
I Mil·'·. ' ' Β
su —«■ V—
Damage Je Estimated to Be Three
Million Dollars.
l'afted States Steel i"®rp«re!loe He·
Unstained lb· L«U of 1 he··
ui4i ef Ten» of Mann·
fart a red Pro<l act*.
Columbu», 0„ Jan. 22.—A special to
th« Ohio Stat· Journal from Shelby,
O.. aays:
The United State· Steel Corporation
stock sustained a $3.000,000 lota I>y fire
at the plant of the Shelby St^el Tube
company. Th» flr» started In one of
th* smaller rootna from a defective
eliwtrt· wire ;it.d spread to the larger
»!■>< k roonis, · ompletely destroying all
Of them
The produit of the entire plant for
t h<· p»*t ·>!* mon'hs was destroyed
wilhin an hour, consisting of SOO.OOU
tru m ik i/k in *11 20,000000, f-'et of
finished pioduit, and valued et 13.000,
Russia Note, It Is Said, Will Have
More Concessions.
Washington, Jan 22.—Acting Racre
! tary Ι,οοιηι* he* r»c*ived cable ad
Tk»f from United States ambassadors
at two of the Kuropesn capitals. both
stating In substance that the situation
• n the far east Is more reassuring, and
that the chat'·· of war t>etween Rus
sfei sfid Japan ha»e sensibly dlirtn
ishe·!. The
will. It Is b»lle*ed, h<*ld out conald
erahle «concessions, but tt Is scarcely
expec'ed that a complete sett'ewesit
ef tbe gre»e issues betweea Hua*·
ar>d Japan will be at oa<:« reached,
and much f.irih»r eorrsrpociiSùe
looked for
S««u! I· Qu>at
Kawui. Jan St.—Tit· city I» gui#t at
|r««»n t S*\»n out of <mn ailnlal»·
•f th· KorMn <-abln»t ha»· raat(n»<i
mr 4 four t>«-w oaaa bava ba»n apvolat
•Λ The* are all amtraJ aa r»ja/Ja
thm ro»l*al »f the progr·«·<*· lad·
pMS<lanr· rlaiiM, which th· (Kwa
aMil ..pr·»»»' A β»τ «via I■ aurr» liai
la tt»ra*l»r.av| lu lh· a»>j11··r » pro»
lac·· b»ra«*· of «final ·Γ>ΐ'··»'οη
C*»faee Phyaicia'» Wa«*« Umta4
Stataa te Wa«(il»'lijf« I»
< h -«t t lin ί V*. .11 *< ι i.ialr ·»
antral of » ι r*i«l, ■% ' t* 't h » * > . · th·
Ntm of b;!'îr#" ·**·.>».! 4' ι ■ ■· ma
ten al («in ii « ι· ».··,· ι^-i..ji
t·» -·^ρ ·>« ι ■ » i t···
• bi* li^W'lT nf ·Ι ι . · .(
!»r H H Prahla <>f «- · I.
rmgo M··! l'ai «<*i«tv I·» t «m. »i«u
aa>d ih»l h· w®»ii>l «ιι·...· · j
'·· te m«i>· <· «/.ins »'· ·· ι h·
fao«a and at.irt a ninvuti-· ... ι m#
inaaiufarMir» nt unll ht · ι. I m ι .
•Ί tttat»a (ovornit»M
S'* Maatinga to Protaat
Pb<»atii( Ail» Jjn Puia .ant to
tha ni' of li'ioi irtr Hndl» In
* ctnular Irtlpr. th» iH.ai.J .«f aupri
» ·οι* hoa « ι η »aa »a
V» )M>td n«»»t Sa(unla)i In ^lιfTι·r«·r^,
iowna of thi» muni t to (irulral again·!
Joint at*t»h"<»1 with v»w M»Ki< ο |>·
ttttona will 1» μι «νμιιfor ι la» aign*
torwi of r-ttiwn» an<1 thon f..rwai<l»d to
W tMtl I lift <»»!
Arrived at Melbourne
ïl":hourn»· Jan I.m l Vtrth nt*.
a pi» mi ι fl |u>aiiMir κ-ιιιί-Ι >if Auatr*·
IIa in but· to i>n>1 Tennjrwiii,
luilitml hi*r» He a.n m**t I«y th* fmln -
al mit tatrv ind other· aod |»r<* erd^d
In th« par li uni t buuf. where lia \ψλλ
aworn in
No Raault.
Arvnjp* - M.i lan Ii« iotltig
for I · tad s at·· ··· «tor Thia>lajr re
sulted in no <-hol« *
S«a L'wa» Loit
Wi.Mi.iiun t'oiu.. Jan :l In a
rev·- In at the Midway 1 "al mln· at
Kuaiw all miner» Iwat th»ir tivaa
tLna^.l t Ί» a- a
OrdlMry p>>ni··· ·>·.( ; ι> «ι ι m.
lj|»lun « ·W. ;-v . ft*·! m four In h ·ϋ·ι*
fall on I h· i ! al
«•rroowr Te*, hal ala in ι ha· of
■nuw «a Tt>urs4«v.
Mux « flea mar*1· nu l.f ■ found I·
Ik· Wlftiti mtudiiH.
Anna Italia Kuasall. H»a ««ar* uld.
wa· b«rn«d ι« .l»a 1 h at KU I'*»·»
ΙΗκ k Young'· (K»ly vu foun.I uaai
i Hilar a. 1 T. will* a t»uH»t hula I>· it un
J«ha Tt .nu· mi-.l aigbt y-ana mrt.
• Vlnl.'iti war valaren, .!)ad al « "*·»
*•11, Ta*.
llyar IllNMI of Ilia yellow favay fuel
ha· bwii turned utfr lo l.nailo la l»e
uaail (<>r . hartty
I', H t'aik · kardwure «lore at ΛΙ
varaâ" Ta*, «a· «nteiel and ltwo
a oil It of r Hilary Molen
Al a fltuvrol tu Si I.mil* t-ull tiaaf-■
ar· rafitar l lu Mtrv* »»♦< attaa not, uiiluu
hat k ilrlvvr* war· awi^luyad
A l*i|r (*r<<al>vtaiia· unlvaiatty t*
lo be eataMuOad at lllinlt. Ua., l>y
lb· ·#»·»·! kUUlMil «yiad·
Te»*· I'll* t*ra*allium iim uilm
baa ft»·» tlaaUM««t unUI ►'·!> I tu
••««ta tiallar piatetlou **·Ιί»ι Ar·,
Tha Iwovaai a4d HIM of Hkimi
Mltlbaa a a· < ι uahed I» laatlt u»4«r a
taah a lut VMOwtH bel»# nm'
tllN»«nl WlM iMIII. '!»**·
TIM V-VKi> «( » UltM I"*"*·»· · b·*
uImUm latu ο ML ·*· Iwu4 ··»'
V· »ia i ·· u««la ·»»·«! «rfj·
bf.» ba4 k«M «m M« ι· buyuM*. **
•κ ·« mm Ik·»·· a||IUl « but «·»«
L. L Jtrttr, Pmid*nt of Fifth District
Bankers' Aasooation.
Wall·*. Jan. <2.—At th« meeting of
th· Fifth District Banker*' association.
L. L Jester of 1 yler was elected p* es
Ident and Secretary Wlndom of Far
mer* ville re-elected.
"The Boll Weevil" wu the tfieaie
upon which George Ν. Aldredge «poke
entertainingly. He commenced humor
ously upon the habit* of the weevil,
and the poaslhle mean* of Ita eradica
tion. Othera apok· briefly upon rarl
eus topics.
Λ letter commenting upon th* proa
perlty of th* atate, at brought about
by th* high prie* of cotton, and touch
ing upon th* effect* of the boll weevil
was lead from W. I*. Hcfiey of Cam
Judge Ο. Ε Dunlap of Waxuhachie
and J. W. Blake of Dallas were chosen
to represent the district association
jat the annual convention of the bank
er* of the state to be beld In El Paao
next May. The special subjects which
I they are to bring before that conven
' tlon are: "The Important» of Texas
j being Properly Bepresented at the Ht.
Louis World'* Fair" and "The Beat
: Way of Protecting Bankers Against
! the Sale of Kxpress Money Orders by
; Κ χ press Companies."
Wide Area of Country Blessed by a
Copious Downpour.
I>alla*. Jan. ÎÏ.— from all over north
and central Texa· corne reports that
s splendid :aln lias fallen and th· Ion*
drouth ended. Rain se»»mi to have
been general in the territories and Ar
kansas si»/
At t.'oupiand, Williamson county,
tber· sua a violent hall storm. Win
dow panes were smashed.
In miiny portions of west Texas
mo' h water fell.
saloons closed.
Lo.il Option Now In Fore· In Grmy·
•on County.
Sherman. Jan. it. — Local option I»
im effect tn Urajrion county. Th*re
war· ο peu saloon* at only three pointa
j —.SktrmiB. Deeleon and B*ll» There
war· ia at! about ·*% er.t jr-flr· lalooa·.
; Ail quietly rla#ed
Urgaa Miner· to Confina Therrtelv··
to Trad·· Union-am.
lad'aaapolln. Jan. tl-—During the
; convention of tba Ignited Mine Work
er· af America Thoraday Pr ealilaat
II tcfcel! took 't>· floor and urjj*4 ta*
organ!-ation ta cooln· Itself to trad*·
attoril*ni. H· said u»d*r It the Win
er» w«r· getting higher *i(ti thaa
•ear before Ht» allowed every nun
hia poll tie· 1 uplaloai ,ια<1 the privilege
(of voting tti"«· hut ι be orga fixation
• b*uld mvi aothi«<g ·· Ίο with j'jht
1 teal tea·!a.
l*e^ega?e HowpII of t'nlor*<l· toiro
j duoad a evolution wftl»h. ta a teagtby
ti;euM)l>i<> eeta forte all rhe dm trlnea
ef tb· Koviaileie, aad aaked the rain*
worker· to take ihe aitlatlve lewartf
■failing a world'· '-eavtmtoe of tratl»»
: iatoB· to > onsider itlaaa for 'he dlatrl
! tiatiee of n*a*tk <a>eal*d bv lat>or \ft
•r ai· boor · bea rd diacusalos It waa
New» York Banker Claim· They Tell
Him to Kill Preaidant
New Turk Jan 22.—II \ Krlu. k. a
baiiker. «bo laime«j that rnri'lc tn
fluer.· ♦* were at work eu him through
the ν "f h · itonia. h bidding h in
kill th· prtiiilml. ».i« imamltltd to
K*4ie* u* hospital for evain iiiUvii a.i to
hi· aantty.
Krl-χ k * ho * 4» arreated after
writing a ong ι a m tiling letter to Po
ii e i ..iiiiniB»ioti«T M··Allow, gr-eied the
ο/Τι.··!» *s deliverer· from his bond
age He mid b· felt the eiyst»rioua
pain· oui in their pre·* η re. and that
the · lu* k m - » affi nleil bt tha »p»ll.
"7b»> ai* after in* »o bail now,"
be k.tU that they «ant me to kill
ι be prevalent I K^\e a wonderful will
[Mi«*r. and bave >.li>od ih»ni ο IT eo far
hut tl»e ν are gou g «t me through me
•.twin* h. ami I <!o not k'iow whit would
have happreed "
-mm mm »..ι I .1 — ———4k.
Buikh Μ·η C'os· Their Stir·» and
Fleck to Ik· Seen·
Tuium. ari Ν M, Jan 21. — Th»
wild»»! ·>*· Hawaii! pt»»aUa «round
Tacutth itil thai hae «ver ba«n know,
ktaiaiitaan ni»n bav» < l»*«t »hwr ali.t··
and ·γ· flo. lt:»« (β it· ι»·β<βι held·.
• Hbtaai, mllra -a*t uf Tucunuart oa
lieu»».to tiook Tkraa bundle.1 nun
ara vn lk« giounda m» I ha forma
tkni t* bla«. I» aatid. and nuggeta ara
fvund ««vrywkar· a· big aa wheat
grama. Home «spart miliar· ar«i t oui
and report tt I ha baal piupr t the*
• »»l M«.
Quick 4ct>en Urged
Mobile. Ala.. J»n - Hmli)>nl D.
f M'trr of tha Mobile vutlon **- '
t·) iMlrucllMi· if Ihe dirait
or» h^a neurit a let'«ι to H-ii4tor·
Morgan and I'attua. ad»*Kalirg atrime
ly >i>«V h ·* tiou on th« l'an mi· treaty,
•aiiiti forth .tdvanlug»-· to gulf port·
from the ><>n»trut tien of the > anal, and
dtv taring that the republic m *«lal>IUb
ml. and fl·that »in*>tiiloii I., 'h- treaty
ran bu of no battant to (hi* lountrv
No Soriou· Oamay·
Uaatvlila fa Jan. il An la
|«i|« ai ΜΓ· Itun » auaad tha ·Ιι<«ιιι
te overflow and iiuittum it W«ltr
•ttaot «ai* iul»n«i|»il Tb· »at»r
gat into a nuwk«r ml iit>i«« and dwell· .
ι an·, but «.u a»rloo· I· mag· ra«wUed
lwtkH*'l Ημ·«ιΜ Arriva
Hmw V«i* J*· I) Ike ·ι·«ιμ*Ι|ι
HtltMM Ι»·Μ ·»!«» feiou«fc| Uam
(Mty lha ι «mala· of Jiwh MtHltMuM
N>y«4·· μ ι a· totilhauniau ·»·Μ*»>%
Ml i«mM h« »lw Tki < ·«**!«·
··« W—fat· ·ι i« ih· UNM* M«
MwN tor Wttin|iu
Plin AND MM.
Connecticut and Alabama Senators
îJAddress Senate,
First Named Fniorizes the Chief Et·
fcutlTf and Latter Contended
"Farther Prl*lleye« 1>·β
to Piaama.
Washington. Jan. it—Mr. Pla't of
Connecticut concluded hie speech on
Panama H» defended the course of
the plaident throughout 'he Panama
revolt, and eulogized th* executive
personally as brave and fearless. I>ur
in the morning hour Mr. Morgan
I spoke In explanation of his bill for the
annexation of Panama to the United
States, baaing his argument on the
ground that th« pending canal treaty
la contemplating that resu't.
VIr. Morgan epokn of the difficulties
which th«· country lias encour'ered In
j Panama, saying that they w«re uot of
; the country's seeking, but were due
to the precipitancy of the president of
th«» I.'nit»-d States. It. was, however.
Impossible to undo whnt had been
done, but he contended that further
pro. e· dings should t>*» had In accord
eur* with legislation In order to get
rid of the < onsoquenc·· of our acts we
rau«t make, he said, some equitable
arrangement with Panama, for It was
j not to t>« supposed that Colombia
! meant to submit calmly
Mr. Piatt further defended the pres
ident against tbe charge of committing
ati act of war. or «»η un a?t of in
; ΐ·?τν;;-.:;ο... .I-iiymg 'nar hi* act In con
i nectlon with the Pinama revolt
[ amounted to either "It \s -aty." he
said. "to tnuks charge» and talk In ·«
exelted way. We want specifications,
and It 1· time for senators who talk
\ ci arts of war and of intervention to
! tell ua what an ar' of war is. and what
I act of the president In this case
amounts to ν ar or Intervention It is
meta of which we are speaking, and
wa ar· not concerned with what th·
president thinks or wants "
The chaxg'-s that the president knew
of the revolution, and had connived
at it. placed htin In a position which
It wss n~ essûry to deny, said Mr.
Democratic Leader 80 Characterise
th· Majority In Congress.
Washington. Jaa ÏΗThe army sp- 1
propnailor· Mil was und'-r considera
tion hi 1 omnunitte» of tb· whol·
Thurs4.iv for flv· hours niosr ef which
time w il devuted te a g»n»ral «liscus
ston of th· tariff ijuettitn Vr Mull j
of Illnoia evpla:i,eil the provision· of
th· army bill and W*ssrs Parker (Rep
Ν J) and Prince. (Rep III), paid
tribute '· the aratv a* now urgaalze·]
hi r Williams minority leader. tak
ing the phra*· stand pat" fer ha text.
»aij· a general arraignment of Krpuli
It· an poll· li»* anil <1*· lare<1 that th·
RepuliB'an party had Se.«« one of
nejfa t ion.
Mise Alice RooH»v*!t sre>'ttpled a
•eat la the executive gallerv for a few
monies 'a during tb» disrtiaaioo of the
irmr hill
Favorab'i Action
Washington Jan ïï t be hsuie
romnU'ee m Indian affairs authorized
a favorahl·· report on h» l>ill t·· ailow
the *.ile of tbe tlmh-r and alon» lands
of the < Indian > *aer vaf ton in
Oklahoma I·', torahle admu was tak
•n on th·- Mirke t«i 11 ojienlng tti* south
I>akn a r»aer\at'oa >f the Itus.'hml Iri
dla.'lS for »■·( I ieinent
Internat onal Peace Comirm on Is Ev
erting Itself.
Parts Jan * 1 It ïias beiin leaiaed
la off 1 lal 'tuirters (hat the luinna
ttonai Pea «ioiiui. »»' >n having Us
headquarters at Heme wh It man ad
junct to The Hague arbitration tri
bunal has sent a ucular note t > the
powfn aakliig fur th» adaption of
mean· to s··· ute a ae· tlen-nt of the
lluuii Japanese uiiitnnfur The «it·
haa dite t«l serious attention freni
•out· of the git\ ernmenls. Im ludmg it
la uiider%tiNi' that >f Vaahtngtwn
Which has taken steps to learu the
• Hit ι.»*·*· ••ι* '-·»
(tea ι «reposition It ι» «ni th^i
Frtniy will not <■ ι on th·· nolr κ
|Γογ·<(ιι Mmlater 1>«·ι· ι -- ii » aifaily
uk·» » h »ι 4 lonanier· ·Ι ι )>« mui <
eir«oUt<r (Muni of ι·*«*Γ|Ιηκ influeMta
upou Kumi*. .
Unit For Roo»«v«lt
Washington. Ian !.' t>«l#eat»a to
t|»· RrpublU un nAlloii.»! oijvmtl.in «»■
I·» (■>«! in Kl»il>la 41 * λ unit lot ΗγμΙ
ι|«·ηΙ I tot»*··»-It In ··»> H <ll«t r t .'so
lution· of instruction Nw in · >■· -ai s^'.t
w»m βΊομΐ··.! Th·· priiiilcnl ·«·· in
r«M «·ΐ|ιΐ >»f from ·*·μ> li»·
trt' i convvntKMi ami fiom a major!'y
of e4«< iftt 4<*i<*gat··* < aupport
tn pt'alti*· tt-rm*
Drouth Broken
Atilinon· t T. I »n Γ!ι<· ν» inter
dtouth lit 1 ii·· t'hukaaatw nation »ht<h
baa |ii*v ail«-»l ait» r 4at Ik'lub i. li t*
Imn htoka-u bv apletttli·.* lu t»» «hi- It
fall f»»t aav*r«l hour* fallow··J lit a
lirai ilrop >u th<" ι·*ιιψιΊ nut The
niuiatura w*a u*«4*J 1 ntany ί
κ· non» Hi. ι ι< || .1 Atilui . « I'hura·
<ta* allwncun
Q*lt(ati«a îmi«mi.
'I ut h tu tiki·., Jan J! It «ta >*· · i
1 l<t*U at a tn««(U14 uf th» t>aa«a In· '
ittaua tu im raraaai III· ιιιιηΦί ul >t«i·· '
|aiM «lav ·*· la n«m«t<ata * natif '
«MU Ilia |«»·ιη«Μ·Ι, Itmtt «H|l»t ta |Ι·
ι·«<· I ht· «a· loi» a» m
ttaM »t l«w*«tMtM *·«·· ι
mu bM «Μα t<*ui h*J kitala * ' '
«« *· «a··**!.··
Through train service Dalian and Fort Worth to
KAN8AS CITY and CHICAGO every day in
the year. The Quest Pullman Sleeper*, moat
comfortable Chair Car·, beat Eating and Dining
Car·. : : : : : : : : :

It'· not too soon to be thinking about that Hum
mer trip—and we can help you plan it, if you
wieb. : : : : : : : : :
Drop a line to
G. P. A,, C. Κ. 1. & G. Br.
Fort Worth, Texas
1904 — «
H.6T.C. R. R.:
Has the best Passenger Service in the South
3 TrianQ ΠαίΙν Each way, making di- gj
1 I laild is all j rect connection with all ^
lines for North, tast and West ^
Through Pullman Sleepers to
St Louis
Kansas City
Wacoand *>
For full information and rates, call on local agent or address
G. P. A. Texas A. G. P. A. ·}
A Trip to New YorK or Havana
Five Days on the Deep, via
Southern Pacific SteaiP'vs
To New York
Two Days to Havan
Take the salt sea air. A trip for summer or wi χ
fnm New Orleans for New York every Wednem 3
vana every Saturday. Palatini Steam*! ips, unexct '· 3t me.
For rates or information apply (>>
Gen. Pass. Agent Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent
Houston, Texas
♦ Some good reasons
; why you should
; travel via

♦ Ffest—Because every appii®rce of modern equip
X ment is at the command of its patrons, including
♦ automatic window lifters, easy resting, adjustable
f chair cars; high ba^k, finely upholsl· red κ
♦ etc., also a splendid dining car service dispensing
5 meals enroute at moderate prices ♦
♦ φ
X Second—Because it forms a part of the shortest ♦
χ and quickest route to nearly ail important p< ints, χ
5 North, South, East and West, and
.* Semi-monthly tourist sleeping car line between St.
Louis and Houston. Car leaves St. Louis first
♦ and third Tuesday of each month. Returning, ♦
♦ leaves Houston the following Saturday ·
♦ rhird—Because of its reputation for sparing no *
♦ pains nor expense to attain the highest degree ot ♦
♦ comfort and safety fot its passengers. ·
♦ For further informa- XT D W ^ ¥/ ♦
t tion apply to .... -Γ · iJ· ITAL- -TVd. y ♦
ζ G. P. Α.. Terrell, Texas f
é X

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