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-ittle Early
Ladies Oxfords
but ι jn give you
good selection
even now. We
sell you a mighty
nice low shoe for
Crow Bros
The Shoers
AU kind· of feedstuff, dlJfclfa, cane
millet aeed, etc. Steeper Grain Co.
Cord wood f. o. b. Waxabachie
#2.75 per cord. Geo./ Patterson,
Lancaster, Texas. \/ f tf
For second-hand typewriters and
supplies see Rlaffer at ât/oud's, old
phone 229. tf
A rare musical treat is in store
i'or those who attend the· opera to be
(riven at the auditorium March 22.
The young men and young ladies
taking part in the comic opera,
i "Pinafore," are requested to meet
I at the hall tonight.
The W'axahachie school house
building bonds bought by tlje coun
ty were yesterday afternoon deliv
ered to Treasurer McKnight.
I f
The Ball-R»aring Densmore is the
best made. A trial will Convince
you. Sold on easy terras. See
Rlaffer at Stroud's, or old prione 229.
Pravermeeting at the Methodist
I church to-night will begin at 7:.'i0
o'clock. Let there be a good at
tendance, and try t<\ pet there oft
time. The service will last only one
D. H. Rutledge of Wyatt was
here Monday and said he and his
' » ' - 4■ t-U + ΚλΗ
< t ί» U m I n: I "jn.iii t-aiv
days at his old home in- Tennessee.
He says a big corn crop was made
la^t year in the section of the state
he visited and that the people ap
peared to 1>p in a prosperous condi
A New Display
We have juet placed in our show cases
at the foot of the stairway a new display
of flue photographs which we believe to
be the best ever made by us, and far
ahead of any ever made in Waxahachie.
We iuvite your inspection and criticism.
Election Order.
Whereas, the city council of the
city of Waxahachie, deems it advis
able to issue bonds of said city for
the purpose hereinafter mentioned:
Therefore, it is hereby ordered by
the city council of said city that an
election be held on the first day
of April, 1ίΧ)4, at which election the
following proposition shall be sub
mitted :
Shall the city council of the city
of Waxahachie, Texas, be author
ized to issue the bonds of said city
in the sum of twenty-five thousand
ι $20,000.00) dollars, payable in fortv
years after date, with option of
redeeming same at any time after
ten years from date, bearing inter
est at the rate oi five per cent per
annum, payable semi-annually and
to levy a tax sufficient to pay the
interest on said bonds and create a
sinking fund sufficient to redeem
them at maturity, for the purpose of
permanent improvement of the sys
tem of water-works wkhiu the cor
porate limits of the tfity of Waxa
hachie, Texas.
Said election shall· be held at the
usual voting places Mi said city, viz:
Ward number one, at Wvatt's of
fice on East Maiti street; ward
number two, at V. Trippett's gro
cery store on College street; ward
number three, at City Hall of said
city on West Main street; and the
following named persons are hereby
appointed managers of said election:
Ward number one, J F. Wyatt;
ward number two, L. H. Petere;
ward number three, J. T. Gill.
Said election ^hall be held under
the provisions of Chapter I4!l, Acts
• if the 2<ith Legislature, laws 1899,
ind only qualified voters, who are
property tax payers of said city,
shall be allowed to vote and all vot
ers de-iring to support the proposi
tion to issue bonds, shall have
printed on their ballots the words
"For the issuance of bonds" and
those opposed shall have printed on
their ballots the words "Against the
issuance of bonds " The manner of
holding said election shall be gov
erned by the laws of the state regu
lating general elections.
A copy of this order signed by the
uiaoyr of said city shall serve as a
proper notice of said election ,and
the mayor is directed to cause said
notice to be posted up at the places
designated for holding said election,
and by publishing in a newspaper at
least twenty days prior to the date
of said election
:W1 W. J. F. Kuss, Mayor.
The Short Line Between
New Orleans and New York.
Cincinnati and St. Louis
Through sleepers to îlew York vil
Waatolngtor, Baltimore ami Phil»
dwipfela. Dining car· on all train·
Kor Information altfrtH.
c r. WOODS, T. P. A.
Ban Aatooio, T«sm
Your Insurance
solicited by. . . .
Κουπί No. 9, Masonic Temple, over
Durham Dry Goods Co.
Oil City Iron Works
VVm. Clarkson, Lessee.
Corsicana, Texas
Castings of every description,
both Brass and Iron. Full
line of patterns for House
Repairs on Oil Mills, Cotton
Gins, Engines and Pumps a
Correspondence solicted.
Market price paid for scrap
cast iron Phone 90
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. Kings
New Discovery
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure: I.ung Troubles.
Money back if it tail». Trial Bottles free.
N«v Phon· 267 Old Phoa· M
Ιΐβ VmI Mala 8t
Our Careful Study
The compounding of pre
scriptions is an exact
se i e η c e. Competence
only comes after careful
study. To get best re
sults from tne medicine
the filling of prescriptions
must te absolutely ac
Our constant study keeps
us up to the times, and
your health benefits by
our exact and careful
work. Give us a call
when you have a pre
scription to be filled. . .
Both Phones Wo 84
The Federation of Business Asso
ciations of Texas was organized-- at
! Dallas yesterday In the election
of office J, W. McManns of this
ι city was chosen as secretary.
Mr. T. H. Wear, who has charge
of the music department of the Ross
Jewelery Company, will continue
the New Century Store. Mrs.
Wear has been given the manage
ment of this establishment.
- * : · · *·» *
ι ν.·«ΛΜ -» ΙΗΓΙ tllfllll «I, t\WJ
'Oak. was in the city Monday and
said his brother, Charley Ligon,
who went to El Raso last fall for
i the benefit of his health, had re
| turned very much improved.
The opera. "Pinafore," will be
given at the park auditorium March
22. Tickets for same are now on
j sale with J. S. Herring & Co., Hood
A Martin, T. J. M c Dade, B, W.
I Fearis, and Joe A. Harris. Re
served seats can De obtained two
days before at Herring's 9M
H. W. Buchanan of Sterrett was
in the city Monday and said his son
Nelson Buchanan, who spent the
past year in Arizona had returned
home. Mr. Buchanan says his son
said Arizona was a prettv wild coun
try and was inhabited by a ifreat
many rough and reckless people.
A number of sanitarians of emi
nence at a recent conference in
New York, decided that the mosqui
to could be exterminated. It is not
not likeiy, however,, that much will
be accomplished i/i this direction
during the sumnreyof 1!M>4 in Waxa
hachie. Hence, screens will still be
fashionable. Besides there are the
flies, Forrest A Madson will put
up your screens, Kim St. opposite
City Hall. tf
Cured Consumption.
Mrs. B. W. Evans, Charwater,
Kan., writes: "My husband lay sick
for three months. The doctors said
he had quick consumption. We pro
cured a bottle of Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup, and it cured him.
That was six years ago and since
then we have always kept a bottle
in the house. We cannot do with
out it. For coughs and colds it lias
no equal." 'i'jc, .jOc and $1 00. Sold
by Hood A Martin.ι
Bank for Red Oak.
The littie town of Red Oak is soon
to have a bank. The promoters of
the institution are (teorife Liffoti of
Red Oak, Judge O. K. Dunlap, 'Γ. A.
Kerrls and others. The bank will be
a private concern and will be open
fur business just as soon as a build
ing can be constructed
Invaluable for Rheumatism,
1 have been suffering for the past
few years with a severe attack of
rht-umatism and found that Hal
lard's Snow Liniment was the only
thintf that gave uie satisfaction and
tended to alleviate my pains. March
24th, 1902, John C. Degnan, Kins
man, Ills. 25c, ,"iUc and fl.tt). Sold
by Hood & Martin.
Dissolution Notice.
This is to give notice that the part
nership heretofore existing under
the firm name of Walker A Kearis
has this day been dissolved by mu
tual consent. Kearis retiree
from the firm andf Mr. Walker will
continue at the same stand. All ac
count* due UUf .id firm are payable
; to Mr. Walkfrctaid ail accounts due
by the firm have been assumed by
him. Respectfully,
Μκκγβκ Wai.kkk,
'xi Csoa ΚκΑΗΐβ.
Women's Kidneys.
Women are more often afflicted
with kidney disorder· than men, but
attribute the symptoms to disease·
peculiar to their sex, while in reali
ty the kidneys are deramred. Ner
vousness, headache, puffy or dark
circles nuder the eyes, pain in the
back, are sixus of kidney trouble
that must not be ignored, or a sert
our malady will reault Foley'·
Kidney Cure baa restored the
health of thousands of weak, ner
voa·, broken down woman. It Mopi
Irregularities and strsngthsns tns
urinary orjrena. It pertflea th«
! Mood and bwdlla the «bol· eye
letn. do id fcy B. W. rearia.
/ - —
AAA Λ- -Λ- ^ —- —- -*
ψwwWWW Ψ » · ^ ^*···*▼▼▼▼»▼·
»»♦♦«»♦ — »»♦♦»♦«
A. T. Bishop spent yesterday in
Attorney G. C. Qroce was m Dal
las today.
J. B. Blaffer went to Dallas this
Miss Dome Brady visited io Dal
las today.
W. B. Starr went to Fort Worth
lait night.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hudson spent
today in Dallas.
Mies Emma Davis has returned
from a visit to Hillsboro,
Mrs. Bufe Bynum and Miss Maud
Patrick visited in Dallas today.
C. W. Gibson and T. J. Cole were
passengers to Dallas this morning.
Ralph Getzendaner went to Kort
Worth this morning to attend the
fat stock show.
Mr. and Mrs. 9. M. Lackland went
to Fort Worth last night to spend a
few days with their son.
George Pendell and wife left Sat
urday for Spokane Washington,
where thev will in future reside.
Mrs. A. E. Crow left this morn
ing for Birmingham, Ala., to visit a
son. She was accompanied to Dal
las by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Crow
Mrs. Blancliette of Carmine, Tex
as, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
KInvrt on KMiiftn»*» fctre^f Mr*.
Hlatichette is a si»;er to ex-Mayor
Holt of Houston.
Mrs. Winn and daughter, Miss
Maggie, Miss Davella Cole and
Miss Mary Gammon spent yester
day at Midlothian. Mrs. Winn Is
organizing an art class there.
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Pickett left
tills morning for Texarkaua where
Mr. Pickett expects to enter a sani
tarium for » few weeks. Mr. Pick
ett's health ha· not been good for
some time.
Gel wbil you caa! and what yon (el,
"Tie (he philosopher's slone thai will
turn all your lead into gold."
a* Poor Richard »sys
How much more comfortable
many people would have been
had they rr.ade 11 a ml»· to
steadily nave a portion of what
they made, rather thau spend
ing It in unnecessary way»

* 4 per cent interest
Compounded Every «> Month»
J allowed In our
« Having· Department.
Amounts received of #1 1)0 op
Start an Account Today
% Western Rank £ Trust Co
Waxahachie, Texas
It Saved His Leg.
}\ A. Danforth of LaOrange, (la.,
suffered for six month· with a
frightful running More on his leg.
but write· that. Hucklen's Arnica
Halve wholly cured it in five day·.
For I'lcers, Wounds. Tiles, it"· the|
beet salve in the world. Cure guar
anteed. Only'25 et». Hold by Tbouia· |
<k Moore.
Finance Committee Appointed.
At the meetiug of the city council
Ia»t night the following geutlemen
were appoiuted to compose the fi
nance committee thie year. George
L. Adkieon, L. C. Todd and J. T.
Spencer. The committee will meet
a» noon as the officer» file their re
port» for the month of March with]
the city council.
More Riots.
Disturbance* of striker» are uut
nearly a· grave as an ludividual
disorder of the system. Overwork,
loss of deep, nervous tension will
be followed by utter collapse, unless
a reliable remedy Is Immediately
employed. There's nothing so effi
cient to curfedlsorders of the Liver
and Kidneys as Electric Hitters.
It's a wonderful tonic, and effective
nervine and the greatest all around
medicine for run down systems. It
dlHpels Nervousness, Rheumatism
and Neuralirla and expels Malaria
germs. Only f>Ue, and Matisfactlon
guaranteed by Thomas A Moore.
Alfalfa, cane and millet seed
at Sleeper Graio Ce. 94
Cared Hemorrhage· of the Lungs.
"Several years since my lunga
were so badly allseted that I had
many hemorrhages," writ»· A. M.
Ake.of Wood, Iud., "I took treat
ment with several physicians with
out any benefit. I than started to
take Polijr'i Honey end Tar, and
my lungs are now as sound aa a bal»
let. I recommend It is advanced
stag·· of lan( troaftJ·." Fuityr's
Hue·/ ud Tar stop· the cough and
heal· the teaa·, and prevent· aar
lo·· rannita from η eoid. Mu·
nMHiM. StM by β. W. read·
Cheeves Bros Co
Cheeves Bi
Dress Skirts and Walking
Just Received
The beet value· *u ever shown
for tb« money. Look at the eat·.
W* have them from $2.50 to 912.50
In all the new Voile· and Home
span·, in all abadea. : : :
Call and let □· ihowyon the
Best Line oKirts
in the city
15 piece· eaaortment Torchon
Lacea end Insertion, good val Ca
uea for 10c yd, special price Jw
Bij? valuea to show 11]* A 1C*
you for, per yd f Uv IJv
We place on sale
85 handsome Embroidery Shirt
Waist Fronts worth 50c, T.»cc and
85c. Hpecial price for this wee·
35c each
.">0 pieces new Embroidery we
place on ">tir
10c Counter
all praties, were
121,··, 15c, 20c and 25" per yard,
your choice
10c per yard
width from 'Λ inches to 10 inches
Breakfast Bell Coffee
If νου have never used any of this
coffee try one can and be convinced
that we handle the best coffee in
Plenty of Sweet Potatoes. Fresh
Cabbage and Canned Goods. . . .
0 Celery every Saturday 0
iALasswell ζ Caldwell<&
Prompt Delivery
Both Phones
Fan R.ates ΦΦ Ceiling Fans
l>tf t»u«d· uid
and l>rag .«lore»
Harwr Sftoiw
Mrat Market»
HoioU and K«tUiiru(·
hod* Vouai*
η ta
3 SB
S Oii
4 OU
8 W
4 »
4 8!
4 Κ)
m (fi
• (fi
7 00
-ί (u
η oe
M Θ0
(3 OU l'vr M«a)k
il» "
* «î *' *·
8 Si! ·■ ·*
8* - -
3 t0 "
» M ··
* 80 -
For ail nlfcht ·βΓν1οβ add fl.l't) to the Ho da Kount R*t«
Mtl Ing or M«i Kooiti
iMniog Η«μ>·
H «0
S Λ>
13 Inch (xmk I'm
t< I ne h I>**k Put
um I Moetk
8 «i Moalk
Wr» Oiling Km» for mIî.om *(»«). œu, varjm* *t>a*d, M.no; <>»tduad ioi.h
10 (1er r»nt »*ira x*ffl«d kaod Oiling Kaa». 17.» All Fu· ««id Ij u· *r· guaranty for
VI montli» again*! mechanical and rl«wtrtcal JWi-cl* »· * ill ctrae up aad uil )»«r old
Kan for Ι.ΘΡ «arb krpair part· krpt in itork >oer> lo pl»aw.
lAAAAAAAAA ^ * -fc a4AAA4(
Magnetic Healing
...and Osteopathy...
i· iocaied now j ermauently at the residence »f ♦
Mr. J. W. Martin, cor. Elm and Jefferson ata., ζ
Waxahftchle, 0 Texas ;
wb»*re be ia now treating a number at patienta f
daily by bia ayatvtn of healing. : : Σ
X We ran permanently care all chronic diaeaaea wiytout meaicines, *
* euch a· Indication, Oonatipatlon, Pile·, Rheumatem, Sciatica! ♦
Sick and Nervous Headache, Liver, Kidney and Bladder Trou&ies *
all Female Diaeaaea, Aat»;ina, Goitre, etc. We aay we can car*
theee diaeaaea and we mean exactly what we a%y. i'rof Μ a?ruder
can diatrnoae your caae without asking a question. Canaultation
free. .
Term·: II 5· «infl· treat meet, or $é.Mper week.
If you oto not call w* «oiicit yoar correspondence.

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